Kelly Price Blasted After Performing Infidelity Song At A Gospel Event / Issues Statement

Published: Monday 18th Jul 2016 by Sam

Kelly Price has made a name for herself belting out hits of the R&B and gospel variety. However, she’s fallen foul of favour from the latter community after a performance gone wrong.

Full story below…

During the Indiana Black Expo Gospel Showcase last night, the vocal powerhouse belted her song ‘As We Lay.’

For those unfamiliar with her catalogue, the cut is about cheating.

The critiques began to rain in. Or should we say flood.

However, Kelly insists she is the one who was wronged…

Church bigotry is unacceptable. Either truly represent Christ views and his love or shut up! Christians are the ones who make Christ look bad! We cannot win people because all they see is hate and shade. #ImGodsChildToo

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The event’s organisers echoed her words, posting this:

Thank you Indy Black Expo for standing in truth with me on this. I appreciate you and @iamricolove for inviting me to be a part of this weekend’s festivities. I look forward to being with you again. Now that the facts are out there maybe the real issue can be heard and dealt with. Why is it so hard for Gods people to display Gods love? A REAL conversation needs to be had …

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Over to you…

Your thoughts?

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  1. #JACKIE July 18, 2016

    Kiii not singing about f****** somebody else’s husband in front of the church mothers. BYE Belly Price.

    • FAF July 18, 2016

      Im weak at her video tho.. That cornbread crumb on her lip

      • #JACKIE July 18, 2016

        Kiiiiii and she should be the last person calling somebody nasty. She was an evil b**** on R&B divas.

    • PeaceMaker July 18, 2016

      Not Belly Price. LMAO!

    • LISA LEVINE July 18, 2016

      KELLY PRICE HAS A BIG MOUTH. She is always battling with someone. K. Michelle said she is a DEVIL. Mariah Carey gave her a huge break and all she does is say HATEFUL things about Mariah Carey. KELLY PRICE IS A DEMON. A PURE DEMON. CANT STAND HER. HER LOUD ANNOYING VOICE.

      • Kae July 18, 2016

        Can’t STAND HER ARROGANT ass. The amount of shade she threw to K.MICHELLE and MARIAH, SHES A FAKE CHRISTIAN and a HATEFUL WOMAN to people that SIGN HER CHECKS. KELLY PRICE lacks respect. CANT STAND HER

    • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) July 18, 2016

      Biitches #TeamKelly

  2. steve July 18, 2016

    Black Americans can judge

    • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) July 18, 2016

      Fuq u

  3. MUSICHEAD July 18, 2016

    FACT CHECK: Kelly Price was invited to perform for the r&b set NOT the gospel fest. The r&b set ran late and by the time she came on stage the gospel festivities had already started. She didn’t know the people in the audience by then were there for gospel. I really don’t like Kelly but I got her back on this one.

  4. Rome July 18, 2016

    Well regardless if she was right or wrong, when your a b**** on national t.v. it’s hard for people to want to take you side on anything. She is a rude b****. Who constantly talks s*** about Mariah. Bye Kelly twice

    • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) July 18, 2016

      Hush u sissy.

  5. eric July 18, 2016

    The people that gathered in that space were there for the gospel showcase. Even if they had Kelly come on at 3 as scheduled, it’s not like she has her audience of people who are going to leave after her performance and then the gospel audience files in after. That’s just not realistic when you schedule things less than an hour apart and on the same stage. Anyone who was offended should go after the event organizers. But I wonder how many of those same people indulge in r&b and hip-hop on any other day.

  6. MUSICHEAD July 18, 2016

    Jackee Harry tweeted “Sis u better get back on that stage and sing Let Me Sit This AAAAASSSS On Ya” Lmfaooooooo!

  7. bash July 18, 2016

    I can’t stop laughing

  8. Fancy BISH July 18, 2016

    It’s MORNIIIIIIING…yaaas lol

  9. StingRae July 18, 2016

    If she was early for Gospel and late for RnB it doesn’t matter much…..cuz ‘some’ church-goers are sleepin with someone else’s husband/wife anyway! So… harm, no foul!

  10. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? July 18, 2016

    “Partition” is such an iconic track. People are quoting lyrics.

  11. Dev July 18, 2016

    I’m confused by this. As we lay is a cover and the last single she released was a good gospel song which she could’ve sung instead.
    I’m not here for her speech, you wouldn’t go to church and expect the choir to sing Rihanna’s work or Beyoncé Sorry. Kelly has sung gospel songs so it’s not that far removed for her.

  12. Erik July 18, 2016

    IMO I understand Kelly was asked to sing her R&B songs for the R&B portion of the show however, this was a Gospel based event. Its bad taste to sing a song like “As We Lay” to such an event. She could have kept that song out of the set list and performed a different record.

  13. Silly f*****s dix are for chix July 18, 2016

    Who cares?

    • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) July 18, 2016

      U do.

  14. Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) July 18, 2016

    I with her

  15. Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) July 18, 2016

    Im with her

  16. Mariah Carey July 18, 2016

    Be thankful you are even on that stage dahhling. You wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for me.

  17. OMG Logic!!! July 19, 2016

    I see she’s gained all the weight back. Must be all the hatred she carries with her.

  18. Justafan July 19, 2016

    Should have stuck with Mariah guurrl

  19. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 19, 2016

    She’s evil woman and don’t nobody like her

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