JoJo: “I’m Ready To Stop Struggling”

Published: Thursday 29th Oct 2015 by Sam

Despite being just 24-years old, JoJo has endured career highs and lows well beyond her years.

Indeed, after a meteoric rise following the release of her debut album (which she unleashed aged 12), the ascent came to a screeching halt following her 2006 sophomore set ‘The High Road.’

As widely reported, the seven years that followed saw her literally unable to sell new music until she won a legal battle with former label Blackground in 2013.

Liberated and with a new label home at Atlantic Records, the songbird is back and has hatched three new songs as part of an innovative “tringle” roll-out.

And though looking forward, the titan of a talent reminisces on some the more darker days on her journey in an insightful new interview with Rolling Stone. Check it out below..

Thankfully, the climate is altogether better for the belter.

Be sure to check out JoJo when she hits the road on the ‘I Am JoJo Tour’ next month.

Also, peep the visual for the latest “tringle” track ‘Say Love’ below…

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  1. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans October 29, 2015

    *Ashanti – “Scared”

  2. AmbeRussell October 29, 2015

    She is the original tori kelly, in my eyes. it is such a shame that she was stuck on such a bad label that did not release any music from her. her mixtape are pretty good and are much better than the new music she is releasing right now. had she had that same push tori is receiving now, she would have been huge. i still hear girls (in their 20s and 30s) talk about their love for “too little too late” and how that was their high school break up song etc.
    her problem is not bad material, it is the lack of ppl aware of her matterial

    • 2bad2bme October 29, 2015

      Original Tori Kelly? She was even better than her. Jo Jo had some hits. Tori is just overrated a bit!

      • C October 29, 2015

        was and IS better. Jo has 11 YEARS of amazing music under her belt. over 100 songs on my itunes

    • Tasha October 29, 2015

      Why the comparison to Tori? Because she’s a white girl who can sing also? Tori is more of an India Arie/Natasha Bedingfield type of artist. Jojo has a platinum and gold album and a successful movie. Let’s not mention her hits. Tori can’t even chart.

      • AmbeRussell October 30, 2015

        they have similar voices and both mix pop and rnb and hip hop elements in their music. not saying she is overrated, but that she has similar sounds

  3. truthtea October 29, 2015

    I’m rooting for you, Jojo! It’s been nearly 2 years since you signed with Atlantic so cut it out with the EP’s and release a full length LP!

  4. Tasha October 29, 2015

    And she will continue to struggle if she doesn’t release better music.

  5. x_x October 29, 2015

    I want her to win….

    …and to get rid of that eyebrow piercing! she’s too pretty for that distraction. Or what that they try and sell as “edge”

  6. Wynter Kate October 29, 2015

    I’m not feeling her new music. Demonstrate was straight fire. She should go more into that direction than these dated generic EDM songs.

    • Ciah’s Turtle October 29, 2015

      Yes Demonstrate was TF everythingggggg

    • What now October 29, 2015

      I agree.

  7. Lol25 October 29, 2015

    How come never that Vincent the Herbert was apart of jojo’s management lol, so he also had something to do with that contract

  8. 4everBrandy_Ci October 29, 2015

    JoJo is getting my support and Tori Kelly is a different artist. JoJo is a talented artist and she has always been that chick. It’s just f***** up how her situation made her not able to release and go forward with her music. I’m glad she’s doing her thing and not letting these comparisons of other artist define her own style. I think Tori Kelly is talented as well but people just need to accept these artists for who they are. Tori is cool too but I hope these JoJo supporters make sure they spend their money on JoJo and not just talk because she’s back at the moment. I feel like the new label will allow her to create her music as a body of work instead of marketing her as a generic artist which JoJo has never been generic which is why she has to remain consistent to her artistry. I will be looking out for her. Go JoJo!!!!!!

  9. #TeamTinashe Stan October 29, 2015

    I’m glad JoJo is back and better! It’s never good for an artist to be held under hostage by a label for years upon years. Which brings my attention to the aforementioned by my #1 fan, singer named Mya. I think it’s time she follows suit and partner up with a major label. Nobody is aware that she makes music and usually when people talk about the 90’s T*** R&B Female stars her name comes up with “Oh yeah remember Mya” statement. She hasn’t had a moderate nor big buzz since 2007.
    But again I am glad for JoJo for finally breaking that cage. And I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of hers but I know she is good stuff! 😀

    • BeyRihLiyah October 29, 2015

      if Mya makes a comeback on a major label then tunamelt is DONE tanisha will be forced back to recording/making mix tapes in her dirty ass room

  10. Theman October 29, 2015

    Her speaking voice is amazing lol. She’s very articulate.

  11. King Stephy October 29, 2015

    She can sing, but ha music is blah. Overlooked with the quickness.

  12. Adele Stan October 30, 2015

    Adeles back, who cares Bout this wannabe?

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