Chart Check [Billboard 200]: Justin Bieber, Adele, & Rihanna Hold Tight To Top Spots

Published: Thursday 24th Mar 2016 by Rashad
rihanna justin bieber adele billboard 200

2016 has been awfully kind to Rihanna, Adele, and Justin Bieber.  If you need proof, as reported here, turn to the Billboard 200 and you’ll see the trio have kept the top 5 of the chart locked with their respective offerings.

While Addy and Biebs, who both released their albums in November 2015, have not fallen out of the top 5 one time since, Rih – who reclaimed the top spot this week – has only been out of the tally’s upper quintet once (when her album debuted at #27).

But, as they celebrate continued domination of the album charts, the real shakeup will come next week when, as previously reported, Gwen Stefani steam rolls competition to nab her first #1 courtesy of ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like.’

Until we see how everyone fares, tuck in below to see where all of your faves landed on this week’s TGJ Chart Check:

Billboard 200 This Week

 Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 5.58.54 PM

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 5.59.11 PM
Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 5.59.26 PM

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  1. BOOM March 24, 2016

    Kiss it better.

    • HailBeysus March 24, 2016

      SCREAMING!!!! The real kii is #9 on the list. The fact Travis Scott is making more with Halsey, The Weekend and Banks is HILARIOUS!!! Not all these ‘irrelevants’ as the Navy calls them making more in one show with less tickets sold!!!! ?????????? Le Struggle de Tour!!! I CAN’T AT THE GAVVY LYING!!!!

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 24, 2016

      Daaaayyyuuummmm lol #CLOCKED

    • RihNavy (Annalises’ Senior Dragging Assistant) March 24, 2016

      THIS TEA!!!

    • ???Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??? March 24, 2016

      Ooh! You came with receipts, so I can’t knock you for that. Don’t worry, though. The other shows will be sold out. Haven’t you seen the pictures on IG and tumblr of those packed arenas? The real tea will be those sold out Stadium dates and their grosses.

    • Cupidsego March 25, 2016

      Why is there only the opening night’s stats showing? is this accurate?

      • HailBeysus March 25, 2016

        It will be updated. The fact the Navy kept saying the tour was sold out is HILARIOUS! We done told the Gavvy if they would’ve just gone to Ticketmaster and filter out the resale tickets. They would’ve seen she still had tickets. But as usual they lied and could never post receipts kii!!!

    • Cinnamon Girl March 25, 2016

      Rihanna’s always lying. Why do you think no one in the industry congratulated her on her 14#1s?

  2. Surprise..(DEC 2013) March 24, 2016

    Not even top 10 on the list….LOL.

    • RihNavy (Annalises’ Senior Dragging Assistant) March 24, 2016

      LOL! You ain’t have to Ether the FRihvy like that ????

  3. HailBeysus March 24, 2016

    I can’t at Adele holding on in the Top 5 since Nov on album sales alone! Anyway B6 has been confirmed for an April release YAAASSS!!!

    • RihNavy (Annalises’ Senior Dragging Assistant) March 24, 2016

      Okay ladies, now, let’s get in formation!

  4. RihNavy (Annalises’ Senior Dragging Assistant) March 24, 2016

    Kiiii when will Molly’s current fave?

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 24, 2016

      On the 32nd of NEVERary

      • RihNavy (Annalises’ Senior Dragging Assistant) March 24, 2016

        Vbxbdhejsjdhf LMFAO PLS

  5. RihNavy (Annalises’ Senior Dragging Assistant) March 24, 2016

    Meanwhile, my fave’s FAVE is coming to snatch SOULS & bank accounts with a new album AND a mini-movie! WHEN will any of our fave’s? YAAASSS Beyoncé

  6. RihNavy (Annalises’ Senior Dragging Assistant) March 24, 2016

    In the words of Joseline Hernandez, “you better act like you know. Act like you FCKN know!”.

    What y’all fail to realize is, greatness like Beyoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter moves in SILENCE and every few years will show her ass and show the girl how to TRULY re-invent and how to make a LONG-LAST impact and not a front loaded lie, but most of your fave’s are either too busy working on their 3rd marriage, stuffing themselves with silicone, or drinking themselves to death but I’m schleeeeeepp

    • rosy3 March 25, 2016

      No one cares only the hives so get into formation and wait for bey music outside of the hives she has no fans and she pissed white people off at the superbowl

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 24, 2016

      Ive been telling these h*** that she is the most commercially viable performer of our generation.?????

