Macklemore Takes Aim At Iggy Azalea & Miley Cyrus On New Song…’White Privilege II’

Published: Friday 22nd Jan 2016 by Sam

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are no strangers to controversy and incite exactly that on their latest track ‘White Privilege II.’

The song, which features on the duo’s upcoming new album ‘The Unruly Mess I’ve Made’ (due Feb 26th), sees the indie stars take aim at Iggy Azalea and Miley Cyrus in the most direct way:

A sequel to 2005 track ‘White Privilege’, which appeared on Macklemore’s solo album ‘Language of My World’,  the new cut clocks in at nearly nine minutes.

The duration provides ample time for the MC to vent about racial tension in America, the Black Lives Matter movement, and white artists who he believes have appropriated black culture.

Taking a wholly direct approach to articulating his stance, Mr Macklemore raps:

“You’ve exploited and stolen the music, the moment/The magic, the passion, the fashion you toyed with/The culture was never yours to make better/You’re Miley, you’re Elvis, you’re Iggy Azalea”

Listen below…

Kudos to Macklemore for going there: ‘Privilege II’ is a commendable cut that will no doubt generate much dialogue.

It’s also a very smart play to divorce themselves from the likes of Iggy and Miley, who many have been quick to lump them with. Using real bars, compelling lyrics, and haunting honesty, they manage to achieve their goal…we feel. Do you agree?

Your thoughts?

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  1. AllHailMariah January 22, 2016

    Iggy really got these artist in their FEELINGS. As much as y’all want her to lose she stay in Y’all Mouths=WINNING!!!! I bet she bout to drop the best album ?of her career addressing the Haters. Do you Iggz. They Can’t take a Bad Bih when they see 1. ????

    • meow January 22, 2016

      this truth tea tho

    • Ms Jackson If You’re Classy January 22, 2016

      Bad bih? Winning? Even she admitted that her own label doesn’t like her music and that 11,000
      She sold with Reclassified? ????

  2. Everyone’s A Critic January 22, 2016

    Stop begging it!

  3. #TeamTinashe Stan (“Joyride” Coming Out Soon) January 22, 2016

    I didn’t see the tweet of what artist made this song so I was ready to just say “Black people are now giving reason for this reverse racism thing that I’ve been hearing about”. But out of EVERY black artist, these two white guys decide to do it?
    Macklemore: “Hello?”
    Black People: “BYE!”

    Your sucking up isn’t working.
    Macklemore has a history of sucking up and forfeiting to people’s opinions, especially black people with that whole “Kendrick should of won” crap.
    Just because people has been saying their “crap” and “culture vultures” doesn’t mean you and the rest of the white people doing rap aren’t either.
    I’m glad Eminem didn’t have social media during his hey days…..
    In the words of Tinashe, “F*ck your opinion”.
    HASHTAG: #BYEWithTheBullSh*t

  4. King Mark111 /.\ January 22, 2016

    He’s just trying to get a hit because that last trash single flopped. We BEEN said this, it’s so funny how when Black say this, it’s being bitter, but when Whitey says it, it’s the word and an eye opener. Hahahahahaha

    • LB January 22, 2016

      Isn’t that the truth

    • What now January 22, 2016

      This tho Mark!

  5. ?Queen Molly? January 22, 2016

    Kiiiii how Iggy got bitchees mad two years later…

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 22, 2016

      They’re the same artist in my book.

      • ?Queen Molly? January 22, 2016

        Tbh so I don’t undestand why he’s throwing shots

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 22, 2016

        So we can go “oh why Wacklemore. You really rap about real stuff.” I mean the 9ueers fell for it in 2013.

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 22, 2016

        *oh wow*

  6. ?Queen Molly? January 22, 2016

    We see what you’re doing sis you want the blacks to accept you in rap so bad that you’ll throw your fellow whitey under the bus kiii

    • RASHAD January 22, 2016

      Thank you! They think calling out Iggy & Miley make them seem like their not doing the same thing. The only white person we will ever claim in Hip-Hop is Eminem.

  7. #TeamTinashe Stan (“Joyride” Coming Out Soon) January 22, 2016

    Also I want to say I don’t like how our black people were painting the picture of Iggy as if she said she is taking black art and doesn’t care about the history. The girl is clearly a fan of it. All of that ambushing last year by everyone on twitter last year was not necessary.

  8. King Mark111 /.\ January 22, 2016

    Iggy fans want to cry foul. Nicki went through the same thing, you either get through it or fail. No one is going to pitty you.

    • Industry January 22, 2016

      Exactly. The difference is that Nicki proved herself as soon as it started happening so it stopped. In 2010 it was the in thing to release a Nicki diss track but she has talent so any talk of her being talentless died.

      • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB January 22, 2016

        Plus Nicki writes

  9. RASHAD January 22, 2016

    Oh shut up! You guys take every “white advantage” you get when it comes to being a so called rap duo. You steal our black swag, sound, and culture then win Grammys. Calling out Iggy & Miley don’t make you guys any less guilty then what the others have done. Justin timber-fake, X-Tina, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, & many other white artist are guilty of hopping on the urban train until it’s no longer profitable or musically in.

    • Pat January 22, 2016

      @Rashad, who gives a f***, no race really owns anything.

      • Industry January 22, 2016

        Actually you’ll find some do. Hip hop was born out of the prejudice black people faced which is why it is seen as a black genre. Can you name any Black Country singers as big as Shania or Reba? If you can’t ask yourself why.

      • RASHAD January 22, 2016

        Well white people didn’t event hip-hop (black people did).

        White didn’t event rock & roll or country music (black people did). White people do what they historically do best which is steal & then take credit & make a hefty profit for something their lazy uninspiring asses didn’t event!

      • Pat January 22, 2016

        That doesn’t mean they own anything…again, who hives a f***!

      • RASHAD January 22, 2016

        @Clearly you do since you’re pressed and constantly responding! #staymad

    • Erotica January 22, 2016

      Well…………… be fair Xtina barely gets a marginal pass as seeing how she is half Ecuadorian which in essence is technically African Descent…so….yeah

      • Tyler Makiavelli January 22, 2016

        B*******! Ecuador doesn’t even have a large Afro Latino population. Xtina is not black. She’s white! So stop it

      • What now January 22, 2016

        @Tyler You’re wrong. Xtina is half piggy & half trans fat. KIIIII

      • Erotica January 23, 2016

        @Tyler Makiavelli
        I don’t know where you guys get your education from but Latin America (Cubans, Puerto Ricans Dominicans etc) are not pure races but a combination Africains and Spaniards and Europeans. Hence why their dialect of Spanish is more Latin driven than that of Mexican Spanish.
        Read a book.

        Further I Did Not say Xtina was black! I said she barely gets a marginal pass. Learn to Read and Comprehend.

  10. Industry January 22, 2016

    all I have to say is this. The industry doesn’t respect Iggy because they know how she gets down behind the scenes. That’s why she’s always being judged. Those who know what I’m talking about know what I’m talking about.

  11. Mo January 22, 2016

    Is this wackster serious? Apologist ass n****. He’s even lamer than i thought! Do ur art and own it. Dont throw others under the bus.

  12. HailBeysus January 22, 2016

    KIIII these white boys be doing the most to try and be accepted by minorities. Child bye with your self contradicitng asses! The cliff is that way —>

    • ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 22, 2016

      Come on with this comment please! Fire, fire!

  13. justarymes January 22, 2016

    But wait, doesn’t Macklemore do THE SAME THING????

  14. LB January 22, 2016

    Oop, let me grab my tea and get into this song

  15. Anti (hives scared of R8) January 22, 2016

    White people, we don’t hate you because you’re white, we hate your past. You guys kill me with this reverse racism bs.How can blacks in America be racist? That’s like a Nazi screaming prejudice. Before the slave trade, whites hated blacks the moment they stepped onto African soil so save that bs.

  16. Navy Nick January 22, 2016

    I can dig it, but I think Iggy should have been left out… She really hasn’t done anything to make these people hate on her so much…love Macklemore, really applaud this & happy he knows Elvis’ thievery… Haha

  17. Emma January 22, 2016

    Are people still talking about that poser iggy?? Leave her in 2014 please.

  18. Vandrea January 22, 2016

    Wait a minute, what? Iggy and Macklemore are merely slightly different sides of the same coin. Macklemore is just a more self-aware version of ‘white privilege’ and thinks his acknowledging it will garner him enough points to curb a backlash. Both he and Iggy are phonies. He’s just more manipulative and knows better things to say to undercut (deserved) criticism – while still basking in all the rewards his ‘privileged’ gets him – whereas she is a dumb Kardashian-style bimbo who naively believes in her entitlement.

  19. Danzou January 22, 2016

    Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black. They’ve been doing the same thing and they even appropriated LGBTQ

  20. Navy Gravy January 22, 2016

    Look at the ice cube calling the snow flake white????. Sorry Macklemore, you (the pot) are just as black as the kettle and acknowledging it doesn’t make you better or more acceptable or more tolerable. Stop going after topics of controversy and just be an artist.

    • What now January 22, 2016

      SCREAMS! Not the ice cube! #IWasntReady

  21. Janet1814 January 22, 2016

    Says the queen whose sugar daddy paid for his “independently released” album…

  22. Nina Nona January 23, 2016

    He is so aggy.

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