Report: Beyonce To Shoot New Video In New Orleans?

Published: Wednesday 9th Dec 2015 by David

Beyonce is heading south for the sake of music.

Full story below…

The French publication ‘MCM’ reports that the ‘Creole’ belle is currently on her way to Louisiana to prepare for a video shoot that kicks off on December 14th.

According to them, one of their “sources” was approached to star in the visual which they report may be for the first single to be lifted from her forthcoming LP, set to mark the beginning of her latest contractual story with Columbia Records.

They claim:

According to our source, the interpreter of Drunk in Love will move into the state of Louisiana from December 14 (start date of shooting) to stay until 20 the same month.

There’s more.

For, she has also reportedly enlisted the services of a French choreographer Zack Reece who has been on the hunt for extras on Facebook.


Keep it locked on TGJ for more on this developing story.

Juicy fact: Did you know that Beyonce can trace her French ancestry in New Orleans back to the year 1702?

The entertainer is the descendant of Mr. Joseph Broussard who was born in that year but moved to Louisiana in 1765.

There, 99 years before the abolishing of slavery, Broussard settled and died shortly after, but not before raising the children that would populate New Orleans and become the ancestors of Celestine Beyince’ (or Tina Knowles) who is of course Beyonce‘s mother!

She honoured her French, African and Native American heritage with the number ‘Creole.’
Listen below…

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  1. ?Queen Molly? December 9, 2015

    Welp im excited… Bey season is coming yall ?

    • maurice December 9, 2015

      is she actually going to write her own music this time, or is she going to steal the songwriting credits and slap her name on it again?

      • ?Queen Molly? December 9, 2015

        You need to stfu and don’t you stan for Mooriah chile you got bigger things to worry about.

      • RihYonce December 9, 2015

        What tf is so important about writing music ? As long ass the music is good that’s all that matters & we all know she’s hands on with all her music so stfu

      • maurice December 9, 2015

        lmao “we know that she’s hands on”
        are u in the studio with the bish? Chile, sit!
        If y’all gonna call her the Queen, then the Queen needs to know how to write… and while she’s at it… she needs to learn how to stop her man from cheating.
        He has three baby mamas! THREE!

      • HailBeysus December 9, 2015

        All you got is accusations. Where is the winning lawsuits? The QUEEN is unbothered and will continue to help arrange her vocals, harmonies, production, lyrics and sound of her music. Stay pressed and bitter child!

      • checkyoself December 11, 2015

        @maurice you seem to dislike Beyonce yet I’m not understanding why you’re in the comment section of an article that pertains to her. why is that? did you just come here to spew hate towards her and spread lies about her, her man, their personal relationship and about her moves in the studio?you know nothing about none of that yet your stupid behind is in the comment section speaking on things you dont know nothing about. Your lame self really need to take the advice that was given to you and stfu real talk cause all you doing is trying to mislead others. ol girl may not have physically been in the studio with Beyonce but her Beyonce’s fans know the woman can write and does write. Beyonce’s fans know that she has a hand in everything when it comes to her music. I can tell you someone who has been in the studio with Beyonce and who even said for herself that Beyonce has a hand in everything. Her name is Sia… ever heard of Sia? Lol As a matter of fact Sia said Beyonce has a hand in everything in an interview she did not to long ago quite recently actually. Lyrically melodically you name it Beyonce does it all. Have several seats you lamo Lol You haters keep hatin on queen if yall want to tho cause all that has ever did was make her richer and as famous as she is today. All yall haters undercover fans which explains why yall be so focused on queen. sore loosers Lol

    • Lana Fan Disappointed By Honeymoon December 9, 2015

      Rihanna is bae, but between Adele and Beyonce, I don’t think she stands a demons chance in heaven to be relevant again . Sorry, not sorry.

  2. Truth December 9, 2015

    150K. Oops. That’s the other one! Sorry. >:)

  3. truthtea December 9, 2015

    *eye roll* at that irrelevant history lesson!

    • Bey December 9, 2015

      Eye roll? I learned something interesting from it. Then again most of you thirsty Rihanna stans are only interested in learning about the price of fleet and trade.

      • Queen Ciara December 9, 2015

        Of course! You BeyHIVe stans needed to learn something because all y’all know is PreP pills and the boy püssy anthems Beyonce makes.

  4. Rihanna Trump December 9, 2015

    yawn… elsewhere, due to overwhelming demand, Rihanna has announced additional dates for THE ANTI WORLD TOUR.
    Brooklyn, Toronto, LA, Vegas & Montreal
    If they let us…

    • iLoveMusic December 9, 2015

      How do you announce tour dates for an album that has no release date? Just asking…

      • Rihanna Trump December 9, 2015

        How do you sell out said tour dates with no release date? That’s the better question… To which POWER is the answer :p

      • Slay_Hive December 9, 2015

        That’s already been done and much better sweetheart. NO album OR new music from an album boo!

