Gwen Stefani Slashes Tour Prices / Offers 4 Tickets For $40

‘Hollaback Girl’ singer Gwen Stefani is having trouble having fans answer the calls to attend her live shows.
Reports revealed last month that tickets to her upcoming ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like Tour’ weren’t selling as well as hoped.
Now, as the trek’s kick off approaches, prices have been seismically slashed.

Full story below…

Unlike her ‘Sweet Escape Tour’ nearly a decade ago, current times are proving more difficult for the diva to command an audience.

Promoters for the jaunt (which features Eve) are currently offering 4 tickets for $40, thus legitimising murmurs of an underwhelming demand for the 46-year-old.

Struggling to even fill 30% capacity at the tour’s opening night in Massachusetts, a mere 5000 tickets have reportedly been sold at a venue which holds up to 18,000.

The indifference towards the trek comes after discounted seats were made available for purchase on Groupon – this obviously resulting in the newly surfaced, lower priced bundles.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the No Doubt nucleus.
She hit #1 with comeback album ‘This Is What The Truth Feels Like,’ pointing to the fact there’s still some mileage left in her solo stilettos.
For us, the mistake lay in the fact that the venues booked are simply too big. Especially for an act who’s been away for so long.
Hopefully, her team manage to shift tickets some way some how.

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  1. CherylSoldierr July 1, 2016

    A revival tea

  2. StarXavi July 1, 2016

    This is not her fault entirely. Obviously the musical landscape has changed since the last time she was out here slaying b******! She doesn’t have a real hit this go around, she probably shoulda released the single “Asking 4 It” feat. Fetty Wap which is a bop! She got bank though. She’ll be fine. And they definitely should have done a theater tour!

  3. #Beyonce,Gaga,Nicki,Katy July 1, 2016

    I actually enjoyed her latest album. Sad people aren’t supporting her.

  4. Mimi July 1, 2016

    Cheryl could never tour in the USA

  5. Pat July 1, 2016

    What made her think she could fill up an arena

    • Jordin July 2, 2016

      she could…. as No Doubt

  6. Dev July 1, 2016

    She based her tour off of the voice, her divorce and her new romance.
    What she didn’t realise is that sales of magazines don’t equate to popularity.
    She should’ve waited to see how the album sold before doing a tour as its been so long and her original fans are grown and might be happy living nostalgia at home with their now husbands and kids instead of going to a concert

  7. Suicide Blonde July 1, 2016

    I think the problem is that she didn’t built a big fanbase as a solo artist, I personally prefer her as part of No Doubt but she has this dream of being a huge star on her own so….

    • LmfaoHoe July 1, 2016

      Agree, she wasn’t no MJ, Bey, JT, Bobby, ect.

    • Jordin July 2, 2016

      She got the Nicole Cherzinger bug

    • MusicFan103 July 2, 2016

      You guys are forgetting that she was like the biggest pop star come 2004-2007. All of that success trumped No Doubts failed reunion/return even. Though I agree perhaps smaller venues or shorter tour first, but I am glad she is going out there.

      • JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2016

        She definitely wasn´t the biggest pop star during those 4 years either hun. Not when even someone out of her prime like Mariah Carey released an album with #1 singles sooo much bigger than Gwen´s and with real album sales way above her too. Madonna could be another example for taht same period with the release of Confession on a dancefloor. People need to understand Gwen or Fergie never made taht big of an impact as to secure careers 10-20 years later.

      • Coolness July 2, 2016

        Gwen was far from the biggest pop star circa 2004 – 2007. Off the top of my head, Usher, Alicia Keys, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, all released projects that were bigger than anything Gwen put out in that time period.

  8. LmfaoHoe July 1, 2016

    I believe people had too much expectations on Gwen, cause trufully she was the s*** back in middle school and high school. Thing was her break… even though she was anticipated her material including first singles were not strong enough to generate the hype n sight that would shout ” I’m back!!” Lol but still I love Gwen n hope she receives some type of slayage with her tour.

