Anti-Beyonce Rally Planned By ‘Formation’ Haters

Published: Wednesday 10th Feb 2016 by Sam

Beyonce‘s politically charged ‘Formation’ release continues to rustle feathers.

The track, its accompanying video, and recent Super Bowl performance have America (and the world at large) in heated conversation about race, injustice, and the assertion of cultural pride.

And though many are fist pumping in unison with the singer, there are some who are taking their disdain for its message to pitiful lows.

Full story below…

An anonymous source has organised an Anti-Beyonce Protest Rally outside the NFL offices on February 16th – the same day the diva’s ‘Formation Tour’ tickets go on-sale.

The Event Brite page for the spectacle read:

Join us as we demonstrate on the block of the NFL Headquarters building.

Are you offended as an American that Beyoncé pulled her race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl?

Do you agree that it was a slap in the face to law enforcement?

Do you agree that the Black Panthers was/is a hate group which should not be glorified?

Come and let’s stand together. Let’s tell the NFL we don’t want hate speech & racism at the Superbowl ever again!






Gnarly nonsense like this is almost too easy to slam, so we won’t.

The real gag, though, is that such a rally only serves to create a bigger conversation about the very injustices Beyonce is smartly spotlighting. Thus making the ‘Formation’ movement and moment that much more impactful.

From where we’re sitting, such folk should keep talking. Because, at this point, it’s clear that Queen Bey’s foray into the realm of Pop star political is already a raging success.

Happy Black History Month!

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus February 10, 2016

    I CANNOT STAND WHITE AMERICA!!! THEY NEED TO EDUCATE THEMSELVES!!! I swear if this was white people who celebrated being white america would have headlines saying “watch as activist celebrate American way of life” lmao!!! Bunch of hypocritics i tell ya!!

    • Arfa February 10, 2016

      Her career is over like janets

      • Surprise..DEC 2013 February 10, 2016

        Yeah, but majority of the people are WHITE RACIST CONSERVATIVES who approve of Donald Trump denouncing an entire race as TERRORIST but have a problem with Beyonce shedding light on BLACK LIVES MATTER. The seem to have something against BLACK POWERFUL ENTERTAINERS e.g Janet Jackson, especially when they are provocative and sending a political message trough their artform. Her performance was not race baiting, it was subtle and most people did not even notice it until FOX NEWS( THE WHITE HATER SECTION) brought it up. This is not going to affect BEYONCE at all, she as reached a place in her career that is able to sell out a tour without any damn new music. SHE WILL BE FINE AND IN A WEEK OR TWO THIS WILL GO AWAY.

      • Truth(Nicki WHACK and Adele FAT…WHET!!) February 10, 2016

        Biitch the only thing over is ur sexlife..u ho

      • whaaaaattttt?!!!!! February 10, 2016

        Its all for publicity. Beyawnzzzze wanted to get attention and drama going for her new CD that was released. ?

      • rosy February 10, 2016

        You know what I’m a navy and think this is ridiculous I may bash beyonce when the stupid hives comes for rih but these people need a life I think it’s the behives demonstrating to drive ticket sales anyway even a navy can see that it’s crazy leave bey alone you have two black female bey and rih on the same side and their fans fighting amongst each other it’s sad rih helping to make your favorite monet and you all mad at her instead of celebrating them do you see adele Taylor Swift Katy gaga tear each other down this blog is pathetic

      • Fed Up With A Mess February 10, 2016


      • Tyler Makiavelli February 10, 2016

        @Fed up
        Negro, if all you can think about is Beyonce supposedly having “several nose jobs”, then you obviously didn’t get the MESSAGE.
        Go back, listen to the song, and then watch the video about seven more times.

      • RealTalkBSWalk February 10, 2016

        wait a min b**** this post is about Beyonce not Janets, what career do you have? and f****** for dollars and doing strange thangs for change dont count h**

    • fatusankoh February 10, 2016

      Thanks well said let continue to love support our bey for life

    • WTF February 10, 2016

      HailBeysus Your not even BLACK I told you boo boo that Manyonce don’t care about you and your Isis kind but thanks for giving your cash to help a sister out and feed her family Ha!

    • Lamb4life February 10, 2016

      Beyonce bleaches her skin…why is that?!

