Watch: Mariah Carey Commands ‘Essence Fest’ Stage With ‘My All’ & ‘Touch My Body’

Published: Monday 4th Jul 2016 by Rashad

‘Vision of Love’ belter Mariah Carey was quite the sight at this year’s ‘Essence Festival.’

The pop icon, billed one of the events headliners, translocated aspects of her critically acclaimed Vegas showing at the Caesars palace to the Mercedes-Benz Dome in New Orleans this weekend, much to the delight of her faithful #Lambs.

Reminding spectators that she still has “it” and “it” in abundance, tuck in below to see highlights from updated renditions of classic hits ‘My All,’ ‘We Belong Together,’ ‘Emotions,’ ‘It’s Like That,’ and even a surprise guest appearance from longtime collaborator/producer Jermaine Dupri.

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  1. Ughhhh July 4, 2016

    She shed Nick Canon off of her and got her voice back! Divorce looks good on everyone lol

    • Bitchpleaseeeeeee July 4, 2016

      But I just don’t get it. Was Nick at all that bad??? ??

      • Ughhhh July 4, 2016

        I didn’t say he was bad. The marriage was probably just weighing on her and stressing her the fûck out:

    • RihNavy July 4, 2016

      Girl…what?! You didn’t do your homework apparently, Nick divorced her you fool.

      • Ughhhh July 4, 2016

        You don’t do the homework because she signed the papers months ago. Nick just signed his Father’s Day weekend. Hush peasant!

      • RihNavy July 4, 2016

        Dear dumbaśs hœ, signing papers is a mutual requirement on both sides you stupid bïtch. REGARDLESS, HE initiated the divorce, stupid ass hòe

      • LmfaoHoe July 4, 2016

        On her last album, songs such as Cry and Faded already gave me hints there was trouble in their message including Beyonce too with her lyrics in Mine.

      • Him July 4, 2016

        Honey, nick refused to sign those papers, HIS CHEATING ASS was holding on for dear life

    • wrosy3 July 4, 2016

      Why is that grapejuice not reporting that Beyonce at empty seats at wembley where are the nasty stinking hives where they at hailbeysus ass laugh at rih now what b****

    • Him July 4, 2016

      FLY LIKE A BIRD? When you believe? FADED? ANYTIME YOU NEED A FRIEND? I really had hoped shed raise the roof but HAPPY SHE CAME AND SLAYED. THE INTRO to emotions was GOSPEL

  2. RihNavy July 4, 2016

    Trash. Her voice is giving me Ciara T’s, it’s just weak and raspy, like…wyd?

    • GODRIAH July 4, 2016

      Trash lol ok. That’s your opinion. But remember that she has had nodules ever since she was a little girl. And weak LOL, her voice is EXTRODINARY!!! She was probably nervous af. Give this woman credit

    • wrosy3 July 4, 2016

      Please respect Mariah you standing in the name of rihnavy Mariah is a legend do not come for her as a navy you should know better unless you fake navy because yall fake people posing as fans of rih and she loves Mariah

      • FAF July 4, 2016

        When has Ciara singing voice been raspy ?

        Y’all weak shade needs some milk

        What happened to the fun drags from a cpl yrs ago

  3. Mark111 /.\ July 4, 2016

    She looks and sound great. You’re supposed to sit back and tour off of your classic after 26 years.

    • RihNavy July 4, 2016

      Go sück on Stephon’s lightskinned DÍCK sis, you’re SICK

    • wrosy3 July 4, 2016

      Beyonce wembley have empty seats the hives are hiding lawd here comes the excuses the nerve of them coming for rih when their queen had empty seats karma is one hell of a thing notice grapejuice covering up for beyonce

      • HailBeysusHailBeysus July 4, 2016

        Girl you’re so pressed and bothered by the Hive! This is 2 post in a row you mention Beyonce like the Hive was dropping Slaveanna’s name!
        Lmao Slavi always lying! Her first Wembley Date was SOLD OUT and had an attendance of 80k her second date had an attendance of over 75k meanwhile they’re numerous articles on Cheatannas Half Empty Stadium kiii!!! I can’t with fRihs PR trying to save face by blaming ticket Scalper’s!!! ????

