Beyonce Employee Issues Apology Following Shocking Admission

Published: Thursday 12th May 2016 by David

Calls have been made for Beyonce to dismiss a construction worker hired to build stages for ‘Formation World Tour.’


Details below…

Enlisted to build the live show’s elaborate stage, a construction worker who goes by the name ‘ALZ21cco’ on Instagram startled the singer’s fans with a message he published on the platform while at work.

In it, he responded to a user who asked him to ensure that the stage collapsed on the ‘Lemonade‘ performer by revealing that he hoped that it would.


Fortunately, his unsettling admission didn’t go unnoticed by the star’s infamous BeyHive. Their swift and sharp response prompted him to issue the statement below.


Camp Beyonce is yet to respond.

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  1. Really May 12, 2016

    He’s forgiven because people say stupid things sometime but he should be fired. I would feel safe for Beyonce

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) May 12, 2016


    • k May 12, 2016

      he hope it would fall on bay, come on why would he joke about something like that.a matter a fake he ment it he dont like her and he hope something bad befalls her. that’s messed up, and is @ss is grass no matter whoever forgives him.

  2. Surprise..(DEC 2013) May 12, 2016

    Wow he should be put in jail….This is probably SUCIDE BLOBE’S BOYFRIEND. THE BEYHIVE ARE LIKE THE DAMN FEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Corrina May 12, 2016

    Freedom of speech good bye

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) May 12, 2016

      What i expected the haters to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Weaveney May 12, 2016

      You must be one of those redneck, beard-fu(king, cun+servative, sibling-sucking messes. Freedom of speech does not protect you from uttering threats, you imbecile – in fact, uttering threats is a CRIME. Disgusted that pigs like you believe that freedom of speech allows you to utter hate speech and written threats wishing someone would die!

  4. Credits May 12, 2016

    Why is this average joe making the news? The bey hive are infamous for making the Beyonce haters relevant.

  5. HailBeysus May 12, 2016

    DEATH!!! He shouldn’t play with the BeyHive!!! Let me just sacrifice some city rat’s to get this hoodoo voodoo going!!!

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) May 12, 2016

      Look at the haters saying FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO

  6. Anti-garbage singing voices May 12, 2016

    Hope Beyonce watch out. If something happens to her I will go crazy. Soon as u talk as black the whites will try to kill u. Hope she really watch out.

  7. Hercules May 12, 2016

    He didn’t say he was going to do anything. He said “I wish it would”. That is not a threat.

    • Bey Bey Sting (Queen of Construction Workers) May 12, 2016

      That’s like a chef saying “I hope the people I’m cooking for are poisoned” AS he cooks their food. He should be charged. Charged I say!!!

    • Anti-garbage singing voices May 12, 2016

      And that make it okay? He knows he was and is wrong. Just a disgusting thing to wish on someone that u are helping building stage for. And why would u wanna wish something like happend to Beyonce? Hope they fired his ass. And u are disgusting just like him. FUB.

  8. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? May 12, 2016

    Apologize cause you’re caught, right? I hope Bey cussed his ass out to the moon and stars above and back down to earth. I would be here for that! ?

  9. jaquala May 12, 2016

    How was this wrong? He said I wish it would……. How many times have you said “I wish a n***a would.” This is so damn childish

    • Anti-garbage singing voices May 12, 2016

      If u don’t see nothing wrong with his comment and knowing that he works on stage for her than the humanity in u died years ago. Im sure if he did say what he said about ur fav trash, ur mom, dad etc ur answer would have been different.

      • jaquala May 12, 2016

        No y’all n*ggas just sensitive. My favorite is bey dummy. You still missing the point how many times have you said I wish it would but in a sarcastic way. It doesn’t seem like he had ill will behind it. People can’t take jokes these days.

    • Caleb May 13, 2016

      Tf are you saying?! That’s two completely different contexts. “I wish it would” as in I wish the stage would collapse and kill someone is what this guy was saying.

