Chart Check: Rihanna Ties Janet Jackson & Mariah Carey’s Billboard Hot 100 Record

Published: Tuesday 2nd Feb 2016 by Rashad
Rihanna, left, and Janet Jackson pose together at the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008. (AP Photo/ Matt Sayles)

While Janet Jackson technically owns the title of “most Hot 100 top 10 hits by a female artist of color” by her lonesome, Billboard reports the diva concurrently holds the record with fellow pop icon Mariah Carey.  The tie is one few complain about as both songstresses have proven themselves worthy with an impressive catalog, jaw-dropping performances, and stage presence to boot.

However, those fans found their jaws dropping for a different reason when news surfaced the divas’ understudy – Rihanna – has joined rank with them as a result of the success of ‘Work’ – the fourth/first single from her 8th opus ‘Anti’…

rihanna top 10 hits


 As reported here nearly one year ago, Ri – with her top 10 smash ‘Four Five Seconds’ – was just one hit away from tying the Billboard top 10 record of Jackson and Carey.  Now, with the #9 debut of her newest single ‘Work,’ the Bajan beauty’s chart stats sit side by side with the icons and fifth overall.

This means with two more hits she’ll not only surpass their record, but – at age 27 – she’ll be 9 spots away from threatening the overall record held by Queen of Pop Madonna.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Gerett February 2, 2016

    except their hits are much more memorable than hers,honestly one of Mariahs #1s is more iconic than half of her #1s. not to mention they didn t have things like streaming helping them out

    • RASHAD February 3, 2016

      No lies told or detected… Leave it to the NAVY and they will tell you different! Rihanna is the Quenn of defaults!

      • Yucksss February 3, 2016

        Born This Way era once again…. 🙁

      • Lamb4Life February 3, 2016

        Rihanna zitty a$$- Queen of Cheating System !!!

      • WINTZ February 3, 2016

        I’m looking at the time that most of these comments were posted… Ch

        HIVE!! U NEVER lost this much SLEEP to await news on Beyboring and Coldplay’s single!

        CAMP Fenty harbouring refugees!

        ((Ring Ring)) *Adele’s voice* Hello..:

        I’d like to request “SLEEPLESS” by the HiVE

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      You sound so but hurt. I’ll wait for you to try to recollect at least 10 of Madonna’s top 10 hits you loose bottom Queen

      • WINTZ February 3, 2016

        I can only recall madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and “papa don’t preach”…

        The things they come with to make the pain of Rihanna’s success a little less sharp.

    • Deal February 3, 2016

      They called her Queendonna for nothing. 😉

      • Tina B February 3, 2016

        Nobody f*cks with the Queen!!!

    • Riri4Eva February 3, 2016

      Mariah is not global. Sit now you bottom of the barrel obese Lambs.

      • WINTZ February 3, 2016

        Mariah’s global success has dwindled presently but I will forever have a soft spot for Mimi. I can’t help it. Lol

    • ARTFLOP HARD February 3, 2016

      GAGA who???!!

      😆 😆 😆

      • K byeeeeeee February 3, 2016

        Beyonce not a yet legend.

    • bonBon489 February 3, 2016



      • WINTZ February 3, 2016

        B!+€H the world’s opinion kills your irrelevant opinion on this anti-DISCUS-struggle blog.

        Rihanna received an ICON award because her music has undeniably impacted the WORLD which is so much larger than your domestic area.

        BeyMAD at ANTI’s roll out all u want. What’s done is done!
        NEVER get it twisted…

        Her MUSIC brought her to the top with the legends.

    • WINTZ February 3, 2016

      BEYlieve it or not RIHANNA is on her way to legendary stat! Full speed ahead Riri!

      Another record under the belt!

    • rosy February 3, 2016

      Go f*** yourself when Mariah came out your mama and papi hated on her saying she can’t sing like Whitney and trying to be black with Janet you haters say she cannot sing either Madonna got the worst flak now it’s rih turn and one day she will get her respect Sam has bills to pay so we will be seeing some disrespectful post I wish rih send his ass a letter to sue his sight that’s what Wendy williams did to sandra rose ugly ass so she cannot post anything about Wendy williams these blogs need to be set straight

    • A February 3, 2016

      Facts One Sweet Day or Fantasy is more relevant and memorable than shawty whole career ! Janet’s Rhythm Nation s*** on her as well !

    • WINTZ February 3, 2016

      460anna remains unbothered!!

      Owning minds- ticked

      Owning music- ticked

      Breaking records- ticked

      Music charting on RELEVANT charts- ticked

      Turning corporations into STANS- ticked

      Mula stacked- ticked

      The annual “SEETHING” awards goes to the Hateful Hive!

      Looool ANTI.

      *plays music*

      Say mi haffi work work work work work

  2. RASHAD February 2, 2016

    Nobody can deny her power when it comes to topping the charts! Good news for the Navy… Finally lol!

    • RASHAD February 2, 2016

      Let me rephrase that… She can top the SINGLES charts. Albums charts is another story I.E. Anti


      • RIP February 3, 2016

        Yo momma is so flopped, she married with an a** to sell records.


    • RASHAD February 3, 2016


      When you can’t read or throw shade its best just to stand on the side line and wacth the professionals!

      FYI: My parents have been married since 1987. 29yrs and counting! So try to come for somebody else’s mother!

      • Lol February 3, 2016

        #takeyourfingersoutofyourbootyass and put it at your fav’s nose. Riri will overtake Pariah Cowry or Jaflop Jackson pretty soon.

  3. Slay_Hive February 2, 2016

    Another worthless single accolade… *Yaaaawwwnnnsss* Is there anything else to fRih besides charts and numbers!!! Can we talk about how Beyonce sold Anti’s first week sales in hours???!!! Yet this washed up b**** is the digital Queen? lmaooo I can’t at how stupid her fans look now.

    • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

      Correction Beyonce sold Antis debut #s in seconds KIII

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      That’s okay Fenty 460 shall be coming through hunty fret not.

      My fave is coming for that 14th #1 note though Work is currently #4 and #15 on the Itunes Chart its overall points is #2 also she’s smashing all three formats at radio!

