Watch: Ariana Grande Belts ‘Into You’ Acapella

Published: Wednesday 3rd Aug 2016 by Sam

Despite delivering solid material, Ariana Grande‘s ‘Dangerous Woman’ album campaign has been all sorts of confusing.

Songs have arrived simultaneously, released singles have overlapped, and sales have been slow. Especially in comparison to previous projects.

Still, the pint-sized powerhouse is charging on with current cut ‘Into You.’

Having premiered the track way back in May, it’s only now gathering steam – both on radio and online.

To aid its ascend on the all-important stream scene, Team Ari have rolled out a new acapella performance. The clip also dubs as a lyric video – odd given that both the song and video have been out for months.

In any case, check it out below. It’s definitely worth a watch…

So-so roll-out aside, there’s no denying Grande’s talent. Her voice, in its rawest form, sounds like bliss.

Paired with solid material (which has never been a problem) and a focussed promotional push, she can still break new ground commercially. For, of the current crop of new talent, she head and ponytail above above the pack.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Christina Aguilera August 3, 2016

    Lol… Ariana i need u to start getting them numba 1s

    • Janyoncé Turner August 3, 2016

      Speaking of #1s, it’s a shame that Mariah came in the music industry nine years before Xtina but earned her 18th #1 single two years after Christina’s end of relevance on the charts and didn’t have to be a featured act to garner ALL her #1 singles.

      • Grande the Way August 3, 2016

        Not all of Christina’s #1s are features and her music has never really been radio friendly like Mariah’s. But, what was the point of this comment? My only conclusion is that after over 15 years Lambs are still pressed over Christina. That’s a long time to be bitter sweety, let it go

      • Janyoncé Turner August 3, 2016

        Stay pressed because I laid out the harsh facts. Stay pressed.

  2. Janyoncé Turner August 3, 2016


  3. Grapejuice fan August 3, 2016

    The song should be a hit but I don’t think it will be one smh.

  4. #JACKIE August 3, 2016

    I forgot about her. Where’s the promo?

    • Tori August 3, 2016

      The real question is why do ppl forget about Ciara when she has promo & #1’s?

      • #JACKIE August 3, 2016

        Girl y’all are so REDUNDANT. Continue to seethe in my replies on every post. ?

  5. Grande the Way August 3, 2016

    Her raw talent never fails to amaze me. Her voice is getting better with age too! I wish she would book a stage and promote this song though

  6. M August 3, 2016

    Ariana is really talented, but the truth of the matter is she’s completely forgettable. To be three albums into her career and to be heralded as the “next Mariah” (which was always a joke to me) with no real signature song to her name isn’t a good look. She needs better songs and better production, and she should stop trying to ride trends because that’s going to be her downfall.

  7. Annalise August 3, 2016

    Okay, I actually LOVE her new album and it’s full of unexpected bops! My Faves are: Side to Side, Let Me Love You, Be Alright, Leave Me Lonely & Dangerous Woman. She served me and I got what I needed!

    • Everyone’s A Critic August 3, 2016

      Right. But into you is my fave along with your choices. Don’t know why people are so concerned with her getting a number one. If your music is good, it’s good enough

      • Annalise August 4, 2016

        Exactly, people need to stop expecting her to fill Mimi’s shoes, it’s just not going to happen. She’s in her own lane, and this is the first album of hers I can actually take seriously. Now I just need her to get rid of that damn ponytail !!!

  8. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji August 4, 2016

    Nice song

  9. Solange August 4, 2016

    LOVE THIS SONG! Into You can be that song that will finally shut the lambs up but I don’t think a number one will happen for her yet.

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