Hot Shot: Ciara Hits The Studio For New Album

Published: Thursday 14th Jul 2016 by Sam

Ciara is back to work.

Fresh from marrying Russell Wilson last week, the stage blazing chanteuse was snapped in the studio recording her seventh studio album.

The as yet untitled LP will follow 2015’s ‘Jackie’ – which spawned Platinum hit ‘I Bet.’

More info below…

Posing with her in the picture is singer-songwriter Johnny Yukon who, has quite an interesting sound of his own…

There are also whispers that the A&R for the project is the same one enlisted for Justin Bieber‘s ‘Purpose’ album.  A point which, if true, will add volume to the rumors that Ci has signed a deal with JB’s longtime manager mega mogul Scooter Braun.

While answers will reveal themselves in due course, it’s clear Ci is rebooting and refreshing her entire “setup” – a fact which is exciting in itself.

Tidbit: As jarring as Justin Bieber is, ‘Purpose’ is one of the most solid Pop-Urban efforts released in a long while. Especially its singles (‘Sorry,’ ‘What Do You Mean?’ et al). Sonically, it could act as a great template of sorts for a number acts – Mrs Wilson included. Right?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rihnavy Is An Icon July 14, 2016

    This will be flop album #5 or #6 ?

    • Who gonna check me boo??w July 14, 2016

      Lost the count at this point to be honest

    • The Thot You’ll Never Be July 14, 2016

      It will be #5
      It will be a new record no one will ever break

      • Vidiii July 14, 2016

        Fantasy Ride is not a real flop album, it sold almost to 400-450k the others albums maybe are flop

    • Adelephant (previously HYDROQINONE) July 14, 2016

      didn’t her previous album sell 12k so far? but I must say I admire her relentless pursuit, who knows she night actually surprise us.

      • Vidiii July 18, 2016

        No Jackie sold around 100K right now. Do first research before you say something

    • ?+✈=? July 14, 2016

      Baby mama 5 or 6 too

  2. Who gonna check me boo??w July 14, 2016


  3. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ July 14, 2016

    YAAAS Scooter is coming through for Ci. He helped justi baeber get his Grammy and consecutive number 1’s. He helped put Arianna out there as a force and now he’s heading up the comebacks of Ciara, Black eyed peas and CL. CL and Ciara were seen together at his offices.

    • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2016

      Girl not cl

    • Maurice July 14, 2016

      who tf is CL u dumb a$$ broad. couldnt you spell the entire name out.. fking c0nt.

      • Maurice July 14, 2016

        oops my bad. lol. CL is actually the name of some Korean broad. I thought you were using insital like BS… Britney Spears.

    • Blk Carlos July 21, 2016

      To say something like that l u got to have some receipts

  4. christinastherealtalent July 14, 2016

    Say what you will but she always has interesting music. May not be a mega-hit but at least she still keeps people talking!

    • WordsWithSam July 14, 2016

      It’s a straight up 1, 2 Step/Lose Control redux. So weird.

  5. The Great Lacefronce. July 14, 2016

    Poor guy. Why would he want to write for CARL

    He won’t make ANY profit from her music is he trying to GO BROKE ???

  6. Danzou July 14, 2016

    I cannot wait. However if she doesn’t give me visuals then im gonna be upset. Her strengths are choreography and visuals. So stop trying to prove you can sing and give us what we want. This album better sound like both self titles and the evolution or I’m done with ha.

  7. The Thot You’ll Never Be July 14, 2016

    12k early predictions
    “So f*** I look like gettin’ back to a has-been?
    Yeah, I said it, has-been
    Hang it up, flat screen
    (Haha) Plasma”
    “As for your career? Dead. Ghost Buster”
    when safari used to write em barz

  8. Ciciisqueen July 14, 2016

    Yesss come thru my queen
    this era will slay if scooter has his hands in it
    Can’t your voice gives me life ❤️?❤️?❤️?

  9. Music July 14, 2016

    She need to let that pop s*** go.

  10. #justsayn July 14, 2016

    Too bad no ones gonna buy her music! New management or not cant force ppl to purchase something from you bcuz of your relationship!

  11. Barb-wire July 14, 2016

    Not even Queenika’s Legendary features could save this guy. She tried with #I’mOut and it didn’t go anywhere.

