The First Week Numbers Are In! Fantasia’s ‘The Definition Of’ Sold…

Published: Sunday 7th Aug 2016 by Sam

Fantasia has been earning rave reviews for her fifth studio album ‘The Definition Of…’

Executive produced by the great Ron Fair, the LP strut into stores last week preceded by singles ‘No Time For It’ and ‘Sleeping With The One I Love.’

Critical acclaim, of course, is only one piece of the puzzle – and attention has turned to the project’s first week performance.

With an early estimate revealed at the top of the week, the final numbers have been tallied.

Find out what they are below…

According to Hits Daily Double, the American Idol winner will place within the top 10 of the Billboard 200.

On the pure sales front, the album shifted 28,369 units – rendering it the 3rd best selling release of the week.

With the Sales-Plus-Streaming metric factored in, the number rises to 30,666; although the stronger streaming performance of other releases sees its chart spot slide to #6.

[DJ Khaled is confirmed to top the count with his ‘Major Key’ LP after selling 96k SPS]

Echoing previous sentiments, we’re enjoying ‘The Definition Of…’ and hope its gifted a long shelf-life. And by that we mean more singles (targeted to apt formats), touring, awards, and all that jazz. Fingers crossed.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kkif3209 August 7, 2016

    Good considering R&B numbers these days.

  2. TRAVON M AUSTIN August 7, 2016

    The music industry is a joke. I can’t believe the declining sales of everything.

    • Josh August 9, 2016

      Thank streaming for that. Ppl don’t buy music anymore.

  3. FC/JC August 7, 2016

    Now I listened to this album from start to finish, No skipping…. Now as I love Fantasia because she releases solid work, I really could not tell the difference nor growth from this album and her last.

    Her last album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart, with first-week sales of 91,000 copies in the United States. The album has sold 300,000 copies in the United States as of May 2016.

    Whil its a solid album, I didnt really hear any exciting single worthy choices. But I will support her in whatever because I generally like Fantasia, The state of the industry is just sad though….

    • Lake Erie August 7, 2016

      Yup, and I agree. There was nothing single worthy.

  4. jt August 7, 2016

    “It’s.” Not “its.” Friggin morons.

  5. Rebelhive August 7, 2016

    People talk so much shy about K Michelle but she’s the top selling R&B artist in the last 2-3years!

    • True Lambily August 7, 2016

      Boo bye her sales are nothing to be bragging on either the entire state of R&b is in trouble k moving 50,000 units doesn’t make her the saviour or any better then anyone let me see her get a certification from RIAA then we can talk till then she a thot from memphis who famous from reality shows

  6. missmeka1987 August 7, 2016

    This over saturated rap game is killing R&b and it’s so close to killing Pop music..

  7. fsdfadf August 7, 2016

    radio programmers are killing rnb singers cause there brain wash to like non singers

  8. Dev August 7, 2016

    The album isn’t as solid as “Side effects” but still has enjoyable moments. As Fantasia (for me) has had a solid run of music, this release being a bit weaker than the others is okay.

  9. Tiffany August 7, 2016

    This album received zero promotion beyond Fantasia on social media it seems. I barely heard about it. Also, it really isn’t that good. She has maybe 4-5 songs that are worth hearing and NOT the current single that sounds like a jailhouse rock. :-/ Maybe next time. I always buy her albums but not this one.

    • Truth August 7, 2016

      Girl bye!

    • Tori August 7, 2016

      This album has received a lot of promotion. If you look on YT, she has been busy as f*** with promotion. The problem was ALL of her promotion was on radio and web interviews, and she had a meet and great with ppl who were not even up to date with anything after “Free Yourself”. Her new management that she been gloating about don’t know how to market her with no budget. Her label are pissed at her for taking the route she took, that’s why she took a year to release the album. So they aren’t putting money in marketing, the only reason why they promoted Side Effects of You was because she had a hit single with Kelly and Missy. This time, the album wasn’t a quarter as good like Side Effects. This isn’t even R&b, it’s a big glop of different genres poorly put together, but I guess it’s okay. Every artist comes back swinging after they flop… except Ciara…and rh…

  10. True Lambily August 7, 2016

    Fanny dropped the ball on this one and what lil fan base she has left aint feeling it POINT BLANK im surprised RCA allowed her to release this garbage PPL saying its grammy worthy… WHERE???? There is no standout single on that album it sounds like a demo of poor material FANTASIA GO BACK TO CLIVE LET HIM PRODUCE UR NEXT ALBUM oh wait according to her a live album is next THAT I WILL BUY!!

    • Truth August 7, 2016

      Chile pls… I moomoo stan talkn ??? Lolol. ?????

      • True Lambily August 7, 2016

        Ummmmm Yeah I can talk we 200 million sold over here sooooooooooo if mimi flops the rest of her career its kewl cause few if any will catch up with mimi especially not K Michelle… so ummm Yeah…

  11. MUSICHEAD August 7, 2016

    This is a really good album…it’s just not radio friendly. Unfortunately radio didn’t support her singles and RCA did very little to push this album. It’s almost like RCA wanted the album to fail so that they could say “we told you so” and make her do things their way on the next album.

