Watch: Gwen Stefani Performs New & Nostalgic Hits On ‘TODAY’

Published: Saturday 16th Jul 2016 by Sam

Gwen Stefani continues to pound the promotional pavement in support of new album ‘This Is What The Truth Feels Like.’

The “era” has been quite the roller-coaster for the No Doubt diva; indeed, despite opening at #1, the LP’s accompanying tour has been marred by so-so ticket sales.

Still, she’s not stressing, she’s pressing…on.

The TODAY Show Summer Concert Series was the 46-year-old’s latest stop.

There, she performed a mix of her most memorable hits including ‘Hollaback Girl’ and ‘The Sweet Escape,’ as well as new numbers such as ‘Make Me Like You.’

Watch Stefani in action after the jump…


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  1. ?+✈=? July 16, 2016

    Flop tour

  2. LB July 16, 2016

    According to HDD, this is what the TOP 5 looks like,



    • Mark111 July 16, 2016

      Where’s Kool-aid? Haha

    • Mark July 16, 2016

      I see King Drake still scalping that ho.

  3. Mark111 July 16, 2016

    There will always be a soft spot for Gwen and Britney to me. The only White pop girls that I like. Katy is coming up tho.

    • Suicide Blonde July 16, 2016

      Shocked that you like Gwen, Britney is understandable since she is very similar to Janet, at least in the dance department.

  4. Career Ender July 16, 2016

    One would swear its Beyoncé’s fault Anti is selking 7k, hasn’t sold 500k and sold less than ARTPOP and TPP ?

    • JOHNVIDAL July 16, 2016

      I cannot understand why these payola queens are so praised by people with low standards when Anti flopped harder than that supposed epic flop called Artpop. I don´t get it. Yet they call it a success because she is already in her 7th single from this era trying to get #1s, and only one of them got there. Anti is a big flop. Not to mention it had to be cancelled and re-recorded last year due to its first 3 singles flopping. At the end of the day other girls have talent regardless of the charts at least.

  5. Career Ender July 16, 2016

    Did yall see what happens to miss ET when there’s real competition on the charts?
    Dropping to #3 on WW iTunes singles charts
    And selling less every week on BB 200 Top US Album Sales

  6. Career Ender July 16, 2016

    Its like a street sweeper who earns 7k per month bragging out to an office worker who earns 30k per month
    Let the titanic keep sinking until it reach the bottom of the sea

    • **** July 16, 2016

      I see you’ve recovered from that brutal dragging Annalise gave you the other day

    • SailorMoon July 16, 2016

      Or is it like the idiot blog commenter telling everyone’s he/she’s an engineer but has trouble stringing together coherent sentences? ?

      • CherylSoldierr July 16, 2016

        Engineers don’t study English tho so that drag doesn’t make sense

  7. MusicFan103 July 16, 2016

    I love Gwen Stefani. Her solo music and No Doubt is really good. I would pay to see her live, so perhaps if the tour tickets stay cheap once they come to LA I will be seeing her live with Eve. Such a good show! Such classic memory filled music from the 00s!

  8. 1mcluver July 16, 2016

    her new album is pretty good and she’s always been an amazing performer and lowkey inspired a lot of artist and some are now bigger then her unfortunately lol

  9. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 16, 2016


  10. Theman July 17, 2016

    Her album is great. It’s pop radio.

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