*UPDATED* Chris Brown Officially Arrested For ‘Assault With A Deadly Weapon’

Published: Tuesday 30th Aug 2016 by Rashad
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‘Run It’ singer Chris Brown has seen his name running across headlines all day after a massive standoff with the Los Angeles Police Department at his Tarzana home.

As we reported here earlier, the Grammy-winner allegedly threatened 24-year-old former beauty queen, Baylee Curran, by placing a gun to her head while she was spending time with him.  Since the story broke, Curran has been on a media blitz – making stops at TMZ, E! News, and more to detail the ordeal.  Brown, on the other hand, took Instagram to proclaim his innocence…before surrendering to police:

Via E! News:

Chris Brown has been arrested for allegedly assaulting with a deadly weapon.

We’ve learned that the famous rapper is being taken to the Robbery Homicide Division of the LAPD.

Hear more from Curran below:


Chris has been released from custody, with his lawyer Mark Geragos writing:

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  1. HailLegendBeysus August 30, 2016

    Damn!!!! So who ever’s career blows up next y’all know the Power’s That Be sacrificed Chris career for them lmao!

    • Ughhhh August 30, 2016

      I told you all in the last post, no one speaks on matters that aren’t true! He want on that long Instagram rant to cover his tracks and try to blame media and cops as if “everyone is out to get him” Chris you just lost your child over some random girl!

      • Angel candice August 31, 2016

        As the quite says ” behind every great man an incredible woman” innhis case i’d say ” behind every mess there is a goat”

    • The Infinite One August 31, 2016

      Honey drugs sacrificed his career. He had a damaged childhood and never got help for it. You add a sick person with fame and this is what you get. When he started that gang mess I knew it was over. I pray for him but his fans need to stop screening setup and start tweeting for him to go to promises for rehab because he won’t be with us long unless people step in. He doesn’t need jail he needs a rehab center and medication.

    • Predicator August 31, 2016

      Am i the only one who feels like this dude not gonna live beyond 27 yrs old? Just amy… Sad. He. Ould have been michael he played the bad boy with a lipsync chick. RHip chris.

    • Angel candice August 31, 2016

      As the quote says ” behind every great man an incredible woman” in his case i’d say ” behind every mess there is a goat”

  2. Fancy BISH August 30, 2016

    I’m glad Rihanna found a way out of that MESS…before it was too late! Something just isn’t right!

    • BeyKnowlesBest August 30, 2016

      it’s drugs dear

      • The Infinite One August 31, 2016

        Thank you! Plus I don’t think he was always mentally stable and taking crack or whatever makes it worse!

  3. D August 30, 2016

    This is so unfortunate I feel like s*** keeps happening to him and it’s really unfair.

    Wasn’t he in his own home? I don’t understand the story

    • Fancy BISH August 30, 2016

      It’s like a dark cloud follows him…he is SO TALENTED..

      • Fancy BISH August 30, 2016

        This is what happens when someone takes what is said out of context…Meme, you really should have made your own comment section boo boo…

    • Meme August 30, 2016

      Everything that happens to him, he put himself into. Things like this don’t just magically happen to you over and over and over again. And really, fans like you are delusional.

      I really pray he get legit help and change. And I’m not talking about that out on face for the public, crying on stage for sympathy change. Like really change for himself.

      • Fancy BISH August 30, 2016

        Did I say I was a fan? You must be new here…it’s called having humanity, darling

      • Fancy BISH August 30, 2016

        Meme, Chris Brown is bipolar and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder…I can’t imagine how that feels for a person to have to endure for LIFE…in most cases, being diagnosed before the age of 25.

  4. FC/JC August 30, 2016

    Thats what he get for having idiot friends around him, and fkn with them blonde Becky’s

    • The Infinite One August 31, 2016

      Naomi you tell no lies!

  5. OhGawd August 30, 2016

    No surprise. Everything that happened to him, he did to himself. He’s no victim of anything and never been. This was the inevitable.

  6. BeyKnowlesBest August 30, 2016

    this is it for him it’s the final straw #DeathOfAPopStar it’s so sad

    • monty August 31, 2016

      Ya’ll just want him to be dead just shut yo phaggot ass up.