  10. Annalise May 12, 2016

    He should be fired. This is gross misconduct in the workplace. If you were at work and made a comment like this about your boss, then you would have your p45 and papers sent to you + yo ass would be out on the street.

    • ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? May 12, 2016

      Sis, Bey probably just smiled and walked away from him like he was nothing. She didn’t even have to lift a finger cause the hive already bodied his ass for her. Watch him beg and plead for his job when it gets too serious for him to handle..
      “You’ll always come back to me. Come back, come back, come back, come back, come back, come back.” ?

    • IOWNTHEWORLD May 12, 2016

      Apparently his mother owns the company so I doubt he’ll be fired, however, if ANYTHING happens while she is on that stage it will be his ASS.

  11. Janet – Queen of De Nile May 12, 2016

    I heard that this is the same construction worker who produced Rihanna’ s Rock in Rio 2012 vocals. #ConstructionNoiseRealness

  12. One Man To My Pum Pum May 12, 2016

    This is scary because 300 people died on a Madonna tour a few years ago because of faulty staging. The problem here is that he could actually do what he joked about doing because he literally builds her stages. I only hope they have quality control tighter than a clam’s c****** on location.

  13. LB May 12, 2016

    Scary someone constructing a stage would say something like that. What is worst is what is he doing on his phone.

    Sorry but he needs to be given his walking papers.

    • Rih Rih GaBORE May 12, 2016

      What is worse, not what is worst. Where did you go to school?

    • Anti-garbage singing voices May 12, 2016

      Very scary, out all of the comments 2 reply 2, he choose that one 2 reply 2. Doesn’t that tell a lot? Would u trusts some that wish that u crash with ur car to make ur car? He need to be fired.

      • LB May 12, 2016

        I agree, he only apologized because he is worried about his check. I would get rid of him of I was Bey.

    • Fatusankoh May 12, 2016

      L B that is nice this make my day

  14. Jason Slayruleaux May 12, 2016

    He should be disinvited to the annual construction worker convention. Rihanna is hosting this year seeing as she knows how to make something out of absolutely nothing.

    • Rihboy May 12, 2016

      Oh so streams are your thing now?! You guys are so hypocritical and so sad! Lemonade has died down. Just ain’t happening boo. ?

      • HailBeysus May 12, 2016

        No streamings are still a fuxking kii to us! Its just fuxking Hilarious how ‘Grandma Bey’ is besting Cheatanna on her own playing field through one streaming outlet at that ??????????????????????????

      • Rihboy May 12, 2016

        yet it’s 2x platinum. Swerve darling! Ki! You know Rihanna has the charts down! Especially in the singles area where bey struggles for dear life. Currently dropping off of billboard and iTunes as we speak. That’s terrible for an album that just debuted. Moreover my fave has released since end of Jan and had a 8 week reign and another single rapidly approaching top 10. Don’t let her perform needed me at the bbma. She will be collecting another number 1.

      • HailBeysus May 12, 2016

        Yawn! What about Cheatanna sis??? Why didn’t here entire album debut n the Hot 100 like Bey???
        Forward —-> James Joint
        Meanwhile Bey will go platinum from pure sales and another platinum plaque for Streams!!!
        Meanwhile Cheatanna bought her first platinum plaque and received her second from Free Streams??? What about going Platinum off of ACTUAL SOLD COPIES???
        Also fRih won’t be getting another #1. JT is about to block everyone with his Childs Play Music!

      • Rihboyse May 12, 2016

        Seversl singles to be honest I forgot about too good! And this is what you came for! All the songs you guys called artistic and culturally spell binding have served their week purpose as usual.

      • HailBeysus May 12, 2016

        AJQVAUSBSB!!! 3weeks on and 11 tracks are still charting. The album is still selling more tour dates are being added meanwhile Anti success is struggling to sell out Arena’s, struggling to push 500k in actual sales and is freeing the nipple in every video just to stay relevant kiii!!!

