Iggy Azalea Claims She Caught Nick Young Sneaking Women Into Their Home

Published: Thursday 30th Jun 2016 by David

Already heated news around the highly publicized relationship woes, and consequent split, of Grammy-nominated star Iggy Azalea and LA Laker Nick Young was given a fresh douse of gasoline recently when reports revealed exactly what caused the failure of their engagement.

Despite rumours of several breakups and makeups over the course of their union, the ‘Fancy’ belle has revealed what the rapper’s final straw was.



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  1. Bey-Minaj June 30, 2016

    Iggly gurl I aint checking for ya but kick his cheating ass to the curb hun. If he bold enough to bring other women to lie in your bed, then he has absolutely zero respect for you and doesn’t even really like you.

    • Maurice June 30, 2016

      claims to not be checking on her.
      yet is the first to respond concerning her.
      i cant with these broads.

      • Speak on it June 30, 2016

        I’m sure he or she meant musically, by not checking for her, but is giving an opinion on the cheating situation.

      • Speak on it June 30, 2016

        Which is fine.

  2. FAF June 30, 2016

    Why tweet such vivid details

    This is what she needs to learn even with Nicki there’s a certain level of media training

    Ppl don’t care they just wanna use it against you later

    On another note, she thought she took that black girls man bc she had money and white skin
    It backfired
    If a Guy has no loyalty to the mother of his kids why would he be faithful to you?

    I’m sure Alicia keys gets cheated on, as well

    • Cough Cough June 30, 2016

      You would bring the fact that him and the ex are black and she’s white, into it. Him being a dog and having a babies mom have nothing to do with their race. Black girls are rebound girls to black men all the time, and the same goes for every other race. It’s called a rebound, smart girl!!!! Stfu!

  3. **** June 30, 2016

    Smh its sad how these males treat their girls. Why bother putting a ring on it when you know your heart and dìck is somewhere else

  4. Cough Cough June 30, 2016

    Men are dogs- across all races. Some women, of all races, are dogs too. Just find someone equally loyal and ready, Iggy and you’ll be fine.! You’re still young!

    • Speak on it June 30, 2016

      Exactly, I couldn’t have said it any better.

  5. Music all the way June 30, 2016

    Can she get some training about media,why on earth would she put such information on social media?? I

    • Ughhhh June 30, 2016

      When a dude disrespects you and hurts you; come back and explain how you were able to not publicly shame his ass.

      • Tori June 30, 2016

        Come through Ughhhh! If he didn’t care why should she?

  6. Jamie June 30, 2016

    So what. You chose to stay. No sympathy over here. You look like a clown, you get treated as such.

    • Ughhhh June 30, 2016

      You know they aren’t together anymore right?

  7. June 30, 2016

    you kick is 2ss out, so leave it at that and move along.

  8. Jake June 30, 2016

    When are these women going to learn , that is what athletes/rappers do , you can’t change a man let alone an entire community , that’s what they do you can’t be surprised yo !
    First if I was Iggy I would never get involved with a dad , you young s*** rich but you going to get a baggage in a relashionship go get yourself a nice doctor with nice offices that works from 9-5 that lives in Australia girl .

  9. toeknee June 30, 2016

    I still strongly feel its all publicity stunt. The tweets are so suspect( & don’t tell me she wanted to shame him) and I feel they’ll backfire since she has so many haters.

  10. IG : @mixedboy June 30, 2016

    I feel so sorry for you IGGY and and other women that goes thru this crap. I always say that nobody is forcing anyone in a relationship. If Nick wanted to sleep around just BREAK UP! It’s so simple.

  11. StrawberryMuffin24 June 30, 2016

    My girl Iggy will be alright! I’m happy she got the proof she needed to leave his cheating ass! I know her new album is gonna be dope she has alot to get off her chest!

  12. WTH June 30, 2016

    I’m so sorry Iggy! 2016 needs to be the year that these bum men and women need to get called out and embarrassed for ruining relationships. Iggy did the right thing to put him out there for this so that SMART women stay away from this POS!

  13. Tori June 30, 2016

    If she releases the first half of Lemonade in her words I’ll be interested. Give us REAL tea girl, at this point you need to revive your career at any cost…

  14. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi June 30, 2016

    Nick young basic got his Bm pregnant while he was very drunk and waited until she was 4 month pregnant to tell iggy and that’s good iggy dump Nick young

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