  4. Danny LeGuen July 4, 2016

    She sounds unbelievably good, what a crazy turnaround from 2014

    • JOHNVIDAL July 4, 2016

      In 2014 she was sounding this good during her Australian tour though. People just like to exaggerate.

  5. HailBeysus July 4, 2016

    Mariah has been sounding and looking good lately!!! Could we possibly be seeing another comeback!?!? Idk but I’m here for whatever!!!

  6. Terny July 4, 2016

    #LEGEND! this is yet another comeback in the making and the wig snatching, scalping & beheading will be epic!

  7. Coolness July 4, 2016

    Seems like she shed the dead weight and as a result, is looking and sounding more energised these days. Say what you want about Mariah but she’s solidified herself as a legend. If she were to stop everything music-related this very, second, she will go down in history as one of the greatest to ever do tho thing called pop music because her talent, catalog, receipts and influence speak for themselves.

  8. Musiclover July 4, 2016


    i never doubted her for a second but she KILLED IT.

    So talented, i hope people actually support her when she drops her new music. She deserve to have 3 more nr 1 hits and a few more top 5 hits.

    Its incredible how far she has come in very few years after 2014 ( Great music but too many personal problems).

    She seems very happy and Killed that stage with Love and some REAL SANGING

  9. Truthteller July 4, 2016

    Queen of Music !!!

    The most talented singer-songwriter of all time in my eyez.

    she has come a long way and i feel like she is just getting started.

    Cant nobody touch that voice. Such a lucky audience to witness that .

    I love you Mariah and thank you for everything

  10. HailBeysus July 4, 2016

    Kiii not truthteller forgetting to change emails ?????!!! Bitxh I CAN’T!!! ????

    • truthteller July 4, 2016

      Bitxh on your ugly face . WHO CARES? my fave is winnig

    • wrosy3 July 4, 2016

      So now your ass saying it’s ticket scalpers you piece of s*** face couple of days ago your maggot filthy scum bucket laughed at rih empty seats without any proof stfu stop the hate because your fav ain’t invincible

  11. Cinnamon Girl July 4, 2016

    It’s funny how folks are bashing Nick Cannon but he’s the one who asked for the divorce. How do you know that Mariah isn’t the one who screwed up the marriage? Some of you folks are so dumb

    • mikey July 4, 2016

      Its not that he asked for it dumb dumb…..he filed but at that point it was mutually agreed

      • Cinnamon Girl July 4, 2016

        Mutually agreed? Lol. You’re the dumb dumb. When you asssime you make a fool out of yourself. How do you know that Marian is not a hell to live with? You don’t know that’s why fools such as yourself need to stop bashing Nick

      • Cinnamon Girl July 4, 2016


  12. Justafan July 4, 2016

    The moment she sat on the chair and gave us LIFE!

  13. JOHNVIDAL July 4, 2016

    Mariah is doing so great. She´s been giving concerts for way over a year now. She´s working that touring act front, something she never really cared that much about. She did great here, although I usually check many of her dates on youtube and she´s been doing slightly better than this at almost every stop of her Vegas residency and in the European tour. Real legend!

    • Him July 4, 2016

      She sounds incredible

  14. Mmhhmm July 4, 2016

    Mariah us looking good. Love her.

  15. True Lambily July 4, 2016

    She killed “It’s Like That” damn!! LOVE HOW she did that man on touch my body it was funny!! You slay mimi

  16. #JACKIE July 4, 2016

    Sounds like she’s screaming/talking to me, but at least she’s Screaming slightly on key this time around. She looks amaze though. Slay Moo!

  17. Usual Observer July 4, 2016

    I feel another EOM era on the horizon! Mariah looks and sounds amazing! Wow! She is the Queen of epic comebacks after all. EOM has to go down as one of the best comebacks in music history lol.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 4, 2016

      It´s probably the biggest comeback ever numbers wise.

  18. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi July 4, 2016


  19. Justafan July 5, 2016

    She gave me VH1 Save the Music It’s Like That with this performance. Lovin her energy!!!

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