Not So Fast! Whitney Houston Emmy Sale Blocked

Published: Friday 24th Jun 2016 by Sam
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Furore erupted among Whitney Houston fans when news hit that the late legend’s personal and professional effects were being put up for auction – by her own estate.

Everything from gowns to the diva’s passport were being made available to bid on.

The reason offered? To allow supporters to have a little piece of their idol, who died aged just 48 in 2012.

Per a new report, one item now ineligible for purchase will be Houston’s 1986 Emmy Award.

Details below…

Despite the online bid sitting at $10,000, a federal judge has ruled that trophy cannot be included in the sale.

The Television Academy filed the action citing its rule that all Emmys must be returned to them if the winner or winner’s heirs no longer want it. Needless to say, their request was granted.

Houston nabbed the honor for her Grammys ’86 performance of ‘Saving All My Love For You.’


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  1. Who gonna check me boo?? June 24, 2016

    Well duh most awards cannot be sold at least not publicly and legally

    • MUSICHEAD June 24, 2016

      Not true. Most awards can and have been sold. Had Whitney won that Emmy after 1994, there would be no problem with selling it. Remember, Toni Braxton sold her Grammys and AMAs during her bankruptcy and had to buy them back after her settlement.

  2. LmfaoHoe June 24, 2016

    This is f****** ridiculous and very disrespectful to Whitney’s legacy. God I wish I could slap the s*** out of Pat devilish no good for saking ass. I wish Whitney was truly more on the ball game and dropped her ass and hired a more trustworthy person behind her estate. From that hologram to this smh its a mess. I still to this day believe Whitney was in fact murdered along with her daughter.

    • eric June 24, 2016

      I agree with you %100.

    • MUSICHEAD June 24, 2016

      Whitney’s estate was hit with a major tax bill recently. So I guess that’s why they need this money so bad. Smh.

    • June 24, 2016

      i agree 110%.

  3. Coolness June 24, 2016

    Whitney was really that bish. She won a freakin’ Emmy for a performance at The Grammys ???!!!

    • JOHNVIDAL June 24, 2016

      Whitney was a TRUE phenomenon. Just shocked the world naturally with raw talent. She owns some of the most impacting and REAL records you can think about which show her almost unprecedented success. Biggest debut album of all time (female or male), biggest era for a female of all time, first woman (white or black) to ever debut at #1 with an album… and so on. Nowadays records we hear about regarding Rihanna and the lieks are pure jokes, only based on hot100 entries due to every single being able to enter the chart and streaming. But real success, respect, real album SALES are nowhere to be seen. Adele is one of the very few (not comparable to Whitney either).

  4. eric June 24, 2016

    It is sad and shameful what Pat Houston has done; she is a very suspicious character. If you want fans and supporters to be able to enjoy these items, donate them to museums where they will be preserved in a temperature controlled environment and presented with a backstory to educate visitors new, young and old.

  5. king June 24, 2016

    Side note: who knew mindless behavior had new music out

  6. Cinnamon Girl June 24, 2016

    Whitney’s estate was worth $20 million. How much money do they need?

  7. Mar June 24, 2016

    Don’t get me wrong 20mil is a huge amount of money, but the fact that that’s all she was worth just doesn’t make sense to me. She had to have been getting robbed. Just based off her album sales alone she should have been worth way more than that. Just doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand Pat Houston. I mean besides trying to make a profit off of Whitney’s belongings in the last 4 years what exactly has she done to keep Whitney’s legacy alive? You think of artist like Elvis who might as well still be alive based off his relevancy and how much money his estate makes a year, why aren’t they doing more in regards to the music for Whitney. Smh.

    • MUSICHEAD June 24, 2016

      Whitney didn’t have as much money because she did not write her songs. Elvis and MJ are worth far more because of their publishing and merchandising. Whitney made most of her money from touring and producer fees from her movies. By the time Whitney signed her $100 million recording contract in 2003, she only put out one album which was her last in 2009. So she was never paid most of that money. Subtract property taxes, income taxes and her expensive drug habit and she was lucky to even have $20 mill.

  8. hoeimHERE June 24, 2016

    THIS IS SO SAD! Every time I hear her name now it’s something involving her estate or money! Is this what they want her legacy to be remembered as??? #JusticeforNippy

  9. Noooooooo June 24, 2016

    Co-sign!!! #Justiceforwhitney

  10. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi June 24, 2016

    Wow it sad and shameful

  11. Mr.StLaurent June 25, 2016

    It’s very sad to see all her achievement for sale.
    But as a fan i can have one piece of history/Whitney.

    And that’s what i have done buying one SEVEN time Platinium disc awards from the auction ??

  12. Royalkev June 25, 2016

    Pat’s so shady! If only Whitney knew what she was dealing with … After seeing all the legends go I’ve come to realize that once you’re gone that doesn’t stop mess from happening, in fact, it may spark it for a while! There is an upside; however, the drama doesn’t even matter any more because these talent individuals are resting in peace! God bless Whitney’s soul!

    • Royalkev June 25, 2016

      *talented individuals

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