Report: Rihanna To Release New Single On Friday

Published: Tuesday 24th Nov 2015 by David

Friday November 27th will bring with it new music from Rihanna!

Details below…

The singer/songwriter has been hard at work on her new album ‘ANTI’ for the last two years and supported it with three buzz cuts ‘FourFiveSeconds’, ‘American Oxygen’ and ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ earlier this year.

Now one of her more reputable fan sites ‘Rihanna Diva’ has revealed that its first official single is due out on Friday and will be launched to support the album as it takes on Adele‘s ‘25′ and Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose.’

There’s more.

Reliable word tells TGJ that the unstoppable chart-slayer enlisted the services of The Weeknd‘s producer Illangelo to produce her new music after watching him rock the Billboard Hot 100 with beats built for ‘The Hills’ creator.


Click here to learn more about the album and its supporting tour.

#NowWatching: ‘The Imitation of Life.’

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  1. CATFISH CAREY November 24, 2015

    First single?
    Girl just drop that mess already and let it flop with dignity.

    • maurice November 24, 2015

      ?? Didn’t Mariah sell 60k first week with Me. I Am. Mariah?
      That album was EVERYTHING though.

      Regardless of whether the album flops or not, Rihanna will still make bank through touring stadiums, not nightclubs.

      • Leah November 24, 2015

        Mariah let the best single of her career FADED fall by the sidelines.

        While she chased butterflies

      • CATFISH CAREY November 25, 2015

        You see the name Carey and immediately think I Stan for Mariah. What a dumbass you are

  2. ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

    Oh…. Well its Adele season

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) November 24, 2015

      When will it be cici season

      • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

        Bitchh when will it be Lil K** season? F****** ass ugly h**

      • Faf November 24, 2015

        When she sold 3 mil on her debut
        Or when her sophomore went platinum in a month

        K** and thothanna wish

    • sit dog November 24, 2015

      You sure been riding Adele awfully hard lately you bandwagon b******.

      • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

        Not bandwagoning anyone Adele is a true queen

    • DEL BEY November 24, 2015

      And will never be Ziara season, oop!

      • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

        Lana still struggling to outshine Lorde sis?

      • Faf November 24, 2015

        Lana flopped her 3rd year in the game

        One top ten b****

  3. MusicLife November 24, 2015

    Finally!, been waiting on something.

  4. ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

    I doubt she’ll take hello from the top spot…

  5. Brent Christopher November 24, 2015

    Rihanna’s album is NOT being released on Friday.

  6. Leah November 24, 2015




  7. What now November 24, 2015

    Come on thru Pop Princess. I love that every 1 of her haters is literally seething 4 the Heaven gates bc she is releasing. It is such a KIIIII to c ppl pretend that they won’t b buying or listening.

    • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

      You do the same with bey and ci sit that ass down hoee.

      • Slay_Hive November 24, 2015

        ??????? lol ignore that stupid b****!

      • What now November 24, 2015

        Should he ignore me the way ur hairline ignores ur eyebrows or the way ur Father did u all ir life?

  8. Girl Hush November 24, 2015

    Buzz cuts, huh? Rihanna sure put in work for singles that were just buzz. But I’ll let you tell it.

  9. XANAX November 24, 2015

    I CAN’T F****** WAIT!!!

    I could care less if this album doesn’t top the BB200, it will CERTAINLYLY debut at #2 with BIG numbers and I know that is she going to definetely have 1 or 2 singles go to #1 on the BB Hot 100; several #1 singles WW; the tour will SLAY and she and Adele will be IT next year’s award season.

    This will be her most experimental and cohesive project yet since Rated R!


    • Slay_Hive November 24, 2015


  10. lisa489 November 24, 2015

    Rihanna is returning for what, lets do my countdown:


    1. Returning to give bad vocals
    2. Returning to give late bad performances
    3. returning to continue to be a bad influence and drug user
    4. Returning to get destroyed by Adele’s musical return
    5. Returning to lame dance routines with her wooden legs

    Lets call a spade a spade this girl does not have an OUNCE of talent. She basically is fashionable and nothing more.

