Toni Braxton Stuns For Upscale Magazine

Published: Monday 28th Dec 2015 by Sam

Superstar songstress Toni Braxton reminds that her beauty is one that endures on the latest cover of Upscale Magazine.

The sultry contralto glows in the feature, which is one of many media spots lined up to promote her Lifetime biopic ‘Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart.’

Premiering January 23rd, the movie will re-tell the private and professional highs, lows, and all in-between that have defined the life of one of modern music’s most captivating talents.

On a relatively random note, we’re crossing our fingers, toes, and everything crossable in hope that Toni seizes on the “moment” and serves up new music with the swiftness.

Unlike some of her contemporaries, her voice is still in amazing shape and she hasn’t lost any of her stage gravitas (or sensualness). With the right push, she could be the definitive diva in the Urban adult contemporary arena.

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  1. Fancy BISH December 28, 2015

    Beautiful Toni Braxton! Homegirl always been pretty! 🙂

    • lisa489 December 29, 2015

      You would be beautiful too, if you:

      1. Bleached your skin 4 shades lighter
      2. Had botox and EXTENSIVE plastic surgery including nose job and boob job.

      I paid my hard earned money to see toni about 2 years ago. She had great stage presence. BUT that voice was NOT powerful or pretty. She mumbled so bad the people next to me left early.

      • Erik December 29, 2015

        That’s a lie..Toni admittedly had a nose and boob job before the release of her 1st album, and that is all…botox? Never! With all of her medications Toni can NOT even consider having botox or any other cosmetic surgery. #Facts

  2. Dev December 28, 2015

    Its funny that Toni got all the surgery done (and is open about it) and Tamar gets all the heat.
    I’m hoping for a good Tony album soon, I enjoyed the Tony & Babyface one.

    • Breathe Again 2015 December 28, 2015

      You really want to go there?

      • Dev December 28, 2015

        Go where?
        What the hell have you got your big pants in a twist about?

      • lisa489 December 29, 2015

        hunnie, shut up. Toni Braxton has lightened her skin to that of a white woman and her body is 100% a product of surgery. And her face. FAKE

    • cassandra chen December 28, 2015

      Toni only got her nose and b****** done from the 90s …Tamar got her nose and maybe a lot more, because I see a lot of changes with her, but she is not open about it, that maybe the reason she gets a lot of heat.ijs

    • Erik December 29, 2015

      The difference is, Toni has been up front about her surgeries from the beginning. Where as Tamar lies and tries to make the public believe that she had a nose job because she “couldn’t breathe” out of her nose lol..not only that, but any fool can clearly see that Tamar has had WAY more surgery than just a nose job.

  3. Royalkev December 28, 2015

    Some things never change … Toni’s forever classy!

  4. Kay for tonibraxton December 28, 2015

    My beautiful fav of all time… I hope lifetime did justice to her story… And quality movie as well… I dwfinately know that some new music from Toni will surface soon

  5. cocobutta December 29, 2015

    Serves face for seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years !!!


  6. another taken day something ain’t wrong December 30, 2015

    Beautiful and wonderful woman Toni braxton

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