Ashanti Debuts New Song ‘You Deserve’ / Hit or Miss?

Published: Monday 14th Sep 2015 by Sam

Here at That Grape Juice, we like to plough through to politics to celebrate and spotlight authentic talent.

As such, while many have moved on from the Ashanti moment in music, we can’t but hold out hope that another cycle of success will circle round for the singer. Why? Because there’s something oh so unfortunate about the fact that when she finally made the vocal strides many wanted from her, the masses had seemingly bounced on to pastures new.

She hasn’t helped matters by embarking on a messy independent stint, which spurned 2014’s dead on arrival ‘Braveheart.’

Still, the limp performance of said set hasn’t deterred the former First Lady of Murder INC from pressing on. And while performing in Long Beach over the weekend, she shared the fruits of her perseverance – a new song called ‘You Deserve.’

Fan footage of the performance has emerged and while it’s super LQ, the sound is super HQ. Get into new Ashanti after the jump…


Very current, which on the surface may work to her favor. However songs like this have been dominating the airwaves since at least 2013, so, in that regard she’s extremely late to the party. It doesn’t help either that the dish she’s bringing, while admittedly tasty, doesn’t sound particularly filling either.

Still, ions better than anything on ‘Braveheart.’ Let’s just hope she has the correct infrastructure (preferably an established label to partner with) to make her next swing of the bat a homerun rather than another strike out.

Your thoughts?

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  1. christinastherealtalent September 14, 2015

    You’re forgetting that a lot of what these newer R&B acts are doing these days isn’t anything Ashanti hasn’t already done. Why don’t you learn to give credit where it’s due!

    • What now September 14, 2015

      Ashanti iz not some Céline Dion or Mariah Carey level ish. Giving her credit iz equal 2 giving a Chingy or etc credit. She waz relevant 4 like 4 yearz & fell off. No 1 n their rite mind considers Ashanti 2 b 1 of the greats.

      • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB September 14, 2015

        That pic of Ashanti slays by the way……but back to the music. Poop. I’m ready to fight her. REAL r&b is coming back, I guess she didn’t get the memo. Why these hoesess always late? She can do much better because she is a great

      • d September 14, 2015

        You tried her there…..Ashanti has sold over 12 million albums, has 3 platinum albums, 2 no.1 albums, all 5 studio albums have had top 10 debuts, 10 top 10 singes, and was the 3rd highest charting billboard female of the 2000s decade behind only Alicia Keys and beyonce plus she owns a grammy.

        Chingy had 2 platinum albums, 5 top 10 songs and has sold about 4 million albums

    • Kece October 27, 2015

      I so agree

  2. Queen Molly September 14, 2015

    It slays no sleeep

  3. What now September 14, 2015

    *bold letters* M-I-S-S!!!!!

  4. shakira stan September 14, 2015

    Miss she ain’t s*** without Nelly or gay RU.

  5. Barb-wire September 14, 2015

    Two words: Flop and Bye…

    • blinged September 14, 2015

      Like that flop ass all over the place pink print? OH OK

  6. Gee September 14, 2015

    While I like Ashanti very sweet personality I met in New York back in the summer of 2003 while on promo tour for ChapterII. But something about this particular song sounds very dated and like something Ashanti has tackled before. I would not mind touches of classic Ashanti with a little spice ie; new producers or co-writers that will challenge her to explore a little bit.

    • toohotfortv September 14, 2015

      Honestly, that’s what this sounds like. In my opinion, it seems like ashanti has relied too heavily on her own ear and writing. I think that’s what has stifled her career. She definitely needed to branch out to fresher writers and producers to keep her momentum and to reinvent her persona and sound. This, although a bit dated (it definitely has a tinashe/fifth harmony vibe) sounds like she let someone else take the reigns. That’s at least a step in the right direction.

      • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB September 14, 2015

        Tinashe??!!! Bish where? Maybe 5th Harmony but don’t do my boo Tinashe. She has a hand in bringing REAL r&b back.