      • RihNavy (Annalises’ Senior Dragging Assistant) March 24, 2016

        I give her another 5 years and she’ll be the 2nd female of all time to gross $1 billion in your gross after Madonna

      • HailBeysus March 24, 2016

        No doubt! She all ready has grossed over $500 million from The Beyonce Experience, I Am World Tour, The Mrs. Carter World Tour, and On The Run Tour! This next tour is expected to pull in $250 million or more. That would put her all time grossings at over $750 million!!!

      • RihNavy (Annalises’ Senior Dragging Assistant) March 24, 2016


      • rosy3 March 25, 2016

        Compare her to Madonna bey is a small fish when it comes to touring you haters coming for rih who is younger and in the game bey is 38 how you going to put her against rih Career

    • RihNavy (Annalises’ Senior Dragging Assistant) March 24, 2016

      @SupremeBeysus, yaaaassssssssT! She did not come to play with these hœs!

  7. Metzo March 24, 2016

    LOL @ Rihanna’s tour gross ????

  8. RihNavy (Annalises’ Senior Dragging Assistant) March 24, 2016

    Lol where are the Navy now?! I thought the tour was sold out? Not y’all going ghost after Surprise spilled that TEA ?

    • HailBeysus March 24, 2016

      They’re steering that boaf as far away from this post as possible lmfao!!! You know damn well they reading the comments seething but afraid to comment. They finna be dragged tonight ?!

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 24, 2016

        They’re afraid to come out when damn near ALL of the Hive is present.
        * buzz buzz b****** *

      • HailBeysus March 24, 2016

        No lies detected!! I can’t wait for that album!!

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 24, 2016

        Someone said that it’s release date is set for April. Is that the truth tea?

      • HailBeysus March 24, 2016

        @Tyler yes it is!! I read it on Billboard. Its been confirmed. Beyoncé Itunes page was shut down today for awhile and apparently they have hee confirmed for an Album release next month. Also Beys Vevo page was also down for a bit. But once it came back up there was 13 unlisted video’s on her page that aren’t available for viewing yet. SHE’S COMING!!! BRACE YOURSELF HIVE!!!!

      • rosy3 March 25, 2016

        You need to get that holitosis out your f****** mouth first before you come for rih why you on a post that shows rih has the number one album and song in the USA do you see anthing on this charts mention formation on here you blind b**** or you have nothing else to do but come for rih for rih sake go check yourself mentally ill ass in belveue

      • HailBeysus March 25, 2016

        Lmao bitxh! You betta get that herpé outbreak in check! This isn’t a Rihanna post! This is a chart check post! Justin and Adele are mentioned in this post before Cheatanna! But of course what can we expect from a Rihtàrd stan! Have several seats at one of frihs empty arenas!

    • rosy3 March 25, 2016

      You still talking about rih tour where on the charts is formation or any of your favorite music get off rih pusssy you sound stupid at this point it’s repetitives

      • HailBeysus March 25, 2016

        Lmao Beyoncé hasn’t released a new album yet. But it’s coming next month. Also SCREAMING the self drag! Beyonce has 3 old albums still charting! I Am Sasha Fierce, 4 and BEYONCÉ! #dissmissyourself! No doubt they’ll climb higher on the chart once B6 is released! Meanwhile non of Cheatanna’s old album’s are charting at all KIII!!!

  9. ???Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??? March 24, 2016

    Rih looks so cute in black lipstick and black clothes. I’m here for her “Rated R” 2.0 fashion moments from this era.

  10. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 24, 2016

    When is She gonna release Anti album

  11. Cough Cough March 24, 2016

    Kudos to Rihanna for holding it down for the black sistahs. If the delusional (minority) Beyonce stans had their wishes and Rihanna flopped we’d have no other black (or minority)chicks on top and vice versa. Y’all need to stop with the childish crap and be glad there are two left in the upper echelon. No tea no shade

    • rosy3 March 25, 2016

      The hives are reptiles the fact they come on here with sold out tour for bey and she have no hit music in how long and comparing her to baby rih when they ass know that everyone tour sells out madonna is the queen of tour not bey they scared to put bey,up against the real queen madonna whose tour gross over a billion the hives are stinking losers

    • Cinnamon Girl March 25, 2016

      Holding it down for the black sistas? Since when did Rihanna ever hold it down for the black sistahs? Last time I checked she makes fun of them

  12. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? March 25, 2016

    King Zayn is coming to knock them all down.

