Chart Check: The Weeknd ‘Feels’ His Way Back To #1 On Hot 100

Published: Thursday 3rd Sep 2015 by Rashad

The Weeknd‘s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ feels its way back to the top of the Hot 100 this week after a temporary dethronement by longtime chart champion OMI and the tune ‘Cheerleader.’

The tune, found on Weeknd’s sophomore LP ‘Beauty Behind the Madness,’ is kept company in the top 5 by another of his megahits ‘The Hills.’

But, before he gets too comfortable in the #1 spot with ‘Face,’ his first chart-topper on the Hot 100, he’s set to face steep competition in the form of fellow Canadian crooner Justin Bieber.  For, after a critically acclaimed comeback showing at the 2015 MTV VMAs, the Urban pop star is expected to debut at #1 on next week’s Hot 100 with his tune ‘What Do You Mean.’

Until then, get this week’s full chart check below:

  Screen shot 2015-09-02 at 11.59.36 PM

Screen shot 2015-09-02 at 11.59.53 PM
Screen shot 2015-09-03 at 12.00.11 AM

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  1. k September 3, 2015

    gratz to him.

    • Pookie September 3, 2015

      He needs to feel “a barber chair” and cut that ugly wig of his. this dude is weird

  2. LB September 3, 2015

    Halsey – BADLANDS (on repeat)

    You’re Welcome

  3. Mark111 September 3, 2015

    The singles charts is a whole different world now because MOST of these “artist” can’t even go gold or even have an album out. New era, singles is the golden egg and guess who’s the best selling digital singles artist? 🙂
    Because of the internet, pretty much anyone or thing can become hits, making labels useless. Say what ya want, but most of these songs on here are written and produced by the artist or very close team, your “classics” were made by the machine. That’s why most of your faves aren’t selling nor charting, because they never had IT, they were made by the labels and now that labels are almost dead, so are these puppets.

    • BGKC ???????? September 3, 2015

      I actually agree with you, even though I don’t use you. Love you bb

      • DEL BEY September 3, 2015

        Ewwwwwwwwwww BGCK please stop moisturising Mark’s b*** cheeks

  4. blue September 3, 2015

    where are the ladies????? I know most hate rihanna on here but the chick atleast kept the no.1 spot diverse

  5. lol September 3, 2015

    Of course Justina is expected to debut at number one, his team was clever enough to debut the video and single within the same week

  6. BGKC ???????? September 3, 2015

    Y-A-S at him having two singles in the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100, a rare feat. Congrats love.

  7. Here to kill September 3, 2015

    As much as I love seing these black artist win this year but what about the females? I mean only 3 if not 4 black ladies made it to the top 10 this year namely:
    and Natalie
    same as last year:
    Nick x2

    • african music lover September 3, 2015


      • Here to kill September 3, 2015

        Oh Subract Rita she’s british

  8. Molly September 3, 2015

    He has only been MAINSTREAM for like 6 months and has done something Nicki hasn’t been able to do 6 years into hers… kii anyways congratulations daddy.

    • Arianator Barb September 3, 2015

      Over 10 years in the game and ciara still has no solo hit. Super Bass alone has outsold everything ciara has released this decade combined. How many plaques has ciara seen since 2007?

  9. Barb-wire September 3, 2015

    Congrats Baby! *Plays BBTM*

    • Molly September 3, 2015

      We are all waiting on Shitnika to get that #1 hit she so desperately needs….

      • Barb-wire September 3, 2015

        I continue paying you dust and yet you still coming back for more??? I can’t keep wasting my time with your backboneless, clinging, weak ass.

  10. Lash September 3, 2015

    all these adverts on this site! it just installed some weird thing on my tablet! Wtf!

    • Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! September 3, 2015

      That happens to me all the time, it sends me too install an app. It’s very annoying!

  11. What now September 3, 2015

    I luv him so much! ????????????????????

  12. Biting Truth September 3, 2015

    The Weeknd is corny AF. I can’t even be happy at seeing black artists back on the charts, because most of them are there with a white-washed sound. When Justin Bieber can “out R&B” a singer with nappy hair, something is very wrong.

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