  7. monroe September 14, 2015

    But her Album sold more than y’all favorite ci ci, I cannot take you guys always talking shyt about her.Talk shyt about the bih ciara going around with these dead ass vocals, also that new Ashanti sound is current big be real give credit where its due big

  8. BeyRihLiyah September 14, 2015

    Her music always sucked she had like 2 or 3 goods songs

  9. 4everBrandy_Ci September 14, 2015

    I see the Ashanti shade is LATE. She’s established but I guess established artists don’t belong in the current of the new generation. That’s the problem a few of you ignorants gas up and kiss ass to these newcomers who really are starting out in the business. However, Ashanti is a vet and legend in her own right. It’s a pity how these artists who actually SOLD music and have platinum albums are in a time where mediocrity is outshining them. I think it’s comical that Ashanti has achieved way more than these new artists and has gained more acclaim but you tacky consumers are all about who’s “hot” right now instead of appreciating the music. Artists are not selling as much anyway and it depends on certain mainstream acts who are “hot” right now. But eventually that’s going to change because people will get tired of the mediocrity and trash that’s out. Ashanti is still getting hers and much respect to her. I hope she gets the right team to push her as much as they can. Her last album Braveheart is a decent piece of work.

    • Monica Stan September 14, 2015

      Ashanti….a legend? Hilarious!!!

      • 4everBrandy_Ci September 14, 2015

        It’s sad how you think Ashanti isn’t iconic or maybe because you’re a fake Monica stan? I love Monica and also is a legend and made a name for herself. Girl………….I know for a FACT you really don’t want Monica to get dragged on here. Despite that I’m a Brandy fan and I loved their collaboration. But I will pass……ANYWAY Ashanti is the reason why some of these new r&b girls are coming into a lane their own. I think she should support all the talented artists the new and before the new. So hush child!

  10. Liam September 14, 2015

    Her Braveheart album was a solid R&B album and sold more than some r&b singers signed on a major label so why the hate…I’m no stan but some of the R&B being played Ashanti already did that #noshade

  11. checkyourself September 14, 2015

    It’s a… MISS!! LOL I wish Ashanti would just stop playin already and really stop trying so hard to obtain a successful music career as singer. It just aint happenin for her again. Those days of Ashanti having a successful music career as singer & being the new it girl due to not having any competition (her being the popular it girl only lasted for 1 year but hey she had a good year long run Lol)& on the charts are long gone with Murda Inc.. Which goes to show that Ashanti was and is all smoke and mirrors. I say that because her music career declined without that nikkuh gotti by her side to make the magic happen.. same goes for Ashanti’s music career without Ja Rule featuring her on his songs or her having him featured on her songs. Their songs together is what helped ashanti become famous. gottie and ja rule made her famous. she makes a nice instagram model. she needs to stick to doing that and focus on her acting career instead

  12. Monica Stan September 14, 2015

    Sounds DATED

  13. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig September 14, 2015

    Without Murder Inc and a hot rapper to fallback on, Ashanti is mediocre at best. The Ashanti album had some bops, but the main reason why people gravitated towards her was because they were looking for a R&B singer to fill the void Aaliyah left. All the girls around that year got those comparisons (even though most of them were reaches), but Ashanti wouldn’t have gone anywhere if she debuted in a year like 2015. I even bought Concrete Rose, because OnlyU was a dope song (100% because of Seven Aurelius), however the rest of the album was a snoozefest.

  14. King Mark111 /.\ September 14, 2015

    Remember when the Ciata fans were laughing at BraveHeart sales and then Wakie sold less than it? Hahahahahaha

  15. Brazio September 14, 2015

    I like the song but ima have to agree with others did she not notice the transition back to real r&b not the trendy stuff!!! Uhhhh Ashanti lets get back to songs like Baby, Baby, Baby and Foolish!!!!

  16. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 14, 2015

    Sorry, Ashanti! Buy, honey bun, when you can learn to perfect singing on key and dancing decently at the same time during a performance, then I’ll see it for you again. Until then, just enjoy your label and promote more. Kii at the fact that her flop album still debuted in the top 10.