  13. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!!! March 25, 2016

    1989 still doing good at 21

    • ???Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??? March 25, 2016

      I heard that Taylor’s gonna take a break because of how “Out of the Woods” and “New Romantics” have been unserperforming. She’s gonna use the time off to figure out how she wants to reinvent her image and sound. I understand, but I can’t lie and say that I’m not a little upset. How about you?

  14. HailBeysus March 25, 2016

    Kiii look @rosy3 seeth now that the tea has been spilt! You said why not compare her to Madonna? Well huntea we can! You see with just four tours Beyoncé has managed to accumulate $520+ million dollars! In 10 or 9 tours Madonna has managed to accumulate $1.3 billion dollars. So with Beys fifth tour, which is expected to rack in $250 million or more! That would put her at $770+ million with just 5 tours!! Beyoncé will evidently become the second best touring female act or best. Also who was comparing Cheatanna to Beyoncé. @Surprise only mentioned Cheatanna’s tour to clock the Gavvy for lying once again!!! DEATH not you acting like FRIHANNA is new to music. BITXH THE HEAUX BEEN IN MUSIC FOR 11 YEAR’S. Taylor out here grossing $200 million in 10yrs so why can’t FRIH!?!?! I mean y’all said she was the world biggest artist!! Y’all say she’s the second best selling female artist of all time?? So why can’t she have huge tours like Madonna, Beyonce and Taylor!?!?!?!?!?

  15. #JACKIE March 25, 2016

    Poor Frih! Always losing outside of singles.

    • RihQueen March 25, 2016

      Ciara losing inside outside upside down in her career!

  16. RihQueen March 25, 2016

    Rihanna best selling digital artist of all times…What is Beyonce the best at of all times? nothing… She has five number one albums and Madonna, Barbara, Britney and Janet has more than that! Beyawnce isn’t even in the top three…Rihanna 14 #1 singles in 10 years and 8 months fastest solo act to do so her mark is imprinted in the history books… only female to have four #1 singles in a calendar year!

    • T March 25, 2016

      I can’t at the delusion. Nobody even remembers even half of Rihannas 14 #1’s. If u was to ask anyone to name all 14 of those songs no one would get it right and that speaks volumes. Beyonce has 20 Grammys, mtv vanguard award, amas international artist of excellence, 5 about to be 6 #1 albums, and a million other things that Rihanna hasn’t done. The problem is the navy thinks Rihanna is bigger than what she actually is. If they were both to release an album on the same day the navy would kill themselves.

      • RihQueen March 25, 2016

        Beyonce got 20 Grammy and that’s the only thing she beat Rihanna at or anyother female artist. Rihanna icon ama award and fashion icon award at the age of 25. Diamonds world tour fifth highest grossing worldwide tour of 2013. Rihanna youngest artist to ever to sell out at France”s National Stadium, South Africa’s FNB stadium. Rihanna is 13 on billboard list of 100 greatest artist and Beyonce is 39. Compare Beyonce at 28 and Rihanna at 28 and you can clearly see who is better!

      • HailBeysus March 25, 2016

        Lmfao!!! Gurrrl you’re trying it! By 25 Beyoncé received the Legendary Legends Awards for her contributions to music. She was the fifth and still remains the youngest recipient of that award! At 28 Beyoncé was barely releasing 3rd album. Rihanna just sings whats handed to her. Beyoncé takes years to release an album. By 28 Beyonce released what is considered by many as one of the greatest music videos of all time. That one video is more Iconic than any Cheatanna video. Beyonce has vocals she has prefected and by age 26 was being argued as possibly being the best entertainer alive. Now Cheatanna on the other hand. At age 28 she only excells in Singles. 8 albums in and Beyoncé has still sold more than her. Rihanna 8=29.5 million (30.5 if you count Samsungs purchase), Beyoncé 5 =32.5 million. Beyonce is the first female artist’s to simultaneously top the US and UK ALBUM/SINGLES CHARTS at the same time. She still holds her crown for most weeks spent at #1 in a single calendar year CIL(8weeks), BB(9weeks). She’s the second female artist’s with the most VMAs. The most nominated female artist’s in Grammy history. The second most awarded female artist’s in Grammy History. She’s the first and only artist’s to have her first 5 album’s debut at #1. She’s the top selling female act of the 00s from 03-10. The list of her achievements is endless and she did it all with just 5 albums.

