Watch: Alexandra Burke Wows With ‘I Will Always Love You’ At BBC Proms In The Park

Published: Monday 14th Sep 2015 by Sam

For more than eight years Alexandra Burke has been delivering jaw-dropping performances to the masses – a trajectory that shows no signs of slowing.

The singer, who has been starring in UK adaptation of ‘The Bodyguard Musical’ for the last year, took to the stage at the BBC Proms In The Park this weekend, where she tackled the centrepiece song from the production – ‘I Will Always Love You’.

With Whitney Houston‘s rendition still serving as the definitive vocal masterclass, did Ms. Burke pass the test? Watch below to get in the know…

Bellissima! Beautiful performance!

Saying that, watching this has us salivating for new Alexandra material. And, no, not free EP’s. An actual album.

It’s anyone’s guess what the climate is like for her on the major label front, but we’d love to see one of them scoop her up, help her cultivate a current and commercially viable sound, and push it to the heavens.

Because, while it’s great to see her hustling to keep her name out there, her absence away from the charts (sorry, free music doesn’t count) ultimately translates as an absence from the minds of the masses. Appeasing fans is absolutely important, but so is attracting the casual listener, who make-up the majority of the record-buying public. Just our two cents.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MELINDA65 September 14, 2015

    Whitney and Mariah are the Icons of song. They are like Aretha , Patti and Gladys Knight.

    Everytime some new wave diva sings there songs, it just seems like 2nd rate. Why even try to touch them or the classic songs that they made iconic.

    Hopefully, Mariah will realize her greatness and deliver a new live performance like her Fly Like a Bird on the Grammy’s.

    • Stephy. September 14, 2015

      Mariah’s voice is damaged. And, it will never get back to her 1995 or even 2005 quality. But, like you said, she & Whitney are the standard for alot of these new vocalist. But, the truth is, these new vocalist just don’t have that magic Mariah & Whitney had. And, that’s why big vocalist are flops today. Celine, Mariah & Whitney were the last mega vocal diva’s. That generation is over now. And, probably will never return. Adele is the only hope left, for a big voice diva, that can stand in one spot, belt out power-ballads, and sell millions. Adele is the last one…

      • coolness September 14, 2015

        I agree. Adele is literally the last standing female balladeer of in the pop music realm. I don’t use her at all but she’s alone in her lane. Shame about Mariah’s voice though. I didn’t grow up her but was introduced to her work with TEOM (like most of us in the younger generation were). Her catalog slays! Eh, she has nothing to prove anymore and has solidified herself as a vocal legend. Such was the case for Whitney.

      • MELINDA65 September 14, 2015

        Mariah can still outsing every Diva on the charts right now.

        If you doubt her VOCALS. Peep her PIANO Thank God I found you at the VEGAS SHOW.

        Just Mariah’s voice and Piano. THANK GOD I FOUND YOU piano version is sung so passionately and so strong I was blown away.

        Its like she sings when she feels like it

      • JOHNVIDAL September 14, 2015

        I agree that Whitney, Mariah and Celine were the last true big ones. Their voices are/were everything and conquered the world. It´s not was technique as I´ve said many times. The magic, the soul… nothing comparable to them since they reigned (meaning they still and will always reign).
        Yes Adele is teh only one doing it that way, and as big, but teh girl has neened years of vocal and menatal rest just because of teh success of ONE era. Plus despite owning such a beautiful voice (extremely beautiful), it is not on these 3 level at all, obviously.

    • coolness September 14, 2015

      When the new wave of vocal powerhouses cover songs made iconic by the greats, I believe they are simply paying homage as opposed to trying to outdo them. So long as they don’t straight up butcher said covers, I believe the Divas of yesteryear will be pleased and see it a compliment and testament to their influence. With that being said, Alexandra did really good.

  2. ~The Arcade~ September 14, 2015

    She did great!

  3. Stephy. September 14, 2015

    Vocally? It was great. But, there is nothing special about her voice. She has no magic there. And, her material is typically boring & overlooked by default. That’s the problem with most of these new vocal diva’s. I kind of feel sorry for real vocalist, these days. Most of them are just used as tribute acts, for Diva’s of the past. They just be blowing for no reason. Meanwhile, the Michael Jackson/Madonna clones have been flying past these vocal diva’s, like it’s nothing.

    Adele is the only vocal diva, that can stand in one spot, belt out a tune, and sell millions. But, will she be able to do it again & again & again & again. Like, Celine | Mariah | Whitney did?

  4. lolhart September 14, 2015

    Simon Cowell was crazy for letting Alexandra and Leona go. Nice performance but would have liked her to do something a bit different like J-Hud.

  5. lisa489 September 14, 2015

    MARIAH AND WHITNEY had so much passion and pain in there voice. That pain and those HUGE notes they hit on those awards shows.

    I’m sorry but i don’t feel that from ADELE, she has a nice voice but she fails in comparison just like Christina aguilera. They are not ICONIC.

    Neither have a Greatest Love of all or a Hero, or a One Sweet Day or a I will always love you.

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