Jahmene Douglas Releases New Single ‘Down For Love’

Published: Saturday 28th Nov 2015 by David

Three years separate the British singer Jahmene Douglas from his time on the X Factor UK in a season which saw ‘Suicide’ singer James Arthur become its winner.

Today, he celebrates the release of his latest single ‘Down For Love’, released to lead the way for a solo album he says is a far cry from the set he launched as an X Factor act.

How and why?

Find out what he told TGJ below…

We caught up with the entertainer at London’s Hard Rock Cafe before the launch of the new single.

He shared:

Before X Factor I was a avid YouTuber and I created a fan base there which led to my manager discovering me. The show was taking singers with management so I auditioned but I regretted doing that because I was always prepared to leave  every week. I knew it was going to be hard work but it ended up being soul destroying and it was far harder than I thought it would be. I realised it was more of a Reality TV  than a singing competition and I just wanted to be singer.
He went on to add:
I did learn a lot from the judges though. Nicole Scherzinger great  and she inspired me because I was able to watch how she handled the industry and everything that came with it. I learned a lot from her and what she taught me helped me get through a very difficult time.  I had a number one cover album and that was a blessing but I wasn’t happy because my artistry was being stifled because I was forced to record other people’s music.
I loved those songs but there were other things that made it hard for me to enjoy everything that was happening around me. One of those was racial politics and the box you’re put into if you’re not a blue-eyed soul singer.
His decision to leave Sony Music would see him return to his artistic roots.
I’m learning not to compromise and have been studying because Sade, Lemar and Ms Dynamite to see how they were able to function as soulful artists working from the UK. I’ve taken three years away to get back to where I needed to be to make the music I love and it’s been a blessing.
It’s funny because  I thought I’d find myself on the show but I didn’t. All I was doing was building on top pf something that was broken. Now, with my new album, I’m going to tell the truth about everything. I can’t wait.
Listen to ‘Down For Love’ below…

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  1. gurlbye November 28, 2015

    I mean, there’s no denying the boy can sing….

  2. Ciah’s Turtle November 30, 2015

    he looks like he could be Jason Pitts’ son

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