      • RihQueen March 25, 2016

        Like I said before billboard greatest artist of all times Rihanna is #13 and Beyonce is #39! Rihanna had the best selling album(Loud) by a black artist of 2010s. She is also the best selling female artist behind Madonna and She isn’t even 30 yet.Rihanna surpassed more than 100 million Gold and Platinum song certifications and became the FIRST & ONLY artist to surpass RIAAs 100 million cumulative singles award threshold. In the U.K. she is the third best selling female this century, only second artist to The Beatles for the most million selling singles in the U.K. of all time. Billboard ranked her the top hot 100 artist of the 2010s decade, mind you the decade isn’t even over yet but she is on top! We Found Love was ranked by billboard as the 24th biggest US billboard hot 100 hit of all time. Rihanna is the only artist in history to win the MTV’s Video of the Year award twice! Her Good Girl Gone Bad album was compared to the closest thing to Thriller of 2007/8. Rihanna has 5 guineas world records entries. She also won Best International Female Solo Artist 2011 and 2012. Beyonce been in the industry since 1998 with prior training, yet Rihanna didn’t have no prior training came to the USA at 16 and is making billboard history and she isn’t even a born citizen!

      • HailBeysus March 25, 2016

        Yawn! What does being a born citizen of the United States have to do with anything??? Their are countless artists who have accomplished alot that aren’t citizens of the USA. Rihanna is nothing special. We can can go back and forth all day on their accomplishments but at the end of the day Beyoncé is and always will be her superior. She’s had 2 very successful careers during her time in the industry. DC 69 million record’s sold, 30 million album’s, 39 million singles. Her solo career, 32.5 million album’s, 118 million singles. Beyoncé is recognized by many including her predecessors and music peers as having the best voice currently in popular music. The GP, Critics and yes her musical predecessors and peers all agree Beyoncé is that bitxh when it comes to her live performances. No matter how much the Gavvy want to downplay it. Beyoncé is already dubbed as being the best touring female act of 10s. As for Rihanna, i highly doubt she’ll end the decade being the best selling female, not when the likes of Taylor Swift and Adele are around, her music peers. Beyonce has managed 18 year’s of mainstream relevancy in music. Rihanna has 10.

        Critical Acclaim
        Overall Sales
        Rihanna 192 million records with 7 albums(according to RIAA and IFPI not def jams 230 million claim)
        Beyoncé 152 million records with 5 albuns.

      • RihQueen March 25, 2016

        Lol you still bring up Beyonce sells and now including Destiny’s garbage into? The fact remains the same Rihanna is still the second best selling female artist and Beyawnce isn’t even in the top five. Rihanna will remain as the best selling singles artist of the decade regardless of Taylor or Adele, who have four #1 singles a piece. But will Beyawnce actually take the titled, it was forecasted not guaranteed. Please, Beyawnce doesn’t have the best voice in popular music, that would go to Adele. Her live performances are great tho she should do Vegas since her singles aren’t going to number one! Rihanna 10 years in ranked on billboard greateat artist at #13 and Beyonce at #39 stop trying to over look this Fact makes me think your delusional!

      • HailBeysus March 25, 2016

        Lmao! Taylor swift only trails behind Cheatanna by 9 million in singles in the US, regardless of #1s. Taylor definitely out does Rihanna in Album sales. Like i said i highly doubt Rihanna will end this decade as the best selling female act. Also DEATH at you clinging to billboard. Their list only takes into account on Charting. Beyoncé has made plenty list as the one of the best all around artist’s. From VH1 to Billboard to Rolling Stones. No matter how many singles Frihanna sells. The fact will always remain she is a singles artist’s who needs to stay with current trends to remain relevant. Beyoncé will always be her superior point blank.

      • RihQueen March 25, 2016

        You claim all these list but you can’t produce where Beyawnce is at on those list. Beyonce top grossing touring artist of 2010s, I doubt it. Taylor went on 85 tour dates and gross 250 million, Beyawnce went 132 tour dates and gross 229.7 million. Beyawnce dropped a surprise album with videos and didn’t sell million the first week, no more than one video was vevo certified, and only one single embarked on the smh!

      • HailBeysus March 25, 2016

        Double Yawn! Try harder sis! Basic Swift had 36 stadiums on that tour. Stadiums make up a huge difference. Beyoncé has 39 STADIUM dates this tour and is expected to do upwards of $250 million. Also id advise you to go look at basic swifts other tours. She’s had plenty of tours that are 100+ dates yet didn’t cross the $200 million mark. Also DEATH at you claiming im CLAIMING Beyoncé is on Rolling Stones, VH1, Billboard list of greatest artist’s. Its a fact and everyone alreadt knows she is. Their is no I claimed because she is. She’s also on Billboards list of best albums of 2010s so far. She placed second behind Kanye’s MBDTF. She Topped Billboards list for mist defining acts of the 2010s so far. Meanwhile Rihanna failed to make both those list despite releasing 9182621717 albums this decade LMFAO!!! Also Beyoncé topped the best MV of the 2010s so far with Lady Gaga for Telephone. Sorry but like i said no matter what the Gavvy say. Beyoncé will always be looked at from the GP and Music Industry as a superior to Rihanna lol!

