Watch: Lil Kim & Mary J. Blige Reunite At ‘Hot For The Holidays’


Mary J. Blige and her fellow Hip Hop royals stepped out in style for Busta Rhymes’ ‘Hot For the Holidays’ event hours ago.

There, the living legend that is Lil Kim was joined on stage by the ‘Mr Wrong’ performer and brought the house dow with a performance that awaits your first look after the leap below.

Check it out…

The event took place at New Jersey’s Prudential Centre and also welcomed the entertainer Mariah Carey who performed her 203 release ‘I Know What You Want’ alongside its leading act Busta Rhymes.

Click here to watch them in throwback action.

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  1. al December 7, 2015

    The Queens ❤

  2. Mom December 7, 2015


    • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB December 7, 2015


      If I told you once, I told you twice QB.

  3. Indie December 7, 2015

    Amazing!!! Overtime Kim gets on a stage she just kills it and Mary , that was dope!

  4. Bruce December 7, 2015

    A Shame, lik kim screams into the Mic at each performance.

    Even worse, she could have been a Rap Icon but she chose to focus on implants, skin bleaching and cutting her face up.

    She has destroyed her face, an icon who wears cheap chinese store wigs in public and instead of focusing on her craft – she screams into the mic which renders her a gay club performer only.

    A fallen icon.

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) December 7, 2015

      Girl hush

      • Lil Kim Kong December 7, 2015

        Okay girl Bye!!

    • Lmfao_Hoe December 7, 2015

      Girl bye no matter what has happened to Kim, she still remains the Queen and is down in the history books. She’s an icon and legend, influenced all theses h*** out here The Real BluePrint. Ppl kill me especially when they were tryibg to discred Mariah along with other legends like the b****** of today are gonna come close to what they did at their prime. Please come again * Lauryn Hill voice

      • Bruce December 8, 2015

        Kim is a “hood” icon. She will never go down in no history books her time is past. She ruined her chances of being an Icon with having only 1 iconic CD – Hardcore.

        Please don’t mention Mariah Carey and HER in the same sentence. Mariah Carey is a Legend, if you sell 250 million records that puts you in a sentence with Elvis and The Beatles and Michael Jackson.

        Not with some sliced and diced up face hasbeen rapper that screams in the mic and looks like she stuff herself in babygap stripper tights. IDFWU GJ groupies

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 7, 2015

      Kim remains iconic. That’s why the crowd knew all the words to her songs. Oinknika will never hit a stage in 10 years and have crowds remembering her lyrics. That h0 is washed. Splish splash.

      • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB December 7, 2015

        Yall are ao childish. The fact that u use the same exact term she used to describe lil kim….. makin us look bitter af. It’s never that serious.

    • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB December 7, 2015

      She has a lot of energy. I just feel like it’s the rush of feeling some type of relevancy again. I ain’t mad at her. She’s my fav

  5. truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) December 7, 2015

    Nicki could never honey

    • Lil Kim Kong December 7, 2015

      B*tch Please
      You can’t

    • Ciah’s Turtle December 7, 2015

      Look that ATROCIOUS? ..Yes, I know.

  6. Barb-wire (#8DaysOfOnika) December 7, 2015

    Gworl, that thing next to Mary scares the crap outta me.

    • Kii December 7, 2015

      Centurion enough with the trolling boo it’s not cute anymore

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 7, 2015

      The stankness of Oinknika’s fish tank p**** scared the crap outta Safaree, and he left that h0. Focus on that, biatch!

  7. DA BRAT STAN December 7, 2015


    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 7, 2015

      Just like your p****!

  8. IG: @mixedboy December 7, 2015

    EPICNESS!!!!! Absolutely love it!

  9. cocobutta December 7, 2015

    Need me more R&B and Hip-Hop collabs like this.

    Was loving this. Love that SHARE MY WORLD album by the Legend MJB.

  10. LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 7, 2015


  11. What now December 7, 2015

    SMDH Once again MJB proves that she still can’t sing live but has all the hood girl stage presence n the world and Lil’ Kimora washed up àss needs to shut the f**** up & go sit her goofy built body àss down! This entire concert was fùckery. They ask sounded horrible and looked busted tf up. Busta needs his fat àss beat for putting this bullšhit together.

    • Cough Cough December 7, 2015

      Let’s give RIRI just a mic and a stage.. No crazy lights, 50 dancers just her and her craft and let’s see if she can do better… Lol wait, we know she can’t do better.

  12. 4everBrandy_Ci December 7, 2015

    Lil Kim and Mary J. Blige are QUEENS and forever they reign!!!!!

  13. Queen By 4Ever December 7, 2015

    You $h!tie Manja stans can’t say nothing when you all stan for someone who post bail for a child r***** your just as bad as he is if you continual to support him. $h!tie Manja is condoning what his brother has done and will burn in hell alongside him. You would never see Kim or Mary condoning that mess. Thanks for checking another Kim post you all really can’t live without her can you..?

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