From The Vault: Pink – ‘Stupid Girls’

Published: Sunday 13th Mar 2016 by Joe

The more things seem to change… the more they stay the same.

It’s that very sentiment that prevails when reflecting on a track released exactly 10 years ago.

This week’s From The Vault comes courtesy of Pink and her parodic ‘Stupid Girl.’

The launching single from Ms Moore’s 2006 fourth LP ‘I’m Not Dead,’ ‘Girl’ saw her team up with producers Billy Mann and MachoPsycho to vent her displeasure with modern society’s sexism and its habit of promoting “brainless bimbos” instead of strong and intelligent women.

[Sidenote: The irony about the girls Pink targets in this song is they are anything but “brainless” and very aware of how they are perceived… which in itself is the problem. But we digress]

Commercially, ‘Girls’ served as a solid comeback cut especially considering the dire performance of her previous effort ‘Try This’ and its singles; the track  peaked at #13 in the US and #4 in the UK and Australia.


Frequent collaborator Dave Meyers was brought on-board to bring the song to visual life, which he – as ever – achieved amazingly.

Spoofing the likes of Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton, video embodied the tongue-in-cheek(ness) of the lyrics and showcased Pink prodding at the superficiality of society while stressing the importance of individualism and education.

The effort paid effort, as the clip won the Best Pop Video at the 2006 VMAs.

A decade removed from this release, the rise of vapid and talent-devoid celebrities has intensified and young girls – and boys – around the world are “following” them with even more eagerness than before.

Our main issue with the “it-girl” culture is how irrelevant the concept of a strong WORK ethic then becomes for the younger generation and how “FAME” is turning into a Mount Everest of sorts.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like the tide will be turning anytime soon, so let’s hope the Pinks of this world will always be given a platform to…well.. tell it like it is.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Arfa March 13, 2016


  2. #TeamTinashe Stan (#JOYRIDE……..) March 13, 2016

    Good message but I didn’t like this song to be honest.

  3. Reba McEntire stan March 13, 2016

    Most girls is better

    • XoMoDe March 14, 2016

      Way better.

  4. Weezy Tha Goat March 13, 2016

    I think Pink is the only female in pop from the 90’s that is still able to really sell. Love Pink and can’t wait for a new LP.

    • King Mark111 /.\ March 13, 2016

      Pink came out in 2000. But yea, she’s the only one I can think of other than JT that came out of that golden pop age.

      • Weezy Tha Goat March 13, 2016

        Her very first single dropped on.December 1999.

      • King Mark111 /.\ March 13, 2016

        Are you fuckkkinnng kidding me? Just take the L.

      • Weezy Tha Goat March 14, 2016

        Sis the only ones taking L’s around here are Navy members??

  5. Everyone’s A Critic March 13, 2016

    PINK is the underdog Queen. She pops up every now and then, SLAYS and goes back in hiding. I LIVE for Pinks music but it’s easy to forget her because she’s not about social media and gimmicks. But once you remember her it’s a done deal, and now I’m composing a Pink playlist for tomorrow’s commute!

    • maurice March 13, 2016

      kinda like Adele then?
      Then again, Pink is a veteran, all the way since 2000

  6. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? March 13, 2016

    This song has a great universal message of self-empowerment and feminism, like most of her other tracks, but the vocals were too comical for me to ever get into it. The music video is cute, though.

  7. Everyone’s A Critic March 13, 2016

    I mean I’ve always liked the video but it is very biased. She’s attacking a certain group of girls as if girls and telling people they should not look up to them. We should have freedom of voice to choose our role models and lifestyles. But she made her point and I agree to a certain extent.

  8. Fancy BISH March 13, 2016

    I didn’t like this song…it was corny chile lol…hopefully Pink can include some more rhythmic and soulful material on her new album…I don’t know why she is not serving those amazing vocals on some R&B records…put some funk, soul, rock and R&B on there! 🙂

  9. Theman March 13, 2016

    Pink is that chick. She is amazing! She’s very very talented!

  10. King Mark111 /.\ March 13, 2016

    Funny whay was a stupid girl ten years ago. It went from Paris Hilton & Jessica Simpson to Kim Kardashian & Miley Cyrus.

  11. Dossome March 13, 2016

    Great message hidden in a stupid song

  12. King B March 13, 2016

    She has great songs, but very forgettable. I wonder if her new album will do well as her previous one or no? I’m also excited to see Alicia, Christina and Britney. And Gaga. I wanna see if all these artist can be back on top again after their flops. And of course QUEEN BEY. I wish she’ll drop ALBUM 6 and GREATEST HITS album as well.

  13. Honey love just a lesson magic word anti March 13, 2016

    Nice song and she came out in the late 90’s 1999 first song was there you go

  14. RIP March 14, 2016

    I don’t know what’s going on with this generation but to fix your fingers to type “stupid girls” is stupid or corny but stanning for Iggy isnt? Listening to what’s considered music today is what’s corny and stupid.We have 0 substance on the Hot100 and haven’t in almost 5 years!
    Its exactly what she was warning about!
    Now flash foward nearly ten years later! Being bitchy and dragging is a thing. Stupidity and ignorance is being praised at an all time high!Females and queens alike are stuffing their bodies with even more toxins to score a man and fans don’t even require their favorite artist to have talent anymore, as long as they like their attitude and how they look.There are girls and guys that aspire to be Kim Kardashian right now, instead of something more.Let that sink in..
    I may not agree with Pink all the time but that song and it’s meaning is needed even more today than it was then. The only person who would have a problem with this song is exactly the type of girl or boy that does the things she depicts in the video.The sound of the music has aged terribly but the message behind the music still stands!
    The video is still funny as well too!

  15. Mimi Carey March 14, 2016

    All of her crap I mean music sounds the same.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 14, 2016

      I agree on that. Her music despite being successful cause she is consistent and tours a lot, won´t be remembered. Nobody talks about her unless her new song is on the radio. Meaning when she stops releasing music, nobody will care or remember. Although in this case we can definitely say she is talented. Unlike some other soon-to-be-forgotten stars.

  16. Oscar March 14, 2016

    she looks like a d***

    • Oscar March 14, 2016

      D Y K E

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