Watch: Celine Dion Soars With Hits On TODAY Show

Published: Friday 22nd Jul 2016 by Sam

Billboard Icon Celine Dion has endured quite the year following the loss of her husband to throat cancer in January.

However, she’s back on the promotional trail and hasn’t missed a step.

The legendary diva took over the TODAY Show Summer Concert Series in support of her long-running Las Vegas show – which is one of the most successful ever on the strip.

Watch below as she belts out hits such as ‘Because You Loved Me’ and ‘I’m Alive’...

Because You Loved Me

Medley: A New Day Has Come, That’s The Way It Is & I’m Alive

Over The Rainbow

Water And A Flame

The absence of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ was unfortunate, but there’s little to complain about with what she did deliver. Plus, we imagine folk will have to pay to see her Vegas show to hear that one. Smart move.

All in all, Dion is still vocally stellar and the consummate showgirl. Great performances.

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  1. ?+✈=? July 22, 2016


    • LISA LEVINE July 22, 2016

      BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME is a classic. She stayed low but sounded good for the most part. That high note sounded strained but passionate

    • JOHNVIDAL July 22, 2016

      What are you talking about? She sounded great.

  2. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 July 22, 2016

    Well her mic was on this time….

  3. StanPolice July 22, 2016

    Hatin asses, Celine hit every NOTE Live. Great job

    • Mr.StLaurent July 22, 2016

      But as always people will still say, she lip-synch ?

  4. July 22, 2016

    A lot of little mistakes , but better than 50% of other artist’s live singing

  5. Stephy July 22, 2016

    Wow, you can hear her voice has aged a lot now. She’s developed that old woman sound. Still a great vocalist tho. I’ve never been able to really get into her voice (or musical wise tbh), because the tonal quality is not my cup of tea. She has this country nasal quality that irritates my soul. But, I can’t deny her mid-upper belts. During her prime, her mid-upper belts makes me feel like I’m flying. I love her song “To Love You More” … Oooh, she was sanging her face off (belting wise) on that one. Legend.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 22, 2016

      Her mid upper belts during her prime were shattering in a good way. She didn´t become who she is for nothing. It´s true she always was less creative than mariah and teh lieks vocally, plus her range doesn´t allow that maybe. But the way she sounded during her prime and especiallt from 1995 to 2000… WOW That VOICE! She does the nasal thing more when she sings live cause it is safer for her.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 22, 2016

      Plus as T********. said (I suppose you know who he is) when he reviewed the last Billboard awards, in a way it is kind of amazing she has a voice and is performing everywhere after what she just went through personally. Many people lose their voice.

      • Stephy July 22, 2016

        I love him. We can’t say his name on here… But, I know exactly who you are talking about. And, yes. Celine is a very strong woman. Respectable lady

      • JOHNVIDAL July 22, 2016

        He really knows music. Unlike most of these bloggers. I suppose you don´t like what he has to say about Rihanna though 🙂

  6. JOHNVIDAL July 22, 2016

    She´s so in shape but in a feminine way. So not like Madonna when she got to Celine´s current age if you know what I mean.
    Anyway, Celine just gave like 8 consecutive huge sold out concerts in Paris. And now she´s heading to Canada to do like 10 consecutive shows at the same venue too. A true bad bish 🙂 You know, with real huge numbers.
    And yes of course her voice has changed. I don´t know where this delusion some people have in their minds that Celine Dion´s “still has as voice and Mariah doesn´t” comes from. All of those voices people usually talk about as the greatest in pop have declined. It´s inevitable. They still outsing under the Earth´s crust 95% of mainstream young artists now at 50 years old.

  7. JOHNVIDAL July 22, 2016

    Look how Celine sounded LIVE in 2002 a little bit out of her prime already. I mean… THAT VOICE! Heart-rending belts and such beauty.

  8. Suicide Blonde July 22, 2016

    Celine is a force of nature.

  9. Theman July 22, 2016

    Celine sounded great here. Incredible voice. Her voice doesn’t sound that different from the recordings. Mariah has nothing to do with this. But Mariah has been sounding incredibly amazing. Mariah also has this youthful sound to her voice. People are always talking about declines & what not, sometimes voices voices go through & do all kinds of things. But those voices are still very astounding..

  10. Grande The Way July 22, 2016

    Celine has always had a nasal voice but I love it! A little disappointed she didn’t do Power of Love, its my fav from her. Her voice has aged well, she still has it!

  11. Royalkev July 22, 2016

    Nice! Celine’s vocals are controlled and that’s what I like about her live! Her voice is reliable, it goes where she wants it to with little effort! I’m amazed to see that she doesn’t sound much different that albums she’s recorded in the 90’s! What a well-preserved voice!

    • Royalkev July 22, 2016

      * than albums she’s recorded in the 90’s!

  12. eric July 22, 2016

    The music she performed to sounded empty and flat which is very different from the actual recordings. I feel like she held back due to the band’s limitations.

  13. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 23, 2016

    Nice performance of her

  14. Nico July 24, 2016

    She is amazing. Her voice is very nasal in English but not really in French. You need to listen to her in French to really appreciate her voice

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