Lady Gaga Covers CR Fashion Book / Talks Breaking Free Musically

Published: Wednesday 19th Aug 2015 by Sam

Pop titan Lady Gaga continues her image renaissance ahead of her hotly anticipated comeback.

The ‘Bad Romance’ belter appears on the double cover of CR Fashion Book‘s latest issue – sans any retouching.

Speaking on the Gaga’s selection, the publication’s creator Carine Roitfeld explained:

“Lady Gaga perfectly represents what I mean by the classic eccentric to me. She is completely Gaga, but she is also a lady. In her music and art, she is so creative, always pushing the envelope . . . And yet she is classically trained, as well. As we saw with the jazz music, she can be both the modern pop star and still play the classic songs, giving them a modern twist. That is always what I love.”

She elaborated on the singer’s appearance as a bride on the covers:

“I decided to style her in that way for two reasons: The obvious one, of course, is that she is getting married soon, but also it represents how in this new era in her career, how she has come to marry these different sides of herself—how she has become free.”

Gaga herself chimed in about being musically liberated – thanks largely to ‘Cheek to Cheek,’ her Grammy winning Jazz album with Tony Bennett.

See what she said below…

“Some people think about music and they think pop, rock, rap, and hip-hop, and they just list them off like categories, but music deserves the same freedom that a fine artist would have with paint—no rules, a blank canvas. That’s jazz. It was totally what I needed at a moment in my career when I felt like a caged animal. And I knew I could do so much more outside of that cage than inside”


The edgy shoot arrives as the 29-year-old superstar pieces together the follow-up to 2013’s ‘ARTPOP’ and prepares to flex her acting muscles in ‘American Horror Story: Hotel.’ 

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  1. Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 August 19, 2015

    A queen. Let’s bet her debut single will actually chart in the top 10 unlike certain fads.

    • Rosie August 19, 2015

      And may it actually be successful in the U.S. unlike CL.

      • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 August 19, 2015

        Bitter h**. We’ll see.

  2. Stephy August 19, 2015

    I don’t care what people say, I still got love for GAGA!

    • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 August 19, 2015


  3. Room319 August 19, 2015

    Early Madonna.

    (First album & LikeA Virgin styling)

  4. Monica Stan August 19, 2015

    I’m eager to hear what she comes up with. I hope she’ll tone down the gimmicks because the GP has been over her since 2012.

    • JOHNVIDAL August 19, 2015

      Over Monica is what the public is. Well, worldwide nobody got to knew her in the first place 🙂 Gaga amazed millions last February with her much talked-about performance at the Oscars, the highlight of the night for most reviewers.

      • Monica Stan August 19, 2015

        Monica is an R&B legend with a career spanning 20 years. Lady Gaga is a fad who came and went. 7 years into her career and she’s already leeching off of 85 year olds. F*** outta here hater!!

  5. What now August 19, 2015

    Cocaine is one hella drug isn’t it?

  6. Slayty Perry (Emmy nominated VEVO Queen) August 19, 2015

    Lmao her bullshitting never ends! How did she feel trapped in a cage when she chose to serve up another dated and generic EDM album to recreate The Fame’s success after Plagiarize This Way sealed her fate as a Madonna clone? The only reason she went to jazz was because she knew she needed to rehabilitate her image and prove that she isn’t a one trick pony.

    • JanStan August 19, 2015

      Ugh at the illiteracy. She didn’t mean that someone was keeping her in a cage she meant she herself was caged…self inflicted. Like she needed a change. Its easy to try to live up to expectations and hype and she’s acknowledged many times that she did just that. Now she doesn’t seem to have two f**** to give and is just enjoying doing her. And let’s be real gaga at her worst slays 99% of artists at their best. Next.

  7. xtina4life August 19, 2015

    Some of these poses remind me of xtina. Lady gaga ain’t a pretty woman at all.

  8. Mark111 /.\ August 19, 2015


  9. @JanetCIARA_ August 20, 2015


  10. slaysurfavs August 20, 2015

    Can’t wait to buy a whole bunch of lady gaga new album so she can sell a million in the first week again!! Hahaha and u cows will be mad

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