Whitney Houston Hologram Set For 2016 World Tour #ICYMI

Published: Saturday 12th Sep 2015 by Rashad
Whitney Houston Performing

Just months after the announcement late Tejano/pop star Selena was set to see a “digital embodiment” release new music and tour, now music lovers are being greeted with reports iconic pop diva Whitney Houston will experience the same.

Yep, a Houston hologram – designed by Hologram USA in partnership with the ‘I’m Every Woman’ singer’s estate – will touch every corner of the globe in a 2016 world tour.

Get the details inside:

Delivering live renditions of her greatest hits, the virtual endeavor will be “interactive and feature the singer’s greatest hits alongside as-yet-unannounced special guests.”  In addition, content created by the outing will be syndicated across all digital and cable platforms.

Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law/president of her estate, issued a statement in support of the project:

“It’s a great opportunity for her fans to see a reinvention of one the most celebrated female artists in history and to continue a legacy of performances that will not be forgotten in years to come.” – Pat Houston

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  1. YoursTruly September 12, 2015

    why won’t they just let her rest in peace….? Like is this really necessary?!

    • ronnoc September 12, 2015

      greedy b****** will always need their money

    • danyboo September 12, 2015

      Honestly if Beyonce died I would need her to wake up from that peaceful rest as well and put on a show. Lol, so I know real Whitney fans are prolly really excited for this.

  2. Christina Aguilera September 12, 2015

    Why do they always wanna grab some dollars from the dead ? allow them!! RIP ms Whitney

  3. Sweetnothings78 September 12, 2015


  4. Stephy. September 12, 2015

    Ooooh, uh uh. That’s hella creepy.

  5. OMG Logic!!! September 12, 2015

    Clive Davis refuses to let this damn woman rest in piece. SMDH.

    Also, Got 2B Real called it 4 years ago before Whitney even died. “Whitney is a hologram” -G2BR “Mariah Carey”

    • Eddie September 12, 2015

      Where do you get from this that Clive Davis is the one won’t let her rest in piece? This is Pat Houston — you know, her own family.

  6. Centurion September 12, 2015

    I’d pay good money to see Whitney Houston live; whether synthetic, re-animated, genetically engineered, you name it. This was her in 1990 at The Jay Leno Show. Phucking amazing.

  7. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 12, 2015

    Damn, this idea seems cool and a great way for the label to make money, but why cant they just leave poor old Nippy alone and let her rest in peace? They tried the same foolishness with Michael too and wouldnt leave his unfinished work unfinished. I dont know about all of this!

  8. Aj September 12, 2015

    It’s cause her estate still owes money and has debts so they have to keep making revenue

  9. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig September 12, 2015

    Whitney is the VOICE and she cannot be replicated, so I am not here for it! Sure I would pay my life savings to see Whitney live, but the essence will be missing.

  10. Royalkev September 12, 2015

    Was Pat ever truly Whitney’s friend?! Sometimes I wish Whitney only put her trust in people like Bebe and Cece Winans. Pat seems more interested in her own personal gain at times. I don’t want to see a hologram. It will never do the real Whitney justice!

    I don’t think the industry deserves to make a single cent off of artists like Whitney and MJ. They made both of them larger than life and then punished them for it for some odd reason. It’s only reversed when there’s money to be made off of them! If both were alive their gifts/impact would have still been downplayed (like some of their peers)! It’s unfortunate that MJ and Whitney never had it like other legendary artists (Elvis, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison). These people were never torn down in a similar fashion (and they’re now celebrated without all their flaws/skeletons highlighted as much as their artistry).

    • Tyler Makiavelli September 12, 2015

      Those people arent black *sips tea*

  11. MALUCE September 12, 2015

    I never really got into the hologram thing… I am in love with this idea!

    As a die hard Houston fan, we need this. Some of the world was not ready to see her pass and it felt like losing a family member, for me, personally. This is just a way for a true fan to keep her memory alive in more ways than one. I will definitely be in attendance.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig September 12, 2015

      I completely get what you’re saying, but I don’t think it make anyone any less or more of a fan to protest against it. There are some people that would feel very traumatised with the idea, and others that would welcome it.
      I’ll give you an example, though it may seem unrelated…. After the 2pac hologram at Coachella, one of the most popular requests for a hologram was Left Eye. Interestingly most TLC fans welcomed the idea, but T-Boz and Chilli said they would feel uncomfortable with it (and they were closer than sisters).

  12. cocobutta September 12, 2015

    Whitney’s estate. Hmmm the same estate that the security man fired then got fired by Whitney cus he saw their greed came be4 her.

