Britney Spears Releases ‘Private Show’ Teaser

Published: Tuesday 12th Jul 2016 by David

Britney Spears‘ fragrance empire has welcomed the arrival of ‘Private Show’, a scent she hopes will fare just as well as her Las Vegas residency.

How she’s supporting the release?

By releasing a sensual promotional piece for it with help from the songwriter Carla Marie-Williams.

Stay tuned… #PrivateShow #TakeABow @britneyspearsfragrances

A video posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Spears’ ‘Show’ leads the way for her ninth studio album and its lead single ‘Make Me’ which is reportedly set for release in the Fall!

The single and the album will follow the unveiling of her eighth studio LP ‘Britney Jean’ which spawned the cut ‘Perfume.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. #BeyHiveAttack July 12, 2016


    We have Beyoncé now, who needs this brain dead washed up former star.

    Stay lipping in that hotel in Vegas sweetie

    • Maurice July 12, 2016

      She used to give me life, but I’m so bored of her these days.
      Always lipsyncing, nothing new to the industry, same boring songs.
      Anyway, good luck to her. The song sounds shiite.

    • Dem Lessers July 12, 2016

      “We have Beyoncé”…b**** we have Adele, Taylor Swift and Drake selling more record and being more relevant if you wanna go down that route. The H** acting like Bey is the biggest thing to walk this planet when hardly anyone has time for her reductive surprise album gimmick. I haven’t even listened to her album and a lot of people I know including industry people don’t give 2 f****. Black gays may swallow her crap but the masses won’t!

      • BEY>RIH July 12, 2016

        Is that why she has the most acclaimed and best selling album of the year? What are Britney Jean’s sales looking like? Can Britknee go on a sold-out world stadium tour? Can she win a grammy. Can her brain even function?? Chile I forgot Stiffknee even had stans. 😂😂 You stan for a nostalgic act while we stan for a global legend biitch!!!!

      • OMG Logic!!! July 12, 2016

        @BEY>RIH Doesn’t Adele technically have the best selling album of the year?

        And gurlll with that self-shade talking about brains. Even Britney doesn’t use 100 writers per album.

  2. Indie July 12, 2016

    Britney Jean, which had the no.1 international now Britney classic ‘Work B****’ Love this commercial, Britney is back and I’m excited to see where she is musically, she’s taken her time on this album, I have a feeling its gonna be great cos she’s in a good place!

  3. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 July 12, 2016

    Britney is so dull, it’s amazing how she used to be the biggest thing on planet earth back in the day. Now these days people use her as a throw back!

    • Dem Lessers July 12, 2016

      Beyawncé is the most boring artist on this planet that she had to stage an elevator fight and fake cheating rumours to stay relevant. #KEEPTRYING

      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 July 12, 2016


        lemonade & Formation Tour says other wise.

      • BEY>RIH July 12, 2016

        Stifknee Tears is the most untalented/ braindead human being on earth. Im glad her dead-ass career is where it belongs; in Vegas being a stiff showgirl. She has, is, and always will be trash. Beyoncè has always been bigger and more talented than this robot.

    • Queen Brit Brit July 12, 2016

      She is still the biggest thing on the planet. Hence why her Vegas show is slaying. LOLOLOLOL!! People from all of the world come to see Britney while Beyfoon comes to them. The difference between a Queen who can draw and a relic milking her star power before its finally gone. LOLOLOLOL!

      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 July 12, 2016

        The fact that Brit is the only one in Vegas from her group of peers speaks for it’s self…. That’s all!

