Britney Spears Debuts New Song ‘Private Show’

Published: Tuesday 12th Jul 2016 by Sam

By most counts, Britney Spears is a Pop icon. However, as she learned with the release of 2013’s ‘Britney Jean,’ she is not exempt from falling foul of public favor.

Hoping to turn the tide, she’s been working an album of new music – and it seems she’s ready to unveil.

As reported, she’s uniquely tying-in the release of her latest fragrance ‘Private Show’ with a song of the same name.

Now, ET are taking fans behind the scenes of the scent’s accompanying commercial – which features a lengthy preview of the cut.

Check it out below…


It’s definitely different and sees Spears play with her voice in a way we’ve not heard in some time.

That said, her vocals sound a touch over-processed – which, given how thin they are to begin with, could spell chaos for eardrums the world over.

Still, we’re rooting for her. Hence, we’ll wait to hear in full.

Tidbit: it appears ‘Make Me (Ohh)’ featuring G-Eazy is still the project’s “lead” single.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bee July 12, 2016

    She sounds good and she looks engaged good for you Brit!

    • JESUSHCHRIST July 13, 2016

      exactly what I came here to say. she’s speaking with lots of conviction and seems well

    • Gurl really? July 13, 2016

      She does, grapejuice always hating on brit. Stop the shade, its so unecessary!

  2. Surprise..(DEC 2013) July 12, 2016

    She looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Molly #BLM July 12, 2016

    A Cheryl Cole TEA


    • Check DAT July 12, 2016

      And people are checking for Justin’s ex sis?

      • CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

        Right boo?

  4. Check DAT July 12, 2016

    Britney is looking HOT lately!

  5. Bee July 12, 2016

    I’m definitely here for this sound and she for once look like Britney if that make sense

  6. Ratyoncé Queen of Section 8 July 12, 2016

    DEAD at Rhianna making more money than Queen Ratyonce.

    Rih – $75M
    Ratyonce (slave) – $54M

    • Molly #BLM July 12, 2016


    • jdek July 12, 2016

      lmaoooooo its official forever rihs lessor!!!

      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 July 12, 2016

        Since when did Rihanna’s net worth become more than Beyonce’s?

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 July 12, 2016

      Rihanna need 5 things: Samsung, Puma, Dior, Anti, and Anti Tour. Meanwhile Beyoncé made $54 million which is 2/3 thirds of Rihanna’s income from only 2 things Lemonade & Formation tour… If anyone is slaving it’s to stay afloat it’s Rihanna. The real Kii is Bey still has more money overall!

      • Datredd23 July 12, 2016

        They did not calculate anti tour and Rih is right on par with what Beyonces net worth was at Rihs age

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) July 12, 2016

      But remember when Beyonce made around the same amount in 2013, with just a few dates of her tour counted, but in 2014 she doubled that…..I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!!!!!!

      • Datredd23 July 12, 2016

        Rih will make 100 million next year her entire Anti tour will count and her brands with puma are increasing and doing amazingly well she also has a beauty line debuting sometime this year for being 28 her net worth is great at 235 mill I really hope she adds dates in Australia for the anti tour

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) July 12, 2016

        LMAO..she is not making any 100 million dollars. Her tour is not doing that well, most of her dates are not sold out especially in the us. Most of the money she made this year came form PUMA, PERFUMES E.T.C. Beyonce will make over a 100 million dollars and the battle for number 1 will be between adele and beyonce..just watch.

      • Datredd23 July 12, 2016

        Why won’t she make a 100 mill it’s not impossible lol especially when she’s helped Pumas net sales by over a billion

        Creepers and Fur slides are bringing that bread in for Rih

    • Keri Qween July 12, 2016

      Screams @ratyonce

      Petty ???

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) July 12, 2016


      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 July 12, 2016

        Where is Keri on the list?

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) July 12, 2016


    • Black power July 12, 2016

      What list????? Post the link please

    • Janet July 13, 2016

      There you are…that SAME B**** who hijacks threads on other artists to spread your pathetic Rihanna vs. Beyonce agenda. GET F@CKED!!!! and go somewhere else with this tired, played out topic.

  7. Dev July 12, 2016

    She needs to evolve, this is the same old, same old.

    • Bee July 12, 2016

      It doesn’t sound like nothing she done before doe? Did you even listen

      • Dev July 13, 2016

        Of course i listened. It not just the sound, i was talking about the whole package… image and everything

  8. RihNavy July 12, 2016

    @#AllLivesMatter, but sis clearly you’re checking for her since you commented her name. CherylSoldier has you PRESSSSSEDT over her. Kiiii

    • Danzou July 12, 2016

      B**** shut yo tired ass up and worry about your UTI.

      • #JACKIE July 12, 2016

        Kiii drag that funky ass B**** sis!

  9. Britney Damita Abdul July 12, 2016

    Fresh Navi said David was ugly. Bish where?

  10. datredd23 July 12, 2016

    Where is the Forbes list post? Lol

  11. jdek July 12, 2016

    ok sis.

  12. jdek July 12, 2016

    LMAOOO dead Can the hi\/+ explain why theifonces making less than queenrih???? $75m>>>>>$50m looool #Stepyapu*sygameuphuntii

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 July 12, 2016

      Rihanna did more and her Samsung deal out her over the edge. You subtract her Samsung deal she would would have made $5 million less than Bey.

    • #JACKIE July 12, 2016

      For the first time EVER! Kii I knew the delusional ass G**** would try to drag.

      • jdek July 12, 2016

        I’m sorry where was 19k On the list??

      • Datredd23 July 12, 2016

        Ciara’s net worth is around 20 million she’s made triple that is in one year sit! Beyonce did not start making money like this till she was this age aswell Rihs brand is only increasing !

        Rih topped Bey in on the 2011 list aswell the year she brought in 54 million

      • #JACKIE July 12, 2016

        Who cares about Ciaras net worth? She’s still filthy f****** rich. She’s never been BROKE or BANKRUPT while having a #1 single like other label slaves. ?☕️
        Have a seat darling.

      • jdek July 12, 2016

        Lmao cute but still doesn’t answer the question. So I’ll ask again where is 19k on the list sweety? 🙂

      • #JACKIE July 12, 2016

        Typical G****… DEFLECTING?

      • The Great Lacefronce. July 12, 2016


        Cedric fans have a hard time answering SIMPLE questions

        Where is Russells partner on the list?????

        Is Jackie certified yet????

        Is “Ciara” certified either?

      • #JACKIE July 12, 2016

        Ciara was NEVER the topic dumb ass faaaag. Rihanna outgrossed Beyonce ONCE and y’all try to drag kii. Y’all are so predictable. Why was Beyonce outgrossing her even when Diamonds was #1 on the charts? I don’t even use Bey, but the GAŸvy is the absolute worst.

      • © Centurion ::. July 12, 2016

        LMFAOOO! That pitiful serially dragged Ciara stan is a pro at dodging questions. Where is Ciara? DEATH at the constant self-drags and DESPERATION. It clings to Beyonce when her stans drag it on a daily basis. ????

      • #JACKIE July 12, 2016

        I don’t cling to anyone BÌTCH. I drag Beyonce and her rabid wasps when necessary the f***. I have no loyalty to that hōe. You GAŸvys are so delusional. You cling to Drake because anti ain’t selling s***. You ain’t no real fan. Bye girl.

      • © Centurion ::. July 12, 2016

        WHERE. IS. CIARA? And speaking of album sales, how much has Jackie sold? You know, the album was sold for a mere 10 cents last year on Microsoft’s website. Did you buy?

      • #JACKIE July 12, 2016

        Faaaag, your focus needs to be shifted on getting Anti to 500K in sales.

      • © Centurion ::. July 12, 2016

        Looks like you aint answering any those questions. ? Here’s a new one: Is Ciara signed on any record label? ☕

  13. jdek July 12, 2016

    HAHAHAHAH whens that list gonna be posted sam?? huh? lmaooo

  14. Meteorite July 12, 2016

    (In old Rose voice): “Well I’m Goddamned!”
    Maybe all hope for Britney isn’t lost! Girl was definitely moving like she was in her earlier years! Well alright if you gon’ slay Ms Spears then come through!!!

  15. Reality July 12, 2016

    so this means that christina (britney’s lesser) is going to get scared and drop her album with her rejected britney tracks.


    Britney is the sweetest, but I’ll keep it 100%.
    She already has Diamond Albums, multiple number 1 songs debut, most googled ever, best selling female of the last decade, etc.
    She should release more personal music, like Someday I’ll understand, Rebellion, Everytime, and stop with this vixen oversexed image. Her best songs are the ones written by her.

    • Bee July 12, 2016

      Exactly and this album will show that Britney wouldn’t be Britney without s** but it sounds like she got a new sound on her hands & the first single “make me” has leak not the whole song but a snippet I think she got a hit

  17. © Centurion ::. July 12, 2016

    It’s nice. Her voice is quite over-processed, but nice nonetheless.

  18. LB July 12, 2016

    Sounds interesting, very Selena Gomez. Hopefully the full version is good.

  19. Coolness July 13, 2016

    I Remember in the early 2000s when she and J.Lo were the gold standard as far as most coveted bodies in pop music were concerned. Nice to see she’s still looking good.

  20. Indie July 13, 2016

    YES Britney! I really like the sound of this and I think it’s great that she’s using the commercial as a way forepeople to here her do a s*** balled as slow songs don’t get played on radio anymore unless your Adele, she looks incredible and is sounding great!

  21. cocobutta July 13, 2016

    Brand New Sound???

    Hmmm coming with her Black Cat rip offs and wanna get in Discipline Janet modes.


  22. StarXavi July 13, 2016

    Always have been a Britney stan! Love her to pieces. The song sounds very promising. I was just watching old episodes of Mickey Mouse club and she was giving me a much heavier vocal.

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