  9. #JACKIE July 1, 2016

    That is so sad!!! Her team was delusional for thinking she could fill an arena in 2016. And then she added Eve? What type of 2006 mess!?

    • #NaoBad July 1, 2016

      How to are you gonna come for Eve?! This isn’t her tour. Gwen chose Eve because Eve is one of her closest friends in the industry and they have two hit songs together. F*** you. Eve is supporting her friend and I applaud her for it and from Eve’s posts on IG, HER part of the show looks like it will be promising. But look at your hating ass. What type of 2016 mess are YOU?! Buy a ticket and stfu

      • MusicFan103 July 2, 2016

        Damn calm down!

  10. Mark111 /.\ July 1, 2016

    There’s a 4th of July sale everywhere. But hey, do what you have to do. I don’t even think people see Gwen as a performer and add the 10 years gap between her failed 2nd album and this new one.

    • MusicFan103 July 2, 2016

      Her 2nd album had a big single that almost went to #1.

      • Nahh July 2, 2016

        Exactly why singles don’t mean s*** like we’ve been saying for years having 30 number one singles don’t mean anything if you don’t have the albums to back it up

  11. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 July 1, 2016


  12. Slayty Perry (Prism’s 5 Billion Streams) July 1, 2016

    Lol she really thought she could fill a 18k arena? Chile boo. #1 album or not, it flopped along with every single off of it. It’s not 2006 anymore, no on3 is checking for her

  13. Theman July 1, 2016

    Gwen’s second album sold nearly two million copies in the US. That is far from a failure. Her latest album sold basically 80k without a hit, which is great. Her latest two singles should have been bigger. It isn’t the music. It’s pop radio.. She should have did theaters. She’s great though.

  14. True Lambily July 1, 2016

    I agree with the author of this post the venues booked should be smaller especially for the Gwen and eve

  15. eric July 1, 2016

    I was very sad to see this “4th of July deal” in my inbox this morning. They probably need one more act from Gwen’s heyday, someone like Jordan Knight.

    • MusicFan103 July 2, 2016

      Are you kidding me, a solo act 1 hit wonder from a boy band? No, terrible suggestion. Try again

  16. What Now July 1, 2016

    IDK why people aren’t here for Gwen like they used to be, but she is a bad b**** and her album is ??

    • OMG Logic!!! July 1, 2016

      I think it might have something to do with the 10 year break she took

  17. Metzo July 1, 2016

    Anti realnessth

  18. Cinnamon Girl July 1, 2016

    It’s funny how folks pick and choose who they call flops. Everyone’s making excuses and being nice about Gwen’s tour flopping but they laugh at Ciara and Rihanna?

  19. Jake July 1, 2016

    18k arena was a reaaaaaaaach ! Rihanna barely fills this in some city of the Anti Tour . I have to say though Gwen’s album is in my top 5 this year so far , her album is so good , never skip a track . She should have a video for Asking For It , a remix with Nicki for Naughty and a Rocket Ship remix with Akon , Pharrell & Eve for a nice throwback that actually goes with the song .

  20. MUSICHEAD July 1, 2016

    In other news, Brandy’s Slayana tour has been sold out to capacity all over Australia and Europe. I need Slayana to come to these streets in the US.

  21. Lee July 1, 2016

    I’m sure she’ll still be pleased with her mark on music (dont speak etc)! Getting Warmer and Asking for it were good on this album though!

  22. Theman July 2, 2016

    Why do y’all call people flops when it isn’t their fault that pop radio doesn’t play them? Gwen’s album is awesome! Pop radio is biased & full of shyt!

    • Jordin July 2, 2016

      radio still exists???

  23. JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2016

    Despite news like this… I still find her first week sales pretty impressive after the lack of everything regarding her name in the last years and no hit to support the album. I doubt Fergie will be able to do more than those first week numbers even though her singles seem to get more attention than Gwen´s.

  24. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi July 2, 2016

    Even tho she have good music I nowhere her age just way youngest then her however not alot of people know who she is

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