Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships’ Surpasses Sales Of 1 Million Units…In The UK

Published: Friday 15th Jul 2016 by David

Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Starships’ continues to make major moves globally.

Standing tall as one of the highest-selling EDM singles of all time, the cut surpassed sales of 7 million units worldwide before streaming data was factored into the chart mix.

This week, it has reached a major milestone in the United Kingdom.

The Official Charts reports:

Starships becomes only the 166th song to have sold over one million (not including streams) in UK chart history.

The track climbed steadily upon entering at Number 16, before hitting a wall and peaking at Number 2, held off the top spot by Gotye and Kimbra’s Somebody I Used To Know which, coincidentally, is also a million-seller.

The release was pushed as the first single built to support her second studio album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ which also spawned the sleeper hit ‘Va Va Voom’ which sold over 1 million units in the United States sans streams.

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  1. July 15, 2016

    Congrats Nicki and ha BARBZ

    • Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch July 15, 2016

      Ha barbz are non existent in 2016

      • July 15, 2016


    • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) July 15, 2016

      Hasbeen hahahaha

  2. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch July 15, 2016

    She still has no Grammy’s at the age of 34 years so unfortunately she can’t pass GO ? #flophoe

    • The Thot You’ll Never Be July 15, 2016

      Ciara only has 1 tho….. Selena on the other hand has 0 NOMINATIONS
      Katy has 0 which is a kii because she’s in her 30s

    • BOOBIE July 15, 2016

      I don’t know why ya’ll keep bringing up Grammys like they’re worth anything now. Grammys used to launch careers and be worth much more than they are now. Now all they do is award white artists for their underachievements while allowing 1 token black artist every year to win awards. Gurl bye, keep those Grammys.

      • Mc9 July 15, 2016

        Can tell the race from this one ??

      • kwinzy July 15, 2016

        Same way y’all bring up them EBT awards like they’re really an achievement. Seeth.

  3. steve July 15, 2016

    Congratulations Nicki . Regardless of having a Grammy or not she is still the most paid and most accomplished female MC. She rivals so many men in the male dominated genre. #fuckthegrammys

    • Gayasheck July 15, 2016

      She’s gonna get three Grammys by the time she retires I had a dream a couple years ago so yea it’s gonna happen

  4. The truth reader July 15, 2016

    No one gives a s*** this b**** is more done than fourth of July BBQ sayanara goodbye Nickolas how is she gone say she believes in the bible when asked about Orlando tragedy with gays and not only did she built her career as a bisexual person who got her p**** ate by women repeatedly she has a huge gay following built a career off the gay community and has a gay alter ego name roman her and that smart-ass mouth is going to have her end up just like Azealia Banks blacklisted

    • July 15, 2016

      Saying she believes what the bible says has nothing to do with whether she supports gays or not tho … Just sayin
      It was just a coincidence that she tweeted that on 15/06

      • The truth reader July 15, 2016

        Gtfoh and stfu your probably on nickolas minajs damage control pay roll she specifically blocked the dude who asked her about Orlando then said she believed in the bible and tweeted a that tired song that was prob only downloaded by a bunch of homos stop with the foolishness its a well known fact the carribean an places like Jamaica are anti gay homophobic it’s even rumored that Rihanna secretly is also but at least she is smart enough to keep it to herself watch Nicky is done…she better save the coinz

    • July 15, 2016

      First of all watch your mouth when you talk to me, just because you’re behind a laptop/SmartPhone/IPad screen that dosen’t give you the right to swear and cuss at me
      Second , Im not even a Nicki fan, Im here just for the Music & I do think tho that the guy that asked her about Orlando deserved that block cuz he clearly wanted to harm her career and she fell into dat trap !
      I don’t think that the fact that an artist does not support gays has sthg to do with their music Period .

      • The truth reader July 15, 2016

        That applys to everyone but nickolas who built a career off bisexual antics and made money catering to her carribean true colors came out that she don’t like battymen den boys that sugar lol

    • July 15, 2016

      I do not try even to think that im Homophobic ! I support LGBTQ++ , it’s just the fact that gays and the LGBT has to realize that not everyone supports them , DEAL WITH IT , live their lives and move on !