  7. OhGawd August 30, 2016

    He’s filthy Rich and successful, he don’t need to be a thug or be about that life, he chooses to and these are the repercussions. Karuchee won an Emmy, Rihanna won the Vanguard Award, Frank Ocean had a bigger first week sale then Chris’ last two albums combined, Drake has the biggest selling album of the year and a couple of #1’s and you have jail time…karma sweetheart, you can’t escape it.

    • Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ August 30, 2016


    • orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana August 30, 2016

      This tea scalded my tongue ?

    • No favs, just here for the music August 30, 2016

      Well Damn…

  8. SMH August 30, 2016

    I still can’t get past the ‘famous rapper’ part lmao & SMH.

    • The Infinite One August 31, 2016

      Girl I gagged rapper?!

  9. Ayyseify August 30, 2016

    Man he had it all…wtf is going on? This guy needs a new team. Sad part is no matter what he does they will believe the other person cause of his past..

    • OhGawd August 30, 2016

      It’s not just his pass. He continually showed that he’s not that great of a guy.

  10. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 August 30, 2016

    Rihanan girl you dogged a MAJOR BULLET!

  11. Kyle August 30, 2016

    Wow!! Really suprised by this story. I have good instincts & they tell me yes Chris can be a handful, But this story is a far fetched & he’s innocent. But it doesn’t matter because media & dumb people out there are gonna believe otherwise because of his past. Smh so sad…

  12. Kyle August 30, 2016

    But if story is true, He deserves consequences!! He’s had WAY too many chances to get s*** together!!!

  13. Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ August 30, 2016

    🙂 #RiRiVooDoo
    He was talking all that mess Sunday. What excuse will host fans come up with now? Is 28 still “being young”? Ha!

  14. Annalise August 30, 2016

    This n*gga is crazier than a soup sandwich. I sincerely hope Rihanna never goes anywhere near him again.

    • The Infinite One August 31, 2016

      Girl did you say a soup sandwich ?????

  15. Jamie August 30, 2016

    Why are all the Rihanna fans posting? She’s still a hooeee and drug addiction so she’s not better than he is.

  16. Nono August 30, 2016

    How many chances has this guy gotten? Beating on a gf, throwing chairs out the windows, throwing rocks through his mothers car, fighting in the club, fighting other artists, cussing out his fans and telling them to put s*** in their eye. Threatening his manager and publicist.

    I know we say he keeps bad company and say he needs to get rid of his friends–but I’m starting to think maybe HE is the bad company and its only natural to keep s***** people around when you a s***** person.

  17. Coolness August 30, 2016

    Jesus be a… Chile, I don’t even go know what to ask Christ on Chris’ behalf anymore ??!! This story is still fishy but at the same time, Chris has brought a lot of his issues on to himself so it’s hard to give him the benefit of doubt. I’ve never seen such a blatant waste of potential, smh.

    • The Infinite One August 31, 2016

      Coolness who is that in your avi?! Because she could get it honey!

  18. well well August 30, 2016

    ugh huh.

  19. Bravo!! August 30, 2016

    I don’t believe the victim. I watch her Instagram post and she don’t look believable at all. She look like an attention w****. She doing TMZ, E! News so quickly. And then you post up on Instagram then delete.

    • Bravo!! August 30, 2016

      We all know Chris was still using some type of drugs. We can assume his body guards carry guns for his protection. I believe she set him up and am just saying

  20. No favs, just here for the music August 30, 2016

    I still don’t understand why they found it necessary to live stream outside this man’s home. Ya’ll should know by now I can’t stand CB but seriously wtf? I know these are very serious charges but at the same time I think the media is going way overboard.

  21. BangBang August 30, 2016

    That man is king jacka$$!! All that money and power and still don’t know how to use it properly. I find it really ironic the black girls he beat declined to press charges while the white bitxx he barely even touched got him arrested on felony charges!! Smh! It’s a wrap! If mark geragos can’t save his ass nobody can! Cochran is dead! Homie you going down.