      • Queen Ciara December 9, 2015

        Another dumb response by a BeyHIVe member who forgot to take his meds. Girl! LOTS of musicians tour without promoting new albums. Your idol who idolizes alllllll the women she copied, including Rihanna and Ciara, did exactly that last year.

      • Bye December 9, 2015

        Naw boo. Beyonce didn’t do exactly what rihanna did last year. Rihanna has released everything but an album in preparation for her tour. She has released several singles, videos, perdormances and an album cover. Neithet of which Beyonce did before touring. Beyonce literally toured on her name and a RUMOR of an album release. Rihanna’s struggle is quite different. Take that seat babe.

      • iLoveMusic December 9, 2015

        Her tour name is the same as her album’s name, so she’s relying on this album to sell tickets. Ciara had a release date when she announced her tour, & Beyonce didn’t even mention an album when she announced her’s. Rihanna is no Beyonce, so her team & her “Navy” shouldn’t embarrass her like that.

  5. BOOM December 9, 2015

    If I wanted to have a damn history lesson I’ll rather be in class

    • Queen Ciara December 9, 2015

      San and David desperately try to keep Beyonce relevant. You’d think they were part of Bey’smarketing team at Columbia since that record label is only checking for Adele.

  6. iLoveMusic December 9, 2015

    Interesting. You can’t help but love this woman… whatever she’s cooking, I’m so ready for it.

  7. m1ssie December 9, 2015

    Slay as per Usual. Your faves should take notes. ??

  8. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 9, 2015

    Question for RIHOENAVY. How long will it take ANTISOCIAL to scan 600k self titled sold in 3 DAYS??? A) 3 days or less B) 1 week C) 10 weeks D) Several MONTHS F) NEVER

    • x_x December 9, 2015

      lol at the phrasing of your question. Before throwing shade, you might want to proofread. x0x0x

    • ?Queen Molly? December 9, 2015

      It will stall at 550k ki

    • Will M December 9, 2015


  9. Slay_Hive December 9, 2015

    YAAAASSSS B****!!! Serve me that 2015 BDay Flava!!! YOU READYYY?!!! *in My Bey voice*

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 9, 2015

      Let’s go get em’ *Bey voice*

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 9, 2015

      Slay mama! Slay!

  10. Anne December 9, 2015

    Hope she makes a video for every song again!

  11. Slay_Hive December 9, 2015

    B**** is a silent slayer. A Real bad b****!! I cant wait for this new era. Music is really boring right now. We need some excitement!!!!

  12. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 9, 2015

    Her tour has been planned for awhile. She was originally supposed to be touring Spring/Summer with Kanye. They were supposed to headline Lollapolooza and several huge festivals in Europe as well. Ideally, they had an entire stadium tour planned throughout the world including South America. That’s why she did those 2 random dates (including Rock In Rio) there. They were already planned joint with Kanye, but her team was confident she could still sell that market -especially with one being a festival. Her team rushed out “BBHMM” and “AO” in hopes she could have 2 big singles out at the same time to possibly salvage the touring schedule that was worked out. But when both songs got no traction from Pop, they cancelled the tour entirely. Kanye even had an entire set already designed and damn near in pre-production. Rihanna was just going to use it for herself. Apparently, they ended up having to pay a pretty heft amount behind this tour cancellation, because certain contracts were breached and a lot of work was already being done. The people at Roc Nation, Jay included, were really pissed behind Rihanna and Ye both running from the tour once “FourFiveSeconds ” didn’t take off . What ya’ll didn’t know is Bee stepped up to do Made In America (as a favor for Jay) due to all the b******* that was going on with them. Jay was so mad about the tour going under that he took Rihanna and Kanye both off of the roster and Beyonce stepped up in a big way. This was decided privately about a month after the TIDAL launch once it was confirmed Rihanna wouldn’t at least do the shows alone. Somewhere in all of this there has been some bad blood with Jay & Ye as we saw with Ye deleting all that TIDAL s*** off his Twitter. There was a blow up. Rihanna’s got her dates out now, but they promised LiveNation the dates would be onsale in October with an album no later than Black Friday, but once Adele came back her team decided to wait. Because the tour was supposed to come out with a single, and they missed their window, they ended up having to pay another upfront cost. The plan was always for Samsung to be her tour sponsor, but this AntiDiary s*** literally just happened within the last month. There’s a Roc Nation exec/owner that refuses to put any more money onto the project. She’s up there with Jay, and she’s the one that brokered the Samsung deal to cover the red they faced on Rihanna’s recording budget alone. Roc Nation is going to do other things with Samsung, because they couldn’t just broker the $25 million on Rihanna alone. Samsung wouldn’t take it. She also was shooting an HBO style documentary (not kidding) directed by movie producer Peter Berg which may still be happening??? But they spent money covering all of his production costs as well. I heard that she was always so wasted and many days refused to shoot. He he didn’t have much to work with and shooting stopped. Rihanna did not want to shoot this AntiDiary campaign but had no choice. Roc Nation reached out to theater company Punchdrunk to start production ASAP on AntiDiary and she started shooting it almost as soon as she heard about it. She’s been pressuring her team to do something big and game changing and this is what they gave her as a last chance. Rihanna, apparently, is not really digging the campaign. The “Tidal exclusive” rumor I also found out was leaked to HITS as a way to gain subscribers. It was all a plan to get people to join so when the toudates dropped, her fanbase was alerady secured. Apparently, the sub count was low, so they just said f*** it and offered 4 months for 1, put a HUGE ad on the app (ya’ll seen it), and started being more aggressive than usual with the E-Mailing. So, basically, this mess of an era is the reason for Bee having to step in to clean up their mess as a favor for Jay, Kanye & Jay’s falling out, AND this mess of an AntiDiary thing she was pretty much forced into. The money they’ve paid on breaching contracts alone – f*** studio time –has really caused a lot of division at