      • Proud Ebony February 10, 2016

        I will join the boycott. What a waste of time. She is going for a sympathetic sales.

      • Legend February 10, 2016

        Have you seen her baby pics, have you seen pics of here as a child, she is a light skinned woman you dimwit. Now stfu and go do something constructive, better yet, here, hold this grenade.

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 10, 2016

        @Proud Ebony

        Change your user name! You have 24 hours

    • mariahlambly February 10, 2016

      Quote Hailbeysus “I CANNOT STAND WHAT AMERICA” – Im done with this mofo! You need to sit your Heyonce loving a$$ way down and shut that dumba$$ mouth of yours! Stop dragging white people, your idol claims to be proud of being a blakc american, meanwhile she stays wearing blonde wigs and bleaching her skin! lmao

      • mariahlambly February 10, 2016


      • Legend February 10, 2016

        Stop trolling with multiple accounts, and STFU, with your Willy Lynch ass.

      • BeyBarbFenty February 10, 2016

        shut up troll
        you cleary didn’t understand the message

      • RealTalkBSWalk February 10, 2016


    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      Because I’m black, I thought about this issue thoroughly. My conclusion- The blonde played herself:
      If you have RESPECT for your people, you will put EFFORT into how u portray your artistry. Like MJ, you will ensure that the message being sent is clear and concise so that these racist b.tches can swallow their bitter saliva and steam SILENTLY.
      Why did she have those type of lyrics for this type of song? When MJ does music to highlight social injustice he ensures that they lyrics are as powerful as the videos.
      Beyonce is no different from Stacy Dash. She uses her people to push her to the top and then stunt on them with IGNORANT bs!! The message could have been so much more powerful.. All I kept hearing from the witch is i slay… *side eye*.
      She makes it too easy for the KKK to come at her. The one chance she got to use her stardom to represent black issues via her music and she FFUUCCKKED it up! Ugh this special ed BLONDE is such a narcissist!
      She is so full of herself that she didn’t see the irony in performing with the iconic black panthers while wearing her forever tired blonde wig. She is PROUD… Of the blonde wig so much tht we NEVER get to see her real hair. Like EVER for 20 years straight!

      Ugh! She is such an embarassment to educated blacks. RIP MJ. Gone too soon is an understatement.

  2. Anti460 February 10, 2016

    They don’t even know that the way they react , it’s how Beyoncé wanted it to be !

  3. karen February 10, 2016

    Yessss!!!! The b**** is getting boycotted!!!!

    • Danyboo February 10, 2016

      B**** you simple… that aint nothing but kkk mentality.

      • You Guys Are Dumb February 10, 2016

        But Rihanna navy are all broke b****** “@rihanna: I hate broke b******” ?????

  4. YOUR MADGEsty February 10, 2016


    It’s not just “White America” that has proposed this backlash though?

    There are PLENTY of Black people across social media and YouTube who have denounced Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ video – many didn’t like it and have spoken out against it. The majority of the Black/Louisiana community are all hating it.


    Anyway, I liked the video and the message it was trying to convey but I understand that some people will disagree with it – a video like this is BOUND to gather a negative response from some crowds.


    P.S: I’m still waiting for her to send the song to ITunes.

    • Surprise..DEC 2013 February 10, 2016

      Yeah, but majority of the people are WHITE RACIST CONSERVATIVES who approve of Donald Trump denouncing an entire race as TERRORIST but have a problem with Beyonce shedding light on BLACK LIVES MATTER. The seem to have something against BLACK POWERFUL ENTERTAINERS e.g Janet Jackson, especially when they are provocative and sending a political message trough their artform. Her performance was not race baiting, it was subtle and most people did not even notice it until FOX NEWS( THE WHITE HATER SECTION) brought it up. This is not going to affect BEYONCE at all, she as reached a place in her career that is able to sell out a tour without any damn new music. SHE WILL BE FINE AND IN A WEEK OR TWO THIS WILL GO AWAY.

    • Legend February 10, 2016

      Stop making s*** up. Why would any African American person denounce this video which celebrates black pride, justice, self confidence, hard work, and so forth..let me guess, c*** ass blacks.

