New Song: Usher – ‘No Limit (Ft Young Thug)’

Published: Thursday 9th Jun 2016 by David

Usher is back…and he’s pulled Young Thug along for the ride.

The name of his latest effort? ‘No Limit‘, penned to honour his…pen.


Grown and sensual sounds below…

Make you say uhh, no limit / Got that Master P. I C-mm-murder-murder that / No limit, baby / Give you that Ghetto D, girl, no limit / Just know when you roll with a ni**a like me, there’s no limit, baby.

The release leads the way for the performer’s next studio album and follows the release of his last major hit ‘Climax.’
Will ‘Limit’ do what it needs to to help the gifted entertainer  match or exceed numbers pulled in by ‘Confessions‘?

Weigh in below…

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  1. #JACKIE June 9, 2016

    This is pure s***! It sounds like something Fist Brown should be singing.

    • Have a seat June 9, 2016

      I’m a big Usher fan but let me address some of the comments! No one is saying Usher shouldn’t move with the times ! He’s become to trendy instead of SETTING THE TRENDS! Usher hasn’t been AHEAD of the crowd like an artist of his caliber should be INSTEAD he is moving WITH the CROWD! This song is sung like TY DOLLA! I hate to say it but when I heard it I thought it was TY DOLLA! That’s a problem for me! Ppl bring up CHRIS BROWN but Chris like it or not is ahead of the crowd! He pushes hisself and set trends as far as R&B culture

      • HALF AMAZIN June 10, 2016

        Oh how the mighty have fallen. Usher needs new people because this, right here, AINT IT! It’s so unfortunate when artists with stellar vocals sing awful material. Don’t dumb down your talent to keep up with the tweens URsher.

    • Talent Trumps June 9, 2016

      Not you posting a pic of Justin Ugly ass culture vulture Cat vocals Timberlake lol. Boy bye.

    • QueenDime June 9, 2016

      Gtfoh with that pasty face ass Timberfake, ain’t nobody concerned or worried about his culture vulture ass. Tell me when his catalog at least sold more than Ushers I’ll wait ☕

  2. john bieber June 9, 2016

    Wavyyyyy!! Good to see Usher Moving with the times. People will never let usher rest. If he does RnB, its dated, If he does trap they say ‘whys he not doing RnB’, If he does europop, they say why is he not stay true to his roots!

    He can never win, however this buzz single is banging

    • Danny Bey June 9, 2016


    • KingGemini June 9, 2016

      Maybe and I’m not being sarcastic by the way but maybe he should just carve his own lane an make authentic and organic music from a real place instead of chasing trends and the top 25 of the billboard hot 100 even since talk that talk Rihanna stopped chasing trends she carved her own dark bad girl pop with a kiss of R&B Lane where her island routes are thrown and since 2012 has found her own lane and sound as she’s matured that’s authentic to her and the team that contributes to her albums. Usher literally I love him and he’s such a talent but having some bops that are good in the moment is beneath him and he should be in a real artistic place at this point in his career making music true to him. Chris brown grew up in this era and all the bops the slow songs all that is true to who Chris brown is and I just feel like yes even though usher was a major success and major talent this shows that his artistic ability studio wise is not that well nor is his decision making in music I’m hoping he gets it together but that whole looking 4 myself album i think that was authentic and a good start for this decade i loved that and I’m not saying i don’t like anything he puts I’m just saying it’s sub par for his caliber

      • Noah June 9, 2016

        Usher does music that’s authentic like “Good Kisser”, which was classic R&B…but it flopped, meanwhile “I Don’t Mind” succeeded. The question is what shall he do if he crappy mainstream music garners hits, but creative music doesn’t? The only ppl who can sell quality R&B are whites like JT/Adele/Sam Smith etc.

  3. BCinKS June 9, 2016

    Usher missed the mark again. He’s almost 40. His core fan base is almost 40 (or older than 40). So he made a s*x song that sounds like something the new wave of R&B males would sing. Young people won’t check for him. Older people won’t be checking for this song.

    • Noah June 9, 2016

      Ur pretty stupid if u think that “most” of his audience are 40 or over…that’s ridiculous. Usher appeals to a variety of ages and demographics through a variety of styles. This is equivalent to “Lemme See” from his last album, he’s always made certain singles for certain ages. Why did his last single “I Don’t Mind” go #1 on the R&B chart and top 10 on the mainstream with no music video,if they’re not “checking” him…….he appeals to all.