      • Rihboyse May 12, 2016

        Justin will fall as well too. But even if he does, still doesn’t stop lemonade seeds to start dropping ? Which evidence shows they are being pushed back by the voice singles

      • HailBeysus May 12, 2016

        Yawn! Cheatanna for a a Singles artists. Can’t Excell in any other aspect meanwhile Bey is well rounded artists!

  15. King Mark111 /.\ May 12, 2016

    Cut him, I don’t see how that was a joke. He’s only sorry bc his paycheck is on the line. With that said, oh the karma to the pest face if that was to happen. Still think death jokes are funny?

    • LB May 12, 2016

      Ya I don’t understand why the hive are getting mad, they think death jokes are funny.

  16. Molly May 12, 2016

    Oh hell no. He needs to go that’s some serious shít.

  17. Rihboy May 12, 2016

    Absolute ki! Don’t we all Austin !! ???

    • LB May 12, 2016

      NO, Delete this

    • Molly May 12, 2016


    • Rihboy May 12, 2016

      As much as the hive talks about Aaliyah!!! And rih coke overdosing jokes! I’m allowed my jab! With or without my fellow men ?. I’m only partially serious if that helps???

      • LB May 12, 2016

        We have to leave the hive to their ghetto ways. We cannot afford to lower our standards as the Navi. The hive are trash and will forever remain trash, we should not play in their filth but leave them to bathe in it.

      • HailBeysus May 12, 2016

        Lmfao Graveliyah is DEADTTTT HUNTEA!!! We didn’t wish that upon here nor do that to her! Anyway, the Slavi has made jabs at Graveliyah as well! I suggest you check TGJ’s Archives lol!

      • Rihboy May 12, 2016

        I’ll be disgusting Anna fake. Hail flopthief please go find your other self slay hive and bury yourselves in the shallowest of all graves. You guys joke more about death than anyone on this site. Step way back! Conclusively lb! I understand but it felt so good to consign the thought. ??. But no I wouldn’t want her to die. That would be to brutal. Maybe a light fixture too the head or another escapade with the weave caught in the fan. ??. I could never stoop to the level of a fan base who thought Rachel Ray and Rachel Roy were the same people. Just as illiterate as their fave.

      • Slay_Hive May 12, 2016

        Rih Girl why do you always have my name in your comments?!! Fan much! Me and HailBeysus are not the same person girl! Hop off my sack little girl!

    • Annalise May 12, 2016

      You’re disgusting.

      • Annalise May 12, 2016

        You make me sick!

  18. HailBeysus May 12, 2016


    • HailBeysus May 12, 2016


  19. Rih Rih GaBORE May 12, 2016

    I feel so horrible because you can tell by his ig that he’s a normal working class guy trying to feed his family. However, he should find a new line of work because to set an example of how serious what he said was. I just pray he finds work elsewhere because he has so many pics of he and his family and you can tell he really cares About them.

    • Caleb May 13, 2016

      And his “working class background” is relevant because?

  20. jaquala May 12, 2016

    I’m a hive member but nothing like those savages. Its just crazy how they can go around dogging people, making death jokes about other artist and people but this man dropped a line that really ain’t that bad and the savages act a fool. What is that man gonna get out of doing that?

  21. Briano May 12, 2016

    Does Beyonce and her fleahive do anything besides cause confusion and diviseness

    She has brought so much confusion into the public space

    Its exhausting and nothing good or positive comes from it

  22. Jamie May 12, 2016

    Oh his ass is gone! Serves him right!

  23. DanYiel Iman May 12, 2016

    Well it serves him RIGHT, who wishes harm to anyone? I’m a Bey-Hive member but Enough is ENOUGH!?