      Like its too let, also her sales have been revised upwards, clock that Tea b**** even after giving away a million copies #POSEBITCH

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        LMAOOOO Ya’ll are so f****** pathetic now. The album is a humongous flop boo , I can care less about an irrelevant chart position, when the single is doing nothing for those album sales. This b**** is ciara’s lessor now! #460

      • RASHAD February 3, 2016

        Your fav been coming for that 14th #1 single since what the past 2-3 years lol! If this goes #1 it will be the light at the end of this dark tunnles known as “ANTI”. You better cling and hold tight to the SINGLES CHART! When the dust settles “ANTI” will glide down the charts faster than Beyonce flipped down the stairs back in 2007!

        Samsung can only mask the flop of an era for so long!

      • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016


        That was ‘4’ babe. Lets not my fave isnt bothered she gave that s*** away for free. bey could not do that Self titled needed to sell for her to remain relevant. Fenty had and has nothing to prove. If she wants to smash she can, the queen just gave ya’ll peasant some moody mid tempo bops and she is unbothered.

        Watch her go double platinum in the next three months and YES @ ME then B****!

      • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

        RASHAD your so salty tho babe. How much number one albums does BEYWANCE have? When was her last? How many top 10’s or 20s was on the self titled and I will wait. Your fave is seemingly allergic to the upper echleons of the singles chart b**** dont even try me. Fenty shall be #1 on the BB200 next week. He rslaes have also been revise dupwards. LIKE FLOP FLOP FLOp.

        The girls are so mad @rihanna even when you aint even here to slay. What if homegirl was to do them microwavable hits ya”ll would have been too shook bruh.

        Ya’ll should worship the queen and thank her for keeping KANG BEY out of the danger ZONE of irrelevance because flop or not FENTY’s Brand is BOOMING!

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        Lmaooo b**** 4 leaked a month in advance with no hit single and still debuted with over 300k and is now platinum in the U.S. Beyonce doesn’t need a hit to sell. She is dat B****!! Your fave thought she could do the same and is now looking stupid with a rihjected album that will never see Gold unless she gives away more for free. What a flop irrelevant b**** to have to give your album away for free. Obviously she knew no one would buy it and she was right! FOH

      • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

        I’m glad you pointed out that 4 had no hit singles. Save for Drunk in Love self title had none either. It seems your fave is allergic to hit singles. POOR DAT!


      • RASHAD February 3, 2016


        Clearly you are the one salty writing multiple novels.

        If “4” is a flop then we will call it. Atleast the Beyhive can stand by it. The real shade is “4” leaked 3 weeks early and still s*** on Rihanna’s best 1st week sales lol! Only reason Navy acting tough is because Samsung bought 1 million copies. Wacth her 2nd and 3rd week sales drop!

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        Beyonce sells without hits and Frihanna flops without them. lmaooooWho is the REAL bad b****?! I’m glad you know it’s KANG Bey!! She’s bout to put the final nail in that crackhead’s career real soon. Have your wig ready b****!!lmaooo

    • Rihboy February 3, 2016

      Lol oh it’s washed up because bey didn’t make the list? They don’t have a section for most albums sold lol. if so that would be slaydele. Not bey,.yet neither slaydele or bey on this list ?. Night

  4. JanStan February 2, 2016

    She’s done her thing for sure. No taking that away from her. But she doesn’t inspire the next generation like true legends do. Aint no one of substance going to be performing her songs or trying to emulate her. Madonna, Janet and Mariah have inspired many a diva, past present and future. Rihanna LITERALLY will never.

    • Anti(hives scared of R8) February 3, 2016

      Lies Lies Lies Everybody copies Rihanna ugly

  5. HailBeysus February 2, 2016

    Lmao the Navi can finally rejoice ????

  6. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    Why is no one buying her album tho?? I thought the navy said the world was waiting? lmaoooo FLOP FLOP FLOP!!!!

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      BUT B**** the word was waiting you’ve been perched in each and every Rihanna post. You have listedned to the album in entirety, The album consumes you, yo are compelled by my fave. Your basic queen can never come for Rihanna no matter how much she sells.

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        B**** receipts of me being perched in every fRihanna post??! This era is such a bore, dragging her is no fun anymore. She is dragging her damn self with these flop numbers and her dumb fans look stupid hyping mediocrity! Don’t lie hoee, I’m not checking for your fave, just like the GP isn’t.

      • RASHAD February 3, 2016


        Beyonce sales more first week. #FACT
        Beyonce has more #1 albums. #FACT
        Beyonce has more multiplatinum albums than Rihanna. #FACT
        Beyonce has sold more album world wide than Rihanna. #FACT

        So I’m sorry to burst you bubble Beyonce CAN come for Rihanna… Beyonce will always s*** on Rihanna’s baisc albums sales!

  7. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    Hopefully work doesn’t fall down the charts quickly. She better release that video if she hopes for longevity! The song is actually cute, but I would thank Drake for it’s success. He’s hot right now! Rihanna knew she had to cling to someone. Her name isn’t big enough on it’s own. poor thing!

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      B**** what you need to hope for is that your fave actually gets another hit sometime soon. in the last 8 years she’s only had one top ten drunk in love. Like your fave needs to get that WORK and come up with a hit real soon!

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        Biitch my fave sold 460 albums in seconds and that album didn’t struggle for DOUBLE PLATINUM. When tf will fRih??!!! Hopefully that worthless ass top ten will push her album to gold. Lord knows it will struggle. No one wants Anti-Edges but you late bottms lmaooo

      • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

        460Anna is still mopping the floor with your boring ass fave! Beyonce is as tired as her weave.
        Like is beyonce allergic to the singles charts no shade but really?

        Anti is still gonna go #1 on the BB200 second #1 album. 7th platinum album.

        When will BEYWANCE? Fossil wishes she could

        and on an album point. FOSSIL who is KANG cannot even f****** outsell TAYLOR SWIFT OR SLAYDEL.. i thought she was an album SELLER. The head b**** being outdid by the peasants oh no!