      • WINTZ February 10, 2016

        Most blacks can’t stand racists but People are tired of her and her antics. Here we have been waiting for her to use her artistry to highlight social injustice and she had to mess up the bigger picture and much powerful message with her basic egotistical lyrics that had NOTHING to do with the overall video concept. Beyfake is the ultimate troll.
        She is NO different from STACY DASH. They are always for the rich and white washed imagery. They both troll black issues to get attention.

    • Kareem February 10, 2016

      who stacey dash?

    • WTF February 10, 2016

      HailBeysus isn’t even BLACK he’s just a wannabe he’s Asian..!

      • Legend February 10, 2016

        Does it matter if he’s black or not.

      • HailBeysus February 10, 2016

        Lmfao so when did I become Asian???? Bitxh you stay talking out your ass. Im Native American! What Beyonce is doing speaks volumes for all minorities. As a native american i can assure you. We’ve experienced police brutality on our reservations as well. You need to have several seats WTF! You and every other hater in this post are probably just some fat overweight white supremacists seething because Beyonce turned up the heat on you and popped your bedsoars ?????

      • WTF February 10, 2016

        So you are part of Isis…

      • HailBeysus February 10, 2016

        @WTF awww poor thing. You’re the result of a brother and sister fuxking each other aren’t you? Its okay boo it happens. I’ll refrain from replying to your comments because its clear the struggle to read and comprehend is real. Everyone say a prayer for this child and his sibling parents. ??????

  5. Everyone’s A Critic February 10, 2016

    If all lives matter than why are we trying to stamp out a movement from those who feel oppressed?!
    All lives matter basically means, We want to be victims too.
    The US will happily bomb Asians, have a man on TV saying let’s ban Muslims but a black woman sings a little song and promotes a little positivity amongst blacks and they call for a rally?
    I won’t comment any further… It might offend some white people if I do

  6. Everyone’s A Critic February 10, 2016

    They give us Oscar nominations for dressing up as slaves but start rallies when we get in FORMATION.
    Kmt let me just twirl on these haters

  7. briano 1 February 10, 2016

    Her camp is behind this so called protest to garner sympathy ( a go to strategy.)

    Next annoucements/links to merch…

    Hope the majority of the community doesny fall for this bull

    • Surprise..DEC 2013 February 10, 2016

      U sound deranged sis. She always has merchandise on her website following her albums. BEYONCE had the shirts of BlOW, SURFBOARD, FLAWLESS…She did not just release merchandise to capitalize on blacklivesmatter. Get ur facts straight.

      • briano 1 February 10, 2016

        Yeah its always about selling something i hate that black folk can be so dumb

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      Her NEW management team really think black people are dumb and that most of us didn’t finish high school like the blonde and her minions. I would love to see the FACES of these people. Can bet they are white.
      Like we cannot comprehend Marketing Strategies and Marketing concepts and Public Relations.
      All this TROLLING of black issues because ADELE snatched her crown for Queen of Colombia Records. A blasphemous shame that she is using us and we should not help her make a mockery of the BLACK PANTHERS.
      I do NOT trust this blonde. She is too calculating… Like why NOW BEYFAKE?? And it was done so distastefully! Look at the disgraceful lyrics!! It DOES NOT match the video.

      • RealTalkBSWalk February 10, 2016


    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      The MAJORITY of blacks in America knows about this calculating WITCH.
      Her Marketing team may just be filled with white people… Yet what did they come up with? A marketing plan to TROLL our black issues.

      I want to see these members of her NEW Management. I don’t trust her Uncle Tom @$$.

  8. B2B February 10, 2016

    Perform FORMATION at the Grammys Bey!! F*** a protest, f*** white America, #LongLiveTheKing Pretty sure she knew there would be backlash, that’s nothing new…. B6 still debuting above 300K as always!

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      To further shame blacks with her disgraceful lyrics while trolling our issues?? NO THANKS!

  9. King B February 10, 2016

    It’s just a song.

