Kendrick Lamar Talks Music, Murder & Drake Beef In New Tell-All Interview

Published: Wednesday 30th Dec 2015 by David

Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ recently surpassed sales of 750,000 units in the United States alone much to the delight of his swelling fan base and the critics who praised its bold and unashamedly hard hitting material.

What inspired its sound?

Lamar’s traumatic childhood which he discussed only during an interview set to shock those who know very little about his life before his rise to fame.

Read below…


Via ‘NPR’.

On witnessing his first murder:

It was outside my apartment unit.A guy was out there serving his narcotics and somebody rolled up with a shotgun and blew his chest out. Admittedly, it did something to me right then and there. It let me know that this is not only something that I’m looking at, but it’s something that maybe I have to get used to — you dig what I’m saying?

On losing his best friend Chad Keaton to gun violence:

He was like my little brother, we grew up in the same community. I was actually best friends with his older brother, who is incarcerated right now. And him just always telling me to make sure that Chad is on the right path. And, you know, he was on the right path. But, you know, things happen where sometimes the good are in the wrong places, and that’s exactly what happened. He got shot.

I can’t disregard the emotion of me relapsing and feeling the same anger that I felt when I was 16, 17 — when I wanted the next family to hurt, because you made my family hurt.Those emotions were still running in me, thinking about him being slain like that. Whether I’m a rap star or not, if I still feel like that, then I’m part of the problem rather than the solution.


The rapper had this to say when quizzed on his rival’s Drake’s feud with the rapper Meek Mill.

Nah, I didn’t pay attention to it. That’s they thing they got going on over there.



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  1. Sanity Kane December 30, 2015

    Inner city life is hard.

  2. Adele’s Wig December 30, 2015

    Kendrick should be commended for rising above the evil. I hate that people like Beyonce endorse the ghetto life style when they’ve never lived it.

    • Lake Erie December 30, 2015

      He should, and so true about so many people in the industry. But I she gets a pass since her card was validated by her husband.

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 30, 2015

      Ghetto life style? What exactly do you mean by “ghetto”?
      Because the last time I checked, Beyonce never endorsed drug abuse,violence, or gangs. So I’m confused as to what you’d consider “ghetto” behavior. Please elaborate on that…

      • Adele’s Wig December 30, 2015

        She refers herself to a wife of a gangster. Google it if you don’t believe me. Plus, the way she dips in and out of slang and standard English depending on the genre she’s using is telling.

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 30, 2015

        I dont need to google it. Yeah, Jayz was a gangster….
        And using southern slang doesn’t make someone ghetto. So I still don’t follow.

  3. Adele’s Wig December 30, 2015

    That’s the point. Why is she glamorising his criminal past when she has never had to be on the receiving end of that criminality. Even the families of mobsters are smart enough to denounce the crimes of their fathers nowadays Because they know how their communities were affected by their crimes.

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 31, 2015

      But of all people Beyonce?
      You act like she’s on some chief kief type s*** or like shes singing about murdering people in the streets.
      If anything, Beyonce promotes a family life style. She’s been with the same man for over 12 years, is married to him, AND has a child by him.
      That’s not typical “ghetto” behavior. Shes the exact opposite of what you’re trying to make her out to be….

  4. another taken day something ain’t wrong December 31, 2015

    Nice interview of him

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