        So if Bey isnt the queen of the album chart and god knows she is lways missing from the hot100 what does she slay at again… Oh TOURING?! which is why she had to merge two legs of he rone tour to outgross the basic b****** that are Taylor SWIFT, Katy and RIRI i mean BEY is so iconic. SO F****** SNATCHED


        I die everytime the hoodhive tries it

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        B**** you mad!!!!!! Holla attme when this washed up gorilla looking d*** hits DOUBLE PLATINUM!!! SEETHE B**** SEETHE!!!! Anti- certifications will be lucky to see half of 4’s sales. delusional!! Beyonce coming to peel that bald spot on the right side of that b****’s head back some more! She’s DONE!! Accept it boo!!! LIKE FLOP FLOP FLOP!!!! SCREAMING!!!!

    • Kev Kev February 3, 2016

      Not big enough? Plenty of Rihanna’s #1’s have been solo. Drake got his only Hot 100 #1 back in 2010. Perhaps he’ll get his 2nd one with Work. Anti is her 4 era:-)

    • WINTZ February 3, 2016

      Stop FU€KING around!! Lol we know u really want to type.. “Hopefully Work DOES falls down the charts quickly.” Kiiii


      Jealousy is so ACTIVE up in here!!

      Did this b**** really type that DRAKE made Rihanna’s single a hit???

      HOLLERING!!! OMG this is really killing u inside isn’t it??

      The HIVES need to be on suicide watch!! Lmaooo

  8. Weezy Tha Goat February 3, 2016

    To bad she can’t sing like Mariah and dance like Janet. But let’s talk about Anti-Talen ?☕️

  9. Kyle February 3, 2016

    This only happened because of hype , song has no substance & forgettable . Her album is a flop & it’s sad because I like Rihanna but it looks like her 15 minutes of fame is up!!..

    • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

      No lies detected. Like work is okay but BBHMM was way better. Her payola doing to much! Nobody is literally checking for this album yet she has all this radio play??? Gurrrrl bye with these lies!

      • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

        LOL. A Hit is a hit. I Wish someone would hype up a Bey song or PRetty Gurls maybe it would be a hit.

  10. HailBeysus February 3, 2016


    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      Nah b**** I here. Drag here peasant.

  11. Rebel February 3, 2016

    Madonna – queen of music.

    • WINTZ February 3, 2016

      This post has legend status!!

      That’s why the HEADLINE reads RIHANNA and not BEYtrayer!

      She dissed TINA TURNER.

      Her music SUCKS.

      She will never sit with the legends so yaaaaaaas

      HIVE… SEETHE on

      Tell us why u really mad!!! Kiii

  12. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? February 3, 2016

    @#Jackie, I just wanna say thank you for yesterday. You got me all the way together and checked me at the door, even without providing receipts. I couldn’t even stop laughing because everything you said was correct and not a lie was detected. I can’t help but to respect you for being on your grown woman stuff. Thanks for being a loyal Ci stan and not letting me get away with anything just because I like Rih too.

    Lol! I’m kissing ass now (?), but I really do mean every word. You da real MVP.

  13. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    Frihanna’s career is OVERRRRRRR!!!!!!! The world is waiting on Beyonce to come save the day, as usual!!! We need real talent!

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      Waiting with bated breath. SLAY QUEEN BEY
      Give us ADELE AND TAYLOR album numbers. Oh Wait, she’s incapable, the slayage is always so minimalistic.


      • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

        Bey has done Taylor Numbers dumb fuxk. Y’all praise her yet overlook DIL (11MWW) BDAY (7mWW) IASF (9mWW) Taylor’s lowest selling album is 6m and highest is 9m. Get to stepping h** the fact Self Titled is at over 4m WW 20 years into her career is impressive. CHEATANNA 11 years dubuting with #460 ??????

      • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

        OH NO we’re back at DIL and BDAY. Go d*** up those old tired receipts boo, all youre showing me is that your fave has peeked, unfortunately i live in the present and presently your fave is incapable of doing ALBUM SELLER NUMBERS.

        Taylor and Adele are tho. This tea tho. At least 460Anna knows she doesnt shift Albums so she slays with Singles, but again

        YASSS BEY ALbum Seller. Slay B****!

      • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

        The funny thing is YOU’RE literally dragging yourself. You’re comparing Beyoncé to Adele and Taylor, who has been in the game 10 YEARS longer than them. Adele and Taylor are not Beyonce’s musical peers. That would ve CHEATANNAs peers KIII!!!

  14. KingNavy February 3, 2016

    Sad a** Beyawnce fans trying to detract from the fact that in 10 years rihanna has scalped your fav’s sales lol. Work debuted at #9 with only a day worth of sales so imagine next week and please the sad #460 joke is as dry as the last time Beyawn had a #1 song which was when I was in high school so… yea when your fav actually GETS on the list of best selling females artists of all time then talk until then… wait for B6 and its “amazing” sales that still won’t help her pass Toni Braxton on the all time greats list. #ANTi #WhenWillYourTiredFavs

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      Bae its the HOT100 The Hive int familiar with this chart, there fave seldom visit it, I’d be pressed too.

  15. BeyLovely February 3, 2016

    Madonna- Queen of Pop. Y’all keep trying, hokay??? 😉

    • WINTZ February 3, 2016

      Loooool the HIVE is clinging to legends in efforts to diss RIHANNA!!

      The self drag tho kiiii

      I would be ASHAMED if my fave’s protege tripled the level of success in a SHORTER time span too!

      Beygone been here over 20 years YET The only time legend is mention with her name is when there is talk bout how she dissed the LEGENDARY Tina Turner!

      Lol Rihanna wins

  16. Werk it February 3, 2016


    • RASHAD February 3, 2016

      Beyoncé you know her and so does Rihanna. Rihanna tried to copy Beyonces surprise album and flopped! There now I’m sure that helped refresh your memory!

  17. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    Why tf is this dumb mad navy b**** brignging up Taylor, like she didn’t have Frihanna running running running from a release date the entire of last year!!! STAWWWPPPP!!!! The Pop Queen should easily be outselling Taylor right?? NOT!!

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      OH WAIT… Taylor and Adele are only to be mentioned by the HIVE to point out how lacking Rih is as an album seller. WOOPS Neva got the MEMO. Noted Hunty!


      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        B**** Frihanna can’t sit with Taylor, Bey or Adele!!!!!!! She can barely sell $1 singles now-a-days!!! lmaoooooo Is you Mad????!!!

      • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

        SO if she can barely sell singles how is it that she is sitting with the legends with all of 27 top 10s and 13 #1, i guess numbers lie after all.