    • Rihanna Trump December 9, 2015

      You said all of that to say nothing I’m sure… Does writing a speech matter if no one cares enough to read it?

  13. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 9, 2015

    …At Roc Nation. PRAY FOR ANTISOCIAL… *cough* ARTPOP TEASE.

  14. LadyB December 9, 2015

    slaaaaaaaaayyyyy. uh oh. more trouble for Anti flop lololololololol

  15. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig December 9, 2015

    Then you mix it up and you call it creole ?? yas queen f*** it up!

    • Barb-wire (#8DaysOfOnika) December 9, 2015

      That avi!!! Yasss Ms Pratt better serve.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig December 9, 2015

        Yas hunny, YÁSSSSS!

  16. Career Ender December 9, 2015

    Queenyonce coming to slay again after blessing us with tetms like
    SHE IS THE QUEEN! !!!!!
    and lessors shalt do nothing but seethe while their faves can’t catch a platinum album nor a release date to a flop album

    • Brandy is Queen December 9, 2015

      Girl stfu u sound stupid as hell

      • Career Ender December 9, 2015

        you’re lucky Brandy is one of The Legendary Career Ender’s faves
        fug you , you dirty neck stretch marks having hõe

    • Rihboy December 9, 2015

      And bey can catch a chart position. Your point?

  17. Barb-wire December 9, 2015

    It’s been close to two years already! Queen Bey needs to release like yesterday.

    • Career Ender December 9, 2015

      she needs a real collabo , not remixes with Nicki

      • Career Ender December 9, 2015

        I mean she should do a proper track with Nicki , not some remixes

  18. fatusankoh December 9, 2015

    Omg I can’t wait fot the queen their is no one like our queen bey good luck more blessing and success in all you do

  19. Rita Ora December 9, 2015

    Poor Rihanna has been wiped off the map!!!

  20. Charlieyoncé December 9, 2015

    B****** need to hold on to their wigs, the Queen’s about to slay careers ?

  21. What now December 9, 2015

    It probably isn’t her own video or for new music since she usually takes years in between albums. Coldplay most likely is having her shoot her scenes separate from them to surprise everyone. If what I’m saying actually comes tru I’ll check it out. I like their song together.

    • Bye December 9, 2015

      I doubt Beyonce will spend six days and move to a city to shoot scenes for a collab she only sings background for. This has nothing to do with coldplay. Every real Beyonce fans knows her pattern. She has a few pop collabs already circulating the airwaves in preparation for her solo material. Beyonce is coming soon and r.I.p to your faves life.

    • Bye December 9, 2015

      It’s already been two years since her last album. She usually takes between 2-3 years. 2003, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2015/2016. Right on time hunnay. Good bye lol we know you scared. You ahould be.

  22. RihYonce December 9, 2015

    The queen is on her way !!!! I’m so ready for this next era I know she’s gonna slay even harder this time around ! The music industry is so boring without her !! Tell your favs to get their note pads out

  23. RihannaIsMadonna December 9, 2015

    Aw! Queen B standing on a street corner, Blue Ivy wud be proud of this particular pic very “classy”

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 9, 2015

      As she should! Because the money that Bey generated off of that pic alone. Is going to help send Blue Ivy, Red Ivy, Purple Ivy and whoever else off to college. So sit!

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 9, 2015

        They’ll drop out of HS, just like both of their parents.

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 9, 2015

        Or like their maid, Rihanna. They’ll be billionaires either way. So its a win win type of situation for them.