      • RihQueen March 25, 2016

        Rihanna was number one on the 20 best songs of the 2010s, the only black women to achieve a number one single between 2013 and 2016,and the only black female lead artist to go #1 on billboard hot 100 this decade. She was spotify’s most streamed female artist in 2015 without releasing an album and named spotify’s most female artist in the world! Rihanna is queen of billboard topping damn near every chart. The AMA’s created a award just to acknowledge her impact on pop culture. She is a fashion icon name a singer he can make billboard history and win fashion icon awards? Only person who can is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, all Beyawnce has is the music everything else sucks. She can’t dress to save her life OMG just a hot mess in that department. What is a great perform without the billboard milestones to keep the title attached? Mariah Carey may not have the voice to perform but we all know he billboard accomplishmen’s right? Michael Jackson is dead but we know his Thriller album is the best selling of all times and his bad album produce 5 number one singles. All Beyawnce will have 30 years from now is youtube videos that kids probably won’t watch because it’s won’t be up to date. As for Rihanna 30 years from now a new artist will come along and drop singles that go to number one and those same kids will check billboard and see the name Rihanna there in stone!!!

      • HailBeysus March 25, 2016

        See what I mean when it comes to music. Beyoncé will always be her superior. You just proved my point by needing to go into Fashion lmfao!!! What’s this about the AMAs creating an award for Frih!? Because awards have been created for Bey. Billboard created a Millennium award for the queen. The only other recipient of that award is Whitney Houston. Also DEATH!!! At you thinking #1s and Billboards chart placement solely reflect on an Artist’s impact, relevancy and legacy. Do I need to drop doze of legends names that aren’t even remotely as successful as Beyoncé on the Hot100 but their voices, music and contributions to music are not forgotten. Also when we think of Michael Jackson we don’t think about billboard. We think about the Legacy his has left the impact he has created. Tina Turner another example. How many #1s does she have again!?!?! Exactly, when we think of her think of the Legendary performer she was. The iconic energy she gave on stage! The beauty of her voice and the great music she left behind. When we think of Janet Jackson we think of her Music her impact her iconic dances and her iconic ability to perform. I CANNOT AT YOU CALLING ME DELUSIONAL!!! ?????????? Billboard is just a small fragment in what helps to seal are favs into their iconic or legendary status.

      • RihQueen March 26, 2016

        Name ten ledengary artist that Beyawnce supassed on billboard charts and if billboard was only a small fragment to seal someone’s legendary status, why is it so heavily used in the music industry? Tina Turner was good but let’s me honest ain’t nobody checking for her like Madonna, Whitney, Janet, nor Mariah. She was a performer but her accomplishments weren’t hard to surpass. Janet made billboard history and her name is still set in stone as the only artist to have three numbers in different calendar years from one album. Now back to something you said in a previous post, Beyawnce doesn’t not hold no crown for most week spent in a calendar year that award would go to Usher, Yeah (12),Burn (8), My boo (6). I see your a liar just like your idol when it comes to who actually wrote her songs. Anyway, Fashion plays a huge part of phenomenonal musician, MADONNA WEDDING DRESS FROM THE 80s, JANET ALL BLACK MILITARY OUTFIT,WHITNEY BEAUTIFUL DRESS, DIANA ROSS Bedazzled leotards(Beyawnce ripped it off) Michael red leather outfit from Thriller and the bedazzled outfit from 1984 grammys. Fashion and outfits plays a big part of the music industry and reinventing yourself with every album with a different look Madonna, Janet, Rihanna, does that. Beyawnce looks the same dresses the same since her 2003 solo debut, she needs to change with the times. And Beyawnce Single ladies video you claim is one of the best videos of all time is has less views(468,223,074) than RihQueen’s video for Diamonds (756,919,957), We found love (585,676,859), & Stay (498,866,217) but let me guess the beyhive bought the video? Mind you RihQueen isn’t even dance in those videos! LMFAOOOO 30+ yeas later Thriller got 310,625,962 views

  17. WINTZ March 25, 2016

    Damn, Rih has that #1 album spot on lock down. I know Adele calling her up like biiiiish …I SEE YOU!!


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