Watch: June’s Diary & En Vogue Perform ‘Free Your Mind’ On ‘Greatest Hits’

Published: Friday 22nd Jul 2016 by Sam

Kelly Rowland‘s new girl group June’s Diary made their performance debut on television last night.

The sassy quintet took to the stage on ABC‘s show Greatest Hits to perform En Vogue ‘Free Your Mind’ with the funky divas.

Both ensembles share a connection in Frank Gatson; beyond putting J.D together with Rowland on BET‘s ‘Chasing Destiny,’ he served as creative director for En Vogue.

Fireworks of fierce pop all the way off below…

A collective slay.

The ladies of En Vogue still possess “it” in earnest and are the definition of timeless talent.

We’re ultra impressed with J.D too; they perform like a seasoned act. All we need now is more choreography and we’ll be all the way smiling.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Vidiii July 22, 2016

    Junes Diary are like background singers…

    • Ughhhh July 22, 2016

      Right that was a waste of time…

    • bash July 22, 2016

      I think they were supposed to be in the back for this performance…I think someone
      “Kelly” probably had to pull hard to get them their little moments throughout…

      • bash July 22, 2016

        They did great… keep focused and work hard ladies…

  2. Mr.StLaurent July 22, 2016

    Not realy a debut for me, it’s more like J.D sing backup for En Vogue.

    But still they all slay the stage, particularly En Vogue ????

  3. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 22, 2016

    En Vogue looks great! Wow, they really impressed me. They still look and sound good; plus June’s Diary did a good job as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

  4. #JACKIE July 22, 2016

    En Vogue slayed. Those other girls were OK as background dancers I guess…

  5. Likedbymany July 22, 2016

    Brienna and Kristal competing for for lead spot. Lmao Brie has some amazing stage presence. Kristal was like hold on b**** don’t drown me out. I like them

    • Ann July 25, 2016

      Yeap Brienna has that same stage presence as Kelly herself lol. Love Gabby too junesdiary is so dope! To many women on that stage our legends did well, I would’ve choose a different song tho!

  6. Cynthia Francis July 22, 2016

    Great Job ladies. I can wait to see you in your own set!

  7. Honey G July 22, 2016

    Pure fire !! Love it..

  8. Royalkev July 22, 2016

    Omg, Do it! EnVogue are some slayful aging divas! … and that’s ok, I’m not being shady! I personally think they might be the best female group of all time. I wish Dawn and Maxine would get in on making a coint and allow EnVogue to go down in history as the first group of 50 year olds to make a comeback that’s worthy of recognition! They can easily be the Tina Turners of the 2010’s!

    • Royalkev July 22, 2016

      These June Diary girls definitely have some serious vocals and I’d like to see what they do on their own!

  9. eric July 22, 2016

    En Vogue has never needed help on vocals.

  10. kwinzy July 22, 2016

    Still not feeling how they split up all the original En Vogue members. It’s so sad how the dirty music industry and money changes people. Good performance tho.

    • Sam July 23, 2016

      I’m with you. I remember the original 4 and the 4 part harmonies. Rhonda Bennett has done s great job as the “5th” member and has almost been in the group as long as the original line up but nothing will replace the original.

  11. NickiMusic July 22, 2016

    Now GJ this article is so disrespectful. Junes Diary or chasing Destiny or whoever they are supposed to be were nothing more than background singers and dancers and not even much of that . They were in the back cluttering up the scene. They were not needed at all. If you want to write and article write one about a group of 50 plus year old who still look good, better than good. Who can still sing their faces off. And still command a stage better than any group to ever do it. Also call En Vogue up and interview them about EV now and their new music coming out soon. Give them the props please not placed second to some background singers.

  12. 4everBrandy_Ci July 22, 2016

    EnVogue are STILL the best to do it! It’s good to see June’s Diary getting themselves out there! They SLAY.

  13. BEY>RIH July 22, 2016

    Them gurls slayed !! ?

  14. HOWYOULIKEIT July 22, 2016

    There’s no En Vogue without Maxine and Dawn. The girls can try but it will never be the same and they wont have any success again

  15. Nate July 22, 2016

    They need to stop using the name Envogue. I literally started watching this, and stopped it because I missed Dawn and Maxine’s voices. They are the foundation to envogue, hell the biggest hit of Envogue was led by those two ladies(My Lovin). It’s tragic they couldnt make it work because aestically speaking, they were the best girl group to ever do it. I always said Envogue was like 4 Whitney Houstons in one group. Tragic.

  16. Mabel July 23, 2016

    Dawn & Maxine chose they paths. Quit coming here with your nostalgic pussifying. Y’all still checking for them so take several.

    • Nunya Bidnes July 23, 2016


  17. Coolness July 23, 2016

    From a vocal and visual standpoint, En Vogue was the sh*t!!! They were stunning and their image was high-gloss but they could back that up because each member could SANG their face off. One of the best girl groups to EVER do it. Just seeing this performance made me rewatch the original music video and now I want a comeback from then with all the ORIGINAL members. It’s never gon’ happen though ??. June’s Diary was cute for providing background vocals. I’m perched for whatever else they have in store.

  18. Mr. RCW July 23, 2016

    Yes EV

  19. Keith July 23, 2016

    Even without Dawn and Max, EV brought seasoned presence and more. To paraphrase the EV hit, that damn June’s Diary is never gonna get it, never gonna get it. They are just just too non-descript.

  20. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 23, 2016

    They did a good job

  21. Kylizzle187 July 25, 2016

    Fifth Harmony > J.D

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