Azealia Banks Fans Slam Rapper For “Bleaching”

Published: Monday 13th Jun 2016 by Sam

Azealia Banks is being blasted…by her own fans.

The rapper, who is notorious for her outspokenness, is being accused of bleaching her skin to be lighter.

Full story below…

Supporters of the ‘212’ MC have been remarking about her noticeably lighter hue in recent weeks. Yet, conversation about the topic exploded last night when she shared the snap above.


Taking to her Instagram, her fans left comments bemoaning her “alleged” practice:



We’re all about the music here at That Grape Juice, but we’re also proponents of loving oneself.

Whatever the case, we just hope she’s happy and healthy.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #JACKIE June 13, 2016

    She’s so gross!!

  2. MusicLife June 13, 2016

    Sick of this no name social media h03 who wants to be an artist but stays in social media drama.

  3. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy June 13, 2016

    She looks like she just hopped out of a fresh shower

    • IStan4Rihanna. June 13, 2016

      She actually does!

      By the way sis, you said you were studying Law, right?
      Well, so am I… and I need severe help with my Tort/Contract Law assignments that I’ve literally been avoiding the past week or so. LMAO.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy June 13, 2016

        Oh my! I’m not there yet! I officially start my 1L year in August. This summer, I have been taking two introductory courses to prepare. I hear so many people freak out about Torts.

      • IStan4Rihanna. June 13, 2016

        UGH. I absolutely despise Tort Law – it’s so long and bewildering. I wish you so much luck once you arrive at that nodule.


        Other than that, I love Law particularly the property/commercial side and media/environmental aspects – I’m not a fan of criminal law at all to be honest.

  4. Coolness June 13, 2016

    Here’s a girl who had the beauty and fashion industry wanting to work with her because she was such a breath of fresh air. I remember being so proud of how she rightfully dragged A$AP Rocky for making that ignorant comment about how darker skinned girls shouldn’t wear brightly colored lipstick because it should be left for those of a lighter complexion. The photos that came from her collaboration with M.A.C. were so gorgeous. Now her once smooth chocolate complexion is turning grey. I mean, she openly posts what bleaching products she’s using on Instagram. So sad 🙁

  5. Danzou June 13, 2016

    This is sad but I’m not dragging her. However I do encourage her and other people of dark complexion to love themselves especially women. The world cracks down hard on dark skin and it’s even worse within the black community because if the willy lynch letters.

  6. Black Butterfly June 13, 2016

    I wouldn’t mind going a shade or two lighter if it means being socially accepted

    • Danzou June 13, 2016

      Please don’t think that way. Maybe you’re trolling but if not I just wanna let you know that Africans are the first people to exist on earth and dark skin was made so that we could thrive in the sun. Early whites died in the sun because they ate genetically inferior to people of color which is why they stayed in the caucus mountains to survive the sunlight. On top of that, they would have s** with the neanderthals! If you’re a person of color then it’s been scientifically proven that you have no neanderthal blood. Only white people exclusively carry those genetics which is why they are the most insecure race as a whole. They know that EVENTUALLY their genetics will naturally be removed from the gene pool because of natural selection so for YEARS they have told so many lies to get people to think that they are superior or more attractive than people of color to the point where they even make some of us hate ourselves. Please love yourself and your melanin.

      • Nate June 13, 2016

        You’re Amazing. This is a big hidden truth, and the true reason for the system of racism. It’s much deeper than physical racism, and of course, slavery was such a personal experience. Blacks and whites lived together, generations grew together. The end of slavery took away security for many powerful rich whites, which is why other laws and protocals would be put in place for the “black” problem. We’ve all been westernized, we’re all mostly stolen or imposed upon people, just don’t know it.

      • Black Butterfly June 13, 2016

        No I’m in a dark place in my life, when I wake up and look in the mirror I hate what I see. I would love to feel free to love myself but it’s hard when the media is constantly parading around white people as the messiah and make you feel like your less than them. It messes with your mind. And when you have your own black people hating on you degrading you, it’s hard to smile…

    • What Now June 13, 2016

      Your sad soul must helps you cry yourself to sleep at night.

      • What Now June 13, 2016


      • Danzou June 13, 2016

        Are you talking to me?!

    • HALF AMAZIN June 13, 2016

      Definitely a troll. We don’t need you.

      • FAF June 13, 2016

        Still won’t be any more accepted because psychologically if u watch white cartoons like american dad South Park etc Halle berry and Chris brown are depicted the same shade as the black characters on the show

        For the most part unless you look like Mariah Carey, white ppl don’t see a difference between light black and dark brown

  7. Danzou June 13, 2016

    And even though she’s said some dumb s*** in the past I refuse to drag a black woman. They get enough on a regular basis. On top of that, when it comes to azalea, she’s an example of how society is quicker to trash a black person and make an example for the same things that other celebrities do. Why hasn’t trump been deleted from Twitter? Why hasn’t iggy been deleted? Piers Morgan? The media is doing the same thing to azalea that they did to Chris which is make an example out of a black person for not being perfect. And if you disagree then don’t even reply because I’m not in the mood for dismissal nor erasure.

    • #JACKIE June 13, 2016

      I don’t recall any of them constantly going on racist/sexist tirades on Twitter. I can’t believe people are still defending this psycho b****. Wrong is wrong, black or white and she has been wrong for the past 4 or 5 years she’s been trying to have a music career.

      • Danzou June 13, 2016

        Jackie shut up. Iggy a LITERALLY dragged gay people and people of color on twitter before she was famous and never got banned. Trump says racist s*** ALL THE TIME. AND HASN’T GOTTEN BANNED. CUT IT OUT.