      • Danny Bey June 9, 2016


    • MsThing485 June 10, 2016

      Usher’s fans are not 40 and over. That’s an extreme exaggeration. He’s not even 40. Most pop stars appeal to fans that are 5-10 years younger than they are, which means that the average Usher fans is probably around 30. That being said, I don’t think this will easily appeal to them. This sounds like something constructed for some swaggy teenager. And I agree that if you’re too young to remember MY WAY and 8701, then chances are you aren’t into Usher. This is where pop stars over 30 eff up. Never chase whats hot with teenagers and young 20-somethings, it makes the artist look desperate. It’s like the old guy in the club with a gold chain. Cater to your tried and true demographic. Get THEM so excited that they come up out of their pockets to buy it. If it goes over well enough with them, the pop and teenybopper side will come around on their own.

  4. Ron June 9, 2016

    I don’t think he’s too old to make the music he wants. As long as it isn’t corny. This to me is cleverly written and has a cool best but…idk. I’m not moved. I liked “let me see” better.

  5. Theman June 9, 2016

    Shut up. Usher has tons of young fans. Y’all always want something to complain about. Y’all don’t even support regular r&b..

  6. DIABETIC STROKE June 9, 2016

    Ill reserve my judgement on this song but LEMME SEE & GOOD KISSER are steps perfect steps in the right direction for usher. Its current, on par with omarian & Mario (whom i favor imo over chris brown & Trey songs) while still on par with songs like superstar caught up & Touch by O. Why not keep young fans interested. Artist over 3 0today have always pushed the boundaries of their youth. Why should Usher be any diffrent. Rap sells well fusing it with quality r&b & soul works well for Usher.

  7. NickiBaby June 9, 2016

    This song is so HORRIBLE. Poor Usher!

  8. Noah June 9, 2016

    I’m confident he’ll follow this up with a different type of song….ppl are quick to judge as soon as he does 1 Pop he song that he’s completely “switched” or when he does breezy-esque R&B that he’s “old”.

    This is equivalent to “Lemme See” from the previous album, and he followed that up “Dive” which targeted a completely older demographic. It’s called versatility, Usher has all kinds of fans and tries to appeal to them. Same case for following “Good Kisser” up with “I Don’t Mind”. I just wouldn’t use this as a “lead” single at all though….

  9. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? June 9, 2016

    I see he’s still chasing radio for hits, but there’s nothing wrong with that in this climate. I wish him the absolute best with the continued promotion for this album. It’s gonna take some time to get the public interested again, but I see a platinum certification coming soon.

  10. OQRAM June 9, 2016

    Usher is still looking for himself, I see…
    Well, good luck. Used to be a fan, but he’s about exhausted my interest with these trend chasing antics. No one his age who has been in the business for as long as he has should be this needy.

    • Noah June 9, 2016

      I’m just as exhausted, but in reality “trend chasing antics” is what’s kept him long in the business (at the top). Ever since “OMG” he’s been giving us a bit of mainstream with a bit originality, and that’s very unsatisfying. I’m pretty used to this versatility now, so i’m confident he’ll follow this up with something different and better.

  11. Danzou June 9, 2016

    Usher will be fine. He just got off of a sold out tour and he sells out arena and stadiums like Beyoncé so I’m not worried about his demand. What I’m worried about is usher’s ear for music. Usher is a pop star at this point but he can actually sing. So my problem is whether or not the actual substance of his album will bring the pain.

  12. Danzou June 9, 2016

    I don’t want usher to think that he has to get anyone to like him. We already like you. But we need what only you can give us at this point which is quality r&b. The reason confessions was so successful was because he had SMASH singles on an album full of vocally driven music. The only other male voices that can hold a candle to him at this point are maxwell, tank, and maybe tyrese. I personally can’t really stand tyrese but I’ll give him that much credit. Anyway usher needs a smash hit with an album that has vulnerable substance.

    • Noah June 9, 2016

      But then again, in this day an age what is a “smash hit” exactly?….this type of stuff is. Usher does quality R&B like Good Kisser and it flops, then he does mainstream s*** like “I Don’t Mind” and it becomes a success (without a video), so what should does he really do at this point? He can’t marry quality against success because A- he’s not white like JT/Sam Smith/Adele and B – doesn’t have his original core audience together. He needs mass promotion and to use a bit of propaganda like Beyonce.

