Gwen Stefani Heats Up Harper’s Bazaar / Shrugs Off Ticket Sale Chaos

Published: Friday 8th Jul 2016 by Sam

Tickets sales for Gwen Stefani‘s latest tour may not be blazing the box office, but that hasn’t halted the singer’s promotional hustle.

Harper’s Bazaar is the No Doubt diva’s latest stop – and oh does she make it count.

Flaunting fierce fashions, the 46-year-old looks all sorts of lush in the accompanying spread – which features in the August issue of the publication.

With tickets to shift, it’s great to see Stefani not letting the slow-go quell her fire. Sometimes, all it takes is consistency and fervency to get the wheels turning.

Anyway, the slay awaits after the jump…

gwen-stefani-harpers-bazaar-4 gwen-stefani-harpers-bazaar-5

Gwen’s new album ‘The Truth About Love’ is out now; it’s like-titled tour kicks off in the US in four days.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ?+✈=? July 8, 2016

    Her career is over like bey

    • jdek July 8, 2016

      kii rih ended beylawsuit years back doe.

      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 July 8, 2016

        Ended Beys career? Meanwhile “Lemonade” is dragging “Anti” in pure sales without streaming out Samsung. Not to mention the #1 tour is Beyonce’s “Formation Tour” is #1 meanwhile Rihanna’s tour is #8 trailing behind 90’s has been Ricky Martin… Now that is a kiii

      • Mark July 8, 2016

        The only thing Bey slays Rihanna in are tours and first week sales.Worldwide she outsells Rihanna by a small amount.Put her up against Taylor Swift or Adele she’s a flop.She’s jumping on tours and releasing albums to keep up with Rihanna’s PURE record sales hahaha
        Beybola is an old has been

      • HailLegendBeysus July 8, 2016

        Oh Marsha she slays her in album, tours vocals accolades and longevity. Stop with the delusion. Rihanna 8 albums out compared to Beys 6 so yes that can qualify as a SLAY dispite the album gap being only 3.5m lol! 164m record’s SOLD FROM 5 album’s!!! SHE LITERALLY TRIALS FRIH BY LIKE 25M RECORDS LMFAO!!!! Rihanna is not at the 230m def jam claim and that’s a fact. The receipts show 190m WW.

      • XYZ July 9, 2016

        @mark – so being the third place saleswise out of all current female musicians is a flop to you?

        I tell you, stans are crazy these days…

  2. jdek July 8, 2016

    flop. These photos slay tf otta me howeber.

    • Christina Aguilera July 9, 2016

      Until she gives back poor miranda’s husband she will not slay again… #HusbandSnatcher

  3. HailLegendBeysus July 8, 2016

    Good for her. Hopefully this will help with ticket sales a little.
    Ugh tired of seeing the Slavi crying over The Legendary Slayoncé!!

  4. Fancy BISH July 8, 2016

    Gwen is a pretty girl, but that cover is a NO for me lol…her facial expression is kinda serving Nightmare On Elm Street chile lol…anybody else see that?

  5. HailLegendBeysus July 8, 2016

    Chile!!! Glasgow was so packed they needed a human barrier to help people from getting crushed kiii!!! #BiggestArtistsInTheWorld #LegendYoncé #YourFavCouldNeva #QUEEN

  6. CherylSoldierr July 8, 2016

    Only Natalie la rose stans can truly relate to tragic ticket sales like this ☕️

  7. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 9, 2016

    Nice style

  8. Pat July 9, 2016

    #BlackLivesMatter! Noone gives a s*** about this white woman’s glamorous bazaar cover!

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