    • SWISH July 14, 2016

      dead at you saying her features are legendary .. all those hot 100 entries and none went number 1

  12. grapejuicefan July 14, 2016

    Hopefully it’s good

  13. danyboo6 July 14, 2016

    I think what she need is somebody to work with her on breath control.. i wouldnt pay to watch her not be able to sing her own songs.

    • Vidiii July 14, 2016

      As a Ciara fan stan, I must say you are right. Dance not 80% of the songs, but 40% and 60% singing. But she is a beast of dancing. She can sing? She need to work on her breath indeed

  14. #TeamTinashe Stan…… (#SUPERLOVE 7/15) July 14, 2016

    She but nobody else hurt her career so bad. But all positivity though hopefully she gets a new banging single and album to go with it to make everyone have no choice but to rock with Cici.
    HASHTAG: #PositiveVibes 😉

  15. pat July 14, 2016

    well she now has a profile high enough to book major award shows and promo stops… if she makes another Jackie….i can’t root for her

  16. TheREAL July 14, 2016

    Soooo another pop-ish album?? I honestly wish Ciara would wake up and pay attention to her BIGGEST hits most recently (“Body Party”, “I Bet”) to get a clue as to what people really want to hear from her. But I guess she’ll be using the press from her new marriage and her custody battle with Future to become the black Britney Spears. But hey, whatever works for her. I mean I really want her to win but I just hope the music is good and that this isn’t flop album #27376.

  17. #JACKIE July 14, 2016

    People are always saying what Ciara should do, and when she does it THEY DONT F****** SUPPORT. Ciara is a grown ass married woman with a child. She should make the music she WANTS to make! Her music should reflect where she is in her life! If she wants to do happy-dancey urban pop I’d be happy! People want her to go back to Goodies era so bad. SHE IS NOT 18 YEARS OLD ANYMORE! Get over it!

    • 4everBrandy_Ci July 14, 2016

      You see this is the ISSUE of people that don’t support her and make a bunch of 83947384738473284723847789 excuses to not support her but worry about her career. It’s like they don’t support her at the end of the day. They need to focus on supporting their favorites artists and let her be. She’s figuring out how to PROMOTE this next album. I’m sure she has things lined up as we SPEAK. Ciara has people that DO love and support her. These people on this blog are nothing but toxic on here.

      • #JACKIE July 14, 2016


    • Danzou July 14, 2016

      No jackie sure isn’t getting supported because she isn’t giving what people want. It’s not about going back to goodies it’s about her literally abandoning what got her here and now she’s obviously scrambling for mainstream success. I wanna agree with you but imagine if kanye started making country music. He’d have no fans. That’s exactly what Ciara did and it ruined her.

      • #JACKIE July 14, 2016

        Sorry sis but I don’t agree. Go Girl and Never Ever had that classic Ciara sound and neither of them did that well! LSM(a pop song) did very well on the charts. She has had a healthy balance of R&B and pop since Fantasy Ride. She NEVER fully abandoned her sound. People just hate her for no reason. Like artists aren’t allowed to grow?

  18. Dammitshawn July 14, 2016

    All yall sound stupid asf quick to throw stones an comment but not wish for better i bet the same ones making predictions be the same ones failing at there own careers bitter asses!!!!

    • 4everBrandy_Ci July 14, 2016

      This is what they do instead of seeing the bigger picture. They act like Ciara never had any success but she alays remains true to herself and her work. Let them stay bitter.

  19. Adelephant (previously HYDROQINONE) July 14, 2016

    CIARA I like u but I’ll not support you to humiliate yourself for the 6th time, selling 5k copies is not worth it gal, u going through all this studio trouble to swell around a total of 15k worldwide not worth it give it up and be a good wife to ur husband Russel Edginton