  17. Casual-T September 14, 2015

    It’s a good, mid-tempo dance track, but it’s still not THE comeback single she needs. Braveheart actually wasn’t a bad album, but I don’t think she ever really promoted the potential breakout hits — First Real Love and Three Words. Ashanti’s got to sharpen her focus on getting a hit and stop putting her efforts behind marginal records.

  18. blinged September 14, 2015

    I like it a lot and by the way ashanti braveheart album sold more than about 5 artist on major labels lol GOOGLE it bae and mind you she’s independent doing it all on her own and has records she has set lol #ByeHaters her networks is 40+mill btw youtube it☺

  19. isi September 14, 2015

    ???? Ashanti is an icon? From 2001-2004 are the only years she was actually a huge star,that’s just 3 years! That doesn’t warrant icon status period!

    The song is a miss! The last 7 years have been a miss!!Even if she debuted higher than some of her R&B peers those albums still went on to outsell Braveheart! Her time came and went.I’m surprised people actually would pay see such a horrible singer!!!People really do throw the word Icon out there way too much!

  20. Incredible September 15, 2015

    I know Ashanti keeps the people around her who have been there since 2002 aka loyal people. But she needs to fire her MOM. IM SORRY. She does. Look at what it did to Beyonce … she fell of for a year but then BOOM back on grind. Ashanti needs new producers … not some underground producer trying to make it big cuz she aint got the coins to hire a producer like kanye. i almost feel like she scared to get out of her comfort zone but she has so much POTENTIAL. she does give me tinashe but then again she came out before her so really tinashe is what we want ashanti to be … an upgraded version.

    • me September 15, 2015

      hate to say it but i agree, i met ashanti last month at a meet n greet and on stage her mom stands there with her cam corder. its a little embaressing. Her mum wasnt organised either thats her manager she has to make sure she is at a venue on time and ready… im a huge ashanti fan but i feel like this joint will get released in 3 months the film clip will take another 3 months…. does this sound familiar

  21. Incredible September 15, 2015

    AND ASHANTI I KNO U READIN THIS PLEASE GET A NEW DANCE PERSON !!! the sick dance moves will make the song hot … no 1 2 step …

  22. DAT Dude September 15, 2015

    Sounds like a hit and who cares if its not R&B music if it was Beyonce or Rihanna I bet y’all would’ve thought the song is hot or slave unlike most of you guys over hype favs I like how Ashanti switches it up but still keeps it R&B and hip-hop she definitely underrated and if she was on a major label no doubt this single would be a hit on radio spins etc.. Yall need to give her the credit she deserve and stop jumping on that negative hating band wagon real talk

  23. XoMoDe September 15, 2015

    Ashanti just needs a better team. Technically she’s not worse than any other female artist out. She’s not a great singer, but she’s decent enough. She’s not a great writer, but she’s decent enough. She’s not a great performer, but she’s decent enough. Her problem is that her handlers are all too cheap/lowbrow. She’s probably trying to manage herself and handle all her own affairs. No artist should be doing that. It’s fine to micromange your managers and agents, but you still need others there to do all the more tedious work while you concentrate on being a artist/performer.

  24. GEEZUS95 September 15, 2015

    Tinashe shade.

  25. justmeeeee September 15, 2015

    most of the people who put down a Shanti as an artist have never listened to any of her albums in its entirety outside of her debut album.
    the girl is talented as much as I cannot stand up Gotti she could use his managerial direction right about now.
    I respect the independent label hussle in her because the majors are playing games with these artists nowadays however if she wants to get back to even half of the success that she had she’s going to have to get with the major or come up with a better plan.
    Braveheart was a solid album and should have received a lot more radio play which she would have gotten if she was on a major.

    this song sounds okay it’s not bad but we need to hear it in real quality.
    either way I’m looking forward to hearing her next album I have all of them

    • justmeeeee September 15, 2015

      ^ Ashanti and Irv Gotti
      #voice text auto correct…

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