  24. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 12, 2016

    Not AnaHemroid being “disgusted” by people’s comments when it’s said worse things to people on here

  25. Greg_N_Greed May 12, 2016

    Girl Bye! The water she dances into, I would have mix that s*** with oil. Apologize my ass.

  26. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 12, 2016

    But yes, he should be fired. You don’t “joke” about people’s lives like that.

  27. Abomb May 12, 2016


  28. RihRih May 12, 2016

    Fire his ass, he needs to go!

  29. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 12, 2016

    It’s a kii when Tyler redd tells molly he hopes she dies ect but wants to act like a katy perry fan when someone does the same to his fave.

    Secondly, just because we don’t like BeyBóla, doesn’t make us racist. Bey isn’t even black, so why do you always get in your feels?

  30. Fatusankoh May 12, 2016

    What he said is wrong he should be fired he meant it all right

  31. HailBeysus May 12, 2016

    @FakeLikeLadyCaca’ and @DangWa! Are obsessed with my good sis @Annalise ????! I can’t!

    • The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 12, 2016

      But who are you? You’re a glorified piece of toilet paper to AnàlBeads as§? Haha

      • HailBeysus May 12, 2016

        Lmfao! Siswhat. You said has become Null n Void. You stay trying it with me but will continue to get dust from after I’ve blessed you with this kne comment. ?

  32. brazio May 12, 2016

    We all have have sent a text we wish we could have read first before we sent…Beehive going overboard⚓…tHough I don’t really care for Beyonce, I would never want anything bad to happen to her

  33. The Great Lacefronce. May 12, 2016

    He deserves a raise

  34. Who gonna check me boo?? May 12, 2016

    Those white people are mad everybody loved Beyonce when she was being the perfect popstar and everybody expected her to fade away musically around 2008-2010 just like britney, Christina and many of her actual peers .
    YET 20 years after her debut she is till as big as ever and she using her influence to put light in those “uncomfortable’ subjects now all of sudden everybody wanna stand against her the police saying they don’t wanna do their duties, basic white h*** having fake outrage out of the word ‘Becky’,Pierce irrelevant Morgan clearly saying he wishes she went back to being a perfect popstar, and now some fat ass worker joking about her life.
    This woman said f*** radio and single since 2011, this woman said f*** promotion since 2013 this woman just release one of the most socially aware album for a mainstream artist, Yet this woman is on a record breaking STADIUM ONLY TOUR and still as relevant as ever!!!! their calculations doesn’t add up their plan failed!!
    their ” how long a black singer should last in the industry ” plan failed!!!!! trust me they are mad

  35. RICHIE_RICH May 12, 2016

    I’m seeing on the gram Beyoncé has gone platinum!!!!!!!

    • Molly May 12, 2016

      Everybody forgot about Lemonaids already

  36. Rihanna Stan May 12, 2016

    Who cares about this Flop Ass B****!!!

    • RihRih May 12, 2016


  37. What Now May 12, 2016

    Death is not funny. Time for him to be in the unemployment line.

  38. dydy972 May 13, 2016

    Remember last time, beyoncé’s mother called the feds on someone who threatened her daughter’s life on instagram?
    So, i guess this man lost his job.

  39. cocobutta May 13, 2016

    Fire his Rassss.
    The cultural discrimination shines in ways that look like a simple sentence.

    He’s probably Zimmerman cheerleader!!

    Ill use this lemon? as the antioxidant to detox the pollution in his cranium

  40. Annalise May 13, 2016

    Didn’t I say that my s**** Fatt-the-cümslurper was OBSESSED with me! KIII You and ur flunky cüm-like-lady-caca have referenced me at least TEN times in the past week, still crying over dragging you by your pubes ???. STAY MADT

  41. zeroing ivy bloper tran anti girl lemond time May 13, 2016

    He need to be fired and charged to be put in jail for good

  42. inhood May 14, 2016

    Sure… forgive him all day. Fire the idiot. But don’t hold a grudge.

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