        @BIllboard why the fxxck you lying @slayhive the new industry bible has said that RIh did not just top the digital chart with work. My fave is such a flop. Billboard and these lies though…

        Like FLOP FLOP FLOP

        Oh great Slay_HIve thanks for the enlightenment, for i was so very deceived.

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        B**** get your dumb ass out of my reply box. No amount of deflection will erase the OBVIOUS floppage. If this was Bey, you hoess would be having a field day!!! Just stop

  18. #TeamTinashe Stan (#JOYRIDE…. Coming Soon) February 3, 2016

    Any of these big artists should be accomplishing this feat due to the OVER HYPE every one does for these artists first singles. The iTunes and Spotify era will make them earn such great feat.

    Congrats to Rih. ANTI is actually in my opinion her best album. If people really wanted to take Rihanna seriously as a “singer” and artist in general this is the album. I saw growth but a major disaster of the rollout plan attached to this album.

  19. RIP February 3, 2016

    What? No Taylor, Gaga, Beyonce, Nicki, Adele….and all those basic b*tches alike…

    ha ha ha.

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      OH NO!!! i thought HOEANNA was done!

      Not 460Anna SITTING in the History Books with the Legends. SLAY BIH

      • Too Funny February 3, 2016

        If I was a stan for those b*tches, I would like my money back. No point of listening to second class artists… 🙁

  20. Oscar February 3, 2016

    these kids can break all the legends records but they’ll NEVER have their impact

    • WINTZ February 3, 2016

      Hahaha because of Rihanna’s impact, the YOUNGER generation of MUSICIANS presently have invoked her signature styles and sounds in their PRESENT art! For example, n@sty heffa Ariana Grande, the beautiful and talented Zendaya, Tinashe.. Etc

      Even the Dinosaurs like BEYhindTime is copying Rihanna! Talk about IMPACT u come correct B!+€H!!

      Little white girls running around shaving off the sides of their heads thinking they bad now- RIHANNA’s impact

      Doubling and Tripling SALES for multimillion dollar corporations by just stamping her name and face- RIHANNA’S impact

      The current digital CATALYST in music industry-
      RIHANNA’s impact!

      Don’t dare do it!!! U tried it tho!!

  21. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

    Bad Gal Rihanna. The #1 Queen Of Music. These B*tches Mad Because They Stan For Menopause. F*CKING SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WINTZ February 3, 2016

      What… Stawwwwwp ??

      Stan for menopause tho… U wrong for that.

  22. Kyle February 3, 2016

    2016 is the year of real music & veteran comebacks. Mark my words your gonna see people like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Usher & more make huge returns and dominate!

    • WINTZ February 3, 2016

      @KerosineOil aka Kyle

      You Stan for an “ARTIST” that is being musically blackballed by people’s EARDRUMS!!

      The real kiii is that U truly want to type HER name but can’t because

      2016 started and BEY has already TANKED!! Literally no one is excited to hear this B! +€H!

      Why are u hiding behind them Otha peeps? Use your fave!!


      Not even the HIVE uses BEYlowthecharts. Such a kiii.

  23. Anti(hives scared of R8) February 3, 2016

    Winning!! As always the pest will try to discredit this accomplishment because their fav is nowhere to been found.where is fatyonce??

  24. Time To Pack And Go February 3, 2016

    Dragged those h0es who aren’t on the list with the legends. 😀

  25. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    Beyonce is an album seller tho boo. She is the only black entertainer still pulling in multi=platinum plaques and didn’t even need HALF the promo it took your fave to sell 460 copies!Rihanna is the only b**** incapable.

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      LOL BUT BAE What promo? what promo?

      STUNTANCE droppping the album without warning with 321o37324832 videos was promo. Guuurl bye. I love you though, so deluded, so amusing. You’re my new fav pet.

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        Girl you so mad and delusional. How does it feel down there on your knees.? lmaooo Beyonce is so distraught over that massive 460 copies sold. lmaoooo You are my pet. know your mf place b****!

    • Anti(hives scared of R8) February 3, 2016

      Beyonce has big first week numbers but her WW sales never live up to the hype lol I expect 15 mill WW. She’s average,she has no confessions.Who said Rihanna was an album seller?? Rihanna can still pull in WW numbers.

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        Are you seriously talking avout someone not living up to hype when your fave just sold 460 copies with all the promo she has done the entire year?? aRE you serious??? Shouldn’t her top ten single be pushing her album sales to double platinum, since according to ya’ll the the billboard hot 100 is the most important chart in the world???!! Ya’ll are so f****** stupid lmaooo I can’t

      • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

        WW SALES ? Bey sells outside the US?

        Nah i”m kididng but lets be real, SELF TITLED which was a blockbuster hasnt even outsold Una like… ALbum Seller Slayage note i’m not even gonna bring up ‘4’s abysmal numbers.

      • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

        Lmao your such a fuxking liar! Billboard has no post on Cheatanna at 270 milliom records just her record label KIII


        Music of The Sun 1.5m
        A girl like me 3.8m
        Good Girl Gone Bad 9m
        Rated R 3.2m
        Loud 6m
        Talk That Talk 3.7m
        Unapologetic 3.4m
        Anti 460 ??????????

        Worldwide Total: 162,000,000

        Love the Way You Lie – 12,000,000
        We Found Love – 11,000,000
        Umbrella – 9,500,000
        Diamonds – 9,000,000
        Stay – 9,000,000
        Only Girl (In the World) – 8,000,000
        Don’t Stop the Music – 8,000,000
        Disturbia – 7,300,000
        S&M – 6,500,000
        Live Your Life – 6,400,000
        The Monster – 5,900,000
        Run This Town – 5,500,000
        Rude Boy – 5,200,000
        What’s My Name? – 5,000,000
        FourFiveSeconds – 5,000,000
        Take a Bow – 4,500,000
        Russian Roulette – 4,000,000
        SOS – 4,000,000
        Pon De Replay – 4,000,000
        Where Have You Been – 4,000,000
        Take Care – 4,000,000
        Unfaithful – 4,000,000
        Shut Up And Drive – 3,000,000
        Cheers – 3,000,000
        You Da One – 2,400,000
        Rehab – 2,350,000
        Hard – 2,250,000
        B**** Better Have My Money – 1,600,000
        California King Bed – 1,600,000
        Man Down – 1,500,000
        Break It Off – 1,400,000
        Te Amo – 1,200,000
        What Now – 750,000
        Right Now – 750,000
        Cockiness – 600,000
        Rockstar 101 – 600,000

  26. Time To Pack And Go February 3, 2016

    Bey who???!!!

