New Video: AlunaGeorge – ‘Mean What I Mean (Ft Dreezy & LeiKeli 47)’

Published: Thursday 28th Jul 2016 by David


Aluna George deliver one of the most riveting videos to drop this summer with ‘Mean What I Mean’ today.

The stunning visual was whipped up to support the duo’s sophomore release ‘I Remember‘ which drops on September 16th and features the songs ‘In Control’ and ‘My Blood.’

Ready to be blown away?

Hit ze play button after the bounce…


Your thoughts?

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  1. The Legend Called Missy Elliott July 28, 2016


  2. Ughhhh July 28, 2016

    “Hit ze play button after the bounce” … TGJ shut the fûck up.

    • Britney Damita Abdul July 28, 2016

      Damn! Mad because they had some fun. Don’t get your shiddy punties in a twist .

  3. ~The Arcade~ July 28, 2016

    Are we really in this 90’s house party fad/ phase? It seems like this generation of ‘alleged’ musicians are just plan lazy; no inspiration and just relying on samples, retro fashion and whatnot… its actually sad!

  4. cruz July 28, 2016

    AlunaGeorge are always on point – not sure what these nay sayers are hearing or watching, but i’m sure they’d be more happy with a Selena Gomez ft. Iggy song.

    If you think this is a 90’s house party “fad” you clearly haven’t listened to their debut album which is modern as f**k and stylish as hell. Great to see 2 new female MC’s on there as well

  5. StarXavi July 28, 2016

    i like the song

  6. FAF July 28, 2016

    I like Dreezy she reminds me of Tink mixed w Azealia
    Her ep is good

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      I was JUST about to ask if anyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance to tink? I feel like whoever signed her had that in mind. Pitting tink and dreezy against one another. They’re both from Chicago and started drill rapping and they both sing as well.

      • FAF July 28, 2016

        Yes and Dej

        She was talking about on her mixtape in one of her bars she said she been rapping longer so they copying her it was a shot I wonder if anyone caught that

      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        Yes I caught it and she said the same thing about sounding like dej on her album. It was a shot lol.

  7. Danzou July 28, 2016

    Who yall think better? Tink or dreezy?

  8. TheOuyonB July 28, 2016

    Not bad at all. I see Aluna still can’t dance, but song is fun for the summer, I suppose. I like AlunaGeorge. They’re an interesting duo

  9. TurkeyNoodleSavage July 28, 2016

    Yessss LeiKeli ! as much as I wanted to dislike the song it was actually catchy and the girls verses were dope . nice video , everything was good .
    Homegirl can’t dance tho .

  10. Scalp Snatcher July 28, 2016

    I mean, flop! Tired, through and delay! My panties is moist like a cookie.

  11. kwinzy July 29, 2016

    Y’all should a start covering Leikeli47. She’s like a female Kendrick who has serious PIPES. The whole ski mask get up is like a statement she’s not in it for the fame, just wants to make good, timeless rap music. This generation needs her! Still not sold on Dreezy but she cute and doing her thing. Tink needs to feed us, we been starving but it seems like Timbo or her label are holding her back..smh

  12. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 29, 2016

    Nice song and they remind like other artists

  13. tru.london123 July 29, 2016

    Initally i was like NO…But by the end of the video i was singing along…But ALUNA BABY EAT A BURGER…your too pretty to be so skinny its distracting…
    love alone she’s a great chick wishing them the best.

  14. WordsWithSam July 29, 2016

    I like AlunaGeorge but they canceled their concert that I was supposed to see the day of a few weeks back with no announcement. It was only made known via the venue’s website. They never sent out a tweet, email, FB or IG post about it and never addressed it in the days after. It was pretty s***** and I’ll always hold that whenever I listen to them.

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