New Song: K. Michelle – ‘Ain’t You’

Published: Saturday 13th Feb 2016 by Rashad
aint-you-thatgrapejuice-k michelle

Get acquainted with ‘Ain’t You,’ the newest release from the highly anticipated third studio album from sharp-tongued southern belle K. Michelle.

The official follow-up to ‘Not A Little Bit,’ ‘Ain’t You’ conceptually sees the R&B diva dip into her trusty brand of sex and sass, cooing brazen lyrics that are sure to get a thumbs up from heartbroken homegirls this VDay weekend.

Giving fans yet another taste of what to expect when its parent album, ‘More Issues Than Vogue,’ hits stores March 25th, tuck in below for your first listen to the latest from Miss Michelle:


Like what you heard?  Pre-order the album on iTunes now.

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  1. EdSheeranisyourdaddy February 13, 2016

    I like K and I like her first single, but her sound is becoming repetitive. Get it together sis.

    • Yorgo February 13, 2016

      Honestly her snippets on IG sound 1500000000 x better than this generic mess lol I mean its still a okay song, but her musicality is usually on a whole other level

  2. EdSheeranisyourdaddy February 13, 2016

    She needs a classy pop ballad.

    • Yorgo February 13, 2016

      I don’t think i heard any pop ballads in her IG snippets. but allegedly the album is gonna be a mix of R&B/Soul/pop/Country. Mountain Top should have been 2nd single but it doesn’t seem to be on the alnbum

  3. Yorgo February 13, 2016

    K Michelle is my all time favourite singer but i gotta be honest here. This is the weakest album track I’ve ever heard from her. Normally when i listen to her music, it hits me right in the SOUL, like her soulfulness is just bursting through the earphones. I don’t get that from this track. I get a pretty good song, but it’s not great to me. Idk the lyrics are hollow & generic,by her standards. Some highlights like “you the only 1 I keep it 100 with, you know” & the bridge. & I love the exotic sounding latino insturmentaiton at the beginning & the sparkling/light piano/keyboard production in the bridge with her beautiful singing. but for the most part she’s talking over a generic beat & I’m not relating. So i guess that’s why i couldn’t connect. Love her & still a good song, but not one of my faves

    • Umm February 13, 2016

      It’s not bad I like her laid back tracks because she doesn’t try to over sing. The song has better line than that 100 line, thats generic how could you not feel the ” use to fck with your homie/everybody gotta testimony/50 mill alimony/ lines? Those to me are stronger lyrics which sets up the more generic line that follows, imo. This songs about going throw different men and finding out they’re not the one and those make that point.

      • Yorgo February 13, 2016

        I prefer her over-singing, but i don’t see it as “over-singing” per se lol I love the emotion that pours out when she usually sings. I don’t get that here & that’s probably one of the reasons i don’t like it as much. & yeaah you’re right those lines were pretty cool “gotta testimony etc”. I guess i can’t relate to the content as much i usually would with a K Michelle song. I mean her songs are usually much more personal & abruptly honest than this. With this one, i feel like rih or bey could sing it. K’s songs normally have something which differentiates them. I’m not feeling this one compared to all her other album tracks

  4. Yorgo February 13, 2016

    Can we talk about her phenomenal vocal performance on “My City”… YEESSSS LOOORRDDTTT I’m in in love with this!!!!!!!!!!!! When she goes in on the hook “my city made me a reeaaaallllll hustlerrrrrrrr” with those vocal runs… WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UUGGGGGGHHH AMAZING K, MY COINS WERE SURRENDED AFTER I HEARD THE FIRST HOOK lmao & Its such a powerful & meaningful lyric too! The light guitar instrumentation is perfect. Sad that a lot of places & people in the world are going through this struggle with war,poverty, crime etc 🙁 Truly moving track

  5. Yorgo February 13, 2016

    omg i love momma dee so much!!!!!!!!

  6. What now February 13, 2016

    The song is mediocre, but I’m still here for the album.

    • Yorgo February 13, 2016

      My exact thoughts! I think i hate that she’s wasting her singing talent by talking on here o.O Like every song on AWBAH was 5x better than this imo

  7. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 14, 2016

    Not a bad song but it nice

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