  27. Time To Pack And Go February 3, 2016

    Adele who???? 🙁

  28. Time To Pack And Go February 3, 2016


  29. Time To Pack And Go February 3, 2016

    “Rihanna is over” and yet she’s with the legends.


  30. Kyle February 3, 2016

    It’s not always about HOW MANY HITS you have but the QUALITY OF HITS you have. Only major hit that pops in your head with Rihanna is Umbrella. At least others have more memorable hits & people still sing them today lol..

    • WINTZ February 3, 2016

      @KerosineOil Rihanna has “Diamonds”

      Beyonce has “7/11”

      As a BEYlowthecharts fan- u have no musical authority to speak on QUALITY of Rihanna’s or anyone else’s music.

  31. Time To Pack And Go February 3, 2016

    Rihanna is not just a basic b**** like you all …hahahhak.

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      RIHANNA is a basic b****! 260 million units sold, Digital Artist, Secod Best Sellign female artist in the UK, 27 Top 10’s, 13 #1. seven platinum album.

      Only a bis does those numbers…. Like FLOP FLOP FLOP!!!!

      • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

        DEATH 260 MILLION!?!?!? THE INFLATION ?????
        Hoeanna has sold 162 million singles and 29 million albums where the fuxk did the other 70million records come from???

      • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

        HailBeysus.Wherever did you get those numbers. When you come to drag at least be accurate. Are you still using those numbers from 5 years ago ? Go do youre homwork, this was confirmed by Billboars Rihanna is the best selling female of our generation. SIT B****

  32. FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

    SO if she can barely sell singles how is it that she is sitting with the legends with all of 27 top 10s and 13 #1, i guess numbers lie after all.
    @BIllboard why the fxxck you lying @slayhive the new industry bible has said that RIh did not just top the digital chart with work. My fave is such a flop. Billboard and these lies though…
    Oh great Slay_HIve thanks for the enlightenment, for i was so very

    Like the LOLS literally write themselves

  33. Time To Pack And Go February 3, 2016

    Your favs have like less than a dozen of hits. Tragic.. 🙁

  34. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    B****** still talking about a sollar single when the album sold 460 copies…lmaoooooo Don’t defelct with that single that will have NO longevity. Beyonce sold 80k in two hours with no promo. Why is that??!!! Why can’t the digital queen! This era wil be over in about six more weeks lmaooo

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      Anti which was given away for free to one million people will debut on the BB200 at #1 with afull week of sales, the predicitons have beenr evised upwards to 150 now boo…



      A Free album still going #1 and Selling 150k .,,

      What a washed up b****.

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        LMAOOOOOOO Get the f*** out of my reply box hyping those basic ass numbers and then have the nerve to come for Bey!!! BYYYYEEEEEE I guess you’re having that she’s selling something no matter how low it is, huh?

      • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

        BUT babe, Rih isnt an album seller. This is a well established fact, the navi, the hive, rihanna, Rihanna’s mother, Beyonce… everybody knows this….

        Bey is an album seller tho, so why isnt she SHIFTING?!

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        Oh my goodness. So to cover up rihanna’s basicness as an album seller, you claim she is not one WHILE claiming she has the best singles to ever hit the entertainment industry?!! Shouldn’t her album sales refect the success of her singles?!! lmaooo You hoess never cease to amaze me. Ya’ll looking real stupid right now!

  35. orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana February 3, 2016

    Good for her, but Lady Gaga needs to come back and humble Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

  36. King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

    Where’s Beyonce? And the rest of those flops you haters stan for? Save it, we already know. #BEysic #SomeQueen #SonySlave
    Rihanna’s name is up their with artist that been over 20 years in the game. Legend!

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      They Stressed Out Bih. Rihanna Has Sold Over 200 Million Records. Even If You Total BeyThot’s Records Sold It Wouldn’t Even Match The Same As The King Of Music Herself Rihanna.

  37. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

    SlayHive Your Mouth Is Beginning To Smell Like Your Mother’s Stink P*ssy. Leave This Thread You Don’t Belong Nor Does The Rest Of The Beyblade Hive Members. Is Your Wh*re Even Mentioned In The List B*tch N*gga? SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!

  38. King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

    “except their hits are much more memorable than hers”
    . Doesn’t even make sense, but whatever help you sleep in this Anti assassination week. I don’t understand, they claim getting a hit is so easy, yet how many top 10s have Beyonce out out this decade? The numbers won’t come close to Ruhanna’s. Ready for Anti being #1 album next week?

  39. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    B**** will struggle for months to reach gold. What a f****** FLOPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! lmaoooo That top ten is useless AF!

  40. Kyle February 3, 2016

    People on this site are so bias, it’s crazy! This girl literally sold 1,000 copies of her album, & her fans still have the nerve to be cocky & talk s*** over a basic single that’s top 10 LMAO I CANT ! I see why I took time off from coming to this blog!..

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      Who Asked You To Come B*tch?

      • Kyle February 3, 2016

        Who asked you to reply to me B****! F*** off!

    • King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

      Worry about J.lo having better shows than Britney at the same venue.

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      All around the world PRETTY GIRLS….

      But on the Real when was the last time shintey seen a platinum plaque… like HNAG IT UP, go write reviews of you washed up faves Residency, this post is for the LIVING. Hell even FOSIL has more life than stifney

      • Kyle February 3, 2016

        Lmao , Britney’s first album & singles s*** on Rihanna career. Don’t do it!

      • King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

        Keep living in 1999. “all around the world, petty girls…”

  41. King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

    Remember when we called Rita flopping and Roc Nation burning money on her and her lil fans ( S A M) were like No no no no, she’s slaying. And now it comes out that Roc Nation burned 2.4 million on her and got nothing from it. lol

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016


    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      RITA ORA? what is that?!

  42. Slave_HIVe February 3, 2016

    I talk so much ish and hate on Rihanna, but look at my busted chubby, huge FIVEhead having face. This is why I’m mad.