  20. 4everBrandy_Ci July 14, 2016

    Listen Ciara is happy and that’s what MATTERS. New music is coming our way so by the end of the year or if I predict correctly next year is her year. As a loyal and SUPPORTER of Ciara I’ve witnessed TIME and TIME again she always come through DESPITE what naysayers say. The ones who keep worrying about her career how about THIS? Just focus on your lives and let her be. It’s annoying seeing people that DON’T support her are so QUICK to talk about her “failures”. She had a few bumps in the road but DESPITE of all that she’s still relevant and will continue to do great things for herself. This next era should be IT and hopefully she takes her time and gather everything in order for her to have a SOILD and successful era. With the direction of her music, image, and creativity she needs to get her MIND right and enlist a team that will PROMOTE her stuff the right way. If you’re not a Ciara fan then you need to #SitDown. Ciara I’m excited and I’m here for you 24/7 Queen! #C-SQUAD

  21. Coolness July 14, 2016

    I’m going to keep it ?. I’ve loved me some Ci since 2004 but the last time I was truly invested as a fan was in 2013 with the release of her criminally underrated self-titled album. I had high hopes for last year’s Jackie but it was a huge letdown because the way she described it was nothing like what was present on the album itself. Simply put, I’m tired of the “this is my best album yet” rhetoric that she’s been spewing with her last three projects. She needs to just BRING IT!!!

  22. RICHIE_RICH July 14, 2016

    Jackie was a good CD . Wishing her to her the best

    • RICHIE_RICH July 14, 2016

      The best…. Damn iPhone

    • Royalkev July 14, 2016

      I totally agree Rich!

      I Bet >>>
      Dance Like Were Making Love >>>
      Stuck on You >>>
      One Woman Army >>>>>>>

  23. Molly July 14, 2016

    She always slays musically minus the Jackie album.

  24. Ronnie July 14, 2016

    Hopefully we get more videos this era. I don’t care, I love Ciara and the music she’s made, I just need her to put out more visuals.

  25. Rihboy July 14, 2016

    The way her flops are set up,; she better promote the hell out of this album. I need visual go girl slayage and not using her son, infidelity, and new man money to carry this album. Just get back to business.

  26. No Stan Zone July 14, 2016

    I just hope the same people who have been, all of these gossip blogs defending her RELATIONSHIP, drooling over her rerelationship, and going all in Futures IG page with ring emojis,BUY HER ALBUM.?

  27. Bitchpleaseeee July 14, 2016

    I’m here Ciara doing interviews and singing the same old songs again ‘” this is going to be nothing I’ve ever done before blah blah ………” Sigh???????

  28. Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) July 14, 2016

    Why is she in the studio tho?? ?

  29. Grande the Way July 14, 2016

    Scooter is actually a terrible manager. He has proven that he can’t manage two artist at once and will invest time into the bigger act. The My Everything era went so well because Justin wasn’t releasing anything so Ariana was his priority. Yours Truly was handled poorly because he was trying to salvage Justin’s career after Journals about Selena flopped hard. He did the same to Tori Kelly in 2015 managing the end of Ariana’s era and Justin’s new one. He puts Justin, his cash cow, over everyone. He even wanted Justin on Love Me Harder to win the GP over and wanted her and him to do a joint tour. Ciara should pray that her album is put out before Justin’s new one or she’ll be paid dust

  30. JDEK July 14, 2016


  31. Royalkev July 14, 2016

    Keep it moving Cici! Stay sweet (especially now that you’re married), but don’t drop that edge! Waiting for good things (goodies) from Ci!

  32. Shady J July 14, 2016

    Slay CiCi

  33. Slayriah Carey Nicole Slaysinger Jennifer Slaydson Slaysette Michele Slayshia Cole all >>>>>>>> Beyondshit >>>>>>>>>>>> Rihject July 15, 2016

    Okay get it Cici

  34. Slayriah Carey Nicole Slaysinger Jennifer Slaydson Slaysette Michele Slayshia Cole all >>>>>>>> Beyondshit >>>>>>>>>>>> Rihject July 15, 2016

    This Johnny Yukon is interesting I’m getting a Weeknd vibe a bit

  35. FC/JC July 15, 2016

    This site has become so toxic, Like cancer cells. I refuse to even read past the first 2 comments anymore. And not just on ciara posts, but on ALL the other posts as well, Anyway… Im happy Mrs.Wilson is back at work, She is growing and her brand has been emerging and crossing over into the TV/Sports/Host/Model/Performer realm… This woman can really juggle several different hats… she amazes me! I cant wait to hear what their cooking….

    Sidebar.. Am I the only one that hasn’t listened to “Purpose”???

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