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      The song is $HIT! The video is POWERFUL. Imagery is a powerful marketing tool. .
      BEYblonde is a narcissistic troll who, like RAVEN SYMONE & STACEY DASH… Uses black people to rise to the top only to stunt on us with ignorant BS.
      Do you HONESTLY BEYlieve that a woman who prances around with blonde hair for 20 years straight while claiming her French Masters creole history blatantly over the years is NOW openly proud to be black?? She loves attention by any means possible. I

      She fired management to run with this new formula?? This is her new gimmick?? And watch her blondejesty’s minions defend this foolery.
      Be smarter in 2016 people! She is using us because a white woman is outshine her on her own label. Now she wants us to diminish Adele for her because her MUSIC won’t do it.

      • WINTZ February 10, 2016

        Out shining *

      • BeyBarbFenty February 10, 2016


        blonde hair is NOT exclusive to white people as it has appeared in Africa multiple times. wearing weave does not diminish your blackness. not to mention her ALWAYS being pro-black. you sound very foolish writing out this whole essay.

        just say straight out that you do not like Beyonce.

      • WINTZ February 10, 2016

        RECENTLY discovered in an archipelago within our Motherland, Africa… Are a group of DARK-SKIN people with BLOND hair. Fascinating stuff, ikr BUT…

        This discovery was VERY RECENT though. The s**** minded BEYwitch has been celebrating her French Massa’s CREOLE heritage over her BLACK heritage for 20+ years. Pro-black my @$$! Her Texas mentality runs deep. Ain’t that where BUSH resides?? She luvvv her Massas, underneath it all.
        Do you really BEYlieve that This uneducated, Pimp chasing, high school drop out picked up a book to even learn of this FRESH NEW discovery?? Kiiiii She only have time for chasing papers at any cost.
        Of all the points that were made you attempted to defend her YEARS of SERIAL-FAKE-BLOND wearing @$$ by using a NEW SCIENTIFIC GENETIC discovery made. The daa-daa-dee-dumb plaque goes to you, ma’am.

  10. LmfaoHoe February 10, 2016

    They can all kiss the back of Beys ass. This that white gulit eating their asses up (if you aren’t racists then why be offended? Oblivious Bey hit a sensitive point).

  11. LmfaoHoe February 10, 2016

    They can boycott all they want, a b**** still going to the concert. Stay mad uglies. Plays * Formation ” B**** I Slay “

  12. Beyonce#pro February 10, 2016

    You know you the B**** when you cause all this conversation!!!!

    #she should have put in on Itunes!!!!

  13. XoMoDe February 10, 2016

    😀 Totally hilarious. Someone please go and take a picture of the crowd that doesn’t show up.

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      Who would support this foolery?? We are SMART educated people who are descendants of the tribe of Judah!! Our motherland was sold out by blacks like her, a Raven Symone, Stacey Dash and all these unscrupulous two-faced selfish mutherfukkazz!!

      Blacks go to school like any other race Beyonce- We know about Marketing!! Who is this BLONDE really trying to troll? I’m upset!

  14. MsYonce February 10, 2016

    The majority of people that are mad are white I can’t with them. They did the same with Kendrick Lamar. Anyways Queen pre sale tickets sold out fast AF they aint stopping s***. Watch a certain white racist cough cough @lb agree

  15. Dee February 10, 2016

    We are going to rally too . It’s called the formation world tour!

    • killian February 10, 2016

      Yes we are …all people of colour irrespective of faves come and take a stand and have fun while doing so.

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      Stop TROLLING black issues in the name of this BLONDE!! Just MESSY MESSY MESSY!! Ugh girl go read a book and educate yourself so you can see past the BS.

      • Umm February 10, 2016

        Stop trolling Beyonce for the sake of Rihanna. This aint about Bey its about how we as blacks are view by America.

      • WINTZ February 10, 2016

        The LIES!!!! This narcissist can’t think about no one else but herself… Wait… Maybe if she was PAID to!

        Keep PROMOTING that album BEY+CH! We see you.

  16. killian February 10, 2016

    These tricks better not start or they’ll get eliminated! What rubbish …I mean they best not be starting any foolishness or there will be a serious formation on these streets.I like beyonce but i didn’t want to like formation now its got me dancing in coordination..i mean its my jam now and the video and the message!!!I’m gonna be seeing the Queen live but the pre sales are all sold out!!