      • Danzou June 9, 2016

        The propaganda thing is true. Usher isn’t really being conceptual these days. He only has two concept albums so far and they’re his most successful. I thought good kisser went platinum? Anyway, I agree, he isn’t white so his creativity is a little restricted and he abandoned his core fan base with all the EDM. The thing about usher though is that he IS one of those artists who will go platinum IF the music is good enough but for him the R&B has to be to notch because we have a standard for him. If he released an album like, we’ll say purpose for example, with great visuals then usher will go platinum.

      • Danzou June 9, 2016

        And idk I’m not so sure what a smash hit will be until it actually happens cuz I hated I don’t mind. I felt like it was below him but it went top 20. I feel like if he created a nice contemporary album along with those singles he would’ve had an awesome era.

  13. Queen Barb June 9, 2016


  14. king June 9, 2016

    wanted something moremature from him

  15. king June 9, 2016

    wanted something more mature from him

  16. Rihboy June 9, 2016

    I expected better. Usher go lay…

  17. Danzou June 9, 2016

    I like the song. It should do well on the R&B/Hip hop charts but idk about the hot 100. It has a riff under the melody so maybe it will do well on top 40 radio. It reminds me of the same riff under rihanna melody in work.

  18. themusicking June 9, 2016

    He is releasing a new song “Crash” that is to be available worldwide tomorrow. So I see that as possibly targeting a different audience than “No Limit”.

  19. Tori June 9, 2016

    Um…y’all act as if y’all gone buy “Flaws” when it dropped anyway. Most of y’all are going to stream it and find every reason NOT to buy it. Hell most of y’all are doing it and his first single ain’t even dropped yet. Like someone above stated, also as he has radio singles with quality album tracks, maybe even don’t put it online so ppl feel like they HAVE TO buy it he’ll be fine. Ursher doesn’t make ppl feel like they need to be apart of his eras, there’s no structured plan to get the audience pumped. “I Don’t Mind” was a good start but he didn’t keep going, but I guess I understand since he wasn’t comfortable with his album.

  20. Truth June 9, 2016

    Usher’s problem is that he is 100% the product of his producers. Whatever they sound like is what he’ll sound like. Of his peers, he seems the least in control of the direction of his music. The most he might get to do is choose who he works with and maybe deciding how he’s gonna sing it, then it’s all them handling the bulk of everything. Musically, I can’t pinpoint anything that is “signature” Usher, which is why he’s been so all over the place over the last 10 years.

  21. Legendtina June 9, 2016

    It’s a no for me. I don’t care how old his audience is, he is too old to be singing songs like this. If he was a woman he would be dragged for filth for still selling s*x. Double standards much? You can reach a younger audience without degrading yourself and chasing after hits in such a desperate way. Wasn’t OMG a hit? DJ Got Us Falling In Love? I’m sorry but a man in his 40s singing about loving a stripper and giving good d*ck is tacky and corny. You can do s*** without being trashy. This song is just awful. Can you imagine him singing this and I Don’t Mind 20 years from now? On a greatest hit tour? Having a new artist pay tribute to him with that mess? He can do better. He needs to stop just throwing whatever out there and hoping for a hit. Try sitting down and actually creating a conceptual album instead of a collection of hit or miss songs.

    • SdotB June 9, 2016

      He’s not in his 40’s, he’s like 36-37

  22. KVH June 9, 2016

    Let’s be real, when Jermaine Dupri fell off, so did Usher. He’s worked with other hitmakers since and had some hits with them, but none of them were able to as effectively capture whatever it was that made him shine the way JD did. Same thing with Monica. They both relied too much on that 90s/00s ATL sound that he was all about, then when music started shifting away from it they didn’t know where to go or even who they were.

    • Danzou June 9, 2016

      I agree. Mariah carey relied on JD too.

  23. Jhené Aiko Stan June 9, 2016

    Lime someone above said, Usher is a product. He doesn’t really have conceptual albums; majority of his albums don’t need to be listened to in one sitting. He has always been a product of his producers and whatever is hot in R&B/Pop. We saw it with Yeah, saw it with OMG, and saw it with DJ Got Us Loving. He tried it with Good Kisser (Neo funk that Bruno, Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and Pharrell did) and now with I Don’t Mind and this song. Like the male Britney Spears but with talent lol.