  24. UPGRADEBOY December 9, 2015

    Wtf let me get some argan oïl to secure my edges, yall know she ain’t gonna play with us

  25. King Mark111 /.\ December 9, 2015

    ve a hard time selling this time without all the tricks and hype. It’ll be 4 all over again.

    • BEY>RIH December 9, 2015

      Not when your fave’s 150k selling album is looking to be the Artpop of 2016.. ?

  26. Rihboy December 9, 2015

    All so strategically placed after Adele season. Lol. She won’t do Adele numbers at all. She would be lucky if she does better than her self titled. No one seems to care for bey season. lol. Good luck with the charts honey. Where is that cold play song. Has the hype already died down for that? Or it’s only uk releases because she knows the us territories won’t buy it? Or whatever happened to naughty boy with those other people? Has feeling myself gone double platinum? Has that phony collabs helped the pink print catapult into diamond or platinum status? It’s all in her name tho right? Claiming Rihanna’s reign let up and she is juggling several industries besides music and still has her head above surface. Worry about your fave. Not recycling old. Material or stealing her material and selling it to you live for an arm, leg, and a big toe.

    • HailBeysus December 9, 2015

      Lmao you’re really reaching child! What artist collabs with someone and causes them to go Diamond or Platinum??? The fuxk you think she is Hoodini! hahahahha you’re expectations for her next era are amazing. But i guess that’s why she’s she Queen right!!! Lmao at Bey selling like Adele!!! Kiii bitxh sit your pressed ass down NO ONE IS SELLING LIKE ADELE!?!?!? Nor did any one ever say Beyonce was a blockbuster seller. Y’all are coming for her with this same old crap. Receipts of music outlets praising her as a blockbuster seller please??? You K** Swallowers will use anything to try and shade the Queen hahahaha Sit down because unlike thotanna Bey has never had an album debuting week at #2 or sales lower than 300k KIIII!!!!

      • Rihboy December 9, 2015

        yet you guys have the same lame excuse about debuting yet her albums are still multiplatinum. That’s all that matters is that they are selling despite what it debuts at. Furthermore bey is outsold, out streamed, and out charted. Nothing she has done recently generated any buzz. She road nick is coat ails down to the ground for a single that just wasn’t happening. Where are these other two collabs. I thought anything with bey on it is instantly a hit? Doesn’t her name have all the power. No because the masses are beginning to understand that she has a lame catalogue of music and the same recycled choreography/wig/gimmicks/everything. She is a bore. No one cares about b6. you heard one beyonce song. You heard them all.

      • Slay_Hive December 10, 2015

        Girl the amount of DELUSIONS, lies, and reaching that fills your essays, never cease to amaze me. Enough with the chart talk b****. We see how that’s working for your fave and b**** rihanna only has ONE multiplatinum album. ? let’s not lie now. You want your delusional subjective b******* to be the truth so bad lol. Beyonce hasn’t said anything about an album yet you’re mad? Lol Maybe because you know it will be another hinderance for Anti-Rihlease date. Correction: No one is interested in your faves weak goat nocals, Top 40 chart catered McMusic, recycled stiff pusssy pat whining, basic live performances, contrived rebellious bad gal teenage act, at almost 30 years old, or the lame fashions that aren’t even cute anymore. Where is that release date? I can guarantee B6 will have one, even if she decides to drop it out of blue and go multiplatinum( like last time) ???? …while others have to cling to Samsung (a much bigger brand) to gain buzz and still have NONE..????? Good luck with being bitter and unlocking those tired rooms!

  27. Rihboy December 9, 2015

    Even mother Adele is anticipating the reigning Rih Rih. It will be a spectacle. She will sell more than that lame and false predicted 150k and you guys will all have front row seats to it all when it drops. You guys are always the first in every Rihanna post. Yet you don’t care for her. Oxymorons.

  28. HailBeysus December 10, 2015

    @RihBoy KIII the lies her albums aren’t even multiplatinum. A Thot Like Me has only a Gold Certification and Good Girl Gone Thot is her only album to have a multiplatinum certification. It sold over 2 million. LMFAO!!!! Like i said the NAVY STAY FORGING RECEIPTS ??????

    • HailBeysus December 10, 2015

      Also you want to talk about being out streamed. Why is it that the so called Digital Queen wasn’t even in the top 5 last year for female artist. Beyonce made the the cut dispite the fact Spotify user’s were listening to music from 2011. Self Titled wasn’t added to Spotify until November of 2014. Lol keep going sis the self drag is real kiii!!!

  29. Dee Western December 11, 2015

    The song Creole, sounds like all the rest of her music.
    Not a great choice. She can go to ten buck two, and make a video, but if it sounds like all of other music. what’s the point?

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