  17. music all the way February 10, 2016

    hahahahaha…I think the intention of the song was to get people talking about racism so it looks like it is serving its purpose. I hope she comes to south Africa with this tour. I’ll be seeing Nicki this coming month for the first time. now I just need Bey to get her se$$y a** over her. already saw gaga and rih so queen better come over.

  18. Barb-wire February 10, 2016

    They mad and I love it! Bey hit a spot and the racists are exposing themselves. All she had to do was release Formation and let the hypocrites expose themselves.

  19. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 10, 2016

    From my understanding this is the 50th anniversary of the Superbowl BlackPantherParty & Blackhistorymonths 50th anniversary all at the same time. Correct me i if im wrong. #460 (is that my weight or KARMAannas first weak?)

  20. Raul1977 February 10, 2016

    Good on her for standing up for what she believes in. They tried to destroy Madonna after the American life controversy speaking out against the war and Bush. Guess what? She was right and most importantly she is still kicking ass. Go Bey

  21. What now February 10, 2016

    Is it really that serious? Boycotting a song? I swear these sensitive fućks irritate me from the depth of my soul

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      She MADE it easy for them to do so. MJ would never!!! This witch used our ICONIC BLACK PANTHERS on such a platform and she couldn’t even SACRIFICE one day to sport Black HAIR.
      Look at the LYRICS of the song. Smh

      Blacks really need to call this BLONDE out as she is really making blacks look dumb.

  22. Werda Mouf February 10, 2016

    Every action has a reaction and also there will be consequences that will come along. The world biggest star has ticked off the wrong people. Rich white and middle white America who put a lot of money behind these big events. I just want to know how she’s gonna handle this from here on out. Is Beyonce gonna stand by her words or is she gonna fold and give out a quick apology? I guess time will tell.

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      Who gives a phuq??? Who actually cares about what rich whites do with their money?! FFUUCCKK the KKK!

      Ugh… If this BLONDE had even half of the valuable artistry or BRAIN that MJ possessed then this would have been EPIC because it would have been done right.

      I hope the BLACK PANTHERS don’t get a bad rep for this mess.

  23. Liberal Moslem February 10, 2016

    Can’t we move along now… Zzzzzzz

    • No nooo February 10, 2016

      True…. Playing race card to sell music..

  24. Proud Ebony February 10, 2016

    When will Riri? That girl is so dump. Cant even make any statement. Just selling her puss y to the hightest bidder! ?

    • datredd23 February 10, 2016

      Rih doesn’t need to create political movements or controversy she will stick up for what she believes in though especially when she told the NFL to f*** themselves

      • Rozel February 10, 2016

        Beyonce used this song for commercial success. This was no political statement. If it was, the whole song would have been saying something worthwhile. What political statement was the line about slaying or when he f’s me good I take him to red lobster sending? Beyonce has always used some type of media hype to sell her projects. This was just another publicity stunt that backfired. She only care about black people when it’s time to sell her albums or tour.otherwise she was very silent when all those do called injustices were taking place. You care about Black people but overcharging them to see you in concert? 1,700.00 tickets? Beyonce is all about using the media and fattening her pockets.

      • Rozel February 10, 2016

        Beyonce used this song for commercial success. This was no political statement. If it was, the whole song would have been saying something worthwhile. What political statement was the line about slaying or when he f’s me good I take him to red lobster sending? Beyonce has always used some type of media hype to sell her projects. This was just another publicity stunt that backfired. She only care about black people when it’s time to sell her albums or tour.otherwise she was very silent when all those so called injustices were taking place. You care about Black people but overcharging them to see you in concert? 1,700.00 tickets? Beyonce is all about using the media and fattening her pockets.

      • Legend February 10, 2016

        Before talking out of your ass, do your research, and you would see that she does things behind the scenes as well.

      • No nooo February 10, 2016

        Welcome to eumurica

      • Rozel February 10, 2016

        She’s not the only one who doesn’t things behind the scenes, so what. Somehow everything she does is hyped up in the media. She’s the Queen of feeding the media stories. She may have you all fooled, but I see this as just another media strategy cooked up by beyonce and team. Get people talking, stay relevant.