    • Truth August 7, 2016

      I think the same thing. They not doin anything to promote it. But Maxwell only sold 50k so i guess this was expected. As for K. Michelle, yea she sold more of her last cd then Tasia did this one in opening week but K never sells over 150k altogether. So she is not bestn Fanny

  12. IAintSorry August 7, 2016

    Less than Monica, Damn Tasia! Now that’s bad!

    • Credits August 7, 2016

      Monica has a solid fan base, believe it or not. Had RCA shipped more physical copies, she probably would have hit at least 45,000 first week. RCA doesn’t know what to do with these premium vocalists they have on the label. Give them the Adele treatment. Monica, Jazmine and Fantasia are all in the same boat.

  13. Brotha1461 August 7, 2016

    I agree with you MUSICHEAD but the first singles was not ready . Should of sent the singles to the formats they were suppose to .

  14. Truth August 7, 2016

    Solid body of work and solid numbers considering

  15. Jason August 7, 2016

    The industry is in the toilet! ?? It’s so sad how people don’t support these artists anymore!

  16. Theman August 7, 2016

    Radio doesn’t play r&b. They don’t promote it. No major hits. No promo. No radio support. No award shows. It’s not the artist it’s the industry. K. Michelle did decently for an r&b artist because of her reality show. They need to start pushing these albums as albums with at least four singles.. Maxwell did about sixty k but without a hit.

  17. Tori August 7, 2016

    Ppl can’t use the “radio don’t support R&b” cry with this particular album. It’s Just not good. I mean, artist have moments that they just don’t hit it. And ppl wondering why RCA didn’t support this project, Fantasia spoke about it at her meet and greet. They went back and forth on the sound of the album but she didn’t want that type of album. She wanted a album full of “artistic” songs but they sound all over they place.

  18. OMG Logic!!! August 7, 2016

    Still more than Jackie!!! Damn and Fantasia did zero promo!

  19. Kyle August 7, 2016

    I expected these numbers from her but in this day in age, I guess that’s not so bad. At least she was able to secure herself a top ten debut!

  20. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 7, 2016

    She has a nice pretty good songs on her album

  21. Cough Cough August 8, 2016

    “Stay up” is amaaaaazing. I love it. People on this website don’t really know about music. They Stan for numbers and call anyone who loves older artists “old” and question why they’re on a blog commenting.

    • Bosaze August 8, 2016

      Thank you for mentioning Stay Up!!! Even though the album as a whole is her weakest IMO, Stay Up is THE best and most underrated track on the album and the one I feel should be pushed. With the island sound now ruling music, RCA should release Stay Up as the next single and let it pop. Track is straight fire…

  22. Justafan August 8, 2016

    Gosh..Goodluck to ALICIA KEYS when she releases her album eeek!

  23. Bry August 8, 2016

    Please don’t speak for ALL of Tasia’s fans. This is her best album yet! Sales don’t indicate how good a record is or how much fans like it. I listened to it from beginning to end and on shuffle right when it was released, and I never do that. This one will be on repeat for a long time! This is an R&B album at heart. If anything, her amazing voice makes it one. Definitely one of this year’s top albums!

  24. Theresa M Dobey August 8, 2016

    I am so happy, I purchased her CD and it is really good.

  25. Casual-T August 8, 2016

    These are decent numbers considering this album isn’t benefiting from a big hit. However, I think the album overall was just average, which isn’t good enough in today’s market. It’s been true for some years now that buyers can and do listen to albums before they buy, but now, even the buying pool is just a fraction of what it was 3-4 years ago due to the massive surge in streaming.

    Many artists haven’t accepted it yet, but albums no longer make sense as a music release model. However, to the extent that an artist decides to release an album, there must be an identifiable and undeniable hit to move that product. This is true even for individual singles. Artists need to swing for the fences every time. When I Met You has the potential to be a smash at Adult Urban radio, but that’s about it.

  26. Chile Please!!! August 8, 2016

    I love me some Fanny, but this album is just not the bizz for me. I really thought she was going to BRING IT like always….this album is my VERY least fav. Ugggh so pissed….I was really looking forward to a solid album….but hey! To each it’s own.

  27. Brotha1461 August 9, 2016

    We are just like the record company afraid to let her spread her wings and do something different. L A didn’t want pink to move out of f&b she did and it worked for her let FANTASIA. Fly do her thing I am with you fanny do you … I’ll wait for you .. Hint next single..

  28. Ciah’s Turtle August 9, 2016

    those that have so much to say probably didn’t even buy the album .. stfu

    • True Lambily August 14, 2016

      I din’t buy it bc I think its garbage FANNY KNOWS SHE COULDA DID BETTER!!

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