Mariah Carey & Busta Rhymes Perform ‘I Know What You Want’ At HOT 97 Concert

Published: Sunday 6th Dec 2015 by Sam

Following a brief bout of flu, Mariah Carey bounced back last during Busta RhymesHOT 97 concert in New York.

Mimi joined the rapper on-stage to perform their 2003 hit ‘I Know What You Want.’

Recent years haven’t been the kindest to the duo commercially, but there’s no denying that their respective legacies are enduring.

As such, it was awesome seeing Carey honor Busta’s invite despite her health issues.

How did she sound, though? Find out below…

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Granted corners of that vocal made us wince with an unease (which is sadly routine with Mariah these days), her voice sounded generally better than it has in recent years. – continuing a solid precedent set at her Vegas shows this year.

Mimi’s Lambs can catch her this week for her annual Christmas concerts at the Beacon Theater.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2015


    • 2bad2bme December 6, 2015

      LMAO! ok. But still a legend so she gets a pass

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 6, 2015

      Lol She’s not on no JLo type of b******* though. The b**** could sing back in the day.

    • Bruce December 7, 2015

      I love Mariah, I truly do.

      Is she medicated here? High? drunk?

      She has to be helped to the stage and seems dazed. To be one of the greatest singers of all time – how can she not blow a 1 min verse in this song.

      Come on Mariah, what is going on. Get it together or bow-out gracefully. Seriously getting tired of her lazy performances.

  2. Remy December 6, 2015


  3. LORAX December 6, 2015



    The Queen of Pop/R&B and always will be.

    This iconic song is still fire!

  4. Lindsay Lohan December 6, 2015

    Did she have to run from her Tribeca apartment all the way to Newark to be gasping for air like that??

    MC, time to wear a corset that doesn’t squeeze your liver up your lungs, and find some leather pants that actually fit.

    And let’s not forget that slimmed down Instagram picture…. I see you Mariah, I’m seeing right through you like you’re bathin’ in Windex.

    • bertus December 6, 2015

      Doe is even normaal verrekte gek, zo doen we dn dees nie he

  5. boy December 6, 2015

    Like for F?CK SAKE just be for once positive. After this comment I WILL NEVER return to this horrible ”blog” so much hate and negativity. Ughh I want to just puke. For once just be reasonable and if you find her irrelevant don’t try to get clicks of her name.

  6. King Mark111 /.\ December 6, 2015

    Thought she was sick? Told you LAMES that MooMoo make a huge deal over the smallest things. What a clown.

    • OMG Logic!!! December 6, 2015

      She was sick. Flu can be serious, but we live in 2015, so it’s not exactly hard to treat.

  7. IG: @mixedboy December 6, 2015

    Great to see them perform this song after so many years. Also from watching other performances the Mics and in-ear devices were f****** up all night. I hate when concert promoters and venues don’t have the sound right.

  8. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 6, 2015

    I liked this performance, but I seriously hope that she’s resting her voice appropriately and preparing her vocal chords for those Christmas concerts. I don’t want what happened last year to reoccur, especially when the media had a field day with the memes and “acapella” videos. When you’re black, you fall harder than everyone else everytime you mess up…and just because she’s a legend, they were PERCHED AND WAITING for the perfect moment to discredit her all the way to hell and back.

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 6, 2015

      Get out of here. Britney Spears says hi. If you’re wack, you’re wack.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 6, 2015

        Lol! You and I BOTH know how the media DRAGGED Jan and Bey (even though she didn’t mess up) after their Superbowl performances. The only person that could NEVER recover from a Superbowl performance would undoubtedly be Britney because she’d be dragged to the point of no return. Mariah still can sing and she proved it during her residency shows.

  9. Metzo December 6, 2015

    This was a hot mess and all over the place. But Mariah sounded ok…

  10. Theman December 6, 2015

    Overall she sounded good. It was one spotty moment & that’s it. She gets so tight when she performs in front of others. The ending was amazing. She just sung. She should start moving around! Her recent performances have been really good. But you (Sam) are a hater so you don’t post them! She could sound great & haters would still complain. People just love to hate on her..

  11. King Mark111 /.\ December 6, 2015

    “Lower it down, I want to HEAR Mariah.” *voice craks* *Failed notes* *Off Keys* *Stains* lol, Studio Vocalist.

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 6, 2015

      Its funny u should say that considering how, Rihannas a studio vocalist

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 6, 2015

        Sure is and a pop star. And?

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 6, 2015

        Yet, you’re trying to bash Mariah Carey. The jokes write themselves.