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      baeeeee. you poor thing.

      UGLY needs a HUG?

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      SCREAMING THE F*CK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is This Really The Receding Hairline Phaggot?? The Hairline Is All The Way Scaled Back Like It’s B*tch Wig Closures.

      • King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

        Yep, Del Bey posted his pic and got rave reviews. FourFive Head thought he would do the same, but was slaughtered with laughter. Poor Dat.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 3, 2016

        OMG @Marsha666 I swear you have a crush on DelBey because the way you keep on talking about his selfie. It’s actually kinda cute that everyone knows you better than you know yourself. XOXO

  43. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

    SlayHive Is Scared Of Me. Kiii!!!!!!! He Was Crying Like The Little Hairless Phaggot Like He Is Last Time When We Came For Him And Ran Over That H 0 E.kii

    • FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

      I’m ready for the motherfucking Hive sis. Was trying to read my law books and keep it cute but the hive is really trying it these days, got to get these h*** in line real quick.

      • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

        Bih I Got The Receipts To Tag Along With You. Let’s F*ck Them Up Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    LMAOOOOO These b****** so mad!! Im flawless why you hoess mad and UGLY!!!! Posting my selfie from last year want make this album or era a success!!!! stupid ass weak biitches LMAOOOO

    • King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

      Won’t*, not want. Stupid (and ugly).

      • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

        DEAD. Mark111 We Already Got Him Together Last Year When It Exposed Itself As King B And KillerBey And More Because Of Him Not Knowing How To Spell. CRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. FRESH NAVI February 3, 2016

    Nah but for real @Slay_Hive is my good sis. I’m implementing a moratorium on the dragging of her weave by any member of the Rihanna Navy.

    Leave her edges in one piece, I beg.

  46. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 3, 2016

    Congrats. She is the biggest black female of the modern era.

    • King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

      I say one of the top of our gen period. Her being consistent for over 10 years is something only a few has done. (and barley non have done this gen.)

  47. King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

    Wonder why TGJ won’t post Rita’s topless Liu cover, but had so much to say about Rihanna doing it, saying “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our respects to Rihanna‘s last shred of class.”
    As always, Rih is a head of the pack of lacks.
    But no post when Rita dose it.

  48. Kyle February 3, 2016

    I see I got a few haters just for speaking facts lol. I actually like Rihanna like I said earlier if these bums would pay attention lol

  49. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

    OMFGG!! SlayHive Looks Like The Bird Sculpture Clay From That’s So Raven. THE JOKE OF THE DAY KIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 3, 2016

    All I Want For Christmas will be Mariah’s 28th top ten. It came so close in December when it hit #11.. After all these years ???

  51. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    Why would I be scared of an incoherent irrelevant b**** trying to cling to my name…lmaooo you how’s make me kii like MF…bunch of sore ass losers!!!

  52. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 3, 2016

    Just noticed ThotYawncé’s absense from the list lmao.

  53. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    Lmaooo there fave is such an irrelevant flop, they want to turn this into slayhive’s post!!! Kiiiii I can’t with how bitter and delusional you girls are. #460 ????

    • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

      They’re so pressed over you! You got bitxhes going as far as making troll accounts in honor of your name ?

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        Yea they are a bunch of bitter fools that i laugh at!! It only shows how pressed and weak they are, resorting to the same read from a year ago. These hoess haven’t deleted my selfie yet. My impact tho.

      • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

        Yup they are. You ain’t even ugly like they are desperately trying to say. They drag themselves by coming for someone who has the balls to post their selfie in their avi. Yet these scat feeding hoeees cant do the same. Probably super obese white and fugly lmao!

  54. Grande The Way February 3, 2016

    Congrats to her though the song is not my cup of tea. To be honest, the songs off the Home Soundtrack that she recorded>songs off of Anti

  55. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    Stupid ass hoess!!! lmaooo

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      Says The One Who Can’t Spell For S***. SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

    Navy Help Me Out. The Receding Hairline Beyblade Hive Member Responded To Me With Something But I Don’t Understand. It Said= “lmaooo you how’s make me kii”. MY SWEET V***** IS CACKLING AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

    I’m waiting for her to snatch the most #1s, female and then most #1s PERIOD! LOL

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      Of This Decade As Usual.

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

      B**** you’ve been sayin that since FourFiveSeconds. Stfu already.

  58. Grande The Way February 3, 2016

    Tbh stans on this site are biased. Mark111 was shading My Everything for going platinum in sales+full album streams but will praise Rih for her free download certification. Some of yall cant put down the stan card and have a mature discussion.

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      Close Your Legs B*tch. Why Are You Hot And Bothered By Mark? STFU.

    • King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

      Ummm. Can you find the post of me saying that? Because I didn’t even know Mini Mi-Mi had a platinum album nor pay attention to the preteen. Plus Rihanna didn’t go Platinum with streams, it was from downloads. Plus RIAA just changed their rules this week. So when did this happen? I’m honestly asking.

  59. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    Bitter ass hoess lmaooo

  60. Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

    Say what you will about Bieber and other artists, but they topped Billboard because their music deserved it. Nothing was bought

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      Boooooooooo And Booooooooo Scheisethroned You’re As Boring As Your Mother’s Destroyed Walls. Nothing Can Revive It. You Using Bieber Is A Kiii As IF He Has Any Legendary Singles. Sit Your Albino Ass Down H 0 E. SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

        ^^^ When you lose an argument so you accuse people of trolling ON DA INNANET.
        Accusing me of being Scheisethroned isnt going to prevent me from pulling you nor Rihanna’s hairline back 10 more generations…..

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      MY SWEET V@GINA IS CACKLING AT THIS. Kii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

        Eww close your legs, and keep your esophagus SHUT you stupid w****!

  61. King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

    Rihanna had a top 10 in every year of her career. (I think minus 2014, but let me check.)

  62. Kyle February 3, 2016

    *OFF TOPIC*: but I miss the days when artists put in hard work with projects & had true eras. From performances, promotion, just overall feel & SELLING ALBUMS THE RIGHT WAY!

    • King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

      Hahaha, a Britney fan talking about hard work. Have you seen your fave this past decade? Don’t worry, the new way will help Britney the most, since her last two albums aren’t platinum and her last few singles flopped.

