Jennifer Lopez Readying New Single Amidst New Label Speculation

Published: Sunday 2nd Aug 2015 by Sam

Jennifer Lopez continues to move at the speed of light.

The fierce 46-year-old is renown for having her hands in multiple pies – from movies, to TV, to – of course – music.

Yet, it would appear the latter is once again on top of the diva’s to-do list.

Details below…

At multiple points over the last week, J.Lo was spotted with Charlie Walk – the head of Universal’s Republic Records. The sightings have prompted murmurs that she may have signed with the label (home of Ariana Grande and Young Money stars Nicki Minaj and Drake).


Should the move be confirmed true, it would mark the singer’s fourth label in as many years.

Get into this hop, skip, and jump…

2011’s ‘Love?’ (which housed comeback smash ‘On The Floor’) was released via Def Jam. The songbird then took flight with L.A Reid upon his exit from that company and nested at his new digs over at Epic Records; there she released Greatest hits collection ‘Dance Again’ in 2012. Last year’s ‘A.K.A’ (which spurned Billboard hit ‘Booty’) arrived via Capitol.

Now, it seems the American Idol judge is gearing up to roll out her newest material.

Peep the snap below…


Besides Walk once again appearing with La Lopez (bottom, right), she also poses with in the studio with Z100 radio programme director Mark Medina (first from the left).

When quizzed by curious fans about whether the all-important single was nigh, Media confirmed that it indeed is!

We’re officially excited! Sales may have eluded J.Lo in recent years, but there’s no denying she brings a brand of excitement few of today’s talent can generate. She also almost always delivers a good bop or two. Bring on that single!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jason August 2, 2015

    Love the fact she lives for the music. So what she changes labels. She still stays serving us hits we dance and enjoy! We Love you for THAT Mama! Kisses from Asia! xx

    • LB August 2, 2015

      What hits?

      • maurice August 2, 2015

        LB… read that bish.
        What hits?
        That pop generic bullshiz? LMAO, BYE.
        I miss RnB ‘Get Right,’ ‘Jenny from the Block,’ ‘All I Have’ J-Lo.
        Not Booty and all that crap with Iggy A-basic-a

      • Jason August 2, 2015

        The hits that the SITE EDITOR talked about and the hits that make her SOMEONE across ASIA, Miss. Wendy Williams!

        If you have to come in and comment on everything, I have nothing to say.

        Jesus! Do y’all have to read everything to filth EVERY GOD DAMN TIME?

  2. LB August 2, 2015

    Let me guess, the single is called #2 to Glitter? I wonder if she might also be working with Jessica Bieber and French Montana.

    Anyway, I don’t understand why she just doesn’t go independent, it is not like she cannot afford to. I mean Ashanti’s Braveheart sold more copies than AKA and that was independent.

    • k August 2, 2015

      She already worked with French Montana
      JLO ain’t thinking about Mooriah

  3. Mhud August 2, 2015

    Bring it on.I can’t hate on you honey

  4. LB August 2, 2015

    Hey David/Rashad, I have some related tea,

    Deamworks’ Home leads the pack in the race to this week’s Official Video Chart Number 1, currently outselling rest of the Top 10 combined.

    The animated comedy – which stars Rihanna, Steve Martin and Jim Parsons – has shifted almost 100,000 copies so far this week, with three days still to go. If its sales momentum continues, Home will be the first chart-topper for Dreamworks in 2015.
    – Official Charts Company, 23rd July 15

    Home is set to spend its second week at Number 1 on the Official Video Chart. The Dreamworks animated comedy – starring Rihanna and Steve Martin – first topped the chart last week, selling over 150,000 copies in its first seven days on sale.
    – Official Charts Company, 30th July 15

    • Mark111 August 2, 2015

      Rihanna still saving a whole damn studio. Lol

  5. lol August 2, 2015

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????FIX THIS F****** SITE I CANT READ THE COMMENTS OR ANY ARTICLES WITHOUT HAVING TO BE DIRECTED TO SOME USELESS AD????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. DEBRA August 2, 2015

    Her first 3 CDs had really good music, she just sounded better; now her vocals seem harsh and it’s evident that she’s a very bad vocalist; she never sings live, it’s always a pre-recorded track; The public has boasted about her being a great entertainer SHE IS NOT, she’s just a good dancer

  7. shakira stan August 2, 2015

    Is this old lady still trying?