  11. JanStan November 24, 2015

    I love me some Rih but the delusion is real. FIRST single will be released (if the rumor is true) and the first THREE were buzz cuts? I guess that might be true..if this was a mixtape..

  12. Dame November 24, 2015



  13. Slay_Hive November 24, 2015

    Death @ first official single. Lmaooo How were three singles, that was promoted on major platforms, be considered buzz singles?! Lol smmmfh @ this sloppy pathetic mess. With all the delays and constant irrelevant mentioning of her “achievements”, this era is a big desperate cry for respect and CHART SUCCESS!! She’s only drawing attention to her struggles and her smoke and mirrors.

    • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

      You better speak that TRUTH!!

      These rihanna stans are such a mess they need to realize their fav is on her last leg… Rihanna will not take 25 from the top spot and her 4th first single won’t take Hello out either im so excited to see this struggle era really unfold ???

      • Slay_Hive November 24, 2015

        Lol they are so delusional honey. Watch them run into hiding when this s*** flops.

      • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

        This s*** bout to flop harder than Artpop kiii

  14. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan November 24, 2015

    She is hands down the most beautiful pop star in the business .

    • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

      Not when Beyonce, Ciara, and Ariana Grande exist.

      • LMAO November 24, 2015

        i can agree, ariana is hot but not on manara and dragyonce, take a seat

  15. Carry On November 24, 2015

    OMG0000DDDD! How they use this girl. They pit Beyoncé against adele like she’s that great; knowing it’s really her time to put out an album. So, they put out Rihanna first as an escape goat; knowing that black Friday people ain’t thinking about nothing but catching sales. Adele is over the top in sales on EVERYBOY TOO >>>>>>>?????? EVIL!!!

  16. DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 24, 2015

    5. SAMSUNG
    4 TIDAL
    2. 1989
    1. 25
    Top 5 reasons why ANTI DEPRESSANT WILL FLOP.

    • What now November 24, 2015

      1) No health care
      2) Fatherless
      3) Troll
      4) Food stamps app pending
      5) Homeless


      • Kii November 24, 2015


  17. No favs, just here for the music November 24, 2015

    I was thinking earlier today is it possible that Rihanna delaying her album a whole week before it’s released in itunes might help more then hurt? Maybe this method might cause more hype?
    Or on the contrary the album will most definitely be leaked from those people who purchase it via TIDAL making more opportunity for illegal downloading?
    This is going to be very interesting to see how it all plays out. I think it could go either way but idk…

  18. DEL BEY November 24, 2015

    Molly still clinging for validation as per usual, get a part time job babe

    • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

      Yes at you checking for me more than rihanna.. Hows the blog doing sis?

      • DEL BEY November 24, 2015

        Still clinging to my blog the way you do to the Hive? You’re still C-squad in my eyes bih

      • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

        And bitchh you’re still Rosies shadow.

      • DEL BEY November 24, 2015

        And you’re still the Igloo stan

      • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

        You’re so tired ?

    • Kii November 24, 2015

      Del bey I need you inside me

    • #JACKIE November 24, 2015

      Lol that weak troll ass b**** thinks he has it made because Slay_Hive and Tyler are “cool” with him.

  19. LB November 24, 2015

    YASSSSSSSS Imma need to go on a cleanse, Rihanna bout to fill my cup. Come through Queen

  20. DEL BEY November 24, 2015

    It’s true, who releases an album cover before the album is complete? It shows there’s zero connection between the artistry of the album cover and title, with the material on the album #McSingles

    • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

      Lol yes cling to someone who drags your battered and bruised STD infested m***** looking fav ????

      • LB November 24, 2015

        Just accept the fact that Del Bey effortlessly went for that new growth.

  21. DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 24, 2015

    I cant wait to compare adele & Beys 1st day sales to ANTI DEPRESSANTS 1st MONTH sells KII the struggle… Its REAL this evening.

    • Kii November 24, 2015

      Sis 25 is predicted to outsell Self titled by the end of the year so have several seats for your fat ass

  22. shakira stan November 24, 2015

    Finally .Can’t wait for it to knock out the whale from the top spot

  23. What now November 24, 2015

    DEAD @ Slore_Hoe’s pet trying 2 come 4 some 1. Still having melt downs on Twitter Malcolm?

    • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

      When did I have a meltdown ?

      • What now November 24, 2015

        When TGJ wasn’t working and ur no life having ass couldn’t cling to anyone’s diçk.

      • ?Queen Molly? November 24, 2015

        The lies.. Can you post some receipts?

  24. Uhm November 24, 2015

    Why is the above using Adele to drag Rih?

    • Uhm November 24, 2015

      The hive*

  25. DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 24, 2015

    Its gon be the ULTIMATE KII if rih doesnt atleast sell the 434k self titled sold in 24 hours by the end of 2015.

  26. DIABETES UNBOTHERED November 24, 2015

    Adele’s long awaited third studio album‘25’has finally arrived! It was widely suspected that Rihanna was due to release her album today, but when Adele announced that her album would drop today also, the heads over at Roc Nation quickly retracted the notion, for when Adele releases, no one is safe. J

  27. RihYonce November 24, 2015

    Can’t wait for the new single & R8, I’m ready to hear “Only If For A Night” I know this album will slay no matter if it goes number 1 she will get her #1 single from this album ! Ready for 2016 ! Rihanna , Adele & Beyoncé is going to save us from these pop tarts!!!

  28. #JACKIE November 24, 2015

    I’m so tired of hearing about Adeles SALES. People are gonna release with or without her tf. Should the industry cease to exist just because she has a new album out? F*** that s***. Most of y’all b****** only use her for sales and to be honest she has outsold most of our favs combined and that’s true tea.

    • King Mark111 /.\ November 24, 2015

      She outsold Wackie in the first 60 secs.

      • #JACKIE November 24, 2015

        Don’t you mean all of Rihanna’s albums?

  29. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 24, 2015

    A new single? C’Mon, ma’am, and let me feel the beat! I’m ready, digital pop queen!

  30. CL is here, HELLO BI+CHES 재 이현 김 November 24, 2015

    Rihanna should just release the damn album. CL has already released a damn buzz single for the USA debut.
    Damn RITA might be next

  31. CL is here, HELLO BI+CHES | 재 이현 김 November 24, 2015

    But i’m keen for more rihanna

  32. King Mark111 /.\ November 24, 2015

    I thought she was scared to release around Adele? Where’s is Beyonce, didn’t the pest say that she was going to drop an album? Cause Sony has their focus one the Queen of the label, and it’s Adele. HAhahahaha, you pest and haters been saying Adele was going to end Rihanna, yet she been snatching your faves records. She snatched Britney’s biggest opening in a week by a female artist, Beyonce’s highest selling album on iTunes, Whitney’s biggest single to top the chart and sells in a week by a female artist. All while you trolls were waiting for ANTi. lol, the joke is on you all. Hahahahahaha

    • Girl Hush November 24, 2015

      Go dust Aaliyah’s ashes and quit hating on other artists.

    • Anti (hives scared of R8) November 24, 2015

      King Mark so true. The pest said she was going to release next year because of Adele.She’s releasing in the eye of the storm.They’re mad because she dismissed the rumors.They’re so delusional.All this mess about her being scared of Fatyonce.If she’s not scared of Adele what makes you think she would be scared of beyonce?she doesn’t even have a Confessions.

      • King Mark111 /.\ November 24, 2015

        Rihanna ALWAYS released when big sellers released, hint the reason she never got a #1 till her 7th album. And her album were STILL successful. Not going #1 haven’t stopped her in the past 10 years, not selling over 300K the first week haven’t stopped those platinum plats! Around the world. lol
        But you gt Adele selling 2 million plus in a week, yet they think Beyonce is the queen. Mind you, same lable, but only one breaking the bank. lol

      • Girl Hush November 24, 2015

        Rihanna’s had three years to drop an album. It’s time she got to it. You’ll run up here blaming TIDAL if she gets washed away by the storm.

  33. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 24, 2015

    All this talk about Adele, and ADELE herself is waiting for ANTI…Y’all some stupid mutherfvckers if you actually think for one second that ANTI won’t slay a bit

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