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 6, 2015

        MooMoo can’t sing. Have a bad day.

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 6, 2015

        She could at your faves age. Rihanna on the other hand, has never been a good singer. So you have no room to talk. Have a blessed day!

    • SCALPING THOTS December 6, 2015


  12. ka December 6, 2015

    Man wish it was Busta and Janet what’s it gonna be that was the official hit Busta just tried again with Mariah it just didn’t stick as well.

  13. Milkshaka December 6, 2015

    it was released in 2003, not 2002. Sam, go to any elementary school to learn how to check the facts.

  14. Theman December 6, 2015

    Janet’s song with Busta was great too. But this one is as well.. Sit TF down. Mark is probably Sam. She’s so salty about anything Mariah. Don’t get it twisted she did a good job. You know people are haters when they have to knit pic. Sam always has a speech to a Mariah performance. He’s just mad that the person who left this site is better than him..

    • Jewel December 6, 2015

      You’re probably the person who left.

  15. Jewel December 6, 2015

    This was a

  16. Solange December 6, 2015

    It’s beyond me how lambs can call this a great performance.

  17. Suicide Blonde December 6, 2015

    And the lambs have the nerve to come for J.Lo, one of the greatest performers of all time, OK, she has never sound like 90’s Mariah but she doesn’t sound like present-Mariah neither, this was really bad.
    Plays: Mile in These Shoes by J.Lo 😉

    • King Stephy December 6, 2015

      I agree, J Lo is a way better performer & I’ll say singer (nowadays) than Mariah. Which is pretty sad when you think about it, cause Jennifer is soooooo basic & just a background dancer with a phat ass & shitttty catalog of non-factor asss music. J Ho aged WAY better too.

    • JOHNVIDAL December 6, 2015

      LOL That´s a real delusion sorry. JLo can´t sing not even when lipped (beginning of AMAs performance). Mariah can definitely give you great vocals when lipping nowadays, and some days, live too.
      PS: loving Honeymoon now. It costed me a little bit cause it really is not as good as Ultraviolence, but now I´m enjoying it for what it is. She´s very special (can´t sing live either though 🙂 ).

      • Kai December 6, 2015

        The delusion

  18. Gee December 6, 2015

    The performance was cool but on another note Busta Rhymes needs to hit the gym like yesterday he looked liked a fat sloppy funk box up there. MC looks great and even with technical problems and a few off keys moments she still did a good damn job. As I say on MC’s worst vocal day not too many pop singers can touch her greatness.

  19. King Stephy December 6, 2015

    She sounded decent for 2015 standards. Those rappers were all over the place.

  20. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) December 6, 2015

    She sounded good considering she’s recovering from the flu. I can’t wait to see her at her Christmas show next week! 🙂

  21. #JACKIE December 6, 2015

    Wow she sounded like s***!

    • Porsha Williams Stan December 6, 2015

      The way Ciara has sounded her entire career?

  22. Theman December 6, 2015

    She is a totally different singer in an intimate setting. JLo isn’t a singer.. Mariah was good here minus one hiccup. Y’all are haters. Even when she does good y’all hate. Haters will hate everything from a person that they generally hate. MC you did your thing. and she kilt the ending. They want her to sound bad desperately.. And Busta stopped the music for MC. That’s not a big deal. Stop the silly A** reaching..

  23. BTS December 6, 2015

    hippo and cow

  24. Cough Cough December 6, 2015

    I live Mariah but this is tragic. I cannot stand behind vocals that I wouldn’t even give a dollar to a bun for presenting. Horribly IMO.

  25. Bravo!! December 7, 2015

    No where near the 1991 Mariah Carey voice..

  26. Theman December 7, 2015

    Besides that hiccup nothing about this was tragic. She sounded very close to the song actually. Stop being a groupie. You don’t have to say I luv this & then say something that contradicts it right there after. Just get to the damn point. With Mariah it’s common to pick on every single note. If she’s off by a twitch it’s bad. Sit y’all silly Azzes down. Just because something ain’t perfect doesn’t make it terrible haters. And the crowd enjoyed it, she did a good job. She’s just very tight within her stage performance.. Also, she looks very good & youthful.

  27. cocobutta December 7, 2015

    I will always love Mariah.

    Thats all

  28. Jimmy December 7, 2015

    Mariah is a pig and a joke. She needs to retire so badly it hurts.

  29. Flydeez December 8, 2015

    Why do you hate this woman so much? Sam always has to bring up “recent” years. We know about her voice as of 2015 damn. Why don’t you guys ever talk about the nodules on her voice

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