    • Slayty Perry (Prism’s 5 Billion Streams) June 13, 2016

      None of them have said even half of the offensive and hateful things she has. She is racist and homophobic and proud of it. Bye @ you trying to pull the race card to defend this flop

      • Danzou June 13, 2016

        Slayty shut the f*** up. I asked yall not to try me. You know like everyone else knows that iggy tweeted some h** s*** and got caught. Trump says stupid s*** on the DAILY. This isn’t a measuring contest. The point is that she’s being made an example out of because she’s black. Flat out. This isn’t about who is more messy than the next you nitwit. It’s about her being THE ONLY one to be targeted and banned from a social network.

  8. What Now June 13, 2016

    She looks disgusting. I feel bad for anyone who bleaches their skin, wears color contacts, gets plastic surgery, and etc all are so stupid and really show how insecure a person really is.

    • Talent Trumps June 13, 2016

      Will this b**** every go away. She’s obviously doing this for attention. Such a nasty schizophrenic b****.

    • Talent Trumps June 13, 2016

      I agree.

  9. Stephon Jackson June 13, 2016

    Sign O The Times. People been doing this for years. Plastic surgery & skin lightening will never go away. No matter how many motivational speeches you tell these weak minded individuals. If you don’t like yourself, and you have the money to change it, most people would do it in a heartbeat. She looks pretty, dark or light. She’s a f****** crazy b**** tho, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s doing this for attention/publicity. At the end of the day, people gon’ do what they wanna do, period. Move on ….

  10. Kii June 13, 2016

    She admitted to bleaching her skin already….

    • Ciah’s Turtle June 13, 2016

      RIGHT. Her so-called fans should know this already.

  11. Metzo June 13, 2016


  12. BeyKnowlesBest June 13, 2016

    Im officially done with her shes lost it

  13. BeyKnowlesBest June 13, 2016

    Unfollows on all social media sites

  14. BeyKnowlesBest June 13, 2016

    But im not gone sit up here an act like one of the biggest popstars in the world “rih-rih” hasnt bleached aswell so lets call a spade a spade

  15. Trina Rozera June 13, 2016

    She already admitted to using Whitenicious on Twitter…

  16. Slayty Perry (Prism’s 5 Billion Streams) June 13, 2016

    We already knew she was trash but a hypocrite too? Interesting how she was pro-black when it won fans over for her but dropped that quick once said fans didn’t purchase any of her music. As far as bleaching goes, its your body do what you want with it. If you want to cut up your nose, put on a weave, lose a few ribs, fill your body with silicone, etc, go right on ahead. As long as you’re doing for yourself, I don’t see the issue. Everyone has the right to be happy with the way they look. Only in America is altering one’s appearance so frowned on even though we all do it.

  17. Azeals June 13, 2016

    You guys never do research before you post stories. She confessed to bleaching in the past and has done videos about it. So putting her on blast is pointless.

  18. Word is bond June 13, 2016

    Yet no story about AB apologizing about her ways. Didn’t even include her lengthy heartfelt response on the Orlando tragedy on her IG, like y’all did every other celeb. Disgusting.

    • #JACKIE June 13, 2016

      Nobody cares. She’ll be back to her old antics in no time.

      • Word is bond June 13, 2016

        Time is of the essence! Misfits like Azealia can change especially since she’s so young. With your logic, Ciara will stay a flop. See how it works? FOH.

      • #JACKIE June 13, 2016

        B**** shut up. Azpsycho will only change if she’s medicated.

  19. King gemini June 13, 2016

    It’s quite annoying everyone always accuses people of bleaching like I think some people are very idiotic sometimes you can tell she isn’t bleaching her skin nor is beyonce or Nicki Minaj or Rihanna. First of all less exposure to the sun will result in your skin getting lighte over a series of time especially during winter or being in countries that get less sunlight hours also aside from all that the lighting of where you take a picture can make your skin look a million times lighter or dark also make up I just think people find reasons to hate on celebrities like most of these people you accuse of bleaching are dark then light in every picture because of the lighting make up etc ya be some dumb f*ucks online i swear

    • Danzou June 13, 2016

      No azalea IS bleaching. She admitted it. But nicki isn’t and neither is Beyoncé. When you’re a black person lighting can make you look way different in photos. Plus many black people like myself have more than one skin tone at a given time especially depending on the season or climate. I’m darker in the summer but lighter in the fall and winter. It just happens.

  20. Annalise June 13, 2016

    Now this b*tch has done p*ssed me tf off! Regardless of all of the monstrosities she’s been involved in, i’ve always held a small candle for her. If there’s one thing I could count on with Azealia Banks, it was her pride in her skin tone and her heritage – and even that, she’s managed to disappoint everyone in! Now I REALLY have no use for her! BYE!

  21. Indie June 13, 2016

    Wow, she writes a heart felt apology that is news worthy and instead you choose to print this old news that she admitted to months ago, looks like this was a plan to sabotage her since her apology in my opinion

    • Word is bond June 13, 2016

      Thank you. TGJ is just like the Orlando killer in the blog world steady tryna kill people’s character. I’m not saying AB’s a saint but why be so negative? It’s sad.

      • Janet June 14, 2016

        Really b****? You are going to compare a music blog where bored kids go to trash each other over what artist is their favorite to a self hating gay man who shot and killed 49 people? Do me a favor and step away from the internet and go outside….do something, you’re delusional as s***.

  22. Jay Jay June 13, 2016

    She obviously does all this for attention or she’s in dire need of some serious counseling.

    Either way I will continue to pray for her!

  23. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timelyyouyi June 14, 2016

    Dont noone like her

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