      • Queen Brit Brit July 12, 2016

        Jessica Simpson – ????
        Mandy Moore – Cute acting career, irrelevant now
        D!ke – still neither iconic nor legendary, still flying around from the ceiling recycling the same material from 2008
        Christina – hasn’t toured since Bush was in office, new song went nowhere, collecting checks from The Voice
        J.Flop – Flopping since 2006, now in Vegas

        Britney is continuing to sh*t on her peers

      • BEY>RIH July 12, 2016

        80,000+ people payed hella money to see Bey perform at Wembley Stadium which Stiffknee could never perform there. All dead careers go to Vegas hun. And Bey’s current star power is even bigger than Britknee’s at her prime…

  4. Bee July 12, 2016

    A preview to her new video just leak it look way better than this commercial

    • Dem Lessers July 12, 2016

      Queen slayed

  5. B_Roni July 12, 2016

    I wonder if this blog is gonna post about the 75 million dollars Rihanna made between June 2015 and June 2016

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 July 12, 2016

      I’m sure they will post the Forbes list later today. Knowing Sam he will make a separate thread for Bey, Rih, and Taylore since she is #1 then make another thread for Bey & Jay being the highest paid couple

      • B_Roni July 12, 2016

        Lol probably so. I’m so glad Rihanna, Beyonce, jay z , and a lot of other black artist are doing good

  6. CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

    Sounds absolutely tragic

    • Dem Lessers July 12, 2016

      More tragic than Only Humans sales or Cheryl thirst for black d***?

      • Queen Brit Brit July 12, 2016

        LOLOLOL!!! Drag ha! But what about Cheryl The Discount Watered Down Britney’s thirst for young d*ck? Isn’t she bl*wing one of the members from One Direction? Or is it all of them? Its hard to keep up with irrelevant Britney clones. LOLOLOL!

      • CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

        I knew your bum basic a$$$ was gonna come seething in my reply section. You Stan for a white trash, mentally ill, drug addicted flop who can’t even afford good hair extensions. Have several seats sis because last I checked the THIRST for d*** at a young age is absolutely rampant in the trailer trash spears clan.

      • Queen Brit Brit July 12, 2016

        YAWN. Gurl, you tried it with those 2007 reads. LOLOLOLOL! Britney can’t afford good hair extentions but can buy you, your fav, and your fav’s man’s lives. Cheryl is an industry c*m rag who bounces from d*ck to d*ck to stay relevant because her reject music cant do it. She’ll always be a cheap British version of Britney minus the iconic status, sales, hits, and global recognition. Pray that One Direction fans revive ha dead career before she bounces to newer and younger d*ck. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      • CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

        Girl do you actually believe the mess you write? Your fave hasn’t been relevant since she used her mental illness for promo in 2008. And kii at you thinking those are 2007 reads when she’s still white trash, robotic and can’t think for herself. The b**** hops from old white man to old white man & you’re gonna come for Cheryl? Sis your fave literally f*cked her backup dancer for kids. I’m HOLLERINGGGGGG!!

  7. StrawberryMuffin24 July 12, 2016

    Anything is better then Beyawnce tired gimmick overrated ass! But Shi.tney sucks to the bish doesn’t even sing live and she can’t dance a waste of space!

  8. IG : @mixedboy July 12, 2016

    Her body looks AMAZING!

  9. stardom July 12, 2016

    Why she got old really fast. And her smile always look tragic.
    Musically she is still ok tho britney jean had way less hits. Her problem is performance(which was what most loved abt her) which has gotten worse but I wish her the best.

  10. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 12, 2016

    Damn this robot have an off button? At least a sleep mode?

  11. LB July 12, 2016

    Mariah better run for cover,

    TIWYCF #1 in Canada

    Rihanna now has the most #1s in Canada ever by a female artist

  12. LB July 12, 2016

    Cannot wait to see this, should be interesting.

  13. #JACKIE July 12, 2016

    She has NO talent.

  14. Queen Brit Brit July 12, 2016

    I’m ready for it! I hope Britney’s team actually promotes this time around. And for anyone saying it sounds like Selena Gomez, remember that Britney is her mother and that her entire Stars Dance era (tour, videos, etc) was a tribute to Brit. LOLOLOLOL!

    • CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

      That era was a tribute to Rihanna. You’re dumb af.