      • July 15, 2016


  5. Mariah Carey July 15, 2016

    Bleak dahhling

  6. The truth reader July 15, 2016

    You see she didn’t get invited to the queens vh1 honors hmmh smh…

    • Kwinzy July 15, 2016

      Good! That’s what royalty does to conceited haters of female rap unity like Nicki. Star ships ain’t hip hop anyway. Still waiting for her to drop an all hip hop, classic album. Why don’t any of her rap singles have impact?

      • BOOBIE July 15, 2016

        Only, Truffle Butter, Did It On Em, Beez In The Trap, High School were all sellers and played everywhere. Shut up, ho.

    • kwinzy July 15, 2016

      Those tracks are not Hip Hop Staples compared to Crush On You, Supa Dupa Fly, etc. She should’ve spent less time sneak dissin’ all the female rap vets on those songs and focused more on making timeless music. Queen of Pettiness.

  7. The truth reader July 15, 2016

    Nickolas is a fraud

  8. © Centurion ::. July 15, 2016

    The same song that killed her career and made people lose respect for her. Congrats. ?

    • BOOBIE July 15, 2016

      How did it kill her career when it only made her more money and led to more hits? And respect in the Hip Hop community nowadays is like platinum on rappers, sh!t is worthless

      • Mc9 July 15, 2016

        Star ships never got her respected in the hip hop community ?

  9. The Thot You’ll Never Be July 15, 2016

    This and Stupid h** is where she took the wrong turn

    • BOOBIE July 15, 2016

      But she only got more famous and successful after she released this song lol

      • Taylor Swift-To-Find-A-New-Man (Slayty) July 15, 2016

        How so when Roman Retarded sold half of her first album and The Flop Print sold half of Roman Retarded?

      • kwinzy July 15, 2016

        More famous to white middle America. Sell outs never win at the end of the day. Nicki ain’t s***.

  10. LB July 15, 2016

    We don’t care

    • BOOBIE July 15, 2016

      Neither did the public when Tinashe released her album

      • Mc9 July 15, 2016

        Also you are clearly trolling and looking for a fight on each and every comment ?
        Clearly I’m not the one that’s challenged

  11. The Thot You’ll Never Be July 15, 2016

    “When I fly, it’s one letter and one number
    You act h*** could get hot for one summer”
    What a self drag
    I still love the song….. The only song I liked from that trash album…..

  12. Lea July 15, 2016

    Guh, didn’t that song come out in 2011 or 12 or somethin…Bye!

  13. The truth reader July 15, 2016

    These women love a homo queen finger poppin hairstylist they can mock and make fun of but when a tall fine s*** morris chestnut or trey songs type brother is gay they can’t take it….Nicky is def that type of b****

  14. TRUTH SERUM July 15, 2016

    Congrats queen! Heard that the new album is fire !!!! Unlike Iggy, she has the skills to back it up. Talent always prevails… Keep rooting for Kim with her many faces and new gig ?☕️

    • Kwinzy July 15, 2016

      Just disappear… Nicki the abortionist needs to go have a baby before her uterus dries up. This capitalism game she playing is tired AF. We need to start supporting other female rappers, those that don’t pander to white middle America to sell out. I wish Dej was more consistent but I have faith in her. Tink where are you?? Looking forward to Plata O Plomo, Remy you’re probably the only street rapper making moves.

      • TRUTH SERUM July 15, 2016

        Who died and made you Judge, juror, and executioner… Her blackness is not on trial and you nor anyone else can define the black experience . What does Nicki’s grind have to do with the buying public choosing to support one rapper versus the other. She’s an artist, your gripe is with the record executives. And please choose a side, one minute you’re sounding conservative and bashing abortion, the next you’re all pro black but tears down a hardworking black woman. Yeah… The struggle for upvotes…

    • kwinzy July 15, 2016

      I DGAF if the bish is grindin’, windin’ there are plenty of other female rappers doing the same s***, not getting any recognition because of sheep like you only supporting one female rapper at a time. This is what sets the female rap game back. Nicki is EXPIRED and ppl are sick & tired of her overexposure. She does nothing for hip hop…NOTHING. Her catalogue is abysmal.

