New Video: Adele – ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’


If anyone thought Adele‘s reign had wrapped, think again.

Snatching the spotlight from her peers, the 10-time Grammy winner resurfaces on the Pop radar with ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover).’

Unwrapped moments ago at the Billboard Music Awards 2016, the elegant clip’s arrival is poised to make waves across charts and airwaves globally charts.

‘Send My Love’ comes after universal hit ‘Hello’ and follow-up ballad, ‘When We Were Young.’ Shifting a mind blowing 3.38 million copies in the US in its opening week, ’25’ recently surpassed sales of eight million copies in the states, moving Adele ever closer to achieving that coveted Diamond certification.

Peep the visual for its latest offering below…

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  1. BOOBIE May 22, 2016


    • HALF AMAZIN May 22, 2016

      This video slays nothing but the watchers expectations. Boring beyond belief.

      • BOOBIE May 22, 2016

        All of Adele’s videos are boring except Rolling In The Deep. Her videos allow you to not get caught up in the visuals and listen to the song. What were yall expecting??

      • HALF AMAZIN May 23, 2016

        I was expecting something that enhanced the song or told a story. Watching her wave her arms around wearing her grandmothers tablecloth isn’t hardly a creative or adequate video IMO.

      • Dem Lessers May 24, 2016

        ^I’m dead at this comment, “grandma’s table cloth” you know lmao!!!

  2. LmfaoHoe May 22, 2016

    This s*** look worse than Rihanna Kiss It Better video and looks like a cheap budget video my Lil brother and his friends could’ve recorded in the back yard. Adele girl, you could’ve did something better n kept this.

    • HALF AMAZIN May 23, 2016

      I was disappointed with Kiss It Better as well but damn, at least Rihanna looked hot. I wanna know who authorized Adele to wear that tablecloth. She’s an attractive woman and they style her like a matronly mess!

  3. Surprise..(DEC 2013) May 22, 2016


  4. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy May 22, 2016

    I really like the video; it’s very elegant yet trippy. Plus, the song has grown on me now that I have a visual. I don’t see it charting this late in the music year, but very nice.

  5. Stephon Jackson May 22, 2016


    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) May 22, 2016


  6. Kayla C May 22, 2016

    Adele yes! 2 step queen!

  7. Surprise..(DEC 2013) May 22, 2016


  8. LB May 22, 2016

    Boring. If that was Rihanna’s video she’d at least have her t*** out. Next

    • Yes girl May 22, 2016

      LOL smh.

  9. BitchpleaseeeeeeeBitchpkeaseeeeeeeee May 22, 2016


  10. HailBeysus May 22, 2016

    Boo!!!! We want more!!!! Anyway love the song. Tis video has already racked in thousands of views in just 8 mins lol! Could we possibly be seeing another #1??? I predict 20 maybe top 10, #1 idk?

    • wrosy3 May 22, 2016

      You know this is going to number one her fan base is large they will support this adele can sing twinkle twinkle little stars people will buy it

  11. Danny Bey May 22, 2016

    The only thing I liked was seeing Adele groove a bit. It was cute. But that’s about it. But the song is still a BOOOOOOOP!!!

  12. Gee May 22, 2016

    Good song, wack video

  13. Mother May 22, 2016

    What the hell was that?! Bye, Adele, you can keep this.

  14. Shaquannamensha May 22, 2016

    Some a blunt or pop a Molly, and then watch it. Life!

  15. Shaquannamensha May 22, 2016


  16. Music is ev!l NOWsuk out the souls. May 22, 2016

    Send my love to the h0 you just fluc song is hilarious. Sorry but who stupid enough to do this ish, bye Felecia.

  17. Credits May 22, 2016

    The chorus sounds like a taylor swift song…I don’t really listen to her so I can’t put my finger on it….

  18. No favs, just here for the music May 22, 2016

    I have to admit this is probably one of the most boring music videos I’ve seen in a while. It brings absolutely nothing more to the song and I thought that was the point of a visual?

  19. StrawberryMuffin24 May 22, 2016

    I like the song and video it’s simple but good!

  20. What Now May 22, 2016

    Smh if you all haven’t peeped by now, all of Adele videos are boring or bring nothing to the table. It’s done on purpose. She plays it safe so the video can be played on all formats. This allows her to have her crazy album sales. She and her team know what they are doing.

  21. Theman May 23, 2016

    “Hello” wasn’t boring though. She makes classic videos, nothing fancy….

  22. MusicLifey May 23, 2016

    Hurt my eyes to watch this on tv. I will never watch it again because it basically gave me a headache ?????

  23. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!!! May 23, 2016

    Taylor Swift song I knew you were trouble inspired Adele for this song.


  24. magnusbaby May 23, 2016

    This is why Beyonce will never be a real artist like Adele.

  25. Honey G May 23, 2016

    Tragic !! I like Adele and also like few songs on 25 but this song… Duh !

    “I Miss you” would have been a wonderful risky single but no she prefers this boring song/video. Not here for it.

  26. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 23, 2016

    Nice video and song

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