Iggy Azalea Watches ‘Fancy’ Go 5x Platinum

Published: Thursday 13th Aug 2015 by David

The Pop sensation that is Iggy Azalea and the British producers behind her #1 single ‘Fancy’ have received a plaque from the Recording Industry Association of America after the song surpassed sales of 5 million units in the market.

Epic news below…

The Hip-Hop jam was released to support the star’s debut album ‘The New Classic’ and was produced by the British duo The Arcade in 2014.

Today, the creatives revealed that they had received a 5x Platinum plaque from the RIAA for their Grammy-nominated efforts.


Sales generated by ‘Fancy‘, ‘Black Widow’ and our favourite ‘Beg For It’ prove Iggy Azalea is anything but a one hit wonder.

However, we feel her team is making a big mistake in pushing her as a “Pop princess” when she is a rapper. For, while studio wizardry and infectious melodies may be enough to force music lovers to overlook a Pop princess’s mediocrity, rappers have to be perceived as competent lyricists and performers if they’re to be taken seriously.

This is why the likes of Fetty Wap may find himself atop the Billboard Hot 100 but are unlikely to make any lists naming the game’s Top fives, tens or twenties.

With this in mind it’d be great to see Iggy use the time between now and the release of her new album to rock the net with free remixes of some of the year’s biggest Urban bops and reclaim some of the credibility she lost in 2014 by proving that she’s far more than a manufactured Rap bot and silence those who question her consistency as a writer.

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  1. Iconic Iggy August 13, 2015

    Well look at this. An article on Iggy that isn’t riddled in shade. Firstly congrats to the Arcade because they dont get enough credit. So many people still want to give DJ Mustard credit. When I first heard the leak version (it was Leave It then) I knew it would be a hit. The beat is just dope and Iggy rode it. I completely agree with the analysis though. It was smart to market her to the pop crowd for success but she lost her credibly she had during her mix tape days. I’m ready for her to put out a more hip-hop album akin to Glory or TrapGold. I liked The New Classic but it was watered down compared to her other bodies of work. From what it sounds like this will be her direction anyways. She’s stated it will be less mainstream and personal

  2. Skyfall August 13, 2015

    Most of her music is bland, but Fancy was cute and I enjoyed the song. If Iggy keeps making fun pop/rap and sticks to that image and learn to keep her mouth shut and quit entertaining Internet trolls I’m sure she can get more popular singles, idk about album sales though

    • Christian August 13, 2015

      Her album is gold and has been for a while.

  3. Sandra August 13, 2015

    Good for Iggy! When will Janet Jackson ever have a 5x platinum song? Poor flop! Only famous thanks to her last name.

  4. Lisa August 13, 2015

    She is basically a model. Who was marketed in the rap field because the american buying public is stupid and has no clue what “REAL TALENT” is. Look at Taylor Swift who can’t sing a lick, but has great crafted songs and shes the biggest thing since Mariah Carey and Whitney and Celine.

    Yet, again, this new crop of girls just have no talent other than being marketable.

  5. Stephy August 13, 2015

    One Hit Wonder.

    • Tkuol August 14, 2015

      Except…she’s had more than one. Gurl, can you even read?

  6. DTG August 13, 2015

    And how much has the album it’s featured on sold?

    ** chirp, chirp **

    • Tkuol August 14, 2015

      You should know by now that album sells in general are down and single sales are where the industry is concentrating now…

      *chirp chirp*

    • The reader August 16, 2015

      People choose to hate first. Yall would know her album is gold if only you can READ. Iggy did a lot better than most artist in this last year. If she is such a flop then why her singles platinum? Her album is gold???? Like…. Some of yall favs can barely sell either

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