  15. The truth reader July 15, 2016

    Now Terrance go and get nicky her wig berrets because I read that b**** her motherfuckin rights….

  16. Danzou July 15, 2016

    Gay people wonder why no one likes them but if you take aquick look across these comments it’s pretty obvious. Anyway I’m happy for her. 77 million dollar net worth. Clothing lines. Perfume lines. Two world tours. Three Platinum albums. Over 65 million singles sold. Highest selling female rapper so far. A successful black woman.

    • mc90 July 15, 2016

      if you’re going to say that then ppl may also say “Black people wonder why no one likes them but if you take a quick look across these comments you’ll see why”

      Obviously this is stupid because you cannot paint every African person with the same brush. However you cannot do the same with the LGBT community
      Don’t be homophobic because we also have gay and transgender African Americans struggling in life! Support your race dont segregate half of them because you don’t like “gays”

      • Danzou July 15, 2016

        @mc90 I truly don’t understand why they think and want everyone to be gay lol I really don’t get it and then they get mad and say that you’re gay because you call them out for being stupid. I’m not the least bit homophobic and I don’t really care to prove it one way or another because it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t painting all gays I was simply making an example of the ass holes in these comments.

    • The True Danzou July 15, 2016

      Hi Hater, you are the biggest gay on but you are locked in the pinkest closet gay EVER. Oh, you’re straight? Well, so is spaghetti until it gets hot and wet. You have in common ambulance because you both get loaded from the rear and go whoo-whoo! you know its true you are always spreading the hate to others because you truly hate your self. Get a life read a book for once in your life. Bye GURRRRRRL!

      • mc90 July 15, 2016


        Go get shot

      • The True Danzou July 15, 2016

        P.S my reply is for that fake Danzou

      • Danzou July 15, 2016

        @theTrue yawn. You’re boring and dumb RihNavy/LB.

    • BOOBIE July 15, 2016

      @mc90 You’re challenged, hun. You can’t tell who’s black from a comment but you can most definitely tell who’s a flaming queen from these comments. Hush and go listen to Mooriah screech her way through another performance.

      • Mc9 July 15, 2016

        Don’t “Hun” me. How can you tell if I’m gay from this comment if you don’t even know if it’s a male of female that’s commenting? And so what if I were or anyone else on here, what difference does it make to you. Don’t sterotype people when you have possibly been asking for the same recently. I gather this from the hint of sourness in regards to race in your comment.
        The mc in my username is actually my initials and year of birth, not a mariah Carey reference you idiot ? HILARIOUS.

  17. Keri Qween July 15, 2016


    • BOOBIE July 15, 2016

      Lol the pot calling the kettle black with a Keri picture as your avatar… gurl let’s not.

  18. Taylor Swift-To-Find-A-New-Man (Slayty) July 15, 2016

    Barbz are delusional. This song ended her career. Roman Retarded sold half of her debut album and The Flop Print sold half of Roman Retarded. She tried to be a pop star and it failed. The most Hot 100 entries and not a single one hit #1. Tragic.

  19. Mark111 /.\ July 15, 2016

    Are the Tards still calling her the Queen of Rap, yet only stan for her pop/edm songs?

  20. jahon July 15, 2016

    Nikki is expired like old milk nobody is waiting for her anymore this is what happens when you shot a ride solo without any supporters it’s funny because every female that ever been in the rap game picture was displayed on the screen at the VH1 female hip hop honors but Nikki’s that’s a shame no one respects her not even VH1 or bet who did he would give her the award this year that she’s been getting every years Straight

  21. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 16, 2016

    Good for onika nicki

  22. Mindyourbusiness July 16, 2016

    why this even news Tgj you should be updating your articles now not writing up bull s*** Bruno mars songs e.g.just way you are just went 9x platinum this week , locked out heaven 6x platinum ,grenade 7 x platinum, when I was your man 6x platinum all of these songs have achieved this week I don’t see Tgj writing an article’s about it

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