Nicki Minaj & Beyonce Begin Work On New Live Project

Published: Monday 19th Oct 2015 by David

Thought the ‘Feeling Myself’ visual would mark the last time you saw Beyonce & Nicki Minaj in action?

Think again.

The ladies were spotted leaving a Brooklyn, New York dance studio minutes ago as they prepare to rock fans at a live music concert launched to support the TIDAL streaming service.

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  1. .::Centurion::. October 19, 2015

    F L O P S

    • Ariana’s Grand October 19, 2015

      Adele is going to ruin R8. Haha.

      • .::Centurion::. October 19, 2015

        But Flopiana can’t even scan platinum with both albums anfd singles. LOL. No wonder her and Demi are cosigning each other. ???? Two tragic Pop flops. How sad. ????

    • Career Ender October 19, 2015

      Not this village muppet taking time off from herding goats to come in here for it’s daily draggings
      what a muppet!

    • Bets October 19, 2015

      Beyonce is being used to upgrade Nikki Ninja!

  2. Geezus95 October 19, 2015

    Slay my babies

  3. Lea October 19, 2015

    Two flops in the same setting…

  4. truth(Janet is QWEEN, MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) October 19, 2015

    Nicki still struggling for relevancy honey

    • Career Ender October 19, 2015

      the flippin irony!
      if you google ‘struggling for relevancy’ , your basic gravatar would pop-up at #1

    • What now October 19, 2015

      Chile u r clinging 2 Janet Jackson n hopes of no 1 deflecting that u stan 4 Lil’ Kimora washed up a**. Sit down! Your fav hasn’t released an album n a decade.

      • Ciah’s Turtle October 19, 2015

        “Fitted down and im ready to play. When ya album gon drop? B!tches never can say..”

    • nicko October 19, 2015

      Tooo bad Nicki is on billboard n performing in theaters/arenas meanwhile lil k** is performing in basic clubs. Kiii

  5. Everyone’s A Critic October 19, 2015

    They need to leave Tidal alone now.. It’s not a thing. C’mon Bey, this is not your calibre

  6. You H*es Are Simple October 19, 2015

    The GP and I are sooooo over ‘Feelin Myself’ and ‘Flawless remix’, and there’s no demand for a new collaboration between these two anymore so honestly what’s the point? The match has burned out and run its course so I’m gonna need them to try a new tactic to rescue Tidal.. NEXT!

    • Ciah’s Turtle October 19, 2015

      Obviously, their collabs ain’t for general population a$$ b!tches.. it’s for their fans. #GetAClue

      • Naomi’s Edges October 19, 2015

        lmao not “general purpose ass bit ches” im dead

  7. WE FOUND RIHANNA October 19, 2015

    2 rich BLACK b****** anongst broke P*** poor Grapejuice trolls, now u tell me who tf is winnin. Or did I miss something?

    • Lea October 19, 2015

      @WeFound(out who your daddy is)Rihanna, its too bad neither of they are helping your Section-8, trailor park trash ass!

      • Lea October 19, 2015


  8. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy October 19, 2015

    To save the sinking ship from the TIDAL wave, something epic must come, and we ALL know that it would have to be a joint venture between Bey & Rih… #WatchTheThroneII

    • Career Ender October 19, 2015

      I was about to attack you but I agree with yoir comment

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy October 19, 2015

        Hell froze over! I think it’s time they do work together as if doing so would seriously be a game changer and would be remembered for a life time

      • Career Ender October 19, 2015

        yea. I think Rihanna wouldn’t mind but Beyoncé’s petty a$$ wouldn’t be here for it
        or atleast Ye,Bey, Jay, Riri do an album together

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy October 19, 2015

        @Career Beyonce is petty, but I think she would if the project was right. The songs would have to be a game changer and the project would have to have a clear vision and direction. Could imagine the tour? They could sell out a football stadium in seconds. The term legendary would be an understatement

    • #JACKIE October 19, 2015

      Both of their egos are too big to even consider

      • Career Ender October 19, 2015

        they might consider one day (a song together atleast) when they’re both fading and new pop stars are scalpong them

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy October 19, 2015

        I think Rihanna would jump at the chance to work with Bey. Yonceé on the hand might have to be coerced.

