Watch: Lady Gaga Glows In New Intel Grammy Teaser

Published: Saturday 13th Feb 2016 by Sam

The countdown to the 2016 Grammys is on!

Lady Gaga will serve as a major component of music’s biggest calendar night next Monday when she takes to the stage to perform an ambitious showcase in partnership with Intel.

Little has been shared about what fans can expect (beyond a David Bowie tribute), but the tech giant along with the 29-year-old’s Haus of Gaga have been teasing with a series of preview clips.

The latest awaits below and looks all sorts of…mystical.


Watch after the jump…

Very trademark “Gaga,” which is somewhat refreshing to see again given how stripped-back she’s been of late in the bid to rebrand her image. We understand the necessity of the latter, but we don’t want her to lose what makes her…her. The theatrics, the extravagance, the spectacle.

Hence watching this is reassuring.

As one of Pop’s premier performers, Gaga a must-see each time she hits the stage. So roll on Monday!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Probeyonce February 13, 2016

    That voice tho!!!

    GaGa / Intel

  2. BeyIsKing February 13, 2016

    Uhm I think it’s safe to say Gaga is playing no games and is coming to slay. come through Mother Monster!!

  3. Neliahah February 13, 2016

    Why does she talk like that? In that tryhard weird voice she puts on

    • Janet1814 February 13, 2016

      It’s all part of the elite’s transhumanist agenda haha

      • What now February 13, 2016


  4. Career Ender February 13, 2016

    haha look at this creature

  5. RASHAD February 13, 2016

    Gaga is WINNING in 2015-2016. Welcome back Mother Monster!

  6. sleazy February 13, 2016

    gaga is back to slay!!! no more weird gay music please

  7. Queen Egypt February 13, 2016

    This video is about Cern
    Nothing pretty about that. Please look it up. This represents the 5th dimension. The opening of a new portal(evil) to the “new world”. The new world is one where the masses are controlled. It goes a lot deeper so I really suggest you look up what this really means.

  8. Queen Egypt February 13, 2016

    Lady Gaga is playing the role of a transhuman, and that is why she talks that way. Lady Gaga is also representing the “Light Bearer”. For those who care to know what that means, it is a satanic figure. Look deep into the hidden messages that they’re laying out for us. .

  9. What now February 13, 2016

    This is a cool a*** commercial. I like all of the effects.

  10. JanStan February 13, 2016

    Bish YES!!!!! I’m here ready to helicopter my weave for this!! Slay. My. Life.

    • JanStan February 13, 2016

      Oh and why is she serving me FANMAIL era realness? Living.

  11. RealNegro February 13, 2016

    This should be interesting. I’m not big on pop music but I do like Gaga. I hope that she makes a huge comeback.

  12. King B February 14, 2016

    I wonder how’s her new album will sound like? GOOD LUCK GAGA!

  13. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 14, 2016

    Nice and good luck GaGa

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