Album Stream: Fantasia – ‘The Definition Of…’


With fans patiently waiting on Fantasia since 2013, today marks the arrival of her much anticipated fifth studio album ‘The Definition Of…’.

The 32-year’s latest offering comes after the release of singles ‘No Time For It’ and ‘Sleeping With The One I Love’ and features colorful contributions from the likes of R. Kelly, Aloe Blacc, and Ty Tribbet. Renown industry icon Ron Fair serves as executive producer.

Contemporary yet classic, the aforementioned cuts solidified anticipation for the freshly surfaced set. With the record now available to purchase, it’s also been made available to stream in its entirety.

and stream in its entirety, long time followers of the RCA signee can expect the release to range in influences.

That Grape Juice’s Top Tracks:

1) Sleeping With The One I Love
2) Roller Coasters
3) Stay Up
4) I Made It

Take a listen below and let us know what your favorite tracks are! We’ve already got our copy; will you be buying too?

1. Crazy

2. No Time For It

3. So Blue 

4. When I Met You

5. Sleeping With The One I Love

6. Stay Up (ft. Stacey Barthe)

7. Ugly

8. Wait For You

9. Roller Coasters (ft. Aloe Blacc)

10. Lonely Legend 

11. I Made It (ft. Tye Tribbett)

Your thoughts?

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  1. christinastherealtalent July 29, 2016

    As a long time fan of Fantasia, I have to say I’m very disappointed with this album! The rock/soul sound is the only consistent thing on here. The only songs I enjoyed are the ones previously released (Sleeping with the One I Love and Ugly)…Wait For You is ok. I give it a 3 on a scale of 1 to 5.

    • ?+✈=? July 29, 2016

      I didn’t know she had an album coming out! Love her song sleeping with someone else’s man.

      • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN July 29, 2016

        You cute the name is actually “Sleeping with the one I love” nice try though. Album is great, but I have to be honest Side Effects of You is still my album. Love you Fanny!!!

  2. stan July 29, 2016

    “when i met u” needs to be a single

  3. SWISH July 29, 2016

    sleeping with the one i love and no time for it are my favs

  4. Nate July 29, 2016

    So Blue is a bop! Love this sound for her. Needs to be a single. No time for it needs to be one too. Have to give it to Fantasia, her albums stay consistent.

  5. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ July 29, 2016


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    • ?+✈=? July 29, 2016

      TLC is the best GIRL GROUP of all time!!!

    • StarXavi July 29, 2016

      For PCD to have had such a short reign I’m pleasantly surprised to see them come in at Number 2! Yaaaasss Nicole Slayzinger!

    • Casual July 29, 2016

      I think lists like these have to be considered in the context of the various chart eras in which these groups charted. The Supremes, for example, left a cultural impact unmatched since, not even by Destiny’s Child or TLC — plus the Supremes charted in a very different kind of chart era. To be fair, the Supremes can’t be matched — ever — just like New Edition or Boyz II Men could have never been the Temptations, or like Lady Gaga could have never been Madonna. The numbers are interesting to a point, but they don’t really tell the tale.

    • Annalise July 29, 2016

      LMFAO nice try sis but you need to OPEN UP YOUR EYES! give us a reliable source instead of pulling random figures from your kimchi-smelling ass!

      To quote DC’s ‘Lose My Breath’ – YOU ARE DISMISSED!

      • stardom July 30, 2016

        I hope his brain wasn’t affected by its addiction to surgery.

  6. trose July 29, 2016

    THIS. ALBUM . IS . EVERYTHING. Tamar, Fantasia, Beyonce and Jazmine Sullivan are the only ones carrying the R&B Torch and rightfully so All queens. Fantasia is OFFICIALLY the QUEEN of Rock Soul

    • Credits July 30, 2016

      Don’t forget Monica! Code Red is solid. And while we wait for Brandy’s next release, beggin’ and pleading goes hard too.

      • RCW July 30, 2016

        Yeah Monica’s Code Red was an awesome album

  7. StarXavi July 29, 2016

    Roller Coasters is my fave! I like No Time For It too.

  8. Dev July 29, 2016

    I will be buying a copy but it’s not as solid as her previous efforts, especially the masterpiece that was side effects of you. I’m interested to know what happened with the R Kelly tracks and why they didn’t make the album.

    • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) July 29, 2016

      Girl, SWTOIL. ugh

  9. Brotha1461 July 29, 2016

    Love it I am glad she stepped outside of the norm she is a true artist. No matter what you hate about the cd she will sing it once and you will grow to love it.i am open to this cd make it work mama!!!

  10. Casual July 29, 2016

    The tracks I managed to hear were decent, but When I Met You was the standout for me. The production teases 80s Shirley Murdock, and I’m so here for it.

  11. True Lambily July 29, 2016

    I have been a fan and bought all of her albums but this one will not be getting purchased I don’t like any of the songs enough for me to get the album I’m so thankful for YouTube bc I listed to the whole album and for me it sucks She says this is what she has been wanting to do..I say goodbye to her albums If this is what I have to look forward too…Im so ready to see what Keyshia Cole and Mjb is got in store maybe they will make music that speaks to the heart about heartbreak and bad relationships ending etc etc

  12. RIP July 29, 2016

    I appreciate the fact that Fantasia isn’t yelling at me anymore ?????.
    I didn’t like side effects of you, it was watered down self-titled(Fantasia album)
    This album is more cohesive,the production is slicker,the vocals subtle but effective(some slick runs) overall a more diverse sound.My only gripe is the gospel song at the end doesn’t fit and

    some of the spoken word
    bits had me like?.
    Probably my top 5 for R&B albums so far this year.

  13. Credits July 30, 2016

    Solid cuts! But as a whole, they don’t put together an amazing album. Maybe it will grow on me. Why do I feel like some of these songs could have been on whitney’s “I look to you” album? Is it just me….I think it’s the adult contemporary vibe cause this isn’t for the youngins’ and I appreciate that she is not trying to do what is current on the radio right now. She stayed true to her craft.

  14. Terny July 30, 2016

    It’s a new sound ? for her and I think it works.. Standout tracks for me include
    I made it, wait for you
    When I met you
    Crazy & No time for it.
    Worthy mentions:Rollercoaster & SWTOIL
    Production wise it’s sleek and current and her vocals sit perfectly in the mix. I say well done Fantasia, I’ll be playing this one for a yle..

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