  9. Career Ender October 19, 2015


  10. What now October 19, 2015

    4 a sec I thought Bey & Nicki were going 2 do a Feeling Myself Tour, but now I know they r just rehearsing 2 perform Feeling Myself n hopes of saving Tidal. If Jay really want to save Tidal, he’ll get Rihanna, Beyoncè, & Nicki all on 1 exclusive song, release it once week and relase the epic video early the next month so the trial users will b forced 2 wait 2 pay for Tidal.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy October 19, 2015

      No Nicki…Her career is done. Bey & Rih are enough

      • Ciah’s Turtle October 19, 2015

        You sound so damn stupid

      • nicko October 19, 2015

        Her career is “done” yet shes had more top 20 hits this year than hoeianna.

      • Bets October 19, 2015

        Rihanna is paralyzed with all the addictions – she is done!

  11. Regina George “BIH Where?” October 19, 2015

    Yassss Bey went to the Janet concert, got inspired… And ran straight to the studio honey… #jussayin #honestlynoshade #botharegreatrespectively #sips

    • Career Ender October 19, 2015

      uhhmm who gets inspired by höes who scan 100k first week and fall off every chart know to human kind on 2nd week?
      Inspired by an ugly methuselah whispering jigsaw puppet that gives “Athritis Body Excersises” as the best choreography her muslim refrigerator built a$$ can do?
      girl bye!

      • Regina George “BIH Where?” October 19, 2015

        See… It’s HO’s like you that give the hive a bad name… Bey went to support HER FAV and you on here flapping yo fingers… I wish she would exile some of you h*** to the next dimension

  12. Career Ender October 19, 2015

    whoever is thumbing down my comments , come to surface you jackal a$$ reptile! !!

    • Regina George “BIH Where?” October 19, 2015

      Girl plenty of people are thumbing you down… You should be used to it by now…

  13. Barb-wire October 19, 2015


  14. bria October 19, 2015

    Beyonce needing to be propped up again

  15. Barb-wire October 19, 2015

    Gurl I would get my absolute life if they collab again on another Feeling myself/***Flawless remix typa sh!tt again.

    • Career Ender October 19, 2015

      they must do a proper collaboration those half assed collabs don’t really count.
      a proper banger together would be great. like how Nicki and Rihanna did on ‘Fly’

      • Naomi’s Edges October 19, 2015

        U buggin. Both collabs were Ova.

      • Naomi’s Edges October 19, 2015

        If they do another one, I do need Bey to be actually singing though. So I feel you on that.

  16. shakira stan October 19, 2015

    Adele is coming and the two ghetto hoodrats are pressed .

  17. shakira stan October 19, 2015

    Many people think befakenyce is overrated …and it doesn’t really help her case if she is constantly collaborating with jokes like plastic minaj.

    • Naomi’s Edges October 19, 2015

      I bet you wish Shakira had the chance to be overrated. Where she at? Hips do lie huh ?

      • shakira stan October 19, 2015

        Shakira is rated just fine ,that’s why she outsells Beyonce .

  18. October 19, 2015

    i can’t wait to see the performances, they doing there thing.

  19. Who? October 19, 2015

    At what time are they performing?

  20. Oscar October 19, 2015

    girl nicki looks tired… beyoncé probably had her working

    • UPGRADEBOY October 19, 2015


    • Holy fivenity October 19, 2015


    • nicko October 19, 2015

      I was thinking the same thing lmao

  21. Who? October 19, 2015

    At what time?

  22. Who? October 19, 2015


  23. Nicki is sh!ting???? all over Sh!typnce October 19, 2015

    Nicki I don’t need Heyonce

  24. @JanetCIARA_ October 19, 2015

    Hmmmm interesting….
    Planning a counter attack for ANTi-Edges???

  25. Ciah’s Turtle October 19, 2015

    Slay ladies. #ThatIsAll.