      • Rozel February 10, 2016

        Instead of being in her a***, open your eyes. She’s not the only one who does things behind the scenes, so what. Somehow everything she does is hyped up in the media. She’s the Queen of feeding the media stories. She may have you all fooled, but I see this as just another media strategy cooked up by beyonce and team. Get people talking, stay relevant.

      • Legend February 10, 2016

        I honestly don’t have it in me to continue this discussion with you, I have priority’s to take care of. Believe what you want to believe, because nothing I’m going to say will alter your opinion, nor will you alter mine. Good day.

      • WINTZ February 10, 2016

        EXACTLY!! Chart says BEYgone is no where near ADELE.
        That friendly fat white British woman who charts ballads and is now officially Queen of Colombia Records told beyfake that she would not diet I mean duet with her.
        Now, all of sudden BEYattitude needs to TROLL black issues to gain relevancy since her MUSIC won’t do it chile! Kiii

  25. Yandi February 10, 2016

    But wait?? Sam, DON’T U HATE ON RIHANNA…. ALL DAY EVERY DAY? But not when they hating on beyonce, u call it an ” injustice”! When in reality, the song, “FORMATION”, is really a ratcheted FEMALE EMPOWERMENT SONG, with many segregation-like innuendos… ha!


    • what? February 10, 2016

      Go and read a book you ignorant dickhead.

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      Lol he wants us to get in “formation” to help beyfake look sincere in the public’s eyes.

  26. RihYonce February 10, 2016

    Beyoncé CANNOT be stopped !!! I will be at the formation world tour !!! Slay on Bey !!! B6 will do ATLEAST 400k first week maybe even more

  27. datredd23 February 10, 2016

    Work is slaying right now top streamed song number one on itunes and gaining the most audience impressions on radio out of any other song daily with no video or performance!

    • Are u mad? February 10, 2016

      Streaming … ?

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 10, 2016

      Nobody cares right now!
      We have much bigger fish to fry.

  28. fatusankoh February 10, 2016

    Haters have norting onqueen bey I can’t to buy my ticket and album my fellow fanslet continue to love support our bey don’t let this haters get to us

  29. You Guys Are Dumb February 10, 2016

    She released a new single called Formation and she has a new video out. Its selling out and breaking records, It got released just the day before the Superbowl, then she does this stunt that I am sure she knew full well would get attention. All famous people have people who handle publicity, Sorry but face reality its all for publicity. .

  30. Are u mad? February 10, 2016

    Rih’s tour is getting a lukewarm response …. ?

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      Rih has stadium dates that ate already sold out… Keep your pea brain I’m the issue at hand. BEYFAKE TROLLING BLACK ISSUES so she won’t flop.

      • WINTZ February 10, 2016


  31. Meteorite February 10, 2016

    After listening and watching Formation a couple times I honestly do not see what the fuss is about. It’s just pretty much about her being unapologetically black and equality and questioning “what’s wrong with being black?”. And at what point did she attack police officers? She had a boy an interpretive dance that asked “please stop shooting us” hence the sign on the wall. And the officers yielded because they came to their scenes. The video and song is about equality if you do your homework. Which again is the problem. No one wants to pick up a book and read and educate themselves.

  32. Ronnie February 10, 2016

    White people logic: Black pride = racism. I really wish you could slap sense into people.

  33. Who gonna check me boo! February 10, 2016

    I loooooooove it they better have a taste of their own medicine! yes at Beyoncé being as petty as you get hope she perform the song at the Grammies then all over stadium in Amerikkka those racist phuckers will gag andni’m here for it

  34. ???Chile, leave my weave aqt the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? February 10, 2016

    Let them stay mad! The tour is selling out quickly and I’m sure she’ll do a similar performance for each stadium show. They lost, she won.

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      Will she be sporting that tacky blonde hair throughout the entire “Formation” tour??

      Dumb blonde

  35. Whitney February 10, 2016

    Why do some Black people make White opinions important in our lives? Who cares if they liked or didn’t like it. Nine times out of 10, if a pro-Black message is exhibited, they are going to complain. They still believe we are slaves and that they have the right to control what we do, think, and say. THEY DON’T! That’s a form of slavery.