    These people trying to get Cissy stressed again….

    There more I want to say but ima pause and hold my peace. #fixitjesus

  13. Dev September 12, 2015

    When i read Pat Houston i was immediately turned off. I never got to see Whitney in concert which often saddens me, but these holograms should never be used on the greats, i feel when its too late, its too late.

  14. Fancy BISH September 12, 2015

    Pat Houston is creepy…waited till Bobbi Kristina passed away, and barely said anything heartfelt about it….then she quickly announces a 2016 hologram tour shortly after Bobbi Kristina’s death, and YEARS after Whitney’s death, calling it a “reinvention”…something ain’t right…and we all know Pat Houston isn’t John Branca (MJ Estate)…she just seems so unqualified and amateur night at the Apollo…she couldn’t organize a proper luncheon, let alone be President of Whitney’s Estate! What’s taking so long in the first place? Whitney is one of the biggest artists in the world…I never liked Pat, and STILL don’t like the bish!

  15. Jec2 September 12, 2015

    Further proof that Pat Houston is satan.

  16. Truther September 12, 2015

    The industry is gonna milk her death till they cant no more smh.Just like what thhey are doing with Michael.Next their gonna release an album of unreleased music and lets not forget about thhe recent trash cashgrab biopic that came out.

  17. Gee September 12, 2015

    Sad that woman can not rest in power because of her ungrateful greedy sister in law. Pat intentions are very untrustworthy and sneaky and it is my hope the Houston remove her from any power over handling anything regarding Whitney’s estate very soon. RIP Whitney.

  18. King Mark111 /.\ September 12, 2015

    Y’all better wake up. Labels aren’t making money anymore, so don’t be surprise when artist with huge catalogs dies. This is a shady business.

  19. Shady81 September 12, 2015

    Pat is just a pitiful human being just sad I wonder what Cissy thinks of this mess first the reality shows now this SMDH.

  20. JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2015

    Legendary Whitney Houston gets airplay around the world constantly, and will forever do, as it happens with real legends. I get to listen to her (and other legands) everyday where I work mixed with currents hits (most of which will be forgotten in 10 years max). It´s the power of the talent that survives time.
    This idea sounds creppy though. But I suppose money is needed for reasons I don´t know so I won´t judge anything about this.

  21. Shirley Evans September 12, 2015

    Halograms are the new way of making the show appears as live as possible. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Tupac has halograms, maybe it’s because of the increase of revenue for the estates. All Legends has an estate, not because they owe money but to generate income to keep the estate going and keep their legacy alive for each generation. The music estates seems to generate more income ( Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, etc ) than the movie stars ( John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe,Rock Hudson, Richard Pryor). There are fans that view the halogram as amazing and can see the vision of the attempts made.

  22. MUSICHEAD September 12, 2015

    I will never support this

  23. What now September 12, 2015

    That’s so f****** digusting and shady as s***. The entertainment industry is so dark @ times.

  24. What now September 12, 2015

    Off the topic, can we get a post on the Nicki Minaj rumor… allegedly Nicki believes that Drake iz w/ Serena Williams bc he can’t b w/ ha..

    • nicko September 12, 2015

      Lol@ u just making up a lame ass rumor.

  25. JanStan September 12, 2015

    Whitney to me is the easily the GREATEST vocalist of all time. PERIOD. This is an absolute disgrace! It would be one thing if the coins would be going to her children (which we know can’t be the case) or charity, but since that’s not the case this is disgusting!! Just eeeew.

  26. Lmfao_Hoe September 12, 2015

    Smh this hologram will not give Nippy and fans alike justice. Anyone whose been to her concerts or watched them on Youtube knows when Whitney hit the stage she OWNED it and had such essence and made her songs sound way better than the studio vocals. Smh it’s gonna be a Phantom lipping her studio versions basically :/ unless they intend to use her Live versions off the new live CD. Either way it’s a shame especially since a few months ago Bobby Kristena died, and watch they do the same s*** when Mariah is no longer here too.

  27. Dossome September 12, 2015

    What I find most disturbing is Whitney’s daughter died just the other day.It’s really unfortunate that Pat is exploiting Whitney’s name for her own gain.THE two most important people in her life when she was alive were her daughter and her mum.Bobbi’s no more and Cissy’s financially very stable and doesn’t need a cent from her late daughter’s estate.So why this?All Whitney owed her label was cleared with the royalties made from sales spike after her death.Her catalog sales are impressive and that’s still not enough?Why people gotta be this greedy?

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