  26. ❤Queen Molly❤ October 19, 2015

    How is beyonce a flop? The navy is so delusional

  27. ❤Queen Molly❤ October 19, 2015

    Anyways im here for them sabotaging ani-release date.

  28. RihYonce October 19, 2015

    The only way Beyoncé may be able to save tidal is to release her album on there or drop some snippets lol I’m lowkey over this whole Nicki & Bey thing I want her to collab with another pop artist in her caliber

    • nicko October 19, 2015

      Oh cause Nicki Minaj isnt in her caliber ? Lol

      • RihYonce October 19, 2015

        I’m not saying she isn’t but I’m saying she should work with some other females like Adele. Because at this point all the songs she did with Nicki are old now

  29. RihYonce October 19, 2015

    Beyoncé ? Flop ? navy please lmaoooo y’all are killing me with the delusion

  30. LB October 19, 2015

    I guess Giselle is going to practice everything she stole from unbreakable world tour. At least I’m glad she learned from a pro.

    • BEY>RIH October 19, 2015

      Im dissapointed rih***** wasnt there taking notes. At this rate Taylor can outperform the bítch.

      • LB October 19, 2015

        And yet RIH’a catalog of iron clad hits are still enabling her to fill stadiums in South America.

    • Tyler Makiavelli October 19, 2015

      Lets not talk about tours when u stan for the most talentless tour act around. If anyone needs extra practice, its Rihanna.

  31. Slay_Hive October 19, 2015

    I want new music. lol I’m so over 2013/2014 music.

  32. credits October 19, 2015

    it doesn’t matter how many shows they put on for tidal…it wont work. But a female take on jay-z and r. kelly’s best of both worlds album would be something if nicki and bey did that together.

  33. LB October 19, 2015

    Oh Tyler, so Giselle watches unbreakable world tour and immediately runs to the dance studio. Still denying the obvious? LMAO You should know your favorite by now.

    • Tyler Makiavelli October 19, 2015

      Why tf are you calling her by her middle name? You dont know her like that. Its Mrs. Carter to you, honey. And Im not talking about Beyonce, Im talking about the irony in your comment. You stan for Rihanna. With all due respect, have several seats.

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2015

      This performance was scheduled before Beyonce even thought about attending the unbreakable show. What would she steal? Cheap staging, Paula Abdul’s tired & stiff 80’s choreo and how to lip sync to weak whispery nocals? No one is bothered by Janet. Just the thought of her puts me to sleep. #Noshade Bey already surpassed her in touring and performing. “Stealing” from Janet won’t do her any good.

  34. LB October 19, 2015

    Ha Tyler, and you do? Delusional much. Anyway Giselle isn’t getting any free marketing from me. She wants me to call her by her brand, she’ll pay for it.

    My comments have a lot of power on this blog, see, you’re always reading my commemts.

  35. Slay_Hive October 19, 2015

    Waiting on a release date to drop out of the sky, has turned the navy delusional af! Lmaooo

  36. Tyler Makiavelli October 19, 2015

    “My comments have a lot of power on this blog, see, you’re always reading my commemts.”

    Lovebird is one of the oldest commenters on TGJ. She needs to sit down, take her Centrum Silver vitamins and start applying for Medicare. Stop it.

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2015


    • ❤Queen Molly❤ October 19, 2015


    • Rosie October 19, 2015

      Yet his old ass stays trying it with me whenever I show up. You would think iT would have a life by now.

      • Tyler Makiavelli October 19, 2015

        IT peaked in life already lol

  37. Carry On October 19, 2015

    They better hurry up for the hood-tats grow up and have feelings like a woman. That can’t handle the stress that Janet got soul; with some clothes on like a grown woman. So, Cry ON!

    • Naomi’s Edges October 19, 2015


  38. LB October 19, 2015

    Screaming at these jobless bottoms still discussing me. Still denying my power?

    • Career Ender October 19, 2015

      b***** bye. you lost yo status when you lost yo original self aka ‘Beyoncé’s Weave / Mr Hyde”
      you aint shiat but a basic Botswana bushman who thinks he’s an American
      tripin a$$ phagoot/double adapter

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