    • Truth June 9, 2016

      I was actually going to say that he, in a lot of ways in like Britney, but thought it would be too cruel to compare him to her. He actually does have talent as a singer/performer, but as an artist/musician he is largely puppet-mastered by producers and A&R guys. Say what you will about Beyonce, but I have no doubt that when she’s in the studio, she’s demanding of what she wants and doesn’t want and will easily tell whoever she’s working with NO if she’s not feeling it. With Usher, I imagine he’s a lot less hands-on in that regard. I can’t imagine him commanding his producers to do this or not do that.

    • Noah June 9, 2016

      Totally disagree…purely because there is nothing that strongly suggest these conclusions imo. ALL of his albums have had a narrative, with Raymond V Raymond as an exception. Here I Stand was strongly maturely themed which he reflected of his marital status, with literally tracks about his son etc. The lyrical level was more mature and the songs had more depth, – an album that did NOT even sound contemporary (R&b was declining which lead to flop singles like Moving Mountains). Beyonce? Of all the artist u could mention, u said Beyonce? Beyonce has 100 song-writers, who squeeze her into the credits, she can hardly do an interview with her vocabulary. She is spoon-fed. She uses heavy propganda, sliding into relevant cultural topics like her current album. She is, exactly what u accused Usher of, if not better at doing so – and that this being able to deliver and bring it to life with her vocal ability. (if there’s anything else to do when ur a singer-songwritter)

      Usher is a much stronger song-writter than Beyonce, who further alters songs that are written for him if he can’t contextually connect to it. To assert that he is like Britney Spears but with talent is overly far-fetched. To view his input into his music, u need watch his studio sessions. Usher is a way more savvy artist than perceived, unlike Beyonce whose camp paint her to be a genius.

    • Noah June 9, 2016

      All of his contemporaries seize on relevant trends, only difference is that Usher goes the full mile of trying to lead it, whereas others don’t make that risk and only use certain elements, e.g Beyonce/Miguel. That’s why his versatility is more of a shock. “Yeah!” was not a trend, and was virtually not going to even be part of the album initially, crunk&b songs weren’t common AT ALL.

      “Tried it with Good Kisser”…uhm Usher’s Looking 4 Myself was heavily Funk influenced with songs like “Twisted” and the album came out in 2012! The thing is in that album, versatility was the whole theme. “I Don’t Mind” is not different to “Lemme See”, “Good Kisser” is not different to “Dive” etc, he’s always had these variations for a variety of audiences, so to assert that he’s following trends whenever any one of these genres become mainstream is just invalid. Was he jumping on a badngwagon with “Dive”? But now it would’ve seemed that way, wouldn’t it.

  24. King Mark111 /.\ June 9, 2016

    I give up…

  25. Danzou June 9, 2016

    This “Noah” account is really on the mark with all these responses. Anyways like Noah said, usher is NOT a Britney type artist. He’s Beyoncé equivalent if not better than her. She’s only worth so much because women are more easily marketed(clothing, perfume, etc) but as far as music goes usher has a DIAMOND album under his belt. Sales don’t always mean talent especially in this day and age however all his albums are platinum except looking 4 myself. When he tried to be mature his fans didn’t like sewing him in love. But then again he somewhat tried to recreate confessions as far as the sound goes with “here I stand.” Usher is not to be played with. He has serious respect in this industry even though he made some mistakes. Usher tends to be the best at what other artists want to do. He has great original style. What he needs to do is create a CONCEPT. The industry likes eras. If he could just create a concept even if it’s about love then he should do it.

  26. eric June 9, 2016

    Usher started looking for himself in 2012 and apparently he’s still searching, because this trash song is not characteristic of the Usher we all know and want.

  27. ? June 9, 2016

    Okay Usher you just served us a urban/pop bop now you better come through with the promo and crazy live performances. But what amazes me is this song just came out today and I’ve heard it over 8 times on the radio. I’m impressed though over 20 years in the game and pop and urban stations still uses him. I guess us young people still accept him. But when R.Kelly does it he FLOPS lol

    Slay King Ush.

    • Danzou June 9, 2016

      R Kelly is way too old these days. Makes great music still but his substance is gross at this point. He’s like fifty.

  28. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timelyyou June 13, 2016

    Nice song

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