Extended Preview: ‘Chasing Destiny’ (Kelly Rowland BET Show)

Published: Tuesday 22nd Mar 2016 by Sam

The countdown is on for Kelly Rowland.

April 5th brings with it the debut of her BET talent-search ‘Chasing Destiny.’

The solo Grammy winner has paired up with renown creative Frank Gatson for the project, which sets out to piece together music’s next big girl group.

Billed as a docu-series with its own unique twist, the show does away with the pomp and pageantry of many singing competitions and instead embraces a raw approach which stresses the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to make it in the cut-throat business of music.

Ahead of the series premiere, an extended preview has been released.

Watch below…

We love us a girl group here at TGJ, especially those of the cut from the cloth of quality.
So, we’ll be watching come April 5th at 10.30pm ET. Will you?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Writerboy242 March 22, 2016

    Drop that new music same time kelly

  2. HailBeysus March 22, 2016

    I feel like she belongs on these shows as a judge/mentor. It seems to just come natural for her. I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Im excited for it. Gotta show some love and support for Kelly!

    • ByeJay March 22, 2016

      This looks interesting I will be watching as well !!!!!

    • cocobutta March 22, 2016

      YES YES YES. Kelly sure does suit these formats. Love seeing her eye for talent shine.

  3. beyonce4mationstan March 22, 2016

    How are you “chasing destiny” but you couldn’t chase and catch your career?

    • ShakuZulu March 22, 2016


    • #justsayn March 22, 2016

      She actually talks about that issue… her own struggle as a solo artist on the show! Im very excited about this show it looks very interesting! Go Kelly!

    • UGHHHH March 22, 2016

      You call yourself a Beyonce stan… mmmkay.
      Anyone who stans for Beyonce knows that she stans hard for Kelly. Kelly Rowland has reached and achieved dreams that many artist today wish they had accomplished. This woman has been in the game since she was a teenager and she is still very much relevant. Her album’s are amazing and carry so much substance, she is well spoken and she is and will be an amazing mentor. You can’t knock someone who can stand on a stage next to your fave and sing, dance and perform just as hard. The only thing holding her back is society not promoting and giving dark skin girls as much of an opportunity as these light skin girls. Name one dark skin girl that is killing the charts right now?

      • Anne March 22, 2016

        I get the whole light skin dark skin issue but it just so happens that Beyoncé is more talented then Kelly. She has more vocal range and stamina and even Kelly admits that Beyoncé has always been more driven. The point is in the Beyoncé vs. Kelly situation skin tone is used as an excuse for Kelly’s lack of success in comparison and to downplay Beyoncé’s well deserved success.

      • RowlandHive March 22, 2016

        Anne please shut up no one taking anything from Beyoncé, yes she has more stamina and range than Kelly. UGHHHH was saying that Kelly is a great performer that she can be next to Beyoncé and looks & sounds good . I have a question for you why Beyoncé can’t sell as much as Taylor Swift and she is the Queen ? Because you know damn well that we live in a racist society. Another thing why there is no dark skin female artist can top the charts although they can saaang the house down tell me why ?
        You Beyoncé fans are seriously so ignorant y’all no damn well that Kelly deserves more , she is the only second lead who has a Grammy and sold 30 m records as a solo artist (She is a dark skin girl, Mathew sabotaged her career -he promoted Solange 5 times more than Kelly’s and Michelle’s album combined- , every time she tries they compare her to Beyoncé) and still she didn’t allow this to hold her back .

      • #justsayn March 22, 2016


        Bey & Kelly has two different types of voices and sounds. Kelly is not a power house singer bcuz she has a different type of voice and singing style. That doesnt make her less talented then Bey! It makes her different then her! Kelly definitely holds her own next to Bey when on the stage! Their are many female artists who made great music and had a huge impact but wasnt neccessarily a powerhouse singer! Janet Jackson, Dianna Ross, Natalie Cole, Donna Summers to name a few… they all had beautiful voices but were never considered powerhouses like Aretha, Patti, & Chaka to name a few… Being in a group helped Kelly but it also hurt her bcuz it kept her in a comfort zone where she never was able to grow. She played that role for many years until they all decided to pursue solo endeavers. Since then she has grown tremendously as a singer and performer. Give her credit where it is due! You do not have to “be like ” Beyonce to be talented! She has done very well for herself since leaving Matthew! Just imagine if she would have left him earlier… She would be bigger the she is now! Im very proud of her Kelly!


    What ever happened to Timago?

    • kareem March 22, 2016

      b**** got a job down at burger king.

  5. Mrwest March 22, 2016

    Ladies and gentlemen….KELLY’S BACK!!!

  6. Mrs.east March 22, 2016

    Okay Kelly now start heavy promotion and drop a video this is your time come on

  7. #JACKIE March 22, 2016

    All those girls sounded a hot mess

  8. Jay March 22, 2016

    They need to go to the SMALL TOWNS. I’m tired of the same faces from NY, LA, ATL, ect. The biggest stars came from places you never heard or thought about.

    Bahamas -Rihanna
    Gary Indiana-Jacksons
    Tappahanock VA-Chris Brown

  9. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 22, 2016

    Seem like a cool show

  10. Me Too March 23, 2016

    This show seems like it’s going to be a refreshing turn of events as it relates to talent/competition shows. I will be tuning in.
    On another note; it’s always interesting to me when I see these comments about who the better singer is, regarding the comparisons made between Kelly and Bey. Why does it always have to be a matter of who’s better? The fact is, when it comes to those two, you’re dealing with TWO very powerful and skillful singers who also have two very different singing styles. I think that people forget that Kelly and Beyonce’ are cut from the same cloth. How can two women who grew up singing TOGETHER; who had the same vocal training, the same vocal nuances and were BOTH lead singers in their group be compared in an attempt to downplay one’s abilities in order to pedestal another’s. While it is true that Beyonce’ was cast as the ‘front woman’ of Destiny’s Child, she and Kelly both shared lead singer duties in that group (no, they did not share these duties equally). It wasn’t until they went solo that we really began to hear the distinctive differences between their voices. Now, you can prefer one over the other all day long, but let’s be fair here; no more biased opinions about vocal ability based solely on who your “fave” is or who sells more records. If we’re going to compare them let’s do it by way of a fair and non-biased assessment.

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