      • Kyle February 3, 2016

        Dumbass, I didn’t mention Britney’s name & it wasn’t shade to anyone, just a thought I had. Hop off!! & to b clear, she put in a lot of work, dancing albums back to back to back, look it up B**** & STOP REPLYING TO ME!

      • Kyle February 3, 2016

        & you need to get your facts straight! Femme Fetale is definitely platinum, & even though her last album struggled, it did better than 1,000 copies lol . Again , I like Rihanna as well as others but don’t come for me if I don’t send for you! YOU BEEN DISMISSED B**** BYE

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      Trann-y Shut Up. Britney Is Trash And Really Needs To Invest In Some Plastic Surgeries.

      • Kyle February 3, 2016

        Again another dumbass, I didn’t mention Britney’s name , simply saying what I thought, HOP OFF & STOP REPLYING H**!

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

        F****** idiot!

  63. Stephon Jackson February 3, 2016

    Congrats Rihanna! Singles Queen!

  64. Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

    Oh, and let not forget the fact the album can’t be returned for those who don’t like it, because it’s free – Had I bought this on iTunes without listening to it first, I would definitely have requested a refund

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      You See What I Mean? Your Shades Are Weak. If You Downloaded The Album And If You Dont Like It You Can Just Delete It. You Special Ed B*tch. SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

        You’re stupid, ugly, submissive, and will continue to be treated like a 2nd class citizen.

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      You Feel Dumb Right? SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

        Are you in resource classes?
        Please remove the tin foil hat slowly, sir.

  65. HailBeysus February 3, 2016

    In other news @TGJ check out TIME stand up for Queen Bey on White America saying she is misappropriating Indian culture. Even the people of India and South Asia are standing up for her. Kiii when will HOEANNA! The Queen should answer back with loads of touring dates in ASIA for the love they gave her.

    • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

      Lmao first when the album flopped and every and their mama’s was pushing Frihanna down the Itunes charts the aiiiids infested k** Swallowers said her album was about quality and they didn’t care for charting positions. Now that “Worked for Nothing” has charted at 9 and this post was made they run back to singles ?????????????

  66. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

    But Why Did SlayHive Stop Commenting And Tyleecia Suddenly Just Appears Quickly A Minute Later? The F*cking Kii Kii Is F*cking Real On This Website.

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

      LOL You stay trying to accuse everybody else of the s*** that you’re guilty of.
      Nobody knows you….
      You’re a trolling fraud just like FREEanna

    • King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

      Same person. It switch users because it can’t stand his own face.

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

        Is that what happened between you and Keri Qween?
        Since your forhead broke up with your hairline and decided to move on….

      • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

        Mark, You’re Right It’s SlayHive. He Misspelled ‘Forehead’. Dead.

  67. OMG Logic!!! February 3, 2016

    Lambs aren’t bothered. Our Queen remains the apex of the musical world.

  68. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

    So Tyleecia Is SlayHive? I Am Tired Of Exposing The Same H I V/A I D S No Walls N*gga All The Time. Tyler You’re Actually Ugly As Hell Though. I Can’t Even Look At That Picture It Annoys The F*ck Out Of Me.

    • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

      Post a selfie in your avi so we can compare you to Slay-Hive! If Not i suggest ypu shut the fuxk up on another’s looks!

  69. Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

    The Navy had the nerve to call Self Titled Hype?
    Umm, lets no forget the fact that a huge number of people who downloaded Anti for FREEE would’ve NEVER spent money out of their own pockets to buy the album on iTunes, or driven to the store and bought it. Forget the fact that when something is free even non-fans will download it, if nothing else for pure curiosity. Forget the fact the album can’t be returned for those who don’t like it, because it’s FREE #FREEanna

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      But Tyleecia/Scheisethroned/AnalWigs/Slayhive B*tch You Have Alot Of Troll Profiles On Here To Come After Rihanna. You’re Stressed. Go Do Something Else Like Rejuvenating Your Mom’s V*gina. Goodnight Slayhive. SCREAMING THE F*CK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

    Someone please shoot this rihtarded hoee that can’t seem to keep my name out of ha mouth! lmaooo b**** is crazy

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

      That psycho is going in for NO reason lol
      I hope FREEanna uses that $25 mill that she got from Samsung to help Justine keep his lights and water on kiii

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        lmaoooo that b**** is psycho. You can’t tell her that she ain’t dragging tho. She has deluded her damn self. Rihanna should buy the b**** a brain too.

  71. Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

    Why are you so mad with ur mad ass?
    Are you mad because slay hive has edges and you DON’T?
    Are you mad because you look like you jumped out of a muthafuckin casket, b****????
    Which one is it??

  72. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

    And Now It Changes Back To P*ssyHive Now. Kiii MY SWEET V***** CANT TAKE THIS PHAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

    LOL Justine you sound like an edgeless hater!
    Pull up a chair else where! Dont be mad because you cant sit with us hahaha

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      I Don’t Want To Sit With You SlayHive Because You Spell Correctly Like A Real B*tch Would. ‘Elsewhere’. Thank Me Later SlayHive. SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

        I Don’t Want To Sit With You SlayHive Because You Can’t Spell Correctly Like A Real B*tch Would. ‘Elsewhere’. Thank Me Later SlayHive. SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

    Justine’s a stupid b****!
    He’s obviously upset because we have more furniture in one room than he has in his entire HUT…you can hear the echo when he “reads”

    *Holds up peace sign and fades away*

  75. King Navy February 3, 2016

    Evening everyone
    I just wanna say on behalf of the 460Vy we do not claim nor do we acknowledge justineskyeLOVESrihanna as one of us. We don’t know her, we don’t use her heck we don’t even want her. So sis please sto embarrassing yourself by associating yourself with a Stan base that pays you dust

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

      SlayHive. SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

        You’re so pressed over Slay-Hive you literally think he is half the Hive, paranoid much??? Gurl go take a shower and wash that musty stank sweaty pússy off. We all know you’re sticking to your sheets like Velcro ??????

