Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’ Hits 100 Million / Becomes VEVO Certified

Published: Thursday 11th Aug 2016 by Sam

A classic eclipses time and trends, enjoying a lifespan that never ends.

Such is the case for Kelly Rowland‘s 2011 smash ‘Motivation’ featuring Lil Wayne.

Because, years on from its release, the scintillating cut is still burning up on VEVO.

More on its major milestone below…

This week the video for the Jim Jonsin and Rico Love production crossed the 100 million views mark.

Directed by Sarah Chatfield, the clip was hailed for being Rowland’s most daring yet. And the risk certainly paid off.

Five years after its debut the ‘Here I Am’ jam remains an R&B landmark and one of the solo Grammy winner’s most revered efforts.

With a new album on the horizon, it’d be awesome to see Ms. Kelly score another ‘Motivation’ sized hit.

The track peaked at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 during a time when Dance was dominating; it was also certified 2x Platinum by the RIAA for pure sales in excess of 2 million.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Misdemeanor August 11, 2016

    The older she gets the more beautiful she becomes. Congrats Kelly.

    • ?+ ✈ = ? August 11, 2016

      Im still mad she didn’t release “Feeling me right now” as a single

      • Jarboo89 August 13, 2016

        Makes two of us. That was a jam.

    • KellyRowlandArmy August 11, 2016

      She ages so gracefully ??

    • Becky August 11, 2016

      Love kelly, love the song. My faves are: unity, still in love with my ex, love,comeback.

    • Andrew August 11, 2016

      Never seen so much positivity in one comment section. Go kelly!

  2. J August 11, 2016

    Actually it peaked at number 17 on the hot 100.

  3. danyboo6 August 11, 2016

    Shes the most poised bih in the game bih dont play

  4. #JACKIE August 11, 2016

    Come through Kelly

  5. steve August 11, 2016


  6. BEY>RIH August 11, 2016

    This was the s*** 5 yrs ago!!

  7. iamdiego August 11, 2016

    F*** the haters how can you hate on a double platinum R&B song in 2016!!!

  8. Coolness August 11, 2016

    This song came out half a decade ago? Damn, time flies! Riqué and highly sensual, I think was her crowning moment as a solo artist because she really went against the grain of what was expected of her. It did upset me that she didn’t follow up strongly after the song breathed new life into her career. Anyway, I’ll always have a soft spot for Kelly. She’s talented, gorgeous and seems like a sweet girl.

  9. Dem Lessers August 11, 2016

    Michelle would neva!

  10. Grapejuice fan August 11, 2016

    Here I am was a great album,greatly slept on.

  11. Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) August 11, 2016

    I still love this song so much

  12. Rowlandstone August 11, 2016

    No one does it like Kelly does.Proud of u mama!!!

    • KellyRowlandArmy August 11, 2016

      She slays ??????

    • Navy Girl August 11, 2016

      Motivation was a HIT !!!!!!

  13. pat August 11, 2016

    i so want this girl to have one more breakout song and performance slay

  14. Terny August 11, 2016

    When will Ciara? Does she even have one Vevo certified video? Ki!.. Hey Jackie?! ?

    • Mrkc9 August 11, 2016

      DOES MARIAH? ?

  15. #justsayn August 11, 2016

    I miss my Kellz… I know she’s going on tour this fall and is gonna take her group June’s Diary with her.

    • KellyRowlandArmy August 11, 2016

      I cant wait ???

    • Navy Girl August 11, 2016

      Who told you this? But that sounds like everything ?

  16. JOHNVIDAL August 11, 2016

    This was truly her best moment ever. Great R&B song (no R&B song becomes a hit nowadays) and so s*** and the video so absolutely on point. I´m not a Kelly Rowland fan or anything. But this, and previously her collabo with that DJ for “When Love takes Over” have been her two brightest moments.

    • KellyRowlandArmy August 11, 2016

      Both moments were EPIC !!!!!!

  17. BeyonceLegion August 11, 2016

    Kelly slays !!!
    Her new album shes working on will have all of our favs shook !!!

    Her and Bey plotting ??

  18. KellyRowlandArmy August 11, 2016

    I am so proud of Kelly
    And will continue to support her.
    I just afdore her new group Junes Diary.
    Kelly is planning something big for her 5th era so i hope all of her supporters buy her album and make it go #1 / platinum she deserves it
    #RowlandStones ???

    • BrandyFanForLife August 11, 2016

      Brandy >>> KellyFlopLand

  19. DevanTHoward August 11, 2016

    Wow this is Major ??
    Kelly low key been slaying the kids with no new music out and is still the topic at hand.

    I am crazy excited about her new project coming out she is gonna SCALP !!!!!

    Mama is not finna play with us. Kelly said herself she wants more Grammys and wants to leave het mark in the industry.

    When her album drops #BuyIt

    #RowlandStones ???

    • Navy Girl August 11, 2016

      Kelly will be getting all of my coins ??

  20. BrandyFanForLife August 11, 2016

    Kelly is a flop ass b**** and will never be better than Brandy.

    Brandy looks better , sings better , and has more stage presence

    • Navy Girl August 11, 2016


    • Nick August 11, 2016

      @brandy fan for life, are you drunk or what? When did Brandy look better than Kelly. Brandy just has better runs, but that’s it. Kelly has more stage presence than Brandy. Brandy was even trying to imitate Kelly’s style a few weeks ago. Sit down love. Anyway, no need to compare them.

    • #justsayn August 11, 2016


      The nerve of you to even compare Brandys looks to Kelly is just plain crazy! No one considers Brandy a s** symbol better yet attractive in the industry! We can compare vocals but even then thats debateable. Brandy used and imitated Kelly her entire 7/27 era. From hair/makeup, performance, look everything… Brandy is very talented and you can say the samething about Kelly. Kelly has managed to stay relevant for 20 years! Came from a group where she wasnt the lead and still slaying and have these r&b females on their toes wondering what she’s gonna do next. Kelly keeps reinventing herself! I’m just so proud of her! No one does it like her…

  21. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 12, 2016

    Kelly had good music

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