Drake’s ‘One Dance’ Takes Top 40 Radio

Published: Thursday 28th Apr 2016 by David

The competition between Drake and Beyonce is well under way and the former has learned that his quest for the Billboard 200‘s crown has been supported by U.S. radio.

Details below…

The rapper’s Funky House inspired cut ‘One Dance‘ now stands as the most-added song on U.S. Top 40 radio after it was picked up by 42 radio stations this week.

Perfect timing, as its parent album ‘Views From the 6’ will premiere on Apple Music this evening.

‘Dance’ is the first of the performer’s songs to top the British singles chart, supported by a number of profile-building moves he executed in the market last summer, and the hype which still surrounds his Rihanna-led effort ‘Work.’

Will the song’s spins be enough to protect ‘View’s chart run from Hurricane Lemonade.

Peep HITS Daily Double’s latest report and share your thoughts below.

Though it didn’t have the sneak-attack jolt of her last album, 2013’s Beyoncé, Lemonade is currently projected to sell somewhere around 500k albums, 900k tracks and generate up to 45m streams. While those album sales represent a 19% decline over her previous first week, Lemonade is likely to come out ahead when revenue is compared, thanks to the addition of TEA and SEA.

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  1. HailBeysus April 28, 2016

    Slay Drake! Ain’t nobody can tell us nothing! This man was the reason for Works success! The fact he is at the hype of his career and is expected to do 2 million first week sales by insiders says it all!. If Rihanna doesnt get another #1 this era off her name alone than we will all know the true tea for sure!

    • #JACKIE April 28, 2016

      You so pressed over Forehead and Ci!

      • HailBeysus April 28, 2016

        Bitxh ain’t nobody pressed over anbody! What I said was truth! Kii Ci-Error hasn’t been in my mentions lately! You know why besides once? Because that bitxh is a none factor! Gurrrl I minute your stanning for Frih the next bashing her ?. I can’t at you trying to slither CiManEra into the convo bish!! Get it together @Molly! Also get you accounts in order! Shíts getting messy af sis!

      • Truth April 28, 2016

        LMAO @ anyone being pressed over Ciara LOL, f** stop lol. By the way doll, how are your T-Cells doing, are you doing well?

      • #JACKIE April 28, 2016

        First of all f**, I’m NOT Molly so please hun find a new struggle drag. Secondly, Ciara’s name STAYS on your fingertips even in unrelated posts. Thirdly, YOU are the only non factor you Slay_Hive wannabe. Ciara’s name ain’t D I C K so keep it outta your crusty mouth bih.

    • King B April 28, 2016

      Hey Hailbeysus. I’m loving the lemonade album so much. At first I thought that this is her worst but few days later I was wrong. And I feel like most of the songs are screaming hit singles Freedom, Hold Up, Sorry, 6 Inch and Formation. Daddy Lesson could slay country radio while All Night urban. Forward is just and interlude. The only song that not single worthy are Sandcastle and Love Drought. My fav: Hold Up and FREEDOM

  2. #JACKIE April 28, 2016

    KING! Will this be his first solo #1?

  3. BADDIEBEYMYFAV April 28, 2016

    I’m also a fan of Drakes so good for him! Glad to see my Prince, My Queen, and Drake on top! BRAVO to all of them!!!???????

    • BADDIEBEYMYFAV April 28, 2016


    • LmfaoHoe April 28, 2016


  4. Keri Qween April 28, 2016

    Lemonade will be #1 one week

    • Truth April 28, 2016

      And. 6 straight #1 albums..EPIC!

    • King B April 28, 2016

      Keri ever top any charts? At least for one week? Single? Albums? Any list? Forbes? etc.

    • Rosie April 28, 2016

      Does Miscarriage still have enough checks coming in from those forgotten 2003 urban hits to tip her Uber driver?

      • Keri Qween April 28, 2016

        Has plastic del reys last flop album outsold no boys allowed yet?

        Never forget Keri’s networth>alcoholicdel reys

      • Rosie April 28, 2016

        Still clinging to 2010 sales like Keri can even upload a demo to Soundcloud now in 2016. I hope she can book a Bojangles at least on her next tour.

  5. Truth April 28, 2016

    No lie, even though I can’t stand the Navy, it’s such a beautiful thing to see Bey, Prince, Drake, and Rihanna on top of the charts.

  6. king navy April 28, 2016

    Lol its so pathetic so see these Hive members say work was a success because of Drake but coincidentally his only two #1’s have been with rihanna, I don’t see the logic. My think is give props where they’re needed.

  7. Rosie April 28, 2016

    This will be song of the summer. You see the way it immediately jumped to the top 3 on Billboard after it was added to Spotify.

  8. StrawberryMuffin24 April 28, 2016

    LOVE DRAKE! And he is the reason fo Work success cause Rihfund was flopping at first with her other singles goat sanging ass!

    Beyawnce is overrated as hell sounds like a deeped voice man her music is trash!

    • King navy April 28, 2016

      Girl bye where are Drake’s solo #1 hits since he’s responsible for work? Lol the delusion is real. Maybe he should hop on some of your favs songs n help them get a #1 then. #Poordat

    • Truth April 28, 2016

      Don’t you Stan for Tinashe? B*tch hush!

  9. B_Roni April 28, 2016

    Drake is not the reason for Rihanna success, he has yet to get a number one by himself. Rihanna has plenty of number one songs by herself. Everyone talks about the lyrics to work. Never have I seen anyone say they love drake part or had a debate about it. Just give credit where it’s due. People want these folks to fail so bad but each year Rihanna, Beyonce and others prove them wrong.

  10. Rosie the fraud April 28, 2016

    Hey Rosie what part of Canada are you in? Toronto right? Which area? You’ve been in college for a mighty long time…. Which college? What grade school did you attend? You seem to know more about American culture than your “own”. A Canadian tumblr hipster stanning for Beyonce just seems weird to me…

  11. shakira stan April 28, 2016

    As much as I hate Beyonce I d rather formation be number 1 song than one dance ,that song is corny as hell !!!

    • Commas, and Decimals. April 28, 2016

      KIIIII u betta stan faagbird

  12. zeroing ivy bloper tran anti girl lemond time April 29, 2016


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