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

      Oh no! She wasn’t reeadddddyyyyyy LMAO

  76. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 3, 2016

    OK Dumb Hives I Had Fun Dragging Everyone Of You No No No My Bad I Had Fun Dragging Slayhive/Tyleecia/Scheisethroned/AnalWigs All The Same People With One Phaggot Trolling With Each Of These Dumb Ass Profile Names. We The Navy Won Once Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Is Getting Boring, I Wanna Drag People Who Are On My Level. But It Looks Like Everyone Of Them Are On Team Navy/Unicorns. Goodnight B*tches. The New Head B*tch In Charge Just Left—

    • King Navy February 3, 2016

      We? Sis but you’re on your own, we don’t use your irrelevant ass????

      • HailBeysus February 3, 2016


      • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

        Ikr! Why does he keep sayin “we” ???? This aint French class lololol

      • Slay_Hive February 3, 2016

        LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO b**** I cant!!!!!!!!

      • King Mark111 /.\ February 3, 2016

        This troll made 3 different accounts and replying to himself. Lol. How sad.

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

        ^^looks like folks still havent mastered staying in their own lane yet^^
        Marsha! Marsha! Marsha *tisk,tisk*

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 3, 2016

        LMAOOOOOOOO I’m – in – TEARS!!!!!!!! JustineSkyeHasAPurpleAsshole is so scared of moi, that she chose to run to this post and run away before I even arrived. Do I really need to drag her by her leaveout for the THIRD time in one week?!

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 3, 2016


  77. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 3, 2016

    The MELTDOWNS that JustineSkyeLovesFRIHanna is having!!!!!!!!! BRUH i’m crying! The hive hasn’t caused this many meltdowns since RihNazi’s flipflopping ass jumped the slavi’s ship and tried to join Hive island.
    Why is JustineSkyeHasAPurpleClít soooo stressed of moi. her ACTUAL fave is a basic click-language-speaking hœ with a grape soda weave, so she has no permission to open her beefsucker. Next time step to me like a REAL Niqqah !

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 3, 2016

      “grape soda weave”

      –^–^–^———— *flatlines* lol

    • HailBeysus February 3, 2016

      *Walking down hallway and sees notification
      *Opens notification
      (Does death drop)

  78. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 3, 2016

    *sighs* ….. okay so we’re going to pretend that JustineSkyeHasDiarrRIHeah has left, even tho she’s still perched here watching the comment section and thumbing down the hive’s comments. LMAOOOO you hœs are tooo much! And I BETTER NOT see another ‘sweet v@gina’ comment on here! not when you have a yeast infection and your fave has purple herpęęs. #OhNoSheBetterDon’t

  79. Lol February 3, 2016

    Riri has more memorable songs than Mariah. Touch Her Fatty …acid….omg can’t stand that generic tune that nobody will remember as a genuine hit ???

  80. Royalkev February 3, 2016

    Congrats to Rihanna! I guess I’m not very surprised by this. Rihanna’s been consistent on the Hot 100 (like Janet and Mariah in their prime). What I don’t understand is how Janet would own a record for having the “most Hot 100 top 10 hits by an female ARTIST OF COLOR”, when Mariah is one too! O_0 …She just a lighter shade! Anyway, I really think Janet’s count should be listed at 28. How is that Diamonds, her #5 hit(Hot 100) with Herb Alpert only counts in her R&B tally of top 10’s. It’s always some b******* with Janet! … Anyway, I suspect Rihanna will continue to rack up these hits for a while. It’ll be interesting to see if she touches madonna’s top 10 record or Mariah’s record for having #1’s.

    • Shady 81 February 3, 2016

      Because it’s Herb Alpert’s song featuring Janet Jackson just like another of Herb Apert’s hits making Love In The Rain. Which became another hit but it Featured Lisa Keith and Janet Jackson both of those songs belong to Herb Alpert Janet was in a form of duet or Feature so it’s actually not her song that’s where it’s Herbs not Janet’s. Just like when she worked with Luther Vandross on song The Best Things In Life Are Free that credit belongs to Luther which was another hit on her resume even though it was a duet It’s still Luther’s song no one is doing Janet wrong, that’s Herb Alpert and Luther Vandross songs not hers, but she still is credited by Herb and Luther for being either a featured artist or in a duet with them.

      • CL says Hello Bi+ches February 3, 2016

        I cant with fRih selling less than my “k-flops”. I their first week sales!!!

        EXO – Sing for you: 267,900
        I damn EP.

      • Royalkev February 3, 2016

        I’m not too sure about that. If the featured act on a single doesn’t get credit for it’s peak, then why would ‘Diamonds’ count for Janet as one of her R&B Billboard #1’s (it’s 1 of her 16)? It’s the same with ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ by Busta Rhymes (which she also featured on), it’s 1 of her 16 #1’s on her R&B tally. interesting enough, that song also counts as 1 of Janet’s 27 top 10 Hot 100 hits. Rihanna is featured on Eminem’s ‘Love the Way You Lie’ and ‘The Monster’ and both songs are counted as 1 of her 13 chart-toppers. Jay Z has 4 #1 singles on the Hot 100 and only one as a lead artist.

        Btw, Luther shared equal lead status with Janet on ‘Best Things in Life are Free’. When you see & or “with” where performers are listed it doesn’t include either artists as a feature artists. Other examples of that are: Brandy with Monica (Boy is Mine), Mariah Carey with Boyz II Men (One Sweet Day), Salt N Pepa with EnVogue (Whatta Man), Beyonce with Shakira (Beautiful Liar), Whitney with Mariah (When you Believe) and Britney Spears with Iggy (Pretty Girls).

  81. Navy Nick February 3, 2016

    No shade to Rihanna, she’s doing her thing, and I like her, but when you look @ the a talent in that list, and then see her name…haha it’s just kinda funny, because it’s sad, she holds not a twinkle of anything compared to them; all original!!!! But do u boo!!!!

  82. WINTZ February 3, 2016

    No shade but how can you half compliment rihanna when your face is no where on that list? B!+€H sit!!

  83. WINTZ February 3, 2016

    The HIVE camped overnight in this post!!

    What’s the matter? Had trouble sleeping?!

    You will remain bothered!!

  84. Navyland February 3, 2016

    Rihanna got yall pressed af.

    Kiss it kiss it haters haters

  85. Jimmy February 5, 2016

    Mariah Carey is a cross between a PIG and a M***** – just GROSS!

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