    • The Infinite One August 31, 2016

      Because Beckys don’t play! Lol I’m waiting on her sit down crying interview and tell all book but at the end of the day it’s CHRIS Browns fault for making dumb moves. It’s hard to be mad at him because I knew bipolar people who self medicated with drugs and they really need to be put away until they are court ordered to take their drugs

  22. BangBang August 30, 2016

    He threw the bag out the window! Lol!???? Amanda Byrnes tried that s&it and look how far it got her. A trip to rehab, the mental institute and some jail time! Haha????

  23. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch August 30, 2016

    Rot in hell cb

  24. Reality August 30, 2016

    According to Google the average time frame that charge carries is 15yrs. But because he’s s celebrity he won’t get convicted, just pay a heafty fee.

  25. Trina August 31, 2016

    I’m so tired of this guy. He’s either going off on social media, going back and forth on Instagram or trying to show people he’s a “real thug”. Gurl bye. Just go sit down, focus on your daughter, your music and just shut the hell up.

  26. Trina August 31, 2016

    He should take notes from men like Drake or Frank Ocean who, unlike him, don’t spend their time doing fukkery and crying like little b***** on social media. Now sit down Chris

  27. MISHKA August 31, 2016

    Becky snitched but if he got charged that means they did find some ish and he pulled a ‘Ryan Lochte’ on us. D*mnnn Chris!

    He was very upset for not taking part at the biggest VMAs in years. Like, everybody who is somebody was there, they all got their ish together, in love and happy and nobody missed him. That was definitely the trigger of this wild night.

    Chris Brown , you’re more than just a singer and a dancer, you’re a person. How about you just take care of yourself? And your daughter? FGS

    What a waste of life.

  28. Teambreezy August 31, 2016

    Is she were a real friend like she claims,and has hung out with him several times before,she wouldn’t be mouthing off to the media. She’d take it up with him,when he’s sobered up. B**** just seeking attention,at someone’s expense,because she knows people will believe her. I feel sorry for him,because he seems to be a soft target. Keep ya head up chris,and watch the folks you hang out with…

  29. Teambreezy August 31, 2016

    If she were a real friend like she claims,and has hung out with him several times before,she wouldn’t be mouthing off to the media. She’d take it up with him,when he’s sobered up. B**** just seeking attention,at someone’s expense,because she knows people will believe her. I feel sorry for him,because he seems to be a soft target. Keep ya head up chris,and watch the folks you hang out with…

  30. jay August 31, 2016

    Sam and whoever else at TGJ should be ashamed of this poor journalism, or whatever you call it. HE was NOT charged. Why do you all insist on reporting false information? You want coins that bad? How can you all sleep at night spreading things like this.

    He is not released, and his lawyer has stated this:



    Do better.. don’t be apart of the problem..the same problem that attacked Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. These are humans here with children. How would you feel?

    • jay August 31, 2016


      HE IS NOW released.

    • SMH August 31, 2016

      Boom. And there you have it. Now let’s see if this spreads nationwide as fast as Chris Brown’s situation (doubt it).

  31. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade August 31, 2016

    Nothing surprising is the same guy that beat the f*** out of a certain pop star till she bleed…the photo was horrible how can you beat a woman like that..cheating and being abusive on karrueche …beat Franck Ocean..Drake…having harmful arguement on club…having meltdown on tv…assaulting his own fan..and the list goes on and on.
    He is an abusive man the king that can be aggressive and then be all kind and act like a victime he have some mental issue …that’s Rihanna left for ever..that’s why Karrueche left ..
    He did some bad things in the past and still do nowadays he can’t change and he tried that’s the saddest part

  32. Indie August 31, 2016

    Honestly, I was over Chris and his BS a longtime ago, now I just keep him in prayer, however I have to say by the looks of this current situation, FOR ONCE i’m taking his side.. He was set up by a Becky, as this comes to fruition it’s going to turn out that Chris was innocent, wait and see!

  33. Dc3 forever August 31, 2016

    Hmmmm sounds like he’s about to release an album. This is always his M.O. Be put in the news about something crazy and then release an album to have so-so first week sales.

  34. Nowqd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi August 31, 2016

    The young lady think she’s clean no different then Chris brown

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