New Song: Dawn Richard – ‘Dance’

Published: Monday 28th Sep 2015 by Sam
D∆WN _ Dance (Cover Art)


After skewing to left and flirting with EDM, Dawn Richard moves towards the mainstream middle with new jam ‘Dance.’

The high-octane cut is the first to be lifted from her third solo album ‘Redemption Heart,’ which struts into stores early 2016.

Penned by hitmaker Ester Dean, the track positions the former Danity Kane nucleus in the thick of what’s current without compromising her unique appeal.

Take a listen below…

We approve! Do you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. marky September 28, 2015

    watch new videos before they come out on

  2. Carey Like Mariah September 28, 2015

    This girl is still trying? Well, kudos to her, I guess.

  3. Lil Kim thee ONLY QB September 28, 2015

    Lil Kim’s new single will be out sometime this week under La Face records and her highly anticipated 5th studio album will be released the very beginning of 2016. The new single is penned by Ester Dean and is said by insiders to be the hit that will bring her career to higher levels than before. Are you ready?!

    • BeyRihLiyah September 28, 2015


    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 28, 2015

      I hope so! That would be great if she can achieve such success in the industry after all of the years she’s been inactive. I’m happy for her and I want her to win again. All of those platinum albums to her name prove that she’s truly a force to be reckoned with.

  4. dustin September 28, 2015

    Meh… After what she did on Blackheart this is so basic.

  5. JuanDizz September 28, 2015

    This is clearly more mainstream than Blackheart but the point is to get a fresh new vibe with each new era. This is flawless production and a hell of a way to kick off this new album. Let’s hope this visual does the song justice; it can only go up from here!

  6. BeyRihLiyah September 28, 2015

    For a indie artist she constantly deliver solid artistic work she is indie but deliver material like if she was signed to a major label thats what i like about her

    • Credits September 28, 2015

      I know right? Being an indie artist, I’m surprised she could afford ester dean.

      • toohotfortv September 29, 2015

        I would say the same thing but maybe it just speaks to the respect she’s gained within the business. It could’ve been somewhat a favor. This definitely does not sound like a through away track.

  7. Slay September 28, 2015

    I was not expecting this. Amazing sound, well written, sick beat. Fresh direction. I hope Dawn keeps this as her genre. The artwork is on fleek, hope she gets the right backing with a good label. She is best suited to POP and RNB.

  8. #JACKIE September 28, 2015


    • BeyRihLiyah September 28, 2015

      Some one who is more talented,creative and innovative then flopping Ci-he

      • #JACKIE September 28, 2015

        Oh, a nobody. Gotcha!

      • BeyRihLiyah September 28, 2015

        Lmaooo coming from a ciara stan that he she have been a non factor the past 8 years now ahe ruduced to being a d list socialite lmaoooo

  9. Regina George September 28, 2015

    LOVE THIS! Dawn always delivers something fresh…

  10. T Jay September 28, 2015

    I’m already excited for the visual.

  11. Flirt September 28, 2015

    This could get airplay. I am waiting for the dopest visual. Go Dawn!

  12. KingMe September 28, 2015

    In order for this to work the visual needs to slay with choreography. From start to finish with no Beauty shots

  13. rihboy September 28, 2015

    I like it. It’s radio friendly. That’s about it.

  14. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 28, 2015

    “Calypso” was such a sweet, heavenly bop. The music video was visually-creative and confusing, which made the dong all the better. I’m here for her recording and releasing her third critically-acclaimed album.

  15. Drive by Comments September 28, 2015

    love dawn

  16. XX September 28, 2015

    WOW, they actually called black heart EDM.

  17. Royalkev September 28, 2015

    That was nice! I think Ester is so slept right now. I’m sure Dawn will definitely do a solid video for this one.

    • Royalkev September 28, 2015

      *slept on

  18. cocobutta September 29, 2015

    I prefer some of the other stuff but this is commercially catchy and high energy.

    Looking forward to the visual by miss Dawn (I didn’t hear about Brandy until college) Richard.

    • taqui Ari September 29, 2015

      * “I didnt get into Brandy until College”… make a difference… and I believe her, if you listening to New Orleans Radio only of just her singles you would know Brandy as the truth she is!!

  19. R8LATE September 29, 2015

    Exciting ! Can’t wait to see what else the new era brings

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