  8. shakira stan August 2, 2015

    Call Me when she gets a moderate hit without clinging to younger relevant people

    • GOT7 August 2, 2015

      call me when shakira gets more than one hit #1 on billboard 😛

    • k August 2, 2015

      Says the shakira stan
      Did not Shakira work with Rihanna, Pitbull and Lil Wayne for hits
      Sit down

  9. Rihanna is the queen of Rnb August 2, 2015

    She needs to team up with Rihanna for a hit . My girl be serving hits after hits

    • Mhud August 2, 2015

      Where is she now????

      • Mark111 August 2, 2015

        Still in the top 30 after 13 weeks.

  10. GOT7 August 2, 2015


    • grump August 2, 2015

      Lol that would be Mariah with #beautiful in 2013, JLo hasn’t cracked top 40 since 2011 and she is barely a veteran artist. Please stop

      • Truth August 2, 2015

        LOL the self drag. Dance Again was in 2012 and a top 20 hit. Booty still peaked inside the top 20. Also, what albums did #Beautiful help Mariah to sell exactly? Do your damn research before you type and while you’re at it, try find me another Mariah single that’s peaked inside the top 40 in this decade alone. Actually better yet, try find me another Mariah single that’s even managed to spend more than ONE week on the Hot 100 this decade full stop. THOT!!

    • Mhud August 2, 2015

      Lies.she did with dance again and big booty

      • grump August 2, 2015

        Dance again was in 2011 stupid. Booty peaked at 18 with all the promo, and thot videos and it didn’t help her sell any albums. She’ll always be Mariah’s lessor

  11. Xtina = The voice of this generation August 2, 2015

    Oh god, this woman needs to retire & take care of her kids & do her usual romantic comedies.

  12. JOHNVIDAL August 2, 2015

    What´s the point?
    All of her singles and albums fail. And she is not one of those cases where despite not having commercial success anymore the artist continues to release music because they are real musicians who want to keep making music (most of real legends). Her singles are generic trash. Really don´t know what´s the point. I suppose she uses them as adverts for her brand.

    • k August 2, 2015

      Lambchops be quiet

  13. DEBRA August 2, 2015

    She’s beautiful and serves any red carpet but her OLD SPANISH LADY bodysuits are tired and her vocals are a mess live ….BENNY MEDINA continues to transform her into a Chelsea drag queen with the 80’s hair and shiny bodysuits; JLO go back to rnb and FIRE BENNY MEDINA he is old news. BENNY MEDINA has turned JLO into a aged red carpet diva

  14. Molly August 2, 2015

    Her music sucks

  15. Mark111 August 2, 2015

    For what? She clearly got dropped from the last one, they promoted the crap out of MIA, I mean AKA.

  16. Barb-wire August 2, 2015

    Chile, don’t nobody here checking for this has-been.

    • k August 2, 2015

      You are
      That’s why u replied

  17. Aj August 2, 2015

    Firstly Jennifer as never signed to DefJam, she was signed it Island Records (same as Mariah). As for Capitol – it never seemed like a good fit for JLo. Republic have done a great job through their imprints Lava and Young Money as well as Republic Records itself. Definitely makes more sense

  18. MusicLife August 2, 2015

    I don’t think she signed with EPIC. I think she had a deal in place to release her greatest hits materiel on there because much of her back catalog has been released via SONY, who owns Epic. Totally different. Not to mention Def Jam, Capital, and Republic are ALL under UMG which means it’s not that significant.

  19. sips tea August 2, 2015


  20. Steve August 2, 2015

    I don’t know her

  21. Gee August 2, 2015

    JLo moving to another record label is not a shock to me because musically her last several offerings have not lived up to expectations so what her team is doing spearheaded by Benny Medina they are doing anything to keep Jennifer’s name out there and hoping something sticks. Honestly to me JLo should just take a break after her Vegas run enjoy her kids and restructure team and give the public time to miss her and comeback swinging.

  22. james August 2, 2015

    Yes cant wait . This girl always servesgreat music in her 40’s . She is an entertainer . My love for u jlo

  23. WizKey August 3, 2015

    JLo was frankly stupid to spend so much time trying to reshape her career through music. The “recording artist” thing should have always been a temporary thing, done just as part of her brand/package while at her career peak. As soon as her sales started tapering off, she should have retired from ‘singing’ and returned to being an actress 100% of the time. THAT should have always been priority #1.

  24. another bty day something ain’t wrong August 3, 2015

    Good for her that she choose to change label and artist do it all the times so ain’t nothing new about that

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