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Published: Friday 18th Dec 2015 by David

New album alert!

This time it’s from the Urban Pop force that is Chris Brown who releases his new album ‘Royalty’ today.

Th set, which features numbers penned by Lyrica Anderson and Talay Riley, marks his first since the ‘Loyal‘-driven ‘X’ which recently crossed the 500,000 units sold mark in the U.S.

Brown undoubtedly hopes ‘Royalty’ fares much better.

Will it?

Listen to the album in full and let us know below…

Listen here.


1. “Back to Sleep”
2. “Fine By Me”
3. “Wrist” feat. Solo Lucci
4. “Make Love”
5. “Liquor”
6. “Zero”
7. “Anyway” feat. Tayla Parx
8. “Picture Me Rollin’”
9. “Who’s Gonna (Nobody)”
10. “Discover”
11. “Little Bit”
12. “Proof”
13. “No Filter”
14. “Little More (Royalty)”


15. “Day One”
16. “Blow It In the Wind”
17. “KAE”
18. “U Did It” feat. Future

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB December 18, 2015

    What a ? album.

  2. Missy1 December 18, 2015

    Poor chris Brown.

    He had the world in a choke hold years ago, but bad career moves, bad vocal performances, (like that xmas special where tank had to come to the stage to sing his song because chris voice was cracking so bad).

    Adele, should have taught these artist – OLD SCHOOL marketing.

    1. Release a quality single
    2. Release the (ONE) video to that single
    3. Promote the single on all outlets and radio and itunes
    4. Do radio spots
    5. Prepare your second single

    Chris Brown, Arianna and all these artist release 10 singles and videos at once and hope for a hit.

    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. — follow the old school Mariah, Whitney, Janet, Madonna way — release a single and promote. it. Less is more.

    Once a beautiful man with a golden smile, now he just looks like a washed up junkie.

    Chris Brown is the new KC from Jodeci

    • al December 18, 2015

      Preache sista!

  3. coolness December 18, 2015

    Unlike X which had ‘Loyal’ and ‘New Flame’, none of the singles from this era made any buzz on the charts. This, coupled with the fact that Chris has been everywhere this year with his constant stream of features, FOAF with Tyga and the 30+ song mixtape he put out two weeks ago, has reduced the hype for this album. In addition, the promo this era has been almost nonexistent aside from the BET Awards, a couple of lacklustre televised performances and some radio stops.

    On to the album, it’s a typical mixed bag of R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop that Chris has been doing since the F.A.M.E album. My standouts are Back To Sleep, Liquor, Who’s Gonna and Discover. He scaled back a lot with regards to the amount of features and tracks but it’s not better than X which was somewhat underrated. His biggest mistake was naming this album after his daughter only for it to have little depth (and lots of s*x). That was poor marketing on his part because I’m 100% sure critics are going to seriously get at him for that. It’s not the cohesive and potentially iconic album that I expected but it’s ok. 6/10

  4. Kitteneyez December 18, 2015

    Its his best album yet love his promotion this era Little More is beautiful the videi made me cry

    To you hating ass h*** above me stfu you all just dont support the black artists period

    Adele music is utter s***

    • Black n Proud December 18, 2015

      Stop there. Stop there! Black artists do have it hard but I won’t support a basic artist like Chris Brown just because he is black. Artists like Tank and Tyrese have every reason to complain because their music has depth and creativity. Chris’ story doesn’t go any further than the club.

  5. RihYonce December 18, 2015

    Love this album “Picture me rollin” is definitely the best song on the album Discover, U Did It , Who’s Gonna (Nobody), back to sleep are all bangers ! He should leave the EDM alone , people can hate but there is NO stopping this man more power to him !

  6. RihYonce December 18, 2015

    Overall the album is a good mixture of Pop, R&B & Trap. I love it Back to Sleep,Wrist & Picture me Rollin will definitely kill urban radio. “little more(royalty) video was just beautiful! & hopefully “ANYWAY” takes off on pop radio that song is cool too even tho I don’t like the poptart type songs much Chris Brown has a way of making people like it when he does it

  7. Danzou December 18, 2015

    I love Chris. I do. But this album would’ve been better without the damn pop. I’m sick of his albums sounding like “F.A.M.E.” repeats. The EDM MUST STOP. Not because he can’t pull it off but because it’s so generic. Picture me rollin, whos gonna, make love, wrist, liquor, and no filter were awesome but the rest was flat out trash. The rest sounds like “yeah 3x.” And don’t get me started on how awkward it is to see a man holding his baby while listening to lyrics like “who’s gonna f*** you like breezy” 5/10 from me

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