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      Exactly!! But this dumb heaux laid the ball in the KKK’s court because she did not do it right!!!
      The lyrics from the song undermines the powerful message that deserves to shine through, FRONT and CENTRE. Instead, her narcissism SHINES bright like a diamond.
      The lyrics are the downfall of this FORMATION movement.

  36. Peaches February 10, 2016

    Bey is damned if she do, damned if she don’t…if she keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t say anything, folks drag her…but if she steps up and sends out a message that she’s proud to be black (in whatever way she sees fit), mofos still find a way to drag her. I’m not part of the Beyhive, so I don’t usually follow what this chick does. I’m not a huge fan, and I don’t really listen to her music..but goddamn, this woman can’t win for losing

  37. Tyler Makiavelli February 10, 2016

    F*** White America!
    I still don’t understand why these idiots are so quick to ” Boycott” and call Beyoncé a racist for standing with/for her people. Why aren’t these same people offended when Donald trump constantly makes racist/insensitive comments about every minority on this earth? Where are the Donald trump Boycotts? Thats right you don’t care! You don’t care if white people do/say problematic things because it all benefits you, but as soon as a POC stands up for themselves it makes you uncomfortable. Bobby’s and Becky’s you’re in for a rude awakening! It’s not the 1600’s anymore. ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊

  38. Greg_N_Greed February 10, 2016

    I personally don’t see nothing wrong. What you do to others will come back will full force. The beehive is always ready to attack in a heartbeat so they should be ready to fight for that Queen u stan for. I’m just saying!!

  39. EdgyTimeless February 10, 2016

    O s***, thy’re coming for Beyonce like they did Janet.

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 10, 2016

      Yup! We let them tear Janet down
      We let them tear MJ down
      Now, they’re trying to tear Beyonce down.
      We can’t let that happen again. This is a bigger than Pop. We can actually start a MOVEMENT.

  40. Peaches February 10, 2016

    I didn’t think the Confederate Flag had a place at the super bowl either but it happened, 4 times and no one batted a eye . . 
    These YT folks are mad, salty, bitter and full of chit

  41. Have a seat White America February 10, 2016

    Since White people won’t let up, I’m going to share a piece of knowledge.

    “Disaffiliation” = To disassociate.

    Why is this word so highly associated with the White Race?
    Because they’re they ONLY race embarrassed of their own history.

    That is why White America is so upset, because Black people can proudly celebrate their history, while White people must bow their heads in shame.

    You have royally F*cked over every race imaginable including your own.


  42. janvier February 10, 2016

    Lol not these dumb whites hating rather stupid. Am sure they just jobless.

  43. Barb B**** February 10, 2016

    Giselle, ha impact. The whole point of the video was to cause divide opinion and raising awareness so job done.

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      The blonde is such a Uncle Tom in disguise! We do not TRUST her like we trust MJ to be sincere in his delivery of his craft.
      This is why he will be forever celebrated as he was never selfish at the expense of his music.

      • Barb B**** February 10, 2016

        B******* tbh. Not all blacks have to be nubian to be ‘pro black’ Is it an uncle tom move with the b**** in your avi with that 90s perm in her hair?.That damn sure aint hee natural hair texture. I see a struggle attempt at a European bob. If you don’t like her having blonde hair then the same goes for most of the black woman who put European weave in their hair, no matter the colour. It’s not natural. But neither are most things like fake tan. Doesn’t make a white person want to be black. I smell s*** and seething.

      • WINTZ February 10, 2016

        Let me check this TROLL WH0R€ real quick!

        1. FUGLY, Insecure and self-doubting AVI-LESS heaux can’t come for me unless I send for a b!+ch. Sit your starved MONGREL looking azzzz in a corner and learn a new trick!
        2. Don’t attempt to shame my hair that grows from my HEAD (which I love btw) in defence of a self hating woman who has NEVER shown hers publicly.. Whether kinky or perm. Kiiiii what a shame!!
        3. That’s why we support Rihanna so passionately. She LOVES being black, she actually wears her own hair sometimes, like most PROUD blacks do. Is BeyLATE truly proud to be black? Hell naw, that’s why u mad!
        Now run along and go back to worshipping her blondesty or come harder beyooooootch looool

  44. HailBeysus February 10, 2016

    Kiii I CAN’T WITH THAT SEAMEN SWALLOWER SEETHING FOR GAWDS UP AND DOWN THIS POST!!! Bitxh talks alot of shiiit when she should be out there doing what BEY is doing since she’s doing it so wrong lmao!!! Bitxhes is mad af!!!!

  45. BeyBarbFenty February 10, 2016

    wearing blonde weave does not make you any less proud to be black; blonde hair is not even a pure white feature. her music has also been very urban/rnb in sound.

  46. Mad Cause I’m So Fresh February 10, 2016

    “You know you that b**ch when you cause all this conversation.” She knew people were going to be so damn deep in their feelings. Formation> White Tears.

  47. Barb B**** February 10, 2016

    It’s funny how no one comes after Mary J Blige, Tina Turner or Keyshia Cole for having blonde hair for a large proportion of their career but it’s an issue with Beyonce, just because she looks more mixed race than them with it. The double standards.

    • WINTZ February 10, 2016

      This simple heaux!! Kiii

      Sighs. This special ed bish!! Kiiii
      None of these women are SERIAL BLONDE WEARING WOMEN for over 20 years.

      NOT one of those women blatantly tried to HIDE their blackness with nose jobs while sporting this blonde look- Which, btw shows that these OTHER stars look at hair as an ACCESSORY… For BEY this is her LIFE! Her BEING. A shame, is what she is.

      Not one of those women made several self hating comments while wearing blond. How quickly we forget- BEYfake wishes she was Latina. Any other race but black has been her mind-set for years! Leopards don’t change their spots over night.
      She is NOT pro black like these women. Keysia Cole had women all over the world sporting her look from the “Sent from Heaven” video.

      Mixed? Both her parents are black people. She does not have a white mother and black father like Drake.
      Alecia Keys looks more mixed than BEYBLONDE
      And yet she doesn’t place emphasis on her “other side” like this witch does.
      Btw BEYONCE both of your parents are BLACK people. Tell your mom this because it doesn’t appear she knows that no amount of surgeries can erase this. Her ancestors may have been r**** by French Massas but that house s**** mentality does NOT make her any more WHITE.
      Alecia Keys even had more of a cultural impact than BEYfake on black people’s hairstyles. This bish had everyone wearing braids with BEADs for fashions sake! Lol hmmm memories…

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 10, 2016

        How can you diss Beyonce for wearing weave, when you are rocking a Relaxer in your avi?

  48. cocobutta February 10, 2016

    Oooh the reach is real!!
    So when they dissect the lyric sheet they really are going to look stupid.

    The song is mainly about herself. It’s a turn up track with a strong visual message of cultural relevance, while in black history month.

    No hate lyrics, no oppression, no police slandering, no promoting violence.

  49. RealMusicPassion February 10, 2016

    Though “Formation” musically wasn’t it for me,this is is stupid and ignorant.

    The Black Panthers were a group that was formed in Oakland,CA in 1966 to keep watch of and protect it’s citizens of color from the police brutality taking place during that era in time.They need to stop calling them a hate group. So, though I don’t feel that song conveys that, during a time where police brutality has reached a new level of low, I understand her reference to it.It isn’t to say be disobedient to police and it’s system, it’s more of a way to say don’t forget the past, so this time we are that much smarter in history. But that’s just my take on it.

    Check out and comment on

  50. WINTZ February 10, 2016

    Blah blah blah the real story here is that BEYONCE started off 2016 firing old management so that NEW management can ride full speed ahead with this MARKETING strategy for her new album.
    Just release some MUSIC like ADELE did! And watch it chart…
    Why is she TROLLING us?? Kiiiii

  51. briano 1 February 10, 2016

    Will she perform bow down afterwards is that the formation you are to get in

    As aftar

  52. FC/JC February 10, 2016

    Black Lives Matter movement, and Beys team is always 10steps ahead… U didnt think they calculated this sort of response.. LMAO, Imbeciles

  53. SMH February 10, 2016

    This whole mess is a joke lol. Both the song and video suck, and neither one conveys any kind of black unity message. Which makes this boycott even more moronic because they’re getting mad about a song that literally talks about nothing. Everyone involved in this mess, from beyonce and her team to both the fans and haters, are fukking imbeciles lol.

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