      • Queen Brit Brit July 12, 2016

        Is that why Selena said her tour was inspired by Britney’s early performances? Is that why the Come & Get It choreography was a tribute to Im A Slave 4 U? LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Selena stans Britney. FRih is unknown

      • CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

        Did she literally not say that come and get it was supposed to be for Rihanna? Rih has more influence than your robotic fave ever haDDD. 👴🏽

      • Selenator *Kills Them With Kindness* July 12, 2016

        Come & Get It was written for Rihanna but how does that equal influence? Lol. Stupid rat, you clearly don’t know how this industry works. Stars Dance sounded nothing like Rihanna’s music. She’s stated several times Brit is her idol and that the CAGI choreography was tribute to Brit’s iconic Im A Slave 4 U. The only Rihanna influence was in the mv and thats because they shared the same director. Now go worry about Cheryl’s dead career

      • CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

        TF? That whole album was clearly a Rihanna reject album w/on the vocals. Who isn’t that flip Selena inspired by? She’s trash just like her annoying stans.

  15. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 12, 2016

    It’s so sad to see Britney now. When I was just a youngin, Britney was my GIRL… I remember the first time I heard “Whoops I Did It Again” back in the second grade. My ears went crazy! I’ll never forget her show-stopping performances at the VMAs. Therefore, it is difficult for me to watch this lifeless robot now. This is not the same girl…It’s like she keeps going without any self-awareness or any regard to her legacy. RIP the real Britney Jean

  16. CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

    The irony of “dem lessers” when its fave can’t write a song, song live, or chart inside the top 5 in any country in the past 5 years. Sis you Stan for a fading drug addict, don’t come for queens.

    • Queen Brit Brit July 12, 2016

      LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! What is Cheryl the Queen of? Not even in the UK LOL! Queen of bouncing on d*ck to keep ha career alive. Queen of talent shows? Kiiii!

      • CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

        This weak wack drag. Sis Cheryl’s been married so how is she “bouncing from d*** to d***?” Your fave literally got married to her white trash friend while they were high off ectasy and Coke in Vegas. Sit tf down.

  17. What Now July 12, 2016

    I never believed in the illuminati, clones, robots, and etc., but every time I see Britney lifeless strut, robotic choreography, and etc., I start to change my mind.

  18. HailBeysus July 12, 2016

    Kii that pic SCREAMS HASBEEN!!!! Bìtches nose is giving me Freddy Kruger teases

  19. Selenator *Kills Them With Kindness* July 12, 2016

    How is sounding like Revival a bad thing? Demi took that formula and released a song worth listening to. I just want to see Britney back at it

    • CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

      Demi was clearly inspired by tove lo dumbassss 😂😂😂

      • Selenator *Kills Them With Kindness* July 12, 2016

        Is that why everyone agreed Body Say sounded like Good For You?

      • CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

        Everyone said it sounded like tove lo sis. You probably haven’t even listened to her discography as you’ve no taste in music.

  20. CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

    Revival is absolute trash. Hopefully no one follows that flop formula. Selena is the queen of following trends anyways ☕️☕️

    • Selenator *Kills Them With Kindness* July 12, 2016

      But a critic said this about Cheryl’s single local flop tour “Cheryl never imprinted her personality on the performance. At times the music felt like a calculating mash-up of chart trends—a little Rihanna here, a hint of Britney and Beyoncé there. How strange that, surrounded by state of the art production and dazzling costumery, one of the most recognisable women in pop should seem so faceless””

      “a little Rihanna here, a hint of Britney and Beyonce there”

      “….should seem so faceless.” You make it easy sis.

      • CherylSoldierr July 12, 2016

        Girl why are you using digital spy as a source? That’s an entertainment weekly tea. Use real credible sources; the same ones that have been SLAMMING Selena for lip syncing and her lack of dancing/talent.

  21. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 13, 2016


  22. BritneyBabe July 14, 2016

    song sounds